Twin Peaks - David Lynch Early 90's Cult TV Show

About Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks was an early 1990's cult TV show created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The story centered around the murder of popular high school student Laura Palmer and the investigation surrounding her death.

Kyle Maclachlan played the central role of Special Agent Dale Cooper who was sent by the FBI to Twin Peaks to investigate the case. Behind the seemingly simple story of a murder case was a mysterious, dark and surreal turn of events involving odd characters that surprised and shocked viewers, not to mention captivated them.

Who killed Laura Palmer? Was the biggest TV related question during the early 90's, and catchphrases such as "The Owls Are Not As They Seem" were uttered on a regular basis by fans.

The stranger characters include The Log Lady, Nadine, The One Armed Man, The Giant and The Dwarf.

As for Bob. Well as a huge fan of the show, I still have nightmares about him. I won't be uploading pics of that character anytime soon!

Who Killed Laura Palmer?

The Black Lodge

Twin Peaks Extras

The show only lasted for 2 series, but quickly became a cult phenomenon and the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me became a prequal to the series in 1992.

The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, an integral part of the show, was published with the exact same pages missing as in the story.

The Soundtrack to the show was released in 1990 and included the haunting and ethereal theme tune 'Falling' by Julee Cruise. The cover is pictured at the top of the page.

Main Cast List

Special Agent Dale Cooper

Twin Peaks Intro

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Comments 20 comments

moonbun profile image

moonbun 5 years ago from London Author

No problem with the long comments.

I can't cope with the fact that there's a Bobalike out there! I hope I never run into him.

I'd love to read a write up of the series, you should do it. I've read lots of different interpretations as everone seems to see things differently about Twin Peaks. Would be good to read another.

SEOjoe profile image

SEOjoe 5 years ago from United Kingdom

Understandable last time i saw it was probably about 4-5 years ago and even tho i want to its too soon to watch it again.

I'd heard something like that about bob yer, didnt no he was a carpenter tho. guess it pays to look creepy sometimes haha. on that topic there was someone where my dad used to work that looked the spitting image of bob as well :) don't know about you but i would stay the hell away from that place.

(long comment again sorry) I may do a writeup trying to explain the series in the near future, but due to the the series itself plus all the interpretations of what certain parts mean, it may take a fair old while to get it done and posted.

moonbun profile image

moonbun 5 years ago from London Author

I'm staying well away from that link for ever more! I'd love to watch the show back, but there is no way I'm letting any more images of Bob into my brain.

Did you know that the actor was a carpenter on set, David Lynch thought he had the perfect look for Bob and cast him.

SEOjoe profile image

SEOjoe 5 years ago from United Kingdom

thanks. also yup...probably the creepiest still of bob there is haha

moonbun profile image

moonbun 5 years ago from London Author

SEOjoe profile image

SEOjoe 5 years ago from United Kingdom

Ah ok, if you happen to still have the link (or a way to find it) could you let me know please would be intrested in seeing those : ). haha you know somethings been done right when just seeing the character fills you with fear and dread, was about 14 probably when i first saw it and i'll admit now.....bob crouching by the bed in one of the very first episodes was enough to make me not wonna sleep for a few days, and once i watched the finale i was just plain freaked out to my core. something about alot of flashing lights, dopplegangers and screaming just didnt sit well

moonbun profile image

moonbun 5 years ago from London Author

Thanks for that Joe. I got sent a link to a series of on set photographs from the last day on set, they were taken by the actor who played Benjamin Horne. Was realy interested to take a look being such a huge fan. Big mistake, there was one of Bob just naturally looking whacked out creepy and a terrifying one of him doing it intentionally. He still scares the hell out of me all these years on.

SEOjoe profile image

SEOjoe 5 years ago from United Kingdom

i would try and explain a little more of it too people but i'll be damned if i know half of it. and if u try u need a long hub which still wouldnt do the trick haha. tho you could understand and follow the story a lot of charm to twin peaks (as well as something to remember) is that its such a tiny little community that everyone knows eachother and from this nothing as is it looks, and everyone is doing something behind someones back. the story may have made a little more sense had the higher ups not stepped in and made lynch reveal bob so early into the series, this left holes and twists in the story that shouldn't have been there yet. This in time also led to the whole sidetrack about windam earl during the second season (from what i hear lynch had pretty much walked away cause of the network interfering at that point).

Still, amazing show to watch and something i glad i didn't miss. However i will have the thought and image of Bob stuck in my head forever more.

moonbun profile image

moonbun 5 years ago from London Author

Twin Peaks rocked!

Thanks for stopping by :)

AshVal 5 years ago

Twin Peaks is my favorite show!

FCEtier profile image

FCEtier 6 years ago from Cold Mountain

If you can figure out "Twin Peaks" then you should be able to sort out "Eraserhead" !! LOL

moonbun profile image

moonbun 6 years ago from London Author

Ok so, Bob (the inhabiting spirit) essentially killed Laura Palmer. He was inhabiting Leyland Palmer (Laura's dad) at the time. So physically, her dad killed her, but actually it was Bob.

As for was the mystery ever solved. Not quite, at the end Bob inhabits Agent Cooper and that was it.

I'm kind of resigned to the fact after all these years that we just weren't supposed to really understand it. But someone else may have a far better explanation than me!

Thanks for stopping by, I'll have to check out Happy Town.

LynchInTinley 6 years ago

Can somebody actually tell me who killed Laura Palmer??? Did they ever solve the mystery?? The show "Happy Town" on ABC is very similar to Twin Peaks...

moonbun profile image

moonbun 7 years ago from London Author

I didn't know about that Mike, I'd really like to see that missing footage.

Thanks for stopping by.

Mike360 profile image

Mike360 7 years ago from The Milky Way

I really wish they would release a DVD that includes all the missing scenes from Fire Walk With Me. There was originally 5 hours worth of footage.

Laura 7 years ago

If you liked Twin Peaks, there's a new show called Durham County on ION TV, very similar, great mystery!!

Jimmy 7 years ago

Nice! Well, you have to check this out:

You're gonna love it as much as I do! =) /J

moonbun profile image

moonbun 8 years ago from London Author

Not too sure Bernie, here's a good Twin Peaks fansite though:

Bernie36 8 years ago

Are there any fan clubs still going?

camerica profile image

camerica 8 years ago

This is hands down my favorite TV show. How great to see a hub about it!

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