Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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When I was a young lad, the night time sky was mysterious, and full of wonder. I was taught to always make a wish on the first star appearing in the evening dusk. To this day I remember those days, and I often still do make a wish when I see the first star of the night. Well, perhaps I should say wishes; like everyone else, the older I get, the greedier I get. I thought I might share with you the list of wishes I burdened tonight’s star with.

1) I wish that my car will last at least a year longer than the payments on that car.

2) I wish that I may live long enough to someday retire.

3) I wish that when I do retire, I can afford to do so.

4) I wish that medical benefits for everyone, were a reality, and not a pipe dream.

5) I wish I could run a marathon fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

6) I wish the Oakland Raiders would win another Super Bowl in my lifetime.

7) I wish Barrack Obama would be impeached.

8) I wish for several cases of George Dickell No. 12 Tennessee Whiskey

9) I wish there was a playoff system to determine the National Champion in college football instead of the B.C.S. system.

10) I wish to win the World Series of Poker, at least once.

11) I wish to be a well read (and well paid), writer of meaningless drivel.


(oh yeah, I almost forgot) I wish there was peace on Earth, and good will towards men.

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