UFO Hall Of Shame : Jose Escamilla : Moon Rising 2012

In the highly controversial documentary movie, UFO-The Greatest Story Ever Denied Part II - Moon Rising, filmmaker Jose Escamilla quotes an unnamed BellCom/NASA Insider speaking about the Apollo moon landings:

"we lied about everything".

We have to ask ourselves, is Jose Escamilla also lying?

After researching publicly available U.S. government documents online and Jose Escamilla's cited resources for his documentary movie. "UFO-The Greatest Story Ever Denied Part II - Moon Rising", I am convinced his claims of UFOs on the Moon are misguided in the extreme.

Jose Escamilla's claim is :- When the Moon is viewed using the NASA colorized images you can see UFOs roaming over the surface.

I hope to demonstrate that when these colors are removed what appear to be UFOs are in fact craters. This can be seen in figure (a) where a crater does indeed look like a UFO but of course it is just a crater. I know people will shout NASA cover up but the images used in the trailer are from NASA as well so what is it to be UFOs from NASA images OK? Or craters from NASA a cover-up?

Why should you care about this? Well, if you are UFO advocate, these claims by the filmmaker only hurt the genuine sightings and the general public support of the possibility of extraterrestrials.

The Controversial Documentary

"UFO-The Greatest Story Ever Denied Part II - Moon Rising"by Jose Escamilla is a documentary movie that focuses on his claim that the U.S. government has been deceiving the world regarding the presence of extraterrestrials on the moon. His film movie trailer also discusses the claim that the Apollo missions to the moon were faked.

The following are some of his assertions taken directly from the site containing Jose Escamilla's movie trailer.

"The Moon is presented in it's full "natural" color"..."This is the real color of the moon. This is the first time in human history we are seeing the moon in it's full natural colors."

It should be noted that these images of the Moon quoted above can be found on publicly accessible websites cited below. This information is not exclusive to this Movie.

His assertion regarding the true color of the moon is correct. Although it has to be said NASA has put the word "natural" in quotations. One might then question if the word "natural" is to be taken literally.

The narrator claims the UFOs are "shining light onto the lunar surface". No this is not light this is ejecta from when the surface of the moon is impacted releasing a large amount of energy, resulting in material being ejected. Eventually, a characteristic crater forms surrounded by a blanket of the ejected material.

"The only clear and detailed photography ever released of real flying saucers". (Narrator's words in the movie trailer)

Or it could be the first time in human history optical illusions of the Moon have ever been used to sell movie tickets and DVDs.

Figure (a) NASA identified crater

Clementine color ratio composite image of Aristarchus Crater.  Source http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/clementine.html
Clementine color ratio composite image of Aristarchus Crater. Source http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/clementine.html

Figure 1

Source Moon Rising Website
Source Moon Rising Website

Figure 2

Source:  USGS Map-a-Planet website (Clem-UVVIS Multispectral Mosaic Version)
Source: USGS Map-a-Planet website (Clem-UVVIS Multispectral Mosaic Version)

Figure 3

Source:  USGS Map-A-Planet website (Lunar Orbitor Mosaic Version)
Source: USGS Map-A-Planet website (Lunar Orbitor Mosaic Version)

My Investigation

With a life-long interest in fair and unbiased science, I found the movie trailer and began taking notes so that I could conduct my own research. I utilized the same resources found on the internet that he used along with others easily found by a novice.

One thing that should be pointed out is I cropped the images so the focus was on the the two craters only. I looked at most of the alleged UFOS in the movie trailer around that area and they all displayed the same findings. Again for those that doubt this I have included the website address so they are able to research for themselves.

Both sets of images are under the control of NASA so I must assume they would have tampered with both the monochrome image as well as the color if tampering as suggested took place at all.

To the right you can see (Figure 1) from his website that will become the reference point for my investigation. The second image (FIgure 2) is the image I located utilizing the USGS Map-a-Planet site. There are numerous references in these photos to indicate these two photos are of the same lunar location. The name of the larger crater with the smaller inner ring is called KUNOWSKY (18Km) Named after the German Astromnomer George k Kunowsky 1786-1846 (so long before NASA's time) and the alleged UFO crater is called KUNOWSKY A The approximate center of KUNOWSKY A is Longitude 329.29 and Latitude 4.31. Both of these craters are visible from Earth.

Source ( http://www.lunarrepublic.com/atlas/sections/d2.shtml.)

In the movie trail, one can easily see the USGS Map-a-Planet Website being utilized. The photos Mr. Escamilla uses in his documentary ARE from the Clem-UVVIS Multispectral Mosaic Version since the image I found (Figure 2) is shown in this format and appears very similar. There are other versions available on the same menu on this website, including the Lunar Orbiter Mosaic. The third image (Figure 3) shown below is the identical image in Figure 2, but shown in the Lunar Orbiter Mosaic alternate mode.

It appears quite obvious in Figure 3 that the object being possibly considered a UFO by Mr. Escamilla in his trailer is actually just a crater. This leaves me with considerable doubts regarding the validity of the movie in its entirety. Draw your own conclusions.

I wrote to Jose Escamilla inviting him to comment on this Hub but he replied declining my offer.

You can make a comment below, and all are much appreciated.

Addendum : Since first writing this Hub almost a year ago I have obtained a copy of the full movie and have watched it many times. My original opinions are still valid.

Thanks to everyone at Disclose.tv and UFO Casebook, and many more forums for your support. Keep spreading the word!

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0p0 7 years ago

So cool!

I knew it!

I searched for the images but I couldn't find anything un the USGS's crapy site :P

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 7 years ago Author

Thx 0p0 for following my link :-)took me six hrs to find but worth it I hope

Randy 7 years ago

How can you use airbrushed NASA photos as a baseline comparrison? Look at the B&W "crater" and you see the un-natural edge and shadowing.

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 7 years ago Author

If you remove a filter it does not make a floating ufo crash and turn into a crater. If you study the smaller craters around that area they all have the same shadow pattern. The moon is a very big place to airbrush every spaceship and besides if they had how come they are still there in color. Thanks for your comment but please use your brain before writing one next time. Id go visit the site and look for yourself they are all craters I just chose that because it was in the trailer i couldn't possibly have included them all. Sorry one more thing what baseline as you put could I use they are both NASAS images. Perhap a Chinese one of Mars?

rongould profile image

rongould 7 years ago

Very interesting. I'll have to do some research on these links. Thanks!

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 7 years ago Author

Please do Rongould. I wish everyone would :-) and thx for the comment.

wandererh profile image

wandererh 7 years ago from Singapore

I have heard of allegations that the moon landings never happened. Wouldn't it be possible to point a telescope of sufficient power at the location where the landings took place, and that question will be settled once and for all? Perhaps there isn't such a powerful telescope?

quicksand profile image

quicksand 7 years ago

I still do remember all the buzz about the Moon Mission when I was a little kid.

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 7 years ago Author

Wandererh....sounds like a good theory, unfortunately, I don't know that we could do it very easily. Thanks for stopping by!

Quicksand: I was a tad too young to remember, but I've been told I was propped up in front of the TV. :) Thanks for stopping by!

profile image

Whikat 7 years ago

Great research GreyMoon, I always find this kind of stuff fascinating.

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 7 years ago Author

Thanks Whikat :) I'm starting to think more research than the filmmaker. I only got onto this subject because I liked his previous film and wanted to check this out for myself and found out Santa was dead so to speak.

profile image

Whikat 7 years ago

Well you definitely did your research, and about the Santa thing, don't you hate when that happens? Although, I love doing research and hate taking other people's word for it. It must be the rebel in me.

imadork profile image

imadork 7 years ago from St. Peters, MO

I hate these so-called documentary film makers that skew facts to make their POV more believable. Michael Moore comes to mind as one of the biggest culprets.

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 7 years ago Author

Thanks for the comment Imadork

marisuewrites profile image

marisuewrites 7 years ago from USA

Well, I'm biased. My dad was in the Space Program at White Sands Missile Range and had a TOP Secret Clearance with the Government, so did my mom and so did my brother. Not me, I keep no secrets.

I grew up knowing we landed on the moon and tho I'm not sure what lies have been told and there always are some....I do believe we've been there, not sure however if there were aliens. I know some strange things happen in space and are on many other films.

Everything isn't a conspiracy, but I love this topic and Kudos to your great research!! Certainly there are many liars on the Roswell Incident, and many other space expeditions...so hard to filter out the truth, eh? I love curious minds, and have one myself. Keep us informed, I'll go check out the links!! Great Hub!!

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 7 years ago Author

Thank you marisuewrites.

Sounds like you had a very interesting childhood. I would have loved to have your first hand knowledge from the people that really know.

This debate about Moon landings and UFO,s will run forever it seems. As for what I believe... well Im just keeping an open mind to Aliens etc. I wrote this to open a few eyes to how people can manipulate data (visual) in this case to suit their own personal agenda.

Comments like yours is what writing this is all about . Thank you for taking the time to :)

marisuewrites profile image

marisuewrites 7 years ago from USA

Hi GreyMoon. my mom typed up many reports on the aliens and UFOs that hovered around White Sands...details were secret but the incidents were pretty well accepted. I like to think I'm a reasonable person, and I know we had many wonderful late night conversations in our house about aliens...and I just can't think we're the only "us." You know, it's fact if its repeated..so science says...and I don't see how we can be here and not be a repeat somewhere. Surely -- in all that space....only one earth? naaa We've got brothers and sisters somewhere or we're just dreamin' and none of this is real. besides, hubbell just showed a lot of other earth like atmosphere's out there....so....and I believe Hubbell. =)) I'm an Xfile person from way back!!! =))

LondonGirl profile image

LondonGirl 7 years ago from London

fascinating, and what a great kick-off to your hubpage life!

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 7 years ago Author

Marisuewrites lol is the X-Files classed as 'way back' already? Aliens keep stealing time from me and putting me back to earth years later its seems. :) If there are the right ingredients... shake stir let stand for a few million years...warm near a bright star for a few more million and bingo life, and I personally believe if those are in place it can happen anywhere. Im sure my sister thinks of me as kind of alien already :) I Saw a UFO once but I haven't spoke about it in years as everyone thinks your just making up stories. I am not saying it was alien but... well that's a hubpage perhaps. Remember 'the truth is out there'. Just not in Moon Rising lol

marisuewrites profile image

marisuewrites 7 years ago from USA

ahahah true, I think I was Xfiles before Xfiles was Xfiles. LOL

well, I figure we are probably the billionth time it happened. We're not doing so hot here...so maybe someone else out there has done better and they'll visit in time to pull our heads out of our ...you know what's its. we can hope.

the night, has a thousand eyes...

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 7 years ago Author

Londongirl thank you for the comment and looking at the time you should be in bed lol

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 7 years ago Author


But that's why I guess they are avoiding us :)

Id better close the drapes then with all these eyes on me im getting paranoid all of a sudden lol

Gin Delloway profile image

Gin Delloway 7 years ago

a great and informative hub! I really like it! thanks!

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 7 years ago Author

Thanks Gin Delloway :)

JPSO138 profile image

JPSO138 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines, International

Very interesting point. I like it. Keep those articles coming.

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 7 years ago Author

JPSO138 Thank you for your comment, and I am working on it. :)

Pete Maida profile image

Pete Maida 7 years ago

Everyone is trying to make a buck and the UFO deal has been a money maker for fifty years. I wrote a hub explaining my position on the existance of aliens and UFOs. I believe that it is very likely that they are other civilizations in the galaxy but it is also highly unlikey that we have seen any yet.

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 7 years ago Author

Thanks for the comment Pete Maida.

True everyone has to make a buck unfortunately. But, let's make it an honest one. :)

Sal 7 years ago

There is quite a lot of information on et' and ufos online If, you go to utube and ise theiir search box,type in ufos or extratrestrials,might be surprised at the number of videos,some fake ones too of course.Sometiimes you wil see a link to a website ,when you click on more info in the upper right habd corner

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 7 years ago Author

Thanks for stopping by Sal

moonmovie.com 7 years ago

I fear that the enigma runs so deep that few of us, including myself, will ever get to the truth behind the mystery, behind what we touch on as "truth".

"The f***in' shooters don't even know. Don't you get it!!?"VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_40kJlo9P4g

Nevertheless, we pursue the TRUTH for the sake of liberty.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas

Does the truth equal liberty though?

That's a great scene from the JFK movie. Things generally are much more complex than we know.

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 7 years ago Author


Ive seen real UFOS and that movie is not it

Lies are lies

cindyvine profile image

cindyvine 7 years ago from Cape Town

With computer technology these days, one never knows anymore what is fake and what is real. heck, with Photoshop we can all become super models

blondepoet profile image

blondepoet 6 years ago from australia

Even though I am a pipe smoking nurse who should be wearing a beret, I am open to all possibilities. As they say in the X-files, "The truth is out there".

calpol25 profile image

calpol25 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

This is a brilliant hub!! Im pretty open minded so I agree with blonde poet

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 6 years ago Author

@blondepoet thanks for the comment

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 6 years ago Author

@ Calpol25 that your a pipe smoking nurse? :)

Thanks for dropping by and the encouraging comment.

IntimatEvolution profile image

IntimatEvolution 6 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

I'm with Cindyvine. Tough call.

Needless to say, I actually had a hard time reading the first part of this hub. Punctuation was off. Something that is hard to read, isn't all that fun to read. Therefore, they usually do not get completely viewed all the way. I must admit, I had to bail early.

Jose Escamilla 6 years ago

Listen GreyMoon whoever you are. It's okay by me you trying to debunk my film, BUT when you use my last name Escamilla and profile SCAM in my name you are making an insult to my family name who have nothing to do with my films. This is Libel based on your own assumptions and I want you to REMOVE that blasphemy on my family name immediately. I am contacting the Hub Pages legal department about this. I want you to be stopped from posting this kind of harrassment and defamatory remarks about me and my family name. YOU are not getting away with this. Send me your real name and address so I can have my attorney contact you. People like you need to know that when you harrass people like me it's not the best thing to do. Especially when you spam my family name like you are doing. I am not offended by your claims - this goes with the territory, BUT I am NOT going to allow you to defame the name of my family simply because you disagree with a few points I make in my films. When you attack my family name - there's hell to pay. JE

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 6 years ago Author

@Jose Escamilla

Thank you for taking the time to read my review. I am not sure that you know what blasphemy means. As for attacking your family that is libel against myself as that is clearly not the case.

JustPassingBYE 6 years ago

Grey Moon: I like how you are the devils advocate and in this case, rightfully so! Be very careful though, I watched the entire film many times myself and if Jose is right on just one and only one of his claims that is presented out of many claims in Moon Rising, then you should be praising Jose for not only putting his life on the line to make this film a reality, but for giving you and all people the pleasure of watching Moon Rising absolutely FREE! While 99% of the world’s documentarians spend money to make money, Jose with Moon Rising spent money to share a most powerful Truth. NASA confirms water on the Moon and I believe the underlining message for Moon Rising is that there is life on the Moon. Its not a hard concept to grasp to say the least, Water=Life.

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 6 years ago Author

@ JustPassingBYE

I am commenting on his claim of UFOs on the Moon, which are clearly craters. If he is correct on other statements in his movie that does not mean then by default his correct on the craters being UFOs and it is irrelevent to this hub. As for providing information for free. Moon rising is now free on Youtube, but LUNA is $3.99 per view, The reissued version of UFO The Greatest Story Ever Denied is $4.99 a view. Moon views are $3.99 per view. Finally his movie Interstella is $2.99 per view. So don't talk to me about him making movies out of the goodness of his heart and the ridiculous statement "putting his life on the line" How would you know this to be a fact? Did Jose tell you this, or is this just another Jose comment? Remember when Moon rising was originally released it was $3.99 per view and around $20 dollars to buy the DVD. Here are links to his Youtube channel for those that doubt this.


And the link to his new Youtube Channel.


And as a final comment to yours. Water is a major part of Organic life. But if you do your research a little better you would know the water found on the Moon is so frozen it is harder than steel. So I can not imagine Jose's One mile tall giant aliens living in that. Keep on passing by. Notice no E in by.

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 6 years ago Author


Hardly a just passing comment. So what your trying to say is that every Crater is really a UFO but in a spectrum of light that can not normally be detected? And these UFOs stay in the exact same position year in year out. As to give Astronomers the impression that they are not static UFOs but impact craters. Of course it is so simple now you have explained it. All UFOs and no craters on the moon.

You a mentioned to me in your emails that Jose's "Rod"s are also in this IR/UV spectrum, but Jose and other people. around the world manage to capture them using standard video cameras and still cameras? Wow how incredible is that? And totally IMPOSSIBLE, with standard equipment.

I think there is a lot to be said with regard to " A little knowledge is a dangerous thing" When you can explain to me why Jose is using known craters in his movie and claiming they are UFOs then feel free to comment again. If they were images of UFOs that were not the exact same size and location of these craters then I would take his fiction a little more seriously. Thanks for the long comment. Keep passing by.

RGB 6 years ago

Cameras catch light in the RGB Red,Green,Blue light

spectrum. They do not capture UV/IR. Keep up the good work Greymoon.

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 6 years ago Author

@RGB Yeah I know, but justpassingbye loves to type nonsense it seems.

Thanks for dropping by

JustPassingBYE 6 years ago

RGB: Your right, Standard Cameras don't capture IR/UV and I never said that they do to begin with. Even though RODS stand out as sore thumbs in the IR/UV spectrum, if you use Jose's Sky Fish protocol which is what I orginally stated, that a Standard Camera can be modified and adjusted to capture these things the human eye naturally cant. You can argue with me about it all you guys want and try to find holes in my argument that you can turn into molehills if it makes you feel comfortable at the end of the day, but you will never know for sure unless you go out with your own camera and find out, and its free to do so if you own your camera so no excuse is necessary if you choose not to. If you think I am typing nonsense then don't worry about me, just here to watch all the crabs roll around in the barrel.

JustPassingBYE 6 years ago

Actually on further reflection I guess I was totally wrong. I guess I am trying to get everyone to prove a negative. It really is up to me to show evidence, and not for everyone else to prove me wrong. Greymoon if I leave anymore comments just delete me as my medication does not always stop me having my delusions. Do you see crabs in a barrel? They hide under my bed you know they do Bad crab very bad crabs with their nasty pincers.

Wibble wiblbaiza se I em goooing again Now the crabs want to take over the world in my ufus thy luk lik a big barrel in the sky oo pretty sky such loovely clouds.

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 6 years ago Author


Thanks for your last message.With regards to giving me permission to delete your comments due to emotional problems you might be experiencing. It does explain an awful lot? really and you have my honest and heartfelt sympathy. Get well soon

AndyDrew 6 years ago

Found this website while trying to find a free version of the film, and im glad i did,

I also tryed to put a link and a message on Jose Escamilla's youtube channel only to have it dissapear, maybe by coincidence but was there one second gone the next,

Good page and nicely done

That's all had to say

Oda Kinnewsky 6 years ago

"Lovely" discussion going on here XD XD XD

Strange things have been going on over millenia here on earth, so there is no need to fight over "only" 60 years. Pleeeeease people, research aliens/UFOs appearing on ancient paintings, drawins, stonecarvings (and even in the bible). All "fake" ??? Well, that conspiracy must have started early...

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 6 years ago Author

@Oda Kinnewsky yes but also research how the most sourced and quoted cases of UFOs in paintings and drawings have rational explanations. Reading something that suits your opinion and stopping is not research. We have a terms for this in the English language, " quote mining" , and "cherry picking", these are very popular with people wanting to support bogus claims. Like yourself it seems. Thank you for stopping by, and as you look up at the stars remember to look down occasionally to avoid tripping over.

Waleed 6 years ago

had my own doubts too after watching that part II so i googled online and got here. thanks for your efforts GreyMoon i really appreciate it.

6 years ago

First of all I have to apologize in advance for my bad english. I searched for discussions about this documentary to know what to believe and what not. I'm only an enthusiast, naturally interested in this kind of topics and I just thought about the possibilities of being fooled by the nasa, and then by jose escamilla. Anyway, thanks for being a curious mind, we need more of those : ) Just take care about how you communicate your point, because at some point it seems like you were talking contemptuously; you don't know if while he were trying to explain it all his research was as valid as yours.

Why can't I find a discussion board about it, anyway? s:

profile image

LIESLIESLIES 6 years ago

hello... is there something u can tell about the zeitgeist then? because the truth we all seeking is "how did we excist"? "who put us here"? "is this all a game"? and of course, these secret society's all over the world messed things up from starter, making up money, religions, WARS to make money for them own... so all we've seen so far is evil... when the good will come to the humans, when will this illusion what we think as so called life were living will stop..?

David 5 years ago

SO is this conspiracy about The UFO's true or not? Well are the images in the documantary's film's true ? Why would all thes people lye that worked ther they got nothing to win Srry for my abd english

SkepticalGuy 5 years ago

I understand your argument against Jose's claim, but may I point out a serious mistake that you make with this presentation? You use a Lunar Orbiter image from the late 60's to falsify Jose's claims for UFOs on a Clementine image filmed in 1994. Both images are authentic and genuine NASA imagery which you agree to, but there are major inconsistencies as far as optics and technology with the 2 images in question that you must address if your entire argument hinges on the comparison of one B&W analog image to one full color digital image taken 30 years apart from each other from 2 separate NASA missions, which you didn't do with this presentation. You showed that the area in question is a crater which Jose doesn't deny, but you failed to prove what the hell is that huge white, bright anomaly covering the entire inside of the crater, because if it was just moon maria inside that crater as expected, it would be the same color as the surrounding area which is covered with the same exact maria. Regardless, your presentation doesn't falsify Jose's claims, but in a twisted way adds credence to Jose's UFO claim by showing that older B&W images weren't advance enough for their time in capturing Moon anomalies that appear on more recent color images.

dsouth 5 years ago

i grew up expecting us to be planet hopping by now. i was an ardent sf reader and still am a believer science will get us way up there, someday.

congrats on debunking this "face on mars" fruitcake; as silly conspiracies go, his is lame. i'd rather take "2001 a space oddisey". yup, 2001 was the future then..

dimara from russia 5 years ago


GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 5 years ago Author

@ SkepticalGuy Both images are from the Clementine mission. Check your sources. I checked mine :) Thanks for the comment and dropping by.

marimccants profile image

marimccants 5 years ago

Very interesting.

Tired Guy999 5 years ago

GreyMoon has left us. Maybe the moonmen took him home.

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 4 years ago Author

@ K 8 Illegally? Care to explain yourself on that one?

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 4 years ago Author

@ Tired Guy999

No not left the building just tired myself replying to comments about my tone in writing, only to be attacked in the very vile tones than I am accused of. sigh

PS Would that be the Moon Men that live in Craters first identified hundreds of years ago. For UFOs they sure move very very slowly.

SuperSoylent 4 years ago

Jose's henchman, Curtis Hedges, conducted a flagging campaign on my channel because I dared to point out discrepancies in his videos. The 3 videos I had up were flagged for "Hate Speech - based upon race." I appealed but Youtube ignored it. I lost my channel. Jose Escamilla is a censoring bastard who will shit on anyone who disagrees with him. He has also threatened my life twice and in writing (and I still have them Jose) and posted a Youtube video offering a bounty to anyone who could give him my personal information.

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 4 years ago Author

@ Super Soylent. I wonder if it is the same Curtis Hedges as cited below?

Curtis Hedges is President ( LOL) of Jemworks, LLC

4304 Elenda street

Culver City, CA 90230


Jemworks LLC is registered to a certain Jose Escamilla.

Source for this information is Godaddy.com.

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 4 years ago Author

@ David

Well for pay per view on his movies and $30 a DVD you work out why someone might lie.

George Coburn 4 years ago

Your observations on the b&w compared to the color images is valid. However you seem dubious on the issue of NASA and other space agencies practice of editing imagery prior to release to the public. I can tell you that I have researched this for over 20 years, and it is real. You obviously have no reason to trust what I say, but what about the other claims Jose made in his films? Do you say those other findings are bunk as well, or have you researched them?

My problems with this entire matter is that we don't know what to trust from the baseline imagery, and yes they can get pretty much all of it. Certainly some leak through or we wouldn't have found the incredible anomalies we have.

We DID go to the moon, and yes we also faked footage and pictures. This was done as obfuscation and to cover what we really saw...

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 4 years ago Author

@ George Coburn.

They probably do enhance some images. But the point here is Jose Escamilla uses NASA images. He would not have a mockumentary without them. So who do you believe is what it comes down to. Jose tells us he colors the moon in photoshop, and what else does he do to make his stuff more appealing to paying suckers?

GreyMoon profile image

GreyMoon 4 years ago Author

@ Joseescamilla.

Sir you call me a "Troll", and you come on my page to do this! This is my page Sir and the only Troll here is you. When I leave comments on your work on any of your sites or pages then and only then may you call me a Troll with any credibility! Also if a comment is in correct context it fails to meet the definition of the use of the word "Troll". It would help you Sir if you learned the correct terms for the words you use.

SuperSoylent 4 years ago

The concept of rational thought seems to escape some people. I'm getting tired of the same old argument "We don't trust the government; therefore, Jose is right about giants on the moon." or "NASA lies, therefore the moon is hollow just like Jose said, even though there is zero evidence for this fantastic claim." They would rather believe a fantasy tale just because they think everything the government tells us are lies. Some people just don't get it.

Matt 4 years ago


You believe the government doesn't lie to us? Why over the past 100yrs haven't we come up with a cure for cancer then? When if you do some research you find that cancer cells can't sustain themselves in oxygen rich environments? Or even aids or HIV? We are that smart we can go in space and come up with some of the best inventions ever, but can't cure an "infection"ha please with the technologies and money present to the government I'm sure they've stumbled across a cure in all that time.. But think if cancer was as simple to treat and get rid of, they wouldn't be a multi million dollar business and that there is the reason the world continues to suffer for no reason.. Greed!

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GreyMoon 4 years ago Author

@ Anonyous lol create an account and do not hide

chaoslordsokar 4 years ago

well after so many years this page still gets comments, just goes to show the interest for such matters. my comments however is to agree with greymoon over there, not because of the images and evidence he cited, nor even including Joses' documentary. But rather my own opinion and my rather twisted logic.

There arent UFO's or alien races living on the moon, my opinion. and why you ask ? simple, if there were, we would've seen them already. Now you got to keep up with my twisted logic here, for some reason people agree in general that alien species are more advanced than us, i posit its possible, but that they dont suffer from basic rivalry? incapable of having accidents ? that their advanced technology ascends them to some morally induced godhood ?

Seriously , why do people subliminally think that ? consider mere bee colonies for a minute , masterpieces of the "hive mind" mentality, yet queen bees habitually kill off their predecessors. cannot the same be said for every species on earth ? they all kill each other in their survival. why cannot that simple attribute be assigned to any non terrestial species ?

That's my twisted logic there sorta roundabout, could use more clarification, but the gist and heart of it is in there, no aliens on the moon, we would have seen something of their innate "animal" instinct to kill, to make mistakes, to subjugate, hell maybe just blow shit up lol

Fair day to you all then :)

LarryG 4 years ago

OK, since opinions are accepted here, I'll add mine... I'm no physicist and I suspect physicists don't waste their time even watching Jose's movies because they are so ludicrous. I imagine though, that if I were a physicist I could easily determine the mass and therefore the gravity that would be exerted on the Earth by a "hollow" Moon. I'm also convinced that that would show the tides being quite different than they are as a result. Finally, I probably could find that info by searching the web, but why waste MY time?

bud 3 years ago

the fact that we are not basing our space program on the moon - tons of oxygen in rock for fuel and less gravity working against lift offs- and the fact that we have not returned even to explore for commodities or create tourism is pretty much all the proof any one needs to see something does not want or need us there- and nasa knows that.

Mauricio 3 years ago

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jiggly jay 3 years ago

i understand you have done you're research towards this documentary. Although it seems as though you only watched half the documentary. i agree that they are craters and such. But in all fairness you didn't argue the rest of the documentary. You focused extremely on the fact of the ufo/crater objects on the moon. Please don't say you debunked something that is someone's opinion and their way of showing proof. rediculous that people do this debunk crap over someone who supposedly debunked another thing. let the person who actually took the time to make the movie have some respect, he worked very hard on this and you took probably a few days to say what you had to say now get off you're high horse and go solve some real world problems.

Mike 3 years ago

Well its pretty sketchy how this movie has been removed from a lot of sites. What's the reason for that?

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scribe0420 3 years ago

okay I have read every single comment from the beginning to the end cause after watching moon rising, I wanted to hear exactly what greymoon's response was for every remark and question provided to him. I am no professor or physicist or have any type of experience related to understanding and questioning the above topics or confirming or defrauding the movie, but I do understand common sense.

Whens the last time we went to the moon?

Why is it that the two men who actually went to the moon have statements confirming more of what Jose says then just a normal trip to the moon? (Neil/Buzz)

Why is it your only claim and standing point of your argument in defrauding Jose's movie is based off of only two picture comparisons and not referencing any of the other statements made within the movie?

I can go on with a list of questions that relate to this topic, you would most likely brush off, but the fact that you are fervently trying to prove this to be fake has me wondering as well. There are more sources on the web that believe this movie to be more fact then fiction and I stand with them on that. I wont say that 100% I completely agree with everything the movie states and shows but I lean more towards, there's something being hidden from us about the truth of the moon and all I want to do is find out the truth. The fact you have obsessed with trying to prove Jose's movie to be wrong in itself scares me and just confirms with me your goal in all this is not to find out truth but to try and defraud other peoples passion about finding out the truth. I am sure becoming an astronaut is not an easy process and only a selected few are accepted after many tests of mental as well as physical capabilities are completed. For two of the first people to go and come back from the moon with more to say related to Jose's theory then yours proves enough for me to question the same things Jose does. I mean come on two of the most famous and historical explorers (Niel/Buzz) come back from the moon, risk being ridiculed and laughed at as mad men to make up a UFO story?

Woowoo deHoo 3 years ago

Dear "Scribe" et al,

(@ "scribe04260: boy oh boy is that pseudonym a misnomer ).

P.S ... you didn't actually need to inform anyone that you are are "... no professor or physicist or have any type of experience related to understanding and questioning the above topics..." - that much is obvious.

Almost every single sentence you so painstakingly penned contains at least one logical fallacy, none of which are worth time explaining to you as you are quite obviously disinterested in any information contrary to your beliefs.

The only thing hidden from you is critical thinking and rational thought.

Chew on this, mull it over a while:

Nixon failed to hide Watergate and Clinton couldn't cover up a blowjob.

Consider if you will how many people were involved in either of these attempted cover-ups. A dozen a piece maybe ?

It took over 400,000 (FourHundred THOUSAND) people to get Apollo 11 to our nearest moon. (and yes there are at least 2, possibly 3 moons that orbit Earth).

Put that through your "Common Sense" filter.

As for Jose eSCAMilla - he is is neither a madman nor a wayward genius.

eSCAMilla is just another con artist selling snake to the credulous.

SCIENCE . It Works.... Bitches . Prof R Dawkins.

soulslider 2 years ago

Something going on....out there!

Electric Sun 2 years ago

Foriyo 2 years ago


jaf 2 years ago

stop talking about each other. none of us has been to the moon. those who believe nasa are as silly as those who believe independent filmmakers. keep an open mind about terra incognita. there will always be reports from some claiming knowledge of the unexplored. reports are never substitutes for first-hand experience. in all this discussion has anyone contacted the people behind mapaplanet.org to ask why "natural" is in quotes?

Patty Garcia

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Telephone: (928)556-7103

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Mr Smith 2 years ago

Definitely craters. Wish Richard Hoagland would wise up as well. Glass domes my ass.

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GreyMoon 2 years ago Author


"Natural" is used in the way that a person would air them to indicate a level of sarcasm. The basic colour of the Moon is brown. Well if you believe this article it is lol.


monica 22 months ago

What about the structure on the moon let say that the craters on the moon was indeed a ufo that crash instead of a fly ufo please dnt bash jose i think jose have good intention

Anton 19 months ago

Looking for Waylon and Jeff

Buck N 7 months ago

"I found this one instance where the results are suspicious, therefore it debunks every single claim"

What kind of backwards logic is this? Jesus.

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