11 Ways to Make a Movie Right Now

Film making is my passion. I have used every one of these ways, and I suggest these methods to anyone who thinks it's too hard, or just don't know where to start. A film is only as good as the people and their passion for the work. As an amateur, it's less about knowing any rules and more about caring to look at what you do, and make the decisions that help tell your story. Here's some ways to just get shooting.

#11 Be a counselor

We all have friends with drama. Ask one to come over and share this in an interview for the camera. If your friend finds this cathartic, you can cover a lot of ground with taking that interview and cutting with some back story. Your friends who don't think they can act are perfect for this. Most underground film in the eighties was done just like this. Digital has replaced film since then, so the camera is a lot easier to get now.

#10 Practice lighting

There is no easier way to know how to light, then practice. If you have any kind of light, play with it. A subject moving through a well lit space can always serve as a scene.

#9 Go on a walk with the camera

You'd be surprised what a few hours in nature will get you. Films win festivals just by going outside.

#8 Impromptu Documentary

A small town festival can always get you colorful footage, and some interviews with people who are passionate about the events in their town.

#7 Old home movies.

This is just an editing job. You find some family archive and tell a story.

#6 Document a process

Ever see how educational television has so much footage on how things are made. You can shoot a process.

#5 Stop Motion

Clay, paint, people...They all make great subjects for stop motion.

#4 Start a club

Invite friends over and make plans to shoot a couple minutes of the day. It can take hours to get minutes, so be patient and make sure everyone knows the idea is to have fun.

#3 Find a play

Community theatre can be a great way to get footage. It's being rehearsed and the talent is usually up to getting a copy of them on stage. You may not be able to release it commercially without some legal headaches, but you shot a play, and you can learn a lot from that.

#2 Be commercial

You never know if your favorite business would love to see a commercial from the point of view of a customer. It may have a call to action in it, but it's still a film if you say it is.

#1 Turn the camera around

It's called Cinema Verite. The only limit is what you say and do in front of the camera. Some of the deepest film has been from the filmmaker looking right into the camera and saying 'I'm unsure'' or 'All I have is my passion.' This can be powerful stuff.

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