Uchiha Madara Real Face Unmasked! Tobi's Real Identity! NOT Uchiha Obito!

Uchiha Madara's New Mask!

Uchiha Madara's New Mask!
Uchiha Madara's New Mask!

And the real Uchiha Madara aka Tobi is....

By now we all already know that the "Uchiha Madara" aka Tobi that used to lead the Akatsuki is actually NOT the real "Uchiha Madara". This is because the real Uchiha Madara is already dead!

Some people are speculating that the masked man is probably Uchiha Madara's brother, Uchiha Izuna. However, remember the time when this masked man tried to show Sasuke his face? Even though in the end he couldn't because Itachi planted something to activate on his face if he were to show his face to Sasuke. But doesn't this mean that by showing his face to Sasuke means Sasuke would "immediately" recognize who he was? If he was Uchiha Izuna, Madara's brother, even if he shows his face to Sasuke, Sasuke wouldn't have any idea who he was, right? Some people are also speculating that the masked man is Uchiha Obito, which doesn't make sense, because Sasuke wouldn't know who Uchiha Obito was! Soon after it was revealed that the real Uchiha Madara is already dead, the speculations about Uchiha Obito being Tobi's real identity starting to circulate again just like years ago. Guys, that speculation is getting old! It is unlikely that Tobi is Obito! Old speculation is old!

OK, so who do I think this Tobi is? You read it here FIRST! It's Uchiha Fugaku! Uchiha Fugaku is Sasuke and Itachi's FATHER!!

I strongly think Tobi aka the masked man is actually Sasuke and Itachi's father! If you think about it, it makes sense if this masked man is Sasuke and Itachi's father. Let's say Itachi already knew about this, and the killing of his father in their home is just to deceive the young Sasuke. Or probably the killing of his father was just a genjutsu done by this masked man to deceive Itachi, not knowing that Itachi was well aware of it. Remember, Uchiha clan is tainted with deceit and backstabbing. The Uchiha's killed one another to gain power, namely the power of the ultimate sharingan. So there's no surprise if Sasuke and Itachi's father, who was the leader of the clan at the time of the clan massacre, is doing all of this to gain ultimate power for himself (Tsuki no me), and he's doing all of this under the name of "Uchiha Madara" just so that people get scared by hearing the name!

Let's say this speculation is true, when the Naruto series was to end, Sasuke, who is right now so stubborn and insists on bringing back the whole Uchiha clan, and insists to want to restore the name of Uchiha, would be crushed. When Sasuke learnt that this masked man is his father, he'd probably change his views on lots of things (makes it easier to end the story). I mean, think about it, and try to piece everything together, it would make so much sense, wouldn't it?

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******SPOILER ALERT!!*******

Well, guys, it has been revealed in the last 2 chapters of Naruto manga that this "TOBI" who also used to call himself "Uchiha Madara" is actually UCHIHA OBITO. Yup, you can celebrate that now, throw a party or something. Invite those Izuna-Fugaku-Shisui-whoever theorists (me included) too if you will! Lol.

Anyway, I was kind of disappointed, not because Tobi didn't turn out to be Uchiha Fugaku or whoever I speculated he might be. But because Masashi Kishimoto decided to spoil our good impression of the younger Uchiha Obito. Well, I always think of Obito as someone who is quite inspiring, for what he did and sacrificed for his friends. But anyway, it's Naruto, you need to be ready for whatever plot twist that might come your way.

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Roos 4 years ago

WOW! I really like your way of thinking! And it sure would be awesome if tobi was sasuke and itachi's father!

itachi's father :) 4 years ago


madara 4 years ago

i never taught that itachi and sasuke's father has sharingan eye???

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

@madara: ALL Uchiha's have sharingan. The only difference between them is the type of sharingan that they personally develop.

madaraa 4 years ago

i think u might be right man. great theorie

Shanara 4 years ago

No obito got resarected and his body was but together again not to mention kakashi recognize tobi the other thing was that tobi was stupid at first so maybe he reconized the way to behave

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

resarected? What is that?? Why do all the people commenting here seem to need spelling check LOL :P

toxicgamer 4 years ago

hhhmmmm that's cool but why does tobi have wrinkles on his face ya know like he was crushed by a boulder

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

You get wrinkles by aging. Obito is around Kakashi's age, but Uchiha Fugaku is probably older than Yondaime. And there's a possibility that he got some nasty wrinkles from forbidden eye technique or something.

shadow 4 years ago

And Fugaku's wife knew Naruto's mom and knew she was pregnant which is how fugaku knew the seal weakens at that time

grand_sage_master 4 years ago

in the manga it is revealed that tobi was the one who trained itachi and helped him become strong enough to kill of the uchiha clan.....itachi also says tobi helped him as revenge against the uchiha for turning their backs on him all those years ago...this shuld be proof enough that tobi isn't fugaku who has been living along with the uchiha for years bt in fact is someone who was banished or thrown out of the uchiha village...

Izzy Cnotes 4 years ago

iStrongly Still Believe That Tobi Is Obito, Tobi Probably Doesn't Realize That Sasuke Knows Kakashi So Itachi Implanted The Amaterasu To Keep Tobi's Identity Safe. Plus If Tobi Said He Was Madara BEFORE He Was About To Remove His Mask, Sasuke Would Not Recognize If He Was Madara Or Obito Because They Both "Died" Before Sasuke Was In The Picture. It Wouldint Make Sense If Tobi Was Sasuke's Father Because He Would Be Able To Tell Tobi Was Lying Because Sasuke Would Recognize His Father When Tobi Removes The Mask.

Kakashi's And Tobi's Sharingans Are Alike With The Power To Alter Space And Time. Did It Seem Odd To You That Kakashi Recognized Tobi?

Another Thing, Obito Lost His Left Eye, But As We Seen Through Many Uchihas Via Danzo, Sasuke, And Itachi, Uchiha Has The Power To Take Other People's Eyes And Use Them. Therefor, Obito Had The Opportunity To Get A Sharingan Eye From An Uchiha The Night He And Itachi Wiped Out The Entire Uchiha Clan. But We'll Never Know Until Naruto Finally Reveals It

cody-san 4 years ago

well said izzy

brian b 4 years ago

fuuuuuuh so suspenseful good write izzy

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

OK, so if Tobi is really Obito, can you tell me WHY on earth Obito would do something like this? What kind of grudges does he have against the whole Uchiha clan and Konoha? Please, this theory never makes any sense to me.

kimimaro 4 years ago

Tobi is not obito, Obito is around Kakashi's age and he was a student of fourth hokage.

Tobi is most probably Uchiha Fugaku

payattention 4 years ago

A few things. First, why is Tobi's eye always in Sharingan mode...note the only other Uchiha eyes that are always on are those that had them implanted. E.G. Kakashi and Danzo.

Also why did he always cover the other eye when it wasn't being used (which by the way looked like it was going blind) Also he no longer has it cover since getting Rinnegan, also implanted. After doing so he revealed that his latest jutsu, Izanagi, could only be performed by having both Uchiha and Senju DNA (by the way, Danzo whom had implants was the only other person shown to date that could perform Izanagi).

I'm not saying Tobi is either of the two I named. I just feel as though he is not necessarily an Uchiha, I feel for some reason he is not as old we think he is but he is well informed and most likely someone with a long history with Konoha, full of bad blood.

PhoeniX 4 years ago

Total BULLSHIT!!! Tobi is Uchiha Madara. You guys are not at all being in the storyline. Tobi said that he fought Senju Hashirama to get his power. He wanted to be the second Sage of the Six Paths. It all makes sense. He's no other than Uchiha Madara!

Did Uchiha Fugaku fight Senju Hashirama? NO! And why the hell would he want Hashirama's power? And from where would he get it? The above post is total bullshit!

MadarasDEAD 4 years ago

Is it just me, but hasn't Uchiha Madara been resurrected...to be resurrected you must die first?

Oh yeah and when Kabuto approached him about teaming up...was it not Madras's body Kabuto showed him to make Tobi accept him.

And from what I've gathered through most of Tobi's speech he hints that he's not Madara; like when he tells naruto that he's nobody...and that he don't wanna be anybody.

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

I'm not sure if PhoeniX is reading the manga? We all KNEW Tobi claimed himself as "Uchiha Madara". *SPOILER ALERT* But that is the thing in the PAST now, because in the Fourth Ninja War (which CURRENTLY is still going on in the Naruto manga AS OF NOW), the REAL Uchiha Madara was being revived by Kabuto's Edo Tensei technique. In order to be revived by Edo Tensei, you must already be DEAD. So the REAL Uchiha Madara is already DEAD. Got it, PhoeniX??!

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

PhoeniX is full of shyte. Just saying. Lol.

kapil 4 years ago

rubbish!!!it can't be sasuke and itachi's father.come on !! be practical.if u want 2 know how ask me!!!!!!!

matthew 4 years ago

This doesn't make one bit of sense. Itachi himself has the Mangekyo sharingan. If he was caught in a genjutsu, he would sense it and be able to destroy it. Also, if he was in a genjutsu, how could he have killed all the other clan members? Itachi also knew that he had to kill his father, so he would have actually done it. Also, Itachi spoke to the masked man before he killed the clan, and his father was still inside the house.

Filipe Morais 4 years ago

Uchia Madara being sasuke father... makes perfect sense... itachi himself said that the Uchia clan was ploting against KONHOA, being the chief of the police he could easily get acess to the location of the cavern where naruto was born. Minato himself find very odd how he did get by security at that time. But if sasukes father is alive e could be the responsabile of Uchia Clan Massacre, and to protect is liltle brother from the truth Itach took the blame of the incindent, he even try to protect is brother from the truth again when planted amaterasu on Sasukes eye to kill Tobi. Uchia memebers can achieve higher power when they kill their bretheren. perhaps, that is motivation of all this. Sorry for my bad English

Terrain 4 years ago

you guys will just say hair dye but why is tobi and fugaku hair different if they are the same person

Terrain 4 years ago

Also it is also said that tobi took control of the fourth mizukage so how could he be with Itachi and Sasuke if that happened. I mean he can not be at two places at the same time and everyone seen how strict the uchiha clan is if you do not intend the meatings.

adrian 4 years ago

like pain the sage of the six paths can make another person of themselves on any body ... so let me ask you don't think uchiha madara a sage of the six paths would do that before he died? and that's why in an episode he says thaat hes not hes complete self.... come on right in front of your faces........

ozie 4 years ago

toby must be someone really old so it can't be obito or shisui.....when toby unmasked himself in front of kisame he sais mizukage sama madara but maybe toby comfused the whole mist vilage that he is madara......the best answer is that toby is someone new....new charakter a story which will be revealed later

jew 4 years ago

I think tobi must be obito, name is similar, hair is exactly the same, personality is basically the same, kakashi recognises ghs mmask only shows ONE eye until he gets the the rinnigan, no one actually knows if obito actually died it last viewed him as he was dyin not actually dead, and if obito was kikashis age then why couldn't he train itachi and go under a new persona its possible? And if it was madara uchiha why would he want nagatos rinnigan when he had one eye evolve into the rinnigan after his fight with the 1st hokage? obito uchiha seems like the best answer as to who tobi is.

Pats 4 years ago

I have no definitive idea about who tobi is but I know who he isn't :

cannot be obito: first of all even if obito didn't die back when he gave his eye to Kakashi, he was too young to be able to control the Kyuubi to attack the village 16 yrs ago. second of all while fighting against Konan not only does he use izanagi which requires the user to have DNA from the first hokage but Konan during her attack broke a part of the mask revealing a sharingan in his left eye. On top of that tobi is the one controlling the 4th mizukage at a time Obito was still a gennin.

As for saske's dad the uchiha weren't even considering to plan a coup when the Kyuubi attack happened, actually it was because of the attack that shit started to stir between the uchiha and the konoha higher ups. plus Sasuke's

has absolutely no motive to wipe out the Uchiha.

as mentioned in the post by "payattention" Tobi's eye is always in sharingan mode which means that the eye was transplanted. which means tobi is either someone outside the uchiha clan or an uchiha that needed to have an eye replaced (like madara's brother or shisui), we can already eliminate shisui who could with a single genjutsu get anything he wanted so no need for attacks or planning and he was also just a bit older than itatchi's which again means too young when the first attack happened.

so far here are the only (IMO) logical suspects:

madara's brother Izuna: he would require a fresh pair of eyes after his brother Madara took his, + while explaining the story of itatchi to sasuke as Madara he shows more intense feeling when talking about his brother's sacrifice (giving the eye to Madara), then when speaking of Madara's story. as well it seems that from the last few chapters that Madara hates everything and anything that has to do with the senju yet Tobi spoke of hashimara with respect and admiration.

that's for my first suspect.

my last suspect is a Zetsu/ Madara clone. I know it would be a lame story line if it was just just a plant based clone of Madara's. but it seems it would explain a lot of things:

while fighting against the 4th hokage he loses an arm and bleeds a white gew.

would explain the meaning of a lot of those crazy sentences he uses "I wish to become whole again", and "I am no one and I don't wish to be any one", even Itatchi says "Madara is just a former shell of himself"

I think you get my point... I would love to hear your comments on my theories.

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

Really great theory, Pats, very insightful. What I wrote on the article above is all just "theory", so other insightful theories like Pats' are welcomed to be discussed here. However, for a lot of reasons, I still personally reject the UCHIHA OBITO theory. Tobi CANNOT be Obito no matter how you look at it.

Anyway, going back to Pats' theory, it would make sense if Tobi is just a Madara "clone", created the same way Zetsu did. Maybe Masashi Kishimoto will add some spice to the plot and make it far more interesting that how it sounds right now, who knows?

narutodork 4 years ago

Itachi wouldn't have allowed his father to live, the only reason sasuke is still alive is because Itachi couldn't bring himself around to take his life. The Uchiha clan was going to take over the Leaf village, and Itachi was the biggest fricken loyalist to the leaf. It can't be obito because it is shown that tobi has both eyes, and he uses his left eye to use izanagi. It also can't be izuna because Madara took both his eyes and his brother died in combat. Its just as tobi said, he is nobody, he has no identity and no name. Hes just using the name Madara to strike fear into his enemies. One idea someone came up with is that Sasuke is going to develop a time warp power with his eye, kinda like what tobi is able to do. Naruto has become so powerful and fast that the writers needed to level the playing field, so whos to say that tobi isn't actually Sasuke from the future. But what you need to do to figure out who the real tobi is, is this. He said that inorder to use izanagi, you must be of the uchiha clan as well as the senju clan. He is very old and very powerful, im sure that thers a record of him somewhere by a different name. One weird thing is when he tore off his arm, it looked as if it was made of clay, so maybe tobi isn't even real. One big thing that gave away that tobi wasn't madara uchiha, Madara is able to switch back and forth between his sharingan and his rennigan where tobi had to implant it into his left eye. So with all this there are any number of people it could be, but the one thing you need to remember is that when the writers say someone is dead....their pretty much dead unless you see them die in the show. If that's the case then its possible they could come back to life.

narutodork 4 years ago

To "payattention" only an Uchiha can preform Izanagi. Itachi constantly has his shiringan out and this is just because he has the ability to use it without wasting a lot of power. Its impossible for tobi to be the real Madara because when kabuto uses edi tensi, it reveals that the REAL Madara has been dead, and Tobi even says that he isn't who he has said he was.

nizam 4 years ago

i think tobi is The Sage Of Six Path son ..

bakabobcat 4 years ago

People listen. I honestly think that no one knows exactly who Tobi is, but from what I've gathered; it could either be Obito or Shisui. Shisui is believed to be dead, but like you said, the Uchiha are backstabbing deceivers. So, it could be a total sham and be Shisui. Then again it could be Obito. If you ever noticed, Obito and Kakashi have the same ocular power. They can both teleport things to other dimensions, and its been said that each Sharingan is different; their's aren't that much different at all. Tobi's is just more refined. Your theory does make sense, but I don't think Tobi is Sasuke's dad. Good stuff btw ^^

nai14 4 years ago

one thing for sure tobi is not a real uchiha at all.

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

Good one, bakabobcat. You're the first person to say the "reason" it might be Obito or Shisui, that Uchiha's are backstabbers and deceivers, so they can be nice and kind in the beginning of the story and could be a totally different person on the next chapter. Everyone else just kept on saying it's Obito bla bla but never came up with "reasons" why Obito (or whoever) might be plotting all this.

justanotherday 4 years ago

ok this is my theory and i love to hear what you guys think. Ok well i think there are two good theories to well my 1st theory is tobi is not an uchiha because i mean throughtout the whole series no matter what ever uchiha has done there signature fireball move at least once i have yet to see tobi do tht move which means he stole his eyes which could explain why when giving sasukes itaches eyes he had a bunch in the back ground where he get these from my answer is the massacre from itachi i mean they never said what they did wit all those dead bodies that night lol....my second theory is tobi is the son of madara which made tobi go by the name and explains where he gets his hatred you know the saying like father like son and when the real madara was revealed he couldn't go by that name anymore so he called himself a nobody i mean if ur father was known as the greatest ninja of all times im pretty sure you would not wanna be reconized as his son cause then people would compare you to your dad and that probably drove him crazy and made him fell like he will always be in his fathers shadow know matter what and i mean they made it clear that the two individuals know each other which explains tobi's age makes sense because the only other person revealed to fight madara and survive was that one kage with the dust release and the guy is really old when shown at the kage summit which means him and tobi are around the same age

ListenToMe 4 years ago

@bakabobcat . Your theory made me think, couldn't this masked man have just transplanted obito's eye into himself? It has been done countless times, that could explain why his powers are similar to Kakashi's

crusslom 4 years ago

That theory with Sasuke's dad is really interesting.If it's true it would be cool because their parents fought and now sasuke and naruto are going to duke it out by the end as well. Also, i don't know if this was mentioned but the chance of obito being Tobi is next to impossible. If you look back and remember that tobi fought with naruto's father, the 4th hokage. At this time he was what,14 years old? He could not be all grown up like tobi was when this occurred.I don't think it fits the time line. Also, why would he want to fight his sensei? The man who taught him so much,and probably had a relationship with his students close to the same way jaraiya had with naruto.

paulx21 4 years ago

Nice work! crusslom, you have said everything I wanna say to say to prove that uchicha obito is really not tobi.

And about the Tobi is Uchicha Madara's son is pretty much unbelievable, Madara never married right. So it could just be his Uchicha Izuna, Madara's brother.You guys will say that Izuna gave his eyes to Madara and he is now blind.But that's just perfect because they said that tobi's eyes are always at sharingan mode (though im not sure if his left eye is) and this is only possible for transplanted sharingans so Izuna must've gotten new transplanted

sharingan eyes because well he is the second strongest in the uchicha clan.

No Fcuking Idea 4 years ago

Basically everyone who has shut down the Uchiha Fugaku theory (Sasuke & Itachi's father) so far has used 2 arguments.

1. Itachi killed him and you see his dead body.

I didn't bother reading all the posts so I dunno if anyone mentioned this but it could've easily been a zetsu clone like how Kisame faked his death.

2. He has no motive to kill the Uchiha because he wanted them to take control of the village blah blah blah.

I think it's pointless arguing about the motives of anyone because we never know the true motives anyone has until they're revealed. I mean if someone posted up here that Itachi really killed the Uchiha cos of his loyalty to the village before we found it out we would all be like stfu retard.

As much as I think it would be a little bit cheesy if he turns out to be the dad you can't ignore the fact that both of Sasuke's parents are missing during the ninetales attack and that Minato told his mum that she was pregnant.

Steven Erickson 4 years ago

Okay I like the idea of Tobi being Fugaku Uchiha, but there are a few things I feel don't really add up with this theory.

First of all, Fugaku was described as being an extremely serious man. Remember back when Tobi was first introduced? As the looney, wacko nutcase? How on earth could Fugaku ever act like that. It is just impossible. It defies everything that his character is made of and Kishi write the story in a way that meant Fugaku ever acted like that.

Secondly, I know it has been said that both Fugaku and his wife were absent during the Nine Tails Attack on the Leaf Village, and while I can't say where he was, and why he was absent, I just don't know why he would do that. If anything he should have mobilized the Uchiha to work in tandem with the attack, and used the Nine Tails to have a successful coup, not simply have it attack the whole village with no plan or purpose. I bet Uchiha died in the attack, why would he want that? I think there is a good chance though that Tobi was in contact with Fugaku. I think the two may have been in contact. Who knows, maybe Tobi was controlling Fugaku with his sharingan and that is how he found out about Kushina's pregnancy. Maybe Tobi put the idea about rebellion into Fugaku's head (which would make sense seeing as the Uchiha had already made peace with the Senju. They weren't simply Senju and Uchiha anymore but one Ninja Village made up of several clans including the Hyuga, Akimichi, Aburame, and Nara. All this is another story though and a crazy idea I'm having, not necessarily a

theory based on fact).

Lastly, in the manga, after Madara gets resurrected, he steps out of his coffin and says, "This must be HIS doing". An ambiguous statement, he could have been referring to his resurrection or the war itself, but it must have been someone Madara knew during his lifetime. It is impossible then to say it could be Fugaku.

While I like this theory, I still can't get past the evidence and still hold on to my belief that Tobi is indeed Izuna.

When Itachi implanted the amaterasu into Sasuke, I don't think it was meant to keep Sasuke from seeing Tobi's face, it was meant to keep him from seeing Tobi's sharingan. In that case, it doesn't matter who it was. Izuna is the only one to have intimate knowledge of Madara, the founding of the villages, the Uchiha, the Sage of Six Paths, and the tailed beasts. He is the only one who has the motive and enough power to see it through. So long as he is a character that has been introduced to us before, I think Izuna is the only logical answer.

SarutobiMitsuke 4 years ago

OMG! All of the facts about Tobi make my world spinning. However, i think that tobi might be madara clone or something like that. There is no way that tobi is fugaku or obito. That's ridiculous.

Wraith666 4 years ago

It might be Kagami Uchiha :S ....

SaruTobi 4 years ago

Tobi if he's a previous character is one of these Uchiha:





bloodsharingan7432 4 years ago

ok i love all then comments. but it could be obito. same powers as kakahi's sharingan, just that he warps himself or others in close range combat. maybe he unlocked it when he was stuck under the boulder. kakashi left him. or madara's brother, izuna may have never died and implanted obito's eye

shadow 4 years ago

i think tobi could be one of the sons of the sage of the sixth paths the son who wasn't left the legacy

shadow 4 years ago

kabuto has madaras body under edo tensei so we know it can't be him and the dead madara said he was aware of tobis existence which does reinforce the fact they are separate beings. weve seen that tobi is able to use both the sharingan and renningan so we know he has a connection to the uchiha bloodline also the fact that we never see tobi with his sharingan inactive does reinforce the possibility that he wasn't born with them however it could be the case that he is just following itachis route of just keeping them active all the time and because tobi hasn't shown any tiredness or fatigue when using the sharingan unlike kakashi so we can say tobi does have a solid connection with the uchiha bloodline if not being born with a sharingan, and when tobi was fighting naruto it was mentioned that narutos clones fought another madara so tobi now said that he was nobody. furthermore in his fight with konan tobi said that he gave the eyes to nagato and that they were his to begin with which we could assume means that he was born with them and because he said he gave the eyes to nagato and further added that they were a way of reviving him we could assume that in the past he gave the eyes to others as well just as a back up plan incase he did perish. the son who was born with the eyes has the motive as he wasn't left the legacy by the sage of the sixth paths. you maybe thinking that if this son was alive he must be really old by now and this is where it has been noticed that tobi seems quite aged e.g. tobi has bags under his eyes suggesting he is quite old so he had to have developed some sort of immortality technique and because he is the son of the sage of the sixth paths who has uchiha and senju decendents it could be deduced that tobi developed an early form of wood release technique but that part is a bit shakey. this leads us to a fight tobi had against fu and tornue and when tobis arm got infected by chakra eating bugs which he they ripped off showing some white stuff, i believe this white stuff is connected to zetsu who was made from the first hokages cells and tobi used this white stuff to some how extend his life e.g. replace body part that were no longer funtioning and if it turns out the white stuff from tobis arm is connected to zetsu it can be safely said that tobi can use wood release techniques, zetsu also has the ability to absorb the chakra of someone and create a perfect copy so why not a perfect copy of a body part which means if tobi is who i think he is then it could be boarding on being a way to achieve immortality and because it was said that zetsu was created from the 1st hokages cells if zetsu dies tobi would just make another one as he has hashirama on ice and right at the very start when the sage of the sixths paths didn't leave his legacy to the son with the eyes the son with the eyes sholdered a grudge towards the other son so there is a motive. i think there are a few holes in this theory but i can't really see any major ones.

Udit 4 years ago

nufoundglory and bakabobcat good one, but shuisui gave his eyes to itachi(as he said), then he died. After that Itachi met Tobi in forests then for shisui is tobi is(near to impossible)

He can be Izuna..??--Because no information is yet we have about him(izuna), plotting him at this point of manga will raise the interest and writing subject for writers(ok leave this reason)

All we know about madara uchiha was told by Tsuchikage, or any other character, Madara himself said nothing about him.

Moreover, Tobi looks older as Izuna is truly an old guy...what you all say??

Shell 4 years ago

Tobi might be danzo and the danzo sasuke killed was a clone think tobi had the room full of eyes where did danzo get all the eyes he has and danzo was part of the group that sent itachi to the massacre.itachi recognized tobi because he was a anbu and danzo was very strong why wasn't he ressurected also itachi knows sasuke would recognize danzo and danzo keeps his right eye covered tobi keeps the left hmmm danzo will be tobi

Shell 4 years ago

Kakashi was an ambulance also and recognized Tobi to be danzo

Shell 4 years ago

Damn autocorrect I meant kakashi was a anbu and recognized tobi also so it's got to be danzo and the other was a clone that's why he had the1st cells like madara and danzo and tobi both use inzanagi

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

So far you guys have some good theories. I think Tobi as Uchiha Izuna is also very possible.

Someone mentioned Tobi could be someone who is NOT an Uchiha, I think this is a good possibility too. Remember when Tobi attacked Konan, he said, to be able to use Izanagi, someone must have the blood of Uchiha AND Senju.

We all know Tobi has the First Hokage's cells in his lair and has planted the First's cells on him, and that's how he was able to use Izanagi. So it's not impossible that he might've been using the SAME technique to acquire body cells of an Uchiha and plant it on himself. IF Tobi ends up not an Uchiha, I think it'll be quite a niche plot twist. Can't wait to find out who this "TOBI" really is.

That one dude. 4 years ago

A lot of interesting theories, but a lot of people have easily ruled out Obito. Fugaku, and even Kagami makes some sense, considering that Kagami, and Fugaku would probably be at an advanced age at this point. But I haven't seen one theory about it being a possibly new person that no one even knows about. It's a little far fetch'd, but I'm not against the idea of Tobi being a completely different character whom no one has been introduced to and is just using the name Madara to put fear into the hearts of all the other shinobi.

el bahri 4 years ago

i am agree that tobi is sasuke father's maybe 90%

Kawaii Ken 4 years ago

I also have my own theory that Tobi could be BUDOY :D

Sage naruto 4 years ago

I think it is not obito but this tobi is a powerful shinobi to be able to capture hashirama senju we don't know naruto's full power now that he has the sage of six paths necklace.

gurbaj 4 years ago

I thinKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkoKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk it true

nobody 4 years ago

well, idk if this could be possibly. but naruto never did want to fight sasuke to the death he wants his friend to live. and kakashi's eye can alter time and space. and naruto in his bijuu form he can supperate the bad from people. so what if he took all the darkness from sasuke after defeating him allowing kakashi to send dark sasuke to the past. and itachi is the only one that knows who tobi is but wont allow sasuke to know. just a theory

nobody 4 years ago

oh yeah, did anyone else realise there were two tobis.

tobi with long hair, and tobi with short hair. theres a rumor that madara saved obito before he died and trained him. then to find his identy madara made up tobi. attacked the 4th, then obito returns as tobi countuein the legacy of madara. that's why recenty, the real madara said to tobi. "so you kept your promise"' and also " you've grown haven't you" just think about it

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

@nobody: hmm....very interesting theories. I like the Sasuke theory, it'd be a major plot twist if it turns out like that. The Obito theory does make sense too, but the things that Madara said there could ALSO be said to the "Sasuke" in your Sasuke theory, it would make sense too, right? Interesting indeed.

Naruto 4 years ago

WTH i nt sure wat are the differences btw Tobi and masked man? masked man can summonded the 9 tailed but tobi can't? what is the identify of tobi and masked man?

Kuri 4 years ago

Maybe he is secretly an elf from a magical land that is somehow worked into the storyline.

But seriously, from what I've seen, I think that it is safe to assume that Tobi isn't Uchiha Madara, because when Kabuto showed him the sixth coffin (which I assume to be Uchiha Madara's dead body), it seemed to me as though Tobi was only agreeing to work with Kabuto so that his secret would not be revealed. And I think that Madara knows who the real Tobi is. As for who I believe him to be, I can't really say for sure. I personally don't think it's Sasuke/Itachi's father, or Obito. Izuna seems to be the one I'm favoring at the moment. Least that's what I think.

SASUKE 4 years ago


Shinjin 4 years ago

I think Tobi is a Puppet..

Aiman 4 years ago

i think tobi's real identity is uchiha shisui. He was itachi's friend that died so itachi can regain mangekyou but i doubt shisui is dead became his body was never recovered and if you see shisui hair almost the same with tobi's hair.

manuto 4 years ago

its ten tails re-incarnate tryin to get its powers bk it was born from the sage so posseses both senju and uchiha blood for the izanagi the sage's story states tht he thinks the ten tails will be back to threaten the world again and naruto is supposed to be the saviour that brings all the tailed beasts 2geva again unite them against obv ten tails ITS NOT OBITO OR SHISUI ITACHI KILLED SHISUI TO POSSESS MANGEKYO BUT IT COULD QUITE POSSIBLY BE A NEXT LEVEL ZETSU WITH SUM BODY AND MIND JUTSU THT GIVS U ALL MEMORIES AND CONTROL OVER THE CLONE OR HE IS THE ORIGINAL ZETSU.


Zetsu 4 years ago

yahahaha , Tobi is a Clonning of Madara Uchiha , NOT REAL MADARA UCHIHA , Black Zetsu Who 's Control a Cell On Tobi As Madara Uchiha , Look at Real Madara Uchiha release Back to life with Edo Tensei , So , Tobi Is A Clonning MADARA UCHIHA who's Controlled by Black Zetsu

Payne 4 years ago

Just facts...many choices and contradictions (but that's Naruto for you)

1. He showed his face to Kisame, who said he was Madara.

2. He wanted Nagato's final jutsu to be used on him, implying that he is dead

3. Tobi's body isn't real, more like Zetsu's

4. He knows too much about Madara and the Uchiha chan

5. The Real Madara spoke of his body having a secret to Kabuto when he was resurrected.

6. Only Madara can summon the tailed beast

7. Tobi claimed to have given the rinnegan to Nagato, yet Madara was the only ninja to awaken the rinnegan, so the only person who could 'give' it to him?

8. Tobi has control over space and time, so age isn't a factor, if it's Obito, he can learn to master his jutsu within a short amount of time within his realm. Likewise, Izuna, can stay within this realm until he is ready - I assume.

9. Tobi's jutsu should be renowned, but with no legacy of Madara or anybody else having it, it could be someone who didn't have the chance to use it

10. Naruto has not done anything to him, the primary villain, so it is unlike he'll defeat him. Meaning he has a greater connection to another character.

11. Tobi has both the Uchiha and Senju powers, Madara didn't. However, Tobi claimed his/Madara fight with H. Senju was to get his.

12. Konan asked who he was after discovering this, so it is supposed to be a big reveal, someone we know.

13. He told Kakashi he wants to 'be complete'

14. Tobi thinks of himself as 'No One' (as a mere clone would, neither the real Madara or a fictitious Tobi)

15. There has already have one twist to who the mastermind was when it was originally thought that Pain was the leader. So, Zetsu being the real leader is too desperate.

16. Telling the audience it's Madara then it ends up as Sasuke and Itachi's father would be...lame. Why wouldn't they recognise him? Itachi may have went with it before the massacre but Sasuke would recognise his own dad! Also, again, the leaf ninja would know he jutsu.

With this written, I personally think he is Madara's clone but has something to do with Obito. Madara, like most of the other Uchihas - too isolated; no real link to any of the main characters. But Obito on the other hand is Kakashi's former teammate, the person who gave him his eye, a student of Naruto's father. It would be more ideal if it was to have him (or his clone) as the villain.

tobirama 4 years ago

hey don't you think it can be shisui uchiha as it is his death is not show clearly and plus he was itachi's master in genjutsu and one more thing he is also called shisui the teleporter he can also use ts ninjutsu

Payne 4 years ago

The problem with Shisui is that Danzo had his right eye, I read his jutsu was that he moved at great speed from one location to another rather than actually teleporting. And, IF this volume is ending soon, as Tobi is fighting Naruto, Kakashi, Guy and Killer Bee --- Obito (a Madara Clone or...something) seems more likely

swagger dude 4 years ago

i think that uchiha madara is tobi such that when madara fought hashirama(first hokage) it is said to be that he lost and died in the battle but that is incorrect because there might be a possibility that madara used izanagi(jutsu danzo used in his fight with sasuke) cause when madara watched the fight and saw danzo use izanagi he wasnt surprised in fact explained it, guys might be correct cause he uses one side than the other but madara probably used his right eye for the justu and he might be up to be a hundred years old but it doesn't change he fact, madara uchiha is tobi

BOB 4 years ago

freat theory and all but wouldn't sasuke have recognized his own fathers voice

genjutsu 4 years ago

is there any possibility that tobi was orochimaru all along

pama 4 years ago

actually tobi is shinji kagawa..

kydd 4 years ago

It couldn't b him because their eyes are made totally different in shape an it couldn't b obito because he was minatos student and the masked man and Man fought and he was grown

Nezamislivi 4 years ago

Ayy, you do remember when the masked man showed his face to Kisame?! Kisame said he was glad that the man whDo was pulling the strings was the masked man or how he said : '' former lord Mizukage'' . So look into this :)

juubi 4 years ago

The masked man is an uzumaki! Who else to have revenge against the world than an uzumaki? there entire village and populace were wiped out due to the fact that they are the best when it comes to summoning or sealing jutsus. Also, Uzumakis are known for there longevity which explains the wrinkly face behind the mask. It is also said that that uzumakis are related to the senju clan which explains the rinnegan. Also, when tobi was fighting the 4th hokage, tobi knew how the 4th traveled so fast, by summoning himself to a different location. this is just a theory. And tobi is not obito!

Cody 4 years ago

But one question, did itachi actually have the power at the time to decieve sasuke into thinking his father was dead? (probably a dumb question) and if tobi(father) was teamed up with itachi, why would he allow him to chase and theoretically kill sasuke? (yes itachi was testing sasuke in death)but if so, why wouldn't tobi(father) do his best to stop him...as well, why would the strongest sharigan member allow himself to be pushed around by diedara? (i spelled him name wrong so badly, and sorry if my questions are stupid)

Sakura88 4 years ago

I bet you Kishimoto is laughing somewhere saying "i know who he is and im not gonna tell you" lol, but on a serious note i don't believe it is obito. I ask you this, Why would Obito seek revenge on the hidden leaf? Another question arises, how would he possibley attack Minato and Kushina during naruto's birth? If you recall he was Minato's student, and probably died before naruto was born, i don't see it happening. It is probably a piece of Madara left behinde or it is Fugaku.

Nagato 4 years ago

I think it is one of the ridoku senin son.cause ive seen a website that says that tobi is overly angry(very very angry) that naruto has the ridoku senins necklase.remember he told konan that he is the next ridoku senin.so it is possible for it to be one of the ridoku senin son

Diego_jc5@hotmail.com 4 years ago

I think Tobi. Is a real uchiha half with zetsu.. Just Madara DNA with zetsu -White- when he loses body parts.. he just gets a new one.! And you see some kind of white slime :D.!!

Namikaze 4 years ago

Tobi isn't Obito. Bear with me here. Edo Madara thought Nagato was the one who brought him back. "So it finally happened. It appears that brat Nagato managed to grow." Edo Madara obviously knew he was going to be resurrected. After Nagato died, Tobi said "Nagato was supposed to use his Gedo Art of Rebirth for me." Edo Madara and Tobi have the same Eye of the Moon plan as well. Edo Madara also knows who Tobi is. Nagato was a kid during the 2nd Ninja World War while Obito died at 12 or 13 in the 3rd Ninja World War. Since Edo Madara and Tobi had this plan all along since Nagato was a kid, Tobi can't be Obito or Fugaku.

jturner38 4 years ago

Here's a theory what if it has something to do with the fight the real madarra had with the first hokage? They never showed or said how the battle truly ended. They just said Madarra lost.Also when he fought the fourth hokage was he able to use jutsu's then? Bc if he couldn't that means that had to be a zetsu clone. So my next theory would be zetsu was created from the battle. Then he killed the real madarra taking madarra's eyes.

kakashi 4 years ago

not true because itachi only implanted the fire thing in sasuke because he didn't want sasuke to get controlled by the sharingan. the fiery thing activates whenever sasuke sees madara's sharingan..

so wat i think is that madara is the sage of six paths.

because theSO6P was the creator of all ninjutsu. it's a chance that he is immortal

whitezetsuclone 4 years ago

Well, I personally think that Fugaku is Tobi. Zetsu can copy and become anyone in terms of appearance. Zetsu did that with Kisame, why not for Fugaku? If you make yourself look dead the suspicion of being Tobi is withdrawn, no? Think about it, Zetsu is a loyal subordinate of Tobi, if Tobi is really Fugaku, then Zetsu would make a clone of him for his master to fake death and appear to be dead in order to go on with plans. How is it far fetched? Obito would have no grudge against Konoha for any reason at all, he died with valor saving his comrades. He died, Tobi isn't dead.

It's NOT Obito, it's not Danzo, it's not Shisui or Madara's brother, and Tobi isn't Madara, it's Fugaku.

jejis 4 years ago

Aint u guys tired with ur bla bla bla...lets just sit down nd wait for d secret to be revealed..4uk u at kishimoto..longest film ever...

''''''''''''''''''sasukerocks'''''''''''''' 4 years ago

tobi is not obito 'cause while minato namikaze the fourth fought tobi, obito was a kid

UchihaFakyu 4 years ago

Tobi is the ancestor of Uchiha

kakashi 4 years ago

or someone else new the reviving jutsu and revived madara

Uchiha Shisui 4 years ago

this post is so dumb omg

itachi was like the best uchiha of his time. his father would never be able to trick him. OF COURSE ITS NOT HIS FATHER NEITHER OBITO!

itchiisthename 4 years ago

well I think obito was reali saved by madara and was trained by him.think abt it there were two tobis a long haired and short haired one.madara probably tot him evri thing he knew.when madara was to die he told him what to do after his death.dats y he knws so mch and doin the stuff he's doin

not obito 4 years ago

cmn, you gotta be kiddin me. Ders no way tobi cn be madara cause obito was so young wen he died, in connectiond wid dat wen tobi attacked the leaf wid the kiyub in a short span of time form the death of tobii, tobi was already matured enough which means its a very bullshit theory if tobi wud be obito and besides y wud obito hold such deceitful actions to the forth hokage?!!!

Life 4 years ago

I thInk tobi is another son of SO6P that is mad that he didn't get put in the legend ( aka: Angry uzimaki)

Armor Lee 4 years ago

I think this Tobi is NOT AN UCHIHA.....he has stolen that sharingan from somewhere most likely Uchiha Kagami....The one shown in Danzo's flashback....I think Tobi is just an opportunist who has stolen sharingan & is decieving everyone.

shukri 112 4 years ago

naruto is very awesome and cool ninja.naruto vs pain is very interesting.

naruto 45 4 years ago

tobi is not obito or madara he is fugaku.Tobi is a member of for akatsuki.

Hmmm... 4 years ago

Tobi is kagami Uchiha but here is the twist. He is the son of Izuna and the father of obito. Danzo and him are on the same team under the second hokage. The second teaches kagami space time ninjutsu. When Sarutobi becomes hokage, kagami goes to work for the root under danzo. Shortly before the Second great ninja war, danzo orders kagami to retrieve the Rinnegan from madara's corpse. While retrieving the corpse kagami discovers zetsu the merged ying and yang chakra remaining from senju and madara's battle. Zetsu persuades kagami to not allow the Rinnegan to fall into danzo's hands. Fearful of it's eventual discovery kagami ventures to the last place the root could ever find it, the hidden mist.u Kagami plants the Rinnegan inside the infant nagato and returns to the leaf. He goes on working for the root alongside zetsu and orochimaru. However, during the third ninja war tragedy strikes, and his only child obito is killed in battle under the fourth hokage. Enraged kagami goes to danzo seeking retribution. Yet, orochimaru has informed danzo about kagami's betrayal for giving the Rinnegan to nagato. Danzo takes kigame's eyes with the help of orochimaru. Meanwhile zetsu is paralyzed under one of orochimaru's venoms and can not save his friend, kagami. Zetsu frees himself because the venom is not initially perfected and discovers kagami without eyes just like his father Izuna. Near death zetsu moves kagami to the site where obito was crushed so that he can alongside his son. Nevertheless, kagami no longer wishes to die. All he desires now is revenge. He takes obito's eye granting himself eternal mangyko sharringan. Now above all else he seeks revenge against the fourth hokage and wants to murder the son of the man who failed to protect obito. In short, from this point on all of tobi or madara's schemes have been simply to destroy naruto in the most satisfying way possible. He does just want kill him. He wants to very overtly cut his life short denying naruto of what he could achieved just like madara did to his father and the fourth did to his son. Also for his project

to turn the moon into a massive sharringan enslaving the world, he needs kakashi's sharringan (obito's other eye) which he will in the third opening of his mask. Finally, his interest in sasuke is strictly due to the fact that he wants the two to kill each other and create another form of zetsu. In doing so, he will accomplish his two primary goals, devastating the worlds hopes and dreams by destroying naruto=obito's revenge, and breaking the cycle of Uchiha hated by being the only one remaining=izuna's revenge.

Yellow flash 4 years ago

Actually i tink ibito is tobi aka madara

zaikan 4 years ago

@Hmmm... nice one... but is that a theory or the real story? lolz

rikudou 4 years ago

tobi is not who u guys think he is. he is not obito because obito was friggin killed!!!! uchiha izuna was also killed. just because tobi lies about being madara doesn't mean everything is a lie. fugaku was definitely killed in the uchiha massacre. he was a married man with two children. THe only man with such strong ideals, such a strong desire to take over the world using his power and in possession of so much hatred is none other than the elder son of the rikudou. if u still don't get it and need proof please ask and i will give it.

naruto namikaze 4 years ago

where hhas my comment gone?

Shomi313 4 years ago

I think that the father makes since and I also believe it could be itachi's friend who he supposedly killed to open his mangekyou (whatever). I think this because of 2 simple reasons. 1. His body was never recovered and kakashi proved u don't have to kill your Comrad to unlock it. 2. Anime has a thing with hair styles they rarely change and when kabuto was naming all the souls he couldn't bring back due to whatever reason they showed that uchiha with the same hair style as tobi.

rikudou 4 years ago

it couldn't have been uchiha shisui because itachi wouldn't have obtained his mangekyo if shisui had not died. we know that that danzou had one of shisui's eye so its obvios he got got it after shisui's death. the disappearence of the body could be because of it getting washed away in the naka river or danzou took away his body and hid it. and its not that u have to kill ur closest friend to obtain the mangekyo. its because of the grief of losing ur closest one that u get the mangekyo. the closest one to kakashi was obito and maybe because he was unable get over the grief of losing obito he awakened the mangekyo. same goes for sasuke. sasuke had not killed itachi but itachi died because of overuse of chakra when he used susano'o. when sasuke realised the truth about itachi he was grief struck and as a result awakened the mangekyo. about the hair style shisui and tobi may have the same hair length but shisui's hair was very curly and tobi had staight hair. u google their images and see.

Conclusion is wrong - read this and think about it 4 years ago

It snapped in me when I was rewatching all fights with Sasuke with Naruto, and Madaras appearances (as well as when he still called himself Tobi)

fake-Madara is NOT Sasuke father or any other member of Uchiha clan, for fake-Madara IS Sasuke.

Look at their hairs, look at their height, look at everything - way they act, (here - excluding 'Tobi' act, as it was (obviously) just pretending), the way he speak, the way he LOOKS and TALKS to Naruto.

Ok. first of all, Sasuke is now 16.

Looking at fake-Madara eyes, we can conclude that he is some like 30-50 years old.

In episode 216 Shippuuden (watch this one if you are interested), you can clearly see, how fake-Madara acts towards Sasuke, and how he don't even try to stop Naruto from talking to Sasuke. He calmly waits, as he finish. Why? Why is this important? Because he want's for Sasuke to recognize Naruto power. He want's him to react the way he did. Watch in episode 216 scene beginning at 18:40. Look at their heights and think how high could Sasuke grow.

And when Sasuke says that he want's Itachi eyes, look at the way fake-Madara looks at him.

Now, you will wonder then, why then Sasuke attacked him when fake-Madara showed his face to him? Well, idk, we didn't seen his face, it was not shown, now was it? Maybe Sasuke saw his own face, thought that Madara is fooling him, or maybe he saw someone's else face, which Madara faked.

And how Madara if he indeed was older Sasuke, would go back in time? We already saw what can he do with his eye. It's not just any space traveling jutsu, like Yondaime's.

Clicking something already?

Sasuke-Madara ruled Kyuubi to attack village (in first Shippuuden episode, Kurama himself speaks, that Sasuke eyes resemble him of Madara. I know that Kurama was also controlled by real Madara, but we saw that fake-Madara also controlled Kurama)

Sasuke-Madara made sure, that Naruto would become Jinchuuriki, by attacking Minato and Kushina during her deliver.

All pieces just fall into it's place, just look at those things!

Uchihaboyxv 4 years ago

Tobi is Kagami Uchiha look him up if you don't know. It all adds up

jacquesttt 4 years ago

wasn't it izuna uchiha ? well the story about how izuna died in battlefield is only be told by tobi, and the facts that he is not uchiha madara is already means he is lying, maybe he is lying that izuna is death to make himself out of speculation ?

tobi said he is nobody and blah blah blah must mean something has made himself to begin to hate the world..i don't know but i just thinking that maybe after he gave madara his eyes and everything to uchiha, in the end the uchiha still lost to hashirama and he lost his brother, while he is blind, and maybe there's more story about think like that make him began to hate the world and to name himself madara

he fighting the hashirama maybe a lies too, but resurrected madara knows him, and seeing how the resurrected jinchuriki have sharingan and rinnengan, it's possible that before madara dying or after dying izuna take his eyes, that's explained why after resurrected he still have sharingan and rinnengan, that's all, its only my theory though...

but something buggin my, it's about danzou right face where covered by bandage, where he hide his sharingan....anyone notice the difference between left and right ? it's just about the wrinkle,,, but it's make me wonder, maybe the right part of his eyes isn't his ? and somehow i got a feeling that tobi's face is the same...his left part and right part where he have sharingan is different...nah...i just gonna wait and see how masashi kishimoto unfold them all...

jade09 4 years ago

I thik tobi is madara as if he is not the nine tails must have sensed it as 9tails met both old madara and new tobi

Pats 4 years ago

to Rikudou: interesting theory about MS being activated by the grief of the loss of someone close.

however I personally don't believe that it holds up at least not on it's own: a lot of uchiha have lost close ones during the great ninja wars, if your theory was true a lot more uchiha would have awaken the MS yet the only people to have awakened the MS are Madara, Izuna, Shisui, Itachi, Kakashi and Sasuke.

i think MS is activated by the action of participating in the death of the closest person. Sasuke's MS gets only activated after he realized how close he actually was to his brother when he finds out the truth, and not right when he kills Itachi.

as for Tobi's identity, chapter 590, proves that Tobi is NOT Fugaku or Shisui. i'm not gonna start quoting the latest chapter to prove my point if you have doubts read it and if you still do... read it again!!!

a lot of people are still convinced that Obito is a viable suspect because Kakashi's and Tobi's sharingan have a lot of similarities, or because of the resemblance with the name.

let's look for a sec at the time line:

we know Obito died during Kakashi's first mission as a Jounin (Kakashi and Obito were 13yrs old)

we also know that he is currently 30 years old (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Kakashi_Hatake), and that naruto is about 16 years who was born on the day of tobi's attack on the village with Kurama (9 tails)

so that would mean Kakashi was 14or 15 at the time of the attack, so about a year(maybe 2) after Obito's death.

with that being said i think it's obvious that Obito even if alive couldn't have amassed enough power in a year or even 10 yrs to fight on par with Minato let alone control the kyuubi.

as for the theory of Tobi being Kagami. i'm not even going to consider it as a possibility regardless of how many theories come out. this character was only introduced during danzo's flashback and he didn't even have a line.

IMO only 2 people qualify as viable suspects

1- a zetsu/madara clone

2-Izuna uchiha

let me know what u guys think...

Shell 4 years ago

I think 590 proves its shisui they never show him firing and what happens after he gives itachi his eyes they meet in the uchia secret place and he ask how you know about me he wanted itachi to protect konaho and helps him in killing the clan he clearly has anger with the clan about the coup and he has anger cause danzo stole his eye

Pats 4 years ago

@Shell ... proves it's Shisui??? look at Shisui hair, then look at Tobi's ur going to tell me that it grew from short to long in the little time between both scenes(which btw shouldn'd be more than a week)? no way!

plus why would he give the last remaining eye to Itachi if it meant so much to him to retrieve the other from Danzo?

plus Tobi had already attacked the village with the Kyuubi about 6 years before the Uchiha massacre.

the attack on the village was what created the rift between Konoha's higher ups and the Uchiha because it was suspected that 9tails was under the control of an Uchiha. and that rift is what got the uchiha to consider preparing a coup.

so lets do a little simulation and assume your right:

it means Shisui tried to attack the village he loved.

fought against the 4th hokage using space time jutsu instead of simply controling the 4th hokage with Kotoamatsukami, not to forget that Tobi looses an arm during that fight spewing white gew instead of blood.

then he finds a way to grow his arm again.

acts like the model shinobi for about six years.

gets pissed at the clan he loves because they want to do a coup d'etats against the village that he, as Tobi, attacked 6 yrs earlier.

only instead of taking advantage of the coup d'etat and siding with his own clan to go against the village, he tries to stop the coup and gives his 1 remaining eye to the only uchiha that didn't want the coup d'etat to happen.

please let me know when this starts to make sense...

as for the question of his death, i'm sure there is more to the story than what we've been told so far. but i'm not gonna speculate on it... at least not until more info is available.

hiddenplainsight 4 years ago

well....the real idenity of tobi..is not..uchiha madara..obito uchiha..or madara's brother...its sumone else completelty...its Kagami Uchiha....member of the three man team called Team TOBIRAMA.....led by Senju Tobirama(2nd Hokage)...he is said to be deceased..bt there no proof to show that it is true...also the picture of kagami strongly resembles that of Tobi...especially the hair.....

lol 4 years ago

i strongly agree with Tobi being Kagami Uchiha

rikudou 4 years ago

@ Pats: i still stand by what i said. I'll tell u why- during sasuke's fight with itachi, itachi tells sasuke about madara and izuna . he says even amongst the uchiha madara possessed special chakra. since izuna was his brother he possessed a similar kind of special chakra. madara and izuna gained MS because of this speciality. itachi says after madara and izuna gained MS countless sacrifices were made to obtain MS but they proved to be futile because these people were not special or i should say they did not have the potential. uchiha shisui was one of the strongest shinobi of the uchiha which means he had a lot of potential and so he was capable of awakening the mangekyo. same goes for itachi . i don't think i need to to tell u how strong itachi was. and now for sasuke. he was just a boy when he perfected the 'katon goukakyuu no jutsu' that too within a week. on the night of the uchiha massacre itachi himself told sasuke that he spared him because he had potential like him to awaken the mangekyo(of course that wasn't the real reason he spared him) and itachi was proven right, sasuke indeed was a genius he was able to assassinate the anbu leader danzo shimura without any help from tobi. so this proves that my theory was right.

hiddenplainsight 4 years ago

What if... Kagami Uchiha was Tobi!!.. What If Kagami Uchiha was the Son of Madara or Izuna...

I've been reading a lot of prapaganda of the fellow pupil of Hiruzen Sarutobi and Danzo Shimura.. Kagami Uchiha (seen in the last thoughts of Danzo, after his battle with Sasuke) could he be Tobi?

I have found a couple of pages from the manga which support my theory:

In the following page, the Tsuchikage makes reference to Madara's ''Mooneye Operation'' to be a lot like what Danzo's idea of the Shinobi World is... i believe that Madara and Danzo think alike for their respective plans..

because they were fellow up bringins of the Era of War!!..,and Kagami seemed to be in Danzo's three-man cell rather than Sarutobi's... which explains why they think alike! http://www.mangafox.com/manga/naruto/v50/c467/17.h...

Here, we see the three-man cells of both Sarutobi and Danzo. As I said up above, i believe Kagami Uchiha and Akimichi Torifu werein Danzo's squad, under the 2nd Hokage, while the others seem to be under Sarutobi's squad. http://www.mangafox.com/manga/naruto/v51/c481/

I found this other page while re-reading the fight between Madara and Minato during Naruto's birth and the Kyubi attack of 16 years ago. After their ''Battle of Speed'', Minato describes TOBI's space-time ninjutsu to be better than his own space-time ninjutsu and even the 2nd Hokage's, Nidaime Hokage.!! And it might just be me forgeting stuff, but wasn't that the first and only time someone spoke of the (Nidaime Hokage) to have had space-time ninjutsu?? And if he did,

this explains that he could have tought one of his students the space-time ninjutsu techniques! Or with the "Sharingan Copy-cat" abilities he has seen the Ninjutsu and or seen it repeatedly and has copyed it or finished/completed it due to The "genious" aspect..

(Exp: Sasuke used sharingan to copy LEE'S speed as a genin, The "Copy-cat Ninja Kakashi" sasuke with the Amatesera flames)

urthermore, Masashi Kishimoto seems to like making the students become stronger than their master in this series!!

(Orochimaru and Sarutobi, Sasuke and Kakashi, Naruto and Jiraiya,Shikamaru and Asuma...)

so it makes sense that the student of the 2nd Hokage could have developped space-time ninjutsus even better than his master. http://www.mangafox.com/manga/naruto/v53/c502/11.h...

Also There many means and in previous manga and Anime!.. Kishi has told the series that the name of the 2nd Hokage (Nidaime) was Tobirama Senju... And in assumptions alone: There team name being ran by a hokage would have been Team "Tobirama" or TEAM-TOBI for short!!..

And a lot of people are thinking that the name Masked man used, ''Tobi'', could have been in reference to Tobirama Senju, the 2nd Hokage, or there Teenage Team name that has been long forgotten and all the ones who remembered the Name have long been dead or forgotten as well... Now, I think this is very probable because if Kagami Uchiha studied under him, than it is indeed a strong possibility

Thus he could have taken a nickname from his old master. Tobi from Tobirama or there team..

To add to my theory about Tobi / Kagami Uchiha, wouldn't it be great if the reason why Tobi seemed so surprise to see Kabuto's last Edo Tensei coffin was because it's Madara Uchiha?! And that Kagami Uchiha could be Izuna Uchiha's (Madara's little brother) son!? Maybe he was Madara's nephew and after his father's death he was raised under

Madara's ideologies? This

makes sense since Madara and Izuna are the same age as Hashirama and Tobirama, so Kagami could have easily been the child of either of those Uchiha brothers! And it could make for a very interesting plot twist in the Naruto series!!..

Also he'd be in direct corralation of age for rivaly (Uchiha vs senju) with Sarutobi the younger generation of the "Two-senju"..


Kagami being a singled brother is the reasons for his "Regular Sharingan" and not MK or EMK.. no sasano'o or AM..

These supporting feats have the proof of the reasons for his S/T ninjutsus and the "warpped mind" being a kin or practicing directly under Madara or Izuna..

The reasons Tobi has a mass collection of Sharingan hidden away, possible swapping to see if he could achieve MK but can't..

-Also Tobi has vast knowledge of the leaf.. that even among the generations of Minato After the 3hokages before hand.. Madara or Izuna were long gone before the raising of Minato so.. when tobi attacks Minato/Naruto 16years ago.. Tobi has the knowledge of the current Anbu, and Jinchurriki birthing times and placing!!.. Knowledge an elder uchiha from the generation of Sarutobi the Hokage before and has watched/learned the leaf inside and out...

And now in recent chaps: Tobi has knowledge of the 2-Right hand mans of Danzo and there abilities and background.. he says that's the brat of "such-and-such" and discribes the tech infull.. (this is very plausiable due to the parents of danzos lap dogs are either of age of danzo or a generation younger which someone from his gen living in the leaf would have full knowledge of especailly being close to danzo)

rikudou 4 years ago

@hiddenplainsight- nice theory but u got the facts wrong. First of all kagami wasn't in team tobirama. Team tobirama comprised hiruzen(third hokage), koharu and homura(the third's advisors). So that means kagami wasn't under the tutelage of nidaime. And u said that kagami could be madara or izuna's son. That's not possible because the age gap is too little. I'll tell u how. The first hokage and madara being of the same age goes without saying. Since tobirama and izuna are respectively their younger brothers they will also be around the same age. So all four of them could become sensei's at the approximately the same time. Kagami wasn't in team tobirama but tobirama was his sensei. So even hashirama and madara and izuna could have been kagami's sensei.

Now u know that kakashi is naruto's sensei and minato is naruto's father and also kakashi's sensei. So that means to be father and son the father needs to be the age of at least the sensei of his son's sensei-i know it's a complicated sentence. In the third's case there was a huge age gap between asuma and him. So by now u should get the point that madara or izuna were just kagami's sensei's age and either of them could not be his father. And now that i have proved that kagami couldn't be the son of madara or izuna it is safe to say that kagami isn't tobi.Why? because now there's no way he could have had madara's ideals and such strong desire to take over the world.

So, who is tobi? tobi has so much knowledge about konoha and the shinobi world and also of the rikudou. It is possible for a man to have so much detailed knowledge of the founding of the shinobi world only if he lived through it. I've said it once before and I'll say it once again that man is none other than the elder son of the Rikudou Sennin.

tobi 4 years ago

my thought is that tobi is actually obito

1. we saw obito just before the beginning of shippuden….then he showed us toni with an orange mask (like obito's glasses) the similar hairstyle ,the name tobi and the left eye covered…..from the beginning masashi wanted him to be obito but then he searched and see that everyone said that he was obito….and he just changed him into uchiha madara that's why he put this 1st episode on the anime where the 9tails talks to sasuke about uchiha madara…that was not on the manga

2. tobi's and kakashi's ocular powers are very similar…..it could be obito's powers, that's why he said that kakashi's kaui won't work on him

3.the masked man who fought minato is obito too….but the one who helped itachi kill his clansmen is actually madara….it seems that they know each other…we can see madara tell about it when he enters the battlefield in a conversation with onooki …maybe obito was the one who killed madara and took on of his eyes….

4.about the senju cells…it's quite simple…he has zetsu on the side which was crushed by the rock…we saw the zetsu hand in his fight with danzo….in an interview masashi said that zetsu is from konoha and he has the 1st homage cells…..but zetsu has a hidden grass headband …this is where obito "died"

i am not sure he is obito but i like my theory ……ohh and one last thing…i would like it if obito was shisui's brother….

Draigon 4 years ago

Okay, let me tell you all who I believe is behind Tobi's mask, followed by an explanation.

Tobi = The Older Son of the Sage of Six Paths.

O:!? What? Why?!

First you must know the story of the Sage of Six Paths... Or none of this will make any sense. The Sage of Six Paths is the founder of both the Senju and Uchiha clans. According to Jiraiya, the Sage appeared long ago in a time of endless war, teaching the truth of Chakra and trying to show the world a way of peace rather than war. The Sage traveled throughout the world spreading his ideas and religion, called the Shinobi Sect, or what became known as Ninjutsu. He was known worldwide as the "savior of this world" for his deeds and promises to renew the war-torn world. According to Tobi, the Sage was recognized as a God for defeating the Ten-Tails centuries before what would have been the beginning of the first storyline. To protect the world from the Ten-Tails, he created a Ninjutsu that could seal a beast within a human body. So he sealed the Ten-Tails inside himself, dubbing himself the first Jinchuuriki. Because the Ten-Tails was so powerful, it would have been released upon the Sage's death, so he divided the beast into nine separate tailed beasts. He sealed the Ten-Tails body inside a prismatic object in the sky, thus creating the moon. The Sage was close to death after all his years of hard work for peace, but the end of war was not to be over in his lifetime... So he entrusted his dreams and aspirations into his two sons. The older son, who gained the Sage's "eyes" thought that power was the only true way to peace. The younger son, who gained the Sage's "body", thought that love was the only way to peace. The Sage chose the younger son to be his successor, and due to envy and rage, the older son attacked his brother, creating a war between them.

Now that you know the story, here's my theory...

First, the unknown pattern in the older's Sharingan. It's like a whirlpool, or a vortex... Also like Tobi's absorbing jutsu. He always warps in a clockwise circle, just as the Older Son's eyes were. The colors and shapes of the eye itself match perfectly with Tobi's new and improved outfit (the white mask when he obtains the Rinnegan).

Second, his Mangekyou (assuming he's the older son) must have unique powers, like time and space travel and absorption. When Tobi sealed Foo and Torune, he kept them there for long periods of time without food or water... Maybe that's how he stayed alive and well for so many years.

Three, his lie of being Madara. He only said that for popularity and fear among shinobi, as some of you have said already.

Four, did you ever wonder how an Uzumaki like Nagato could possibly be born with the Rinnegan? Knowing that Rinnegan is the final form of the Sharingan, and only Uchiha can inherit the Sharingan... This is physically impossible. Tobi said he gave Nagato the Sharingan when he was very young. But why Nagato? It could have been something Tobi saw in the future, or maybe he just knew what a hard life Rain Village ninja had. Then wouldn't Nagato and the Akatsuki just be pieces to a puzzle? If you don't believe me, check what Tobi and Konan discussed in manga chapter 509... Tobi tells Konan himself that he was the one who gave Nagato the Rinnegan. The ONLY ONES who had Rinnegan before Nagato were the Sage of Six Paths and the Older Son. This would explain why Tobi said he had a Laboratory of Sharingan Eyes, which dates back to the Uchiha Massacre... Tobi then implanted Itachi's eyes into Sasuke in that very laboratory. Could Itachi have been just another one of Tobi's puzzle pieces? It's hard to believe.... But if Tobi is the older and the ancestor of the Uchiha... Wouldn't he have the power to manipulate other Uchiha? Such as Madara or Sasuke? Tobi told Madara that if he was to fight Hashirama and win, he would gain the Rinnegan. But if he were to die in that battle, Nagato would revive him in the future. That's why Tobi was so frustrated that Nagato used that jutsu to revive Konoha.

By dividing the Juubi (Ten-Tails), the Sage ultimately created his own puzzle completed by puzzle pieces, the Jinchuuriki. To complete the puzzle, Tobi needed to assemble the pieces, and to do that, he needed more power. For an evil person like him... Fear, Envy, and Hatred were his keys to power, so by spreading them, it was only natural that he would gain power. Let me ask you some questions...

If Tobi was Obito or Izuna, how would he have all of this knowledge?

How would Obito become evil after happily giving his eye to Kakashi before his death? And how would he be ressurected? If he was ressurected, why have a change of heart?

When Madara Uchiha went blind, he took Izuna's eyes. Not by force, but for the good of his clan, Izuna gave them to him. Seeing that Madara was more powerful, he later died on the battlefield, even in his blind state he fought. So why would Izuna be evil if he loved his clan and brother so much to sacrifice his eyes and die?

Tobi says near the final battle... "I'm no one. I don't 'want' to be anyone. I just want to complete the Moon's Eye plan". His knowledge, personality, and motivation matches perfectly with the Older Son of the Sage of Six Paths.

What do you guys think?

Sasuke07 4 years ago

Tobi is not Madara, not Obito, not sasuke's father, not shizui. If you have seen the last manga, you would know that shizui offered his eye to Itachi and then died. It is shown how Itachi killed his father through Itachi's eyes, making it obvious that it isn't a genjutsu. Obito doesn't have any reason why to hate konoha and the word. And future Sasuke? I believe tobi isn't future Sasuke. Naruto is not that kind of anime with all that time travel thingies. Tobi's identity is unknown and will be unknown until it is revealed in the manga

rikudou 4 years ago

@ Sasuke07- i agree with u that tobi is not future sasuke but u say "Naruto is not that kind of anime with all that time travel thingies" i f it doent have time travel then how do u explain Naruto shippuden movie 4.

@Draigon- u just read my theory, changed it a bit and posted it.

doom01 4 years ago

There is a video on youtube in which it is shown that tobi(masked man) is sasuke from future more clearly tobi is dark part of sasuke which is sealed by naruto and some how tobi(dark sasuke) drift back in the past and than tobi(dark sasuke) starts to plain in order to create among people he address himself as madara and that's why tobi(dark sasuke) always seems to protect sasuke and he also helps sasuke to become more and more powerfull and most probably itachi knew about this that's why itachi plained that sasuke never knew the real identity of tobi and itachi also antrusted his power with naruto that can change the sasukes future

Pats 4 years ago

Guys at this point i'm getting a little annoyed at the way this blog has been going for the simple reason that very few people are reading other peoples post:

if you are going to post your theory, there's a few things you should do before posting:

read the entire page!!! a lot of us have taken pleasure to write these thoughts and theories and have invested some time in our research.

i find it disrespectful when i see someone re-posting a theory that has already been written and well detailed (if it has already been said don't repeat it unless u need to add more to it) or that the theory has already been blown out of the water. because posting without acknowledging other peoples theories is the same as ignoring them!

@ tobi- i have already proven that Obito (if he was still alive) would have been 14 or 15 yr old at the time of the battle between minato and Tobi. explain to me how Obito (who was definitely not the brightest student) barely 2 years after activating his sharingan could fight on par with Minato let alone control the Kyuubi.

i have no issue with being wrong about this theory but before you go back to saying it is Obito at least have the decency to reveal which parts of my theory are wrong.

@Rikudou- i like the evolution of ur MS theory... at first you had said it was the feeling of grief/remorse that triggered it. but adding a requirement of a predisposition (special chakra) i think completes it. however it is hard to believe that only 6 people in the entire uchiha history have ever had that special sort of chakra. maybe there are other requirements we still don't know about? what do u think?

Niraj Maharjan 4 years ago

I think tobi is jiraya.

tobi 4 years ago

@Pats you are right about what you say for the repeating things and thoughts and i'm sorry if i did that…

maybe obito is the student of madara or his grandchild

if you remember , kurama recognized him

i'm not sure about that….but i think that there are 2 masked men in the manga

the one with tobi's hair and the one with madara's hair

the one with the long hair can be madara and the reason he has one eye is that he used izanagi to live after the battle with hashirama……maybe tobi whoever he is killed madara

anyway ….no one knows unit kishi tell us

Niraj Maharjan 4 years ago

i think tobi is jiraya because jiraya is the traveller so it might be him.............

Tobi 4 years ago

Guys to be honest all of these theorys are good but a little farfetched don't u think?

The only logical explanation is that he is the sage of six paths older son, or madara uchiha who split himself before dying too hashirama senju, the same way muu used it in i think chapter 557 or 558.

If that was the case he would know about the rinnegan.

So he gave nagato uchiha energy so he could awaken the rinnegan.

Seeing madara knew abOut the abilities of the rinnegan, when he got brought back to life with ET it explains why he said''that brat mustve grown".

So now we have tobi a weird clone like madara figure wich will try to get back his original bOdy.

rikudou 4 years ago

@Pats- I don't think there are other requirements for MS because Kishi has moved on with the story from MS, EMS and now rinnegan so now i don't think there will be anymore twists related to MS. MS has become too ordinary.

As far as i know there is nobody in the uchiha who has earned themselves a name other than these people. Even Kakashi is very famous and is known as The Copy Ninja all over the five great nations.

@tobi- u just apologised for theory replication and u're doin it again!

MNM 4 years ago

i think tobi is the spirit of madra brother and so, that he can teleport everywhere . and also he have no pain what ever does to him for example 4th Hokage hit him rasengun but not thing happen to him.....

tobi 4 years ago

@rikudou xaxaxa indeed….i haven't read all the opinions

i just read some of them and found them interesting :P

maybe it would be cool of nagato was madara's child (and madara was married to an uzumaki who has senju cells)

MundaneMondays 4 years ago

This is a hot hub, man..let me say..i think that tobi is izuna or shisui..can't be too many people

sakurastits 4 years ago

i think tobi is sasuke from the future and he was able to learn a technique to go back in time.. that makes more senes ;)

raven2k7 4 years ago

first of all he can't be obito because it just doesn't make sense with the story. second it can't be itachi and sasukes father because the last manga proves that they were both killed by itachi. No one is 100% sure of who he is but we do know this. 1. he's not the actual madara because kabuto brought him back with edo tensi. and 2. this fake madara has the same knowledge as the real one. which is weird. so we can only watch the manga and so who it turns out to be

4 years ago

Well, we got the admit the author is a fucking genius, he throw puzzle pieces about everything, randomly here and there in many episodes AND ESPECIALLY fillers, if you remember in Naruto - Minato conversation, Minato said that the masked guy could like, predict his moves, which means nothing else that it was someone that knew minato and his fighting style, which has to be someone who has SEEN him fighting, so yeah your thought might be correct, only time will show, though, i just read the latest chapter and i believe we'll know his real identiry, ----SPOILER ALERT---- Cause Naruto challenged him to remove his mask.

your_papa 4 years ago

That is just stupid. No way he can be sasuke's daddy. i predict that the masked man's true identity will not be shown even at the end of the story. Cuz if u are a real naruto fan and hav been watching naruto for long u'll know what the writer intended to do in the past storyline and the results can be predicted. not difficult

raven2k7 4 years ago

yea. well i don't know why but i have a feeling that sasuke is going to end up fighting someone else before he fights naruto. could be a possiblity that he might end up fighting the real madara or tobi the fake one. but i wonder what will happen to kabuto , hes still in izanami lol .

zaikan 4 years ago

its seems the mask man (tobi) is orochimaru... i couldn't believe it.. read carefully the last chapter in manga.. haha

jhu 4 years ago

toby is not obito......... i thinks he is sasukes father orochimaru or uchiha kagami those 3 are my bet..........

TheMan 4 years ago

I KNOW WHO TOBY IS!! He's Chuck Norris!

Honestly, I don't have a clue, and all these theories don't add up. Especially the future Sasuke one. XD

How can he be "future Sasuke" if he wanted to kill all the Uchiha clan? And Itachi begged him to spare Sasuke. (read the manga: 590) Why would he want to kill himself? I mean, all Uchiha seem pretty emo, but still..

blakey 4 years ago

Tobin is orochimaru

rikudou 4 years ago

read my theory and then talk.

zaikan 4 years ago

did u guys read the last chaper in manga???? are u not aware of the last page??? analyze what sasuke said.. OROCHIMARU still alive and he's tobi.. tsk

all your theory are wrong!!

legee 4 years ago

omg sure its orochumaru

wtf orochimaru is not a uchiha or senju , please obito is also bulshit people make up;

after reading something realise good and don't forget what happened in itachi s story

did you see the difference tobi is with tobi lang here and long body or tobi short hair; now let me tell yo it doesn't fit in the time line,

kishimoto told us that tobi is an unknown uchiha,

Read the intervieuws,

Also tobi said : im no one

that can sugest he is not one but two people,

i claim that tobi killed madara uchiha and promised him to come back, maby most people don't know but tobi is the most smart in all naruto story

please get thw fuck up with stupid claims that everybody says that doesn't match to the story ,

so people follow the story and not claims because in the end kishimoto as writer he don't want to dissapoint his fans

no one 4 years ago

that's true

why kagami not is because of last manga that unfold itachis past

what was really important

i guess that after killing madara tobi took his eyes,

so indeed they rightfully belong to him how he said.

just like sasuke could see itachis past is because sasuke has his eyes

that would make clear why tobi knows so much about him,

but still, an eye for an eye it is

and tobi needed an uzumaki to use rinnegan because of the senju case

sins the beginning you have

orochimaru , danzo and tobi

danzo wants the uchiha gone, tobi wants to kick out the uchiha , because that's probably the deal with madara that hated his own clan

the rest you have to figer out youreself, kishi gives in off hints

lilrikuownzz 4 years ago

It can't be his dad because in the chapter that came out a couple of weeks ago showed that Itachi killed his dad. It can't be Obito because Obito for one isn't old, and his body was never resurrected. And if Obito were to be alive, there's no way that he's stronger than a lot of people. So that leaves us with Madara, his brother Izuna, or someone left in the Uchiha Clan.

NOT FUGAKU 4 years ago

obviously it isn't. why would he. remember that Tobi helped itachi to murder the uchiha, would he help to murder himself, plus read like the latests mangas, uchiha reveals to sasuke all the story about uchiha massacre and we see that fugaku is in fact dead.

Don't be stupid 4 years ago

Have any one of you ever considered that Tobi may in fact be a NEW CHARACTER?

Insightful_one 4 years ago

t could either be Obito or Shisui. Shisui is believed to be dead, but like you said, the Uchiha are backstabbing deceivers. So, it could be a total sham and be Shisui. Then again it could be Obito. If you ever noticed, Obito and Kakashi have the same ocular power. They can both teleport things to other dimensions, and its been said that each Sharingan is different; their's aren't that much different at all. Tobi's is just more refined. Your theory does make sense, but I don't think Tobi is Sasuke's dad.

zaikan 4 years ago

@ALL: again and again?! lol... your not reading the latest chapter in manga or if u do, your not good in analyzing in what did sasuke said especially the last part.. tsk

raven2k7 4 years ago

why are u guys so obsessed with thinking this obito guy is tobi!!!!!!!!!! obito didn't even have any hate against his clan and hes too young, hes around kakashi's age. he wouldn't know all that he knows now. you guys arent even following the chapters at all. if u were , u would realize that theres no way he could be obito!

usdtss 4 years ago

that's a stupid theory. You said it was to be activated by seeing him, if he saw him of course he would know it was his father.

Avenger 4 years ago

It is not Obito! It could be Izuna or a clone. One thing is for sure that its someone who knew Madara since Tobi aparently gave nagato(pain) the rinningun in the first place and the only person to have those eyes was madara and the sage of six but I don't think he got them from the sage. But he got them from madara and eventually transferred them to pain. He was just reclaiming madaras eyes back

Krystal 4 years ago

Amaterasu was activated when sasuke saw sharingan not the face -_-

Avenger 4 years ago

Yes not the face but his eyes

Rigormortis 4 years ago

It's physically impossible for Tobi to be Obito. Tobi was there the night that of Naruto's birth when the fox attacked the village. At the time Obito would have been in his teens. Tobi/the masked man on that night is a full grown man. Simple logic. End

Tobi is Uchiha Kagami, he studied under the second Hokage who was one of TWO ninja in the entire world to know space time jutsu, the other being the fourth. The second Hokage would have passed that on to his pupil, Kagami. Also, the second is called Tobirama, the name Tobi is derived from that as a mark of respect. The reason Uchiha Kagami used Madara's name is because he originally he agreed that Madara should have been the leader of the Leaf. He was sided with Madara at the time and he infiltrated the Leaf for years as a double agent to bring them down from the inside. This is also backed up by a quote from Tobi "patience is the key to victory", and the old saying "keep your friends close and your enemies closer".

There is NO way that Obito could be Tobi, he's too young and that' just fact. Get over it people.

OverDrive 4 years ago

i heard Tobi was future saskues evil side, sealed in the past by naruto i hop that's not true.

yomi 4 years ago

Ow come on, people here a stupid theorie and believe anything, i think we gave here in of reason why not obito or kagami, its interesting what you where saying about tobiramas space time jutsu but i didn't read that anywhere, from this point of view tobi is still tobi, he said it was how he was called when he was younger and i must admit, tobi is no one,with that i mean he is two persons, clearly, he knows everything,he is a great thinker and maby not as badass as he seems to be, lets focus what's in that tith hole in his mask, we better focus on that, because people there must be something going further than rinnegan if we look to sasukes development what do you guys think?

chuckie 4 years ago

Tobi is the powerful chuck norris!

IloveNarutoNoHomo 4 years ago

Ok so there has been a lot of discussion about who Tobi really is. I think tonbi is obito because of the sign of weakness in around his right body. We all know tobi body was crushed by a rock.After he was hit by the 4th hokage during their fight his the right side of his body begun to melt or something like that. This shows that there is still some sort of weakness for getting crushed by the rock. Also i read in an earlier statement that "why will obito do such a things like trying to destroy the village'. lets not forget it was during the 3rd ninja war that obito got crushed. Maybe he is mad at the village for involving it self and in many episodes tobi is recorded saying he wants peace and activating the moon whatever technique to pit an end to the hatred in the ninja world.

Truth 4 years ago

Idiots. Out of everyone, you guys really think tobi is obito? Yeah sure, obito magically ages a good 20 years or so and fights his old master minato.

herschelijj 4 years ago


OBITO WAs a gennin at the time kurama(nine tails) attacked konoha and there is no jutsu were you age to a 3oyear old cause obito is only 13 and plus obito cannot be tobi because at the time of obito's death he only had two tomoe in his sharingan and you cannot cast a genjutsu without three tomoe and tobi was controlling the mizukage with a genjutsu and the nine tails. And tobi always uses his mangekyo sharingan to teleport. and even though it doesn't look like a mangekyou sharingan it is because he can teleport, and each mangekyou sharingan has it own special abilities, and tobi's is to teleport so there is no way it can be obito. Also it can't be shisui because he and itachi were loyal to konoha and had no grudge against them. also shisui eyes were dispersed one is with naruto which makes naruto have a rinnegan cause hes part senju and with uchiha power give him rinnegan also itachi used amatersau on shisuis eye. the other eye is with danzo who killed himself and destroyed shisuis eye with him so yeah it's not shisui either. It aint sasukes dad thts the shittest theory of them all. Now it just has to be izuna because he and madara where the strongest uchiha with their sharingans and the part were tobi caught konan he put here in a genjutsu which eventually killed her so you have to be a powerful dojustu user to kill someone with a genjutsu after retrieving info. plus when tobi was controlling the mizukage he had long hair like izuna, and when madara was ressurected with the forbidden jutsu he knew tobi had something to do with it. Also when tobi is talking about the uchiha history he admires and hates hashirama senju just like madara does. brother like brother so my biggest bet is tht tobi is izuna

Pats 4 years ago

ok that last post was the last straw for me re-posting most of my theories without adding a single shred of new facts and actually doing a worst job at explaining them... i'm done.

to all the guys who took the time to read all the posts and come up with original ideas: thanks guys, posting here was fun... but i just can't handle the idiots reposting theories or suspecting people we have already proven "innocent" without any new evidence...

and anyway at this point i think there is no more room for original ideas anymore... actually i started believing that after someone posted about some future evil version of Sasuke being sent to the past...

if you feel insulted by this post thinking "how am i suppose to know that some one already posted this idea" i have only one more thing to say to you: how do u expect people to read your post and respect you and your theory if your obviously not willing to do the same to those that came before you!!!

rikudou 4 years ago

@ herschelijj- Naruto cannot awaken the rinnegan with the facts that u are giving! He might in future awaken the rinnegan by some other means.

what u said was contradictory. now that itachi destroyed shisui's remaining eye with amaterasu naruto does not possess uchiha DNA.

Even if did possess shisui's eye and implanted it he could only use izanagi. To awaken the rinnegan u need to have the EMS+senju DNA not just any uchiha DNA and senju DNA.

And i don't think its izuna because he was clearly shown to be dead. And one more thing, did u notice that in uchiha siblings its always the elder brother's mind that is complicated. Izuna and sasuke were straightforward. It was madara and itachi whose mind was more complicated (both in different ways of course). Izuna couldn't have had such a twisted mind as tobi's. When i say this i support my elder son of the rikudou theory. This is a very interesting insight.

Marv 4 years ago

It all depend's on who kills him.

If it's kakashi, he's obito.

If its naruto, he's Timetravel sasuke

If it's sasuke' he sasuke's dad.

If he gets betrayed by kabuto and gets killed by real madara, Who knows.

garcia1 4 years ago

It can't be sasukes dad because itachi killed him

tathan12 4 years ago

And Remember.... In This Moment he is summoning the bijuu...

TheNarutoMan 4 years ago

If you scroll up to near the top, @payattention has a really good point. Why is Tobi's Sharingan eye always in Sharingan mode? The only people who's Sharingan eyes are always open, are Kakashi and Danzao (due to implantation). So we could guess that Tobi had that Sharingan eye implanted.

I used to think that Tobi is Obito because of all the reasons you guys do. I also thought that because If you read Tobi's name, starting from the letter "O" it will spell "Obi". Then if you continue to read it from the beginning, it will read "To". To put those together, and Voila! But there are a lot of possibilities.

It had to be someone who implanted their eye with a Sharingan, so it most likely is a member of the high council that ordered Itachi to eliminate the Uchiha clan. They were the only ones that knew about this before hand. Who do you think it could be?

You could also say that Tobi is Izuna, Madara's brother. We know that the real Madara aweakened the rinnegan shortly before his death, and if you think about it, it was in IZUNAS eyes that they awakened since he had taken them. And during his fight with konan, tobi states that he gave nagato the rinnegan and simply takes back what was originally his. We all know now that he 100% isn't Madara, because in the recently released chapters, Kabuto revives the real Madara with the Edo Tensei, and he is currently fighting with the 5 Kages.

Currently, I am so exited about the story line! This is by far the best plot of any Manga EVER. And I don't think I'll ever read a manga as entertaining as this in my lifetime.

narutonaruto 4 years ago

tobi is obito cause why in his first mask he has only one hole in his mask,obito gave his right eye to kakashi so that the left eye would be left,everyone tells that obitos left eye crushed but not he said only that his body is broken so maybe his left eye is still ok and when he get the rinnegan he put it in the left part of his eye.so maybe he is obito

dani 4 years ago

lies. on the manga itachi kills his father.

tobi may be a madara clone.

or obito.

on the manga he says to gai "who are you"

"what's the point on telling you if you don't remenber faces?"

so clearly they meet him before.

justapasserby 4 years ago

what if tobi is someone who like the real madara managed to release the edo tensei?

Avenger 4 years ago

Ok one question how does Tobi keep getting his limbs back because I realized he lost both arms in battle before.

zaikan 4 years ago

@Avenger, i think Tobi is using Zetsu clone for both arms back or some kind of switching body(like Orochimaru's doing)..

Zetsuu 4 years ago

He's Zetsu copy of Obito

yellow flash 4 years ago

strongly recommend it is obito uchiha in naruto manga 594 guy sensei asks masked man who he is and speaks to both kakashi and guy that they wouldn't remember faces, so what would be the point in asking the question he replys. but steppin in to the face phase im pretty sure he would be talking about how obito/masked mans face got crushed saying they wouldn't remember how should i put it such a devistated face.. i believe zetsu cloned toby & fought against minato seeing as the whole zetsus arm comes off/ maybe masked man has cloned himself many times seeing as he can make himself transparent .i think theres 3 tobys/ masked men 1. being clones of zetsu which probably explains the transparent crap and the arms always falling off and coming back and zetsus been alive since anciant times 2. obito who had been trainning with who i believe is maybe an actual clone of madara of some sort and 3. madara(clone) i think during the time against minato vs masked man (zetsu) i think no.3 madara got zetsu to go and claim the nine tails while madara trained obito uchiha until the war and ovcourse until he got the renningan, and now in the manga 594 i think obito is actually fighting against naruto etc and no.3 madara is hiding which is where orochimaru is about to take sasuke to him seeing as that could be the one that knows everything about the uchiha and plus there 3 different masks and plus i think no.3 madara is the one with long hair during some stage he has madaras actual hair kinda crazy.

yungkrazy 4 years ago

It can't be obito bcause sasuke and itachi don't know who he was which defeats the purpose of having itachi hide his face f. From sasuke so it has to be either sasuke's and itachi's dad and no it can't be madora's brother either because he doesn't know kakashi and guy and if it isn't the father then its someone who is like danzo and studied the uchiha clan forever and started taking eyes if danzo and kakashi van do it so can anybody

tathan12 4 years ago

Tobi said to sasuke that the magenkyu is a proved that the live longer, but it could be with zetsu's help, It's no has relation about tobi's knowledge, about all ridoku 's power, bijuu's power... it supposed that the man who can read the uchiha's secret hideout need the sharingan and another part needs the rinnegan,in theory at the beginning, ridokuo sennin always had been a fairystory, so, if kishimoto wants that tobi to be obito, it has to gave us a very good explanation about that, now !! how he knows about all madara's power, he clearly said to kabuto... "You Know Our Plan"... How obito knows madara's plan ?? he has to be some one with the power gave the madara's rinnengan to nagato, so how he preserve those ayes all that time ago... he has to be some that we don't know... a recopilated man like danzou

Lakota 4 years ago

I think that obito uchiha is tobi because if you think about it tobi only has one eye hole in his mask, on the same side as his only eye left, plus his mask is orange just like obitos goggles, and his eye just like kakashi's sharingan eye is always in sharingan mode, and they would have both have obito's eyes, and why would it randomly show episodes of kakashi and obito in season 3 and then a couple of episodes later have "Tobi's Real Face" episode? Somehow i think he was ressurected by someone maybe by kabuto because Sasori did say that he was controlling Kabuto for Quite a long time...and it couldn't be Sasuke and Itachi's Dad because in "The Longest Moment" Episode Sasuke says when he rushes into the Uchiha Resident That Mother and Father are dead. Which in turn would show that He knew that his father was dead. I haven't seen all the episodes yet but this is on pure speculation so i might be wrong but its a good theory dont ya think?

Lakota 4 years ago

And yeah maybe it isn't obito considering the fact that Itachi didn't want him to see his face...But maybe its for a different reason because Itachi when fighting sasuke said that mandara was the first one to learn how to transport the sharingan eyes...BUT If thats true then how would Obito who had just learned his sharingan able to transport the eye over to kakashi? And Quite Frequently you see tobi slouching on his right side the same side Obito Got crushed on...

TenzaNaruto 4 years ago

Is it not a strange coincidence or maybe a simple name abbreviation?

Tobi - Obito... if you read the name Tobi, read on ahead from the o and you will read: obiTo.

I wouldn't be surprised if it is Obito. I also seen someone saying he could not be cause Obito at the time was a Genin... Im very sorry but Naruto is officially still a Genin and he has far surpassed Jiraiya who was in fact a Sennin. So being a Genin has got nothing to do with what you can do or not do. Just watch it's Obito!

NOT OBITO! 4 years ago

just letting people know that obito was still really young and died after the 4rth hokage fought Tobi and Tobi is older whileobito was yet a boy...... but that's a good poitn maybe tobi is itachis father


yung krazy 4 years ago

I got into a debate with my brother I think it is the sage of six paths first son with the help of zetsu hes been able to live this long you have to remember zetsu has been around for decades ok tobi has been starting wars forever and if you think when the two sons were born the first son said the only way to bring peace to the ninja world was through controlling everybody and that is exactly what tobi is tryna do the reason I say zetsu has something to do with the living part is because when zetsu records a fight tobi can actually see everything zetsu sees without even being nowhere near tobi ok now think about that i think orochimaru is gonna bring back either the first senju son of the sage himself for they are the only ones who knows about everything in the ninja world come on guys

yung krazy 4 years ago

Another theory I have which is insane but that tobi is a future sasuke the reason why is because first tobi has the ability to move through space in time and why would itachi hide his face from sasuke if sasuke doesn't know who he is then on top of all that itachi said to naruto with the power he gave naruto that it will change the future for sasuke I mean come on itachi, shisui, and madora had to learn from somebody if its not sasuke from future then it goes with what I said earlier the first uchiha and madora was not the first uchiha they say he was the first to unlock mangekyo but how was that when the first uchiha didn't have sharingan he has a dojutsu that no one knows about so he had to teach madora as he was defeated he moved on to shisui he failed as he got mad at the clan for the coup and then danzo turned on him so tobi's next target was itachi which he knew he was gonna fail do to the love for his little brother so now sasuke was next but thanks to itachi tobi wasn't able to succeed

Dipshit 4 years ago

whay the one that fought the forth and the one that fought naruto has to be the same "tobi"? tobi is just a symbol...

Boss 4 years ago

You guys are all crazy, lol.. Do you realize that the writers could make anybody be tobi.. And no matter who tobi turns out to be they will have the perfect explanation to fit the story. You guys are all speculating about a fictional world that could be explained in any fictional way the writers want to explain it. You are all correct, tobi d be sasuke's father, or he could be obito or he could be a future sasuke or he could be madara's brother or he could be a purple dinosaurs who farts out marshmallow popcorn. No matter who he turns out to be there will be a good explanation as to why he is who he is and why he's doing what he's doing. Stop all the stupid speculations and just enjoy the Manga.

Like A Baws 4 years ago

If tobi is another character why the heck he need to wear those damn mask. He use mask because he wanted to hide his identity

Like A Baws 4 years ago

Dipshit 23 hours ago

whay the one that fought the forth and the one that fought naruto has to be the same "tobi"? tobi is just a symbol...

If he just a symbol how can he have the same power.. explain that

dum123 4 years ago

Yeah but if Sasuke's dad was Tobi then who was the guy who fought Minato all those years ago? His dad would have to be a lot older don't you think?

uchihafanatic 4 years ago

check the letters guys.



Carl 4 years ago

Are you stupid, or trying to be funny?

Sasuke WOULD recognize who izuna is, cuz itachi showed him his faces, when he showed him the genjutsu, talking about the mangekyo

tathan12 4 years ago

anybody knows how Madara lived before hashirama's fight, in that time he planned to reproduce hashirama's cells and waked the rinnengan so he could learn all ridoku's techniques !!

He wrote or modified something at the uchiha's hiddeout!!

He Could used the Banbutsu S?z? (creación de todas las cosas) to created tobi in base a piece of setsu as Yin and part of uchiha as Yan and then both put the mazou in a lotus flower at the top of hashirama's tree. When he died he left tobi with the tree and the rinnengan....

And you all know what happened before that or THIS IS WHAT I THINK a little more interesting that all tobi's shit.... sorry for the grammar .... Y SEPAN Q YO FUI EL PRIMERO Q LO SUPE HAHA

Anon 4 years ago

Lol I like Boss's theory about Madara being a purple dinosaur XP

freezedried monkeys 4 years ago

if you think about it tho madara could transfer bodies so if he thought he was gonna die he could leave his body and let it die therefore his body would die but he wouldn't so you could ressurect the body while madaras soul woul be in a different body

Fugaku Uchiha xD lol 4 years ago

this is for the comment that izzynote mention. Your right, Tobi and kakashi's eye technique are similar, but so is sasuke and itachi, the same way itachi uses amaterasu, sasuke uses flame control which is similar to amaterasu!!! bam, and i think its is there Fugaku, makes sense. plus obito was to young, even if he was brought back to life, he would return as a child!

Mazin Scott 4 years ago

The way you put your logic is good. But I doubt it it really is. I think it has to be some tertiary minor character which is undereyed before. Who knew Anko will be the instrument to bring back Orochimaru to life? Who knew Itachi actually loved his brother so much before its revealed by tobi? So this is predominant thought pattern of Kishimoto Mishashi. He'd put something unexpected out of the bag.

mkpn 4 years ago

I agree with everybody saying that tobi must be someone unexpected. And I also find weird that we've never seen tobi with unactivated sharingan.

There is another thing that I find strange : the edo tensei jutsu, which is described by everyone as the worse insult to nature ever, has been created by such a "good and beloved" ninja as tobirama senju. I don't get it, and also the fact that tobirama has red eyes. there is something wrong with him, and even if we know he's dead, we also don't know if he had children, with whom... he had space-time jutsu, so how could he have been surrounded the day he was said to be killed ??

Also, the fact that edo tensei worked on him is not a real proof to me, as he is the creator of the jutsu he could have made a workaround for making people believe he's dead...

And also, sasuke would have recognised him.

yellow flash 4 years ago

madara was dead killed by senju hashirama many years ago as proof kabuto resurected madara and that means he is dead

and tobi can't also be obito because obito was too young to fight minato

i think that tobi is the older son of the sage of six paths because tobi witness a lot of things from many years ago

mihre2 4 years ago

Ok guys...bear with me. This theory is a bit crazy, but not too far-fetched in the Naruto-universe. What if....what if...Tobi...is Sasuke? Now before you go all ape on me, listen for a second.

Naruto doesn't want to kill Sasuke, right? Sasuke told him when they met that Naruto would either have to kill him or die at his hands. Naruto refused both options, saying he wouldn't be the hero who killed Sasuke or another one of his victims. Now everybody knows that Naruto will eventually fight Sasuke in a final battle. Now I believe Naruto will win....while keeping his promise. What other option will Naruto have besides killing Sasuke or getting killed by him? Sealing Sasuke. Now here is where it gets interesting. What if Naruto sealed Sasuke's hatred into the past? And that hating shell of Sasuke is who we know to be Tobi?!?

Here are some subtle hints I picked up that reinforce this theory. Remember when Sasuke first met Naruto in the Shippuden series? The Nine Tails wanted Naruto to release him. Then all of a sudden Sasuke appeared in Naruto's conscience. The Nine Tails reacted by saying that Sasuke's chakra was almost as horrid as that of UCHIHA MADARA'S. But the Nine Tails, when saying Uchiha Madara, is referring to the masked man - TOBI. And Sasuke pulls on the fox's nose, blowing him up, before replying, "Never heard of him." The irony! Tobi also says that he is striving to become complete, stating that he is a "shell of his former self". Ding ding ding. Also, has anyone noticed how Tobi always knows where Sasuke is? Coincidence? I think not. I got this theory from Sawyer7mage on YouTube. Leave your thoughts on this theory.

masked-tobi 4 years ago

ok..for those who still think that tobi is obito and just keep mentioning the name thing (obito- tobi), well i don't think it's reasonable ,and if you want to manipulate names ,well there are a couple of names that can be rearranged to give TOBI . 1) tobirama; i know it's very silly but it's as silly as obito. 2) now this one i've done a great deal of searching on, alright... the third's clan is named "sarutobi"(saru/TOBI)? the people that hail from this clan are: HIRUZEN ( the third) ,Asuma ( his son),konohamaro(grandson), now there is something missing right?who is his father and it is mentioned that hiruzen had two sons and when i searched for him they said that his name is yet to be reaveled! i know it's sillier than the other theories but bear with me as i am new to this, and i like the theories on this page by the way. i geuss the best thing to do is to wait, right??

Aleks 4 years ago

Since uchiha madara know how the edo tensei works maybe tobi is madara's edo tensei since even if madara dies the jutsu would not stop.

abc 4 years ago

stop bashing the post, it was written many months ago and much more information have been revealed so start a new theory.

eh 4 years ago

i think is no one of the uchiha or senju clan but eh

eh 4 years ago

plus it can't be sasuke's and itachi's father, hes dead, deader than a door nail, he got stabbed in the chest by itachi himself. READ THE MANGA!!

Chaos 4 years ago

well he says hes kaenjiin uchija in the newest manga?

Chaos 4 years ago

sorry i do this on my vita he uses the uhija fire style jutsu kaenjiin

BobbyX 4 years ago

If you guys thought about it,you would know exactly who or what tobi is right now,it's clear that madara is dead,and tobi isn't exactly made of flesh and bone,get it? Now what I'm about to tell you may or may not be true,so if you choose to you may keep reading. Tobi is in a way Madara. Madara knew that he would be killed in the fight with the first hokage

BobbyX 4 years ago

So he hatched a plan, he would create a zetsu basically but in the form of himself so that even after he was dead his desire would still be carried out by this person he created who would one day rule the world. After madara gave tobi his mission,he went off to fight the first hokage. Basically since he knew he would die he created a being that would carry out his wishes even after he was dead. This just a theory but if you think about it tobi isn't made of flesh,the real madara is dead,that must mean that someone created tobi,and why would he be going around saying he's madara if he really had no connection to the real madara,if you think about it it makes sense.

4 years ago

How about this theory. Tobi is Madara's brother, Izuna, who has used forbidden jitsu (like Orochimaru) to stay alive all this time, switching from body to body. He is currently using Obito's body.

4 years ago

This combines two of the favorite theories here AND answers a lot of questions...

person 4 years ago

How about... we wait for tobi to have his identity revealed. Instead of making bullsh.it theories o.o

Minato 4 years ago


Shell 4 years ago

Danzo wait and see remember manato struck tobi arm same one danzo keep wrapped tobi has intimate knowledge of all the leaf ninja his eyes are transplants could it be sasuke didn't kill him but a clone that's why tobi didn't interfer to make everyone think he is dead plus itachi talk to danzo before the massacre and then was approached by who tobi

allen 4 years ago

it's uchiha izuna because uchiha madara is dead it can't be sasuke and itachi's father because itach assasinated all the uchiha even his parents except for sasuke

4 years ago

since tobi knew danzo maybe he was part of the anbu at some time and he wore a mask similar to the last one as most anbu wear masks and itachi was part of the anbu and i think that he knows him from that time and also i think that is the reason why kakashi recognized him , as kakashi too was an anbu and we all agree that tobi most likely came from Konohagakure as he knows guy and kakashi so... i think this is the best thing on who tobi was maybe there are more clues on his identity...

manuel 4 years ago

I believe tobi is the first son of sage of the six paths because he knows everything about the Uchiha. their history, their hatred toward the senju clan.

Thethird 4 years ago

Tobi Might Be The Son Of The Sage Of Paths Beacasue If You Look At It He Wanted To use Power To Save the World And So Dose Tobi.He Might Have not died and lived on for so long and wants to complete his plans.Theory? Yes.But It Could Be True.

Kevin 4 years ago

Tobi is Obito im sure of it. Kakashi said in the last page of the latest chapter that they have the same technique. The technique comes from obito's sharingan therefore since tobi can do the technique, he is obito

narutowindrasengan 4 years ago

I think it is very possible they will introduce an entirely new character and all the little hints will be explained with completely unknown history. maybe obito's father? or the previous Uchiha leader before Uchiha Fugaku? Someone that was also in ANBU with Kakashi? Itachi's best friend Shisui Uchiha? Maybe Madara used an ability that requires him to cast aside a previous body and copy his memories into another body therefore explaining the two Madaras. Only one way to find out! Wait!

seriously? 4 years ago

remember the movie Forbidden Kingdom? Tobi is Madara's Kage Bunshin. lol

meow 4 years ago


himanshu 4 years ago

hashirama has not been mentioned i don't no why but i think that hashirama might be the real tobi because

1.tobi has hashirama's DNA.

2.hashirama fought madara and might have taken his eyes or something like tha.

3.while tobi was going to reveal his identity to sasuke, itachi used his amateratsu .it might be to stop him from seeing hashirama's face.

4.hashirama is old now as it was seen.

5.tobi fought naruto's father so, tobi might be hashirama.

6.tobi's sharingan is always on which can only be if it was transplanted.

7.after madara's revival madara said that it might be his doing that means he is of madara's time period.

8.hashirama was one of the best ninjas so he can use a great number of jutsu like body transfer etc.

waiting for your comments and sorry for bad English

rikudou 4 years ago

@himanshu- u have tried to give a lot of of evidence as to why tobi could be hashirama. But u fail to realise that where is the motive? Hashirama loved his village very much; heck he built it. He was the first leader of konoha and everyone respected him a great deal. He was a believer of the Will of Fire and wished for his will to be passed down to the future generations. So how come all of a sudden he decides to go rogue and practice and preach the uchiha's curse of hatred? Your theory doesn't make any sense.

Sasuke_eternal101 4 years ago

Guys,there is alots of theorys, but this is mines. Lets start from the basics, sasuke get eternal mangeyko sharingan,why would tobi want sasuke to get the eternal? Why would tobi want anything to do with sasuke?soon from the manga they realized that sasukes new ocular powers is slow down time. WTF IS THIS!?!? Refrace it, sasukes able to control time. Soon people got a theory that tobi is sasuke and people went against that thought cuz why would there be 2 sasukes at the same time? Now lets go back to sasukes new powers, does it make sense that sasuke and his power of slowing down TIME and tobi maybe being sasuke from the FUTURE ring a bell? TIME. FUTURE. TIME. FUTURE. TIME TRAVEL, ITS THE NINJA WORLD WERE ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN.tobi aka sasuke from the future did something. Maybe im wrong. Maybe im halfway right that sasuke got eternal but when he died against naruto he was revived by the power of the eternal and awaken with rinnengan and that's were tobi came from? Don't u think so!?!?!?!?

3d 4 years ago

He might be Kagami Uchiha!

3d 4 years ago

Obviously,he's not Uchiha Obito.Obito was good.There are great chances that he misght be Kagami/Izuna!

Spike 4 years ago

3d is right is one of them two

Naruto 4 years ago

No no no... you guys are full of bullshit:) tbh but tobi can't not be Sasuke from the future. when he tried to show his face to sasuke you could see the mark he had on his face..and

Argem 4 years ago

The last manga more or less confirmed his identity as Obito Uchiha. Since Kakashi revealed that both his eye as well as Tobi's are connected as they use the same Time-Space Dimension, something which even two Mangeyko Sharigan users should not be able to do. Also Kakashi received Obito's left eye which contained his Sharigan and Tobi only has his normal right eye. Also, Kakashi's face as he comes to the realization of how Tobi's power works and their Sharigan's connection to one another is another indicator that it is in fact Uchiha Obito.

Macattack 4 years ago

Obviously "tobi" has obito's other eye. How he or any other shinobi came to attain the eye because obito's right eye is a mystery in itself because it was crushed by a boulder. He has a rinnegan for his other which he attained through nagato, correct? We don't know if obito absolutely died, but we can question him being tobi because the motive has the slightest chance of making sense and tobi's left eye is always activated. That might be because either he always keeps it activated or he is unable to deactivate it. In the previous manga, kakashi seems to know who it is. Tobi knows about the bridge fight leading me to believe that he is someone kakashi fought but that is a complete stretch. Kagamo

zaikan 4 years ago

yeah... kakashi already know him. But it seems he got the other eye to Obito.

rosein 4 years ago

if tobi is sasuke's father then why he comes always show his only one eye why not both.

It's defenitely Uchiha Izana, cuz his eyes were taken by madara and after that Izana took an eye from obito and was searching for another eye for planting.

greenshines 4 years ago

how can izana take the eye of obito if he himself don't have an eye and can't see around him???

raven2k7 4 years ago

at first i was thinking that tobi can't be obito , but now am thinking that maybe he is . theres a possibility that the real madara met with obito and did something to him to keep him alive etc . theres some connection between both of them . to me , hes either obito or someone that used obitos body and eye.

raven2k7 4 years ago

i have a great feeling that obito didn't die when those rocks fell on him. he actually survived somehow .

raven2k7 4 years ago

and don't forget that people change. obito might have been good back then but who knows what he went through after leaving team kakashi. the same could of happened to him that happened to nagato

zaikan 4 years ago

@you're right! maybe madara brainwash him..

4 years ago

Again. I still think that Tobi is Izuna using the forbidden technique to take over a body to stay alive all this time (Living Corpse Reincarnation technique). He is currently using Obito's body. That explains the space-time technique that is similar to Kakashi's. Also, it explains why Sasuke recently released Orochimaru to question him about something...

raven2k7 4 years ago

well its hard to believe that hed be izuna because the edo madara called him * the fake madara * . why not just say * my brother ? . its just doesn't add up. I think sasukes trying to find a way to see someone from the past to ask them about something. that person that knows everything might not even be madara. it could be his parents , some uchica from the past or even the first hokage , who knows. but my bet is that its not izuna. am leaning more towards it being obito now.

Uchiha 4 years ago

Tobi is either the Six Path elder son or the Uchiha with the second Hokage, Danzo, and the Third Hokage before the Second hokage died........

raven2k7 4 years ago

lol first of all the six path had the rennigen , so why would he be after obitos eyes when his are at a higher level? second danzo is dead. that was already confirmed . and third i don't think am hokage of the leaf would come back to destroy his own people , their will was to protect the villages , not destroy it .

Macattack 4 years ago

Let me get this straight. Kakashi has one eye and tobi has the other. Why do they work differently? Danzo stole shisui's eye and it seemed to have the same ability. Did kakashi unlock his own ability meanwhile the left eye has its own unique ability, yet the both are connected? Honestly that is a sick concept. So it could be obito.. Or anyone with obito's eye. Not even necessarily an uchiha. But that would help him know about the sharingan. Who has the motive to put the world under a spell? My friend thought it might actually be the sage but that doesn't make sense. Who could've taken a crushed eye? What countries were involved with that war kakashi was in with his troop? Are there any kages missing? ...So many questions

raven2k7 4 years ago

well u have very good point there. but don't forget something , if it is obito then it means that he would be able to use the eye at its fullest and unlock all its power unlike kakashi that is just borrowing the eye and doesn't have an uchiha body. kakashi gets tired and can't use the eye much but tobi doesn't. i truly believe that this person is connected with kakashi's past. that's why they created the movie with team kakashi as kids. and obito being an important uchiha in it. its definitely him.

zaikan 4 years ago

take note guyz: Kakashi called Tobi as Hero of the Sharingan. And take a look again at the latest chapter (flashback of kakashi), kakashi is in the cemetery.. i think he visit Obito's grave = this proves that Tobi is Obito. Kakashi suddenly shut his mouth and thinking how Obito survived at that time.

raven2k7 4 years ago

exactly zaikan! also tobi told kakashi something like * i told u to watch ur mouth of something * also i noticed that kakashi is a bit sad now. he knows its obito.

donzell60 4 years ago

not to be mean or down anyone but its not obito or the father guys and by now everyone should know who tobi is its kagami uchiha he knows on madara he knows on the 1st hokage cause he was alive when they were, knowing he is around there age would explain his wrinkles also madara still had a few followers during the time konoha was founded, it is noted that madara awakend his rinnigan before his death, also when madara is resuracted and took to the battlefield by mu he himself talked about a plain to bring him back alive with the rinnigan and asked mu if it had happen and mu told him that he was brought back by another means so madara is already aware of tobi existense and knows him well enough that he probably gave the rinnigan to him it would explain tobi saying that he gave it to nagato and it was his to begin with, if its true madara gave him that it would also grant him the ability to control the nine tails like he did before the 4th hokage took the nine tails from his control, also the features of tobi is exactly the same as kagami uchiha and every one is probably gonna argue the fact of him and kakashi being connected that's because they are he stated he got his right eye from were kakashi became famous for being known the copy ninja, kagami is use to being in cells he was in a cell with danzo and the 3rd hokage under the leadership of the second and first hokage so he knew the first personally also knew danzo well enough to know about danzos summoning jutsu the baku and his tiagram sealing jutsu well enough to rescue sasuke from it my point is this guy has same featuers as tobi hair and all plus he is the right age to know madara and the first hokage he was also around the time madara had followers still and one more thing look back before he was wearing the robe he had kagamis old outfit on as well you do the research and comment on what i said i want to see if someone can say otherwise and back up your theory

lkol 4 years ago

Tobi: Sasuke... im your father

Sasuke: No! this can't be!

donzell60 4 years ago

lmao yea that deff proves it i guess jk

donzell60 4 years ago

also someone might argue how kakashi would know him the answer on that is simple as well when the second hokage told 3rd that he was to be the next hokage shortly after that the 3rd mad his advisors the people from that team that day team TOBImora shortly after anbu was formed and danzo was leader of it kakshi was part of the anbu at one point and kagami and danzo knew each other so kakshi prob seen him in that division

4 years ago

good point donzell60 , i also think that tobi is someone in the anbu , if you think that kagami is tobi then i agree

don 4 years ago

I am the man behind that mask... LOL

raven2k7 4 years ago

well , we will all have to wait and see. but why would kagami be after obitos eye though ? i just don't get that part. doesn't make sense to me. and to be honest , the man behind the mash seems to be the original owner of the eye. doesn't seem like hes borrowing that one. because when he was fighting with konan if u all paid attention , he broke the other half of his mask and used the other eye for izanagi instead of his left which he knows is his original eye. its obviously that that's the side where the eye came from that he gave to kakashi , so he just uses that side to replaces eyes. he eve did the same with the renigen. he put it in that same side too. am sure its obito. there are too many clues. u all will see. by the way, obito always saw him self as a nobody, he wasnt recognized. he even said to them * i am nobody , call me whatever u like * . he only knows history of madara because he met with madara before he died , it was part of madara's plan. obito was fufilling madaras plans because he calls himself a nodbody he wanted to pretend to be someone famous to gain the respect of the people.

donzell60 4 years ago

let me explain something obito was the 4ths student how is it that he can fight the fourth and still be a little kid that makes no sense and the theory people have on him not being able to deactivate his sharingan if it is obito is total bull cause like even you said before raven he should be able to use it to its fullest correct so then how come he cant deactivate it and there eyes can be connected sure but that doesnt mean its obitos eye all the tyskinomis are connected and sauske and itachi use it but have diff eyes even danzo used it and he not even a uchiha

raven2k7 4 years ago

donzell60 i agree with u. he can deactivate the sharigan , because how come other akatski members never noticed him except the ones that already knew him. so its obvious that he changed his eye back to normal when he encountered certain people. Well dont forget minato , kakashi and obito were around the same age. And minato did say * this guys knew all of my moves and what i would do * . the only 2 people i can think of that can do that would be kakashi , obito or ren . so it only, and by the way madara never attacked the village with the nine tails , it was obito that did that, madara fought against the first with the help of the nine tails. thats why i said that obito was just continuing madaras plan.

donzell60 4 years ago

no my point is obito could not have fought minato if he was his student kakashi was 16 when he went to anbu thats the time minato became ould hokage so how could that be obito and i never said madara attacked the villiage as i said before i think the masked man is kagami uchiha he is old enough to understand that type of movement with teleportation because the hidden cloud villiages 3rd raikage could teleport and kagami was in that dispute between them in that cell with danzo and the 3rd so he would be able to fight minato and i have not seen tobi deactivate it once just like kakshi cant all the more reason to say it isnt his eye it could be obitos eye sure but if it was obito then how come he hasnt deactivated it yet the ONLY uchiha that has no story yet and dosnt even say if he is dead is kagami uchiha after the 3rd was dubbed hokage you dont know nothing of him after except he was part of anbu for a short he got looks , age , experience, and enough knowledge, to be tobi and btw look back you said tobi said he was a nobody obito always wanted to be acknowledeged like naruto so that dont even fit him plus even though obito is and uchiha he was known as a runt he was below average among the uchiha clan and that time deminsion justu he uses takes up so much chakra i mean look what it did to kakashi but like i said kagami uchiha was good enough to fight beside the 2nd and 2rd hokage plus danzo you got to consider the skill and details as well

donzell60 4 years ago

2nd and 3rd hokage my bad misprint*

raven2k7 4 years ago

well we will have to see . but if am right u have a beer for me . dont forget that lol

donzell60 4 years ago

lol haha ok man sounds fair

Vins 4 years ago

tobi is a person well known by itachi uchiha and kakashi hatake and the one thad had a grudge against the leaf village and uchiha clan.

Because he tells that kakashi dosent remember faces .... and itachi speaks to him as he knows him..

His and kakashi's eyes are connected because he must have taken obitos right eye at the kannabi bridge ....He tells it to kakashi when kakashi asks tobi where he got that eye... and tobi is not one from the uchiha clan because he cannot use the uchiha powers ... The only thing he can do with the eyes is the space time ninjutsu even better than the 4th hokage.. so he is not obito or itachis father ... he is sum 1 else..

raven2k7 4 years ago

actually he was referring to * GUY * when he said u dont remember faces not kakashi. and sasuke relized that even itachi might of been confused about who madara was when sasuke relized that the real madara was brought back by edo tensi.

donzell60 4 years ago

i am gonna stand with my statment that it is kagami uchiha and btw vins i wanted to point out u said because he wasnt uchiha that he couldnt use there powers well danzo wasnt uchiha and he used one of the uchihas most forbidden justus

SpacebarHater 4 years ago

Cant be Sasuke and Itachi's father because their father know Itachi's gonna kill them and he encourage him to kill him and his wife. Sasuke saw it after with his own 2 eyes.. plus Obito is the student of 4th hokage. soo that's not possible because he is just a kid he is already dead maybe. Izuna is the only perfect candidate for being tobi. Tobi knows a lot of Izuna :) Read at NarutoWiki. even though they say he is dead i know he is not because he is tobi. He got pissed when Kabuto took a Uchiha Madara's body. he said its gonna be a waste of energy to fight him. only Izuna and Madara has a equal power. and if Izuna is dead then kabuto should also have ressurected him too. Right? Say im right :)

maniack 4 years ago

it must be Izuna becouse obito whas a good guy so why do that , preahaps to make a world withaut war . But he couldnt fight his sensei

with only one eye . And why would he give kakashi his eye. It also cant be there father becouse Itachi whas crying while killing him . But it cant be

Izuna becouse he would be dead by that time and madara hid his bodey

so he cant be reanimated. I think it must be someone who didnt get much atancion in kakashis past. What i dont know is ,who?

raven2k7 4 years ago

it cant be obito cause he was a student of the fourth? cmon , the series never stated how old they were , obito , minato , ren and kakashi were all around the same age during the past world war at the bridge. Minato ( fourth hokage ) became hokage later when he was much older that was during the time when tobia ( obito ) attacked the village. u guys talk as if the age difference between minato and obito was so far off , ur totally wrong. watch the video and see , they were all kids during then. and like i keep saying , no body knows what happened after they left obito under those rocks, people change . nagato was also a good kid before thats why naruto wanted to know what caused him to change like that. Im still sticking with that it has to be obito. Tobi even told kakashi * its too late to regret * . obviously kakashi was having past thoughts of obito .

donzell60 4 years ago

obito died at the age of 13 kakashi joined anbu at 18 the same time minato became hokage at the age of 30 i think there is a huge age diffrence dont you

uzamaki_naruto 4 years ago

Well Tobi must be Madara's younger brother, Izuna Uchiha. He was the one whose power was equal to Madara's. Tobi seems to know a lot about the history of Konoha and the Uchiha, so he probably is Izuna. And Madara took both of Izuna's eyes, so he lost his Mangekyou Sharingan. In chapter 597, he reveals that he got his right eye from the same place where Kakashi got his. So it is clear that he transplanted Obito's right eye into his, which means either he had a normal eye or he had no eye. Also, to gain the Mangekyou Sharingan, one has to feel the emotion of the death of someone close to him. After losing both his eyes, Izuna couldn't activate the Mangekyou Sharingan again, since there was no-one else close to him who he could kill. He must've fused the First Hokage's cells with his, like Danzo did, so that explains why he was able to use the Izanagi. He was able to maintain it for 10 minutes at the loss of only one eye, unlike Danzo. So that clearly means he's someone from the Uchiha clan. And he always used his right eye before getting the Rinnegan. He never used his left eye, except during the fight with Konan. So that means he got his right eye from an ordinary Uchiha, probably during the Uchiha Clan Massacre. So Tobi has to be Izuna Uchiha.

raven2k7 4 years ago

well because theres a age difference still doesnt mean that its not him. and * uz naruto * ur saying that a blind guy with no eyes went around looking for someone with a sharigan ? cmon. they said izuma had died. and u dont need to kill anyone to obtain mangekyou sharigan , itachi was lying to sasuke. obviously kakashi obtained his and he didnt kill his best friend huh? and its obviously that his right eye is the eye of obito , kakashi said that thier eyes are linked together , something that only him and the mask guy can do . its hard for me to believe that its izuma. As u can see they are linking the kakashi gaiden and the series together , and why u think that is so ? because obito eventually played some role in the story line

donzell60 4 years ago

i agree it isnt izuna he was blind and we seen his body laid to rest by madara and even if he was alive he would be blind he would not be able to find obito in rubble but i also dont think its obito my theory is its ether kagami or some unknown uchiha its deff an uchiha no doubt i can agree with that

Uchiha Tobi profile image

Uchiha Tobi 4 years ago

soo confusing stil dont know who is Tobi

donzell60 4 years ago

naruto:who are you

tobi:(taking off his mask)

naruto:ramen guy


naruto:but why?

ramen/tobi:because you never say thank you

raven2k7 4 years ago

now that i think about it . what ever happened to ren ? i find that strange , it would be a real shock to find out that shes the one pullings the strings hahaha. but who knows

donzell60 4 years ago

gee raven what did happen to her lets find out ill do some reasearch

Menma 4 years ago

so uhh you guys didnt see the movie. Dark naruto with masky dude

raven2k7 4 years ago

hahaha it coming very close . from the looks of it and how kakashi is thinking so hard, its definitly obito lol . why u think he keeps saying * it cant be ! * lol donzell60 u better get that beer prepared.

hotrod10011 4 years ago

i think its the old village headman of the konoha...dont know his name but he is the one with the old woman called as leafs elder and he is always wearing glasses......he is old enough to know all the history ...he was in wiping out the uchhiha ... he will be recognised by all and he is nowhere to be found on the battlefield!!!!

rikudou 4 years ago

tobi's identity almost revealed!!!! can't wait for the next chapter!

sriracha 4 years ago

tobi cannot be obito because tobi/fake madara has fought with yondaime at that time obito and kakashi were still kids or teens. tobi/fake madara could only be someone who was atleast an adult at that time. and there's no way with obito's current skill at the time could he fight on par with the 4th hokage.

raven2k7 4 years ago

sriracha u all just dont understand. u are wrong . when yondaime was with kakashi and the others, he wasnt hokage yet. he became hokage years laters , and after he had the child * naruto * . during that time obito came back and attacked the village and fought yondaime. obito knows his moves and all that s why yondaime thought it was madara because of that , but he relized that it couldnt be. thats why yondaime calls him * the masked man * and dont forget , obito activated his eyes at a very young age, dont underestimate him as he grew

donzell60 4 years ago

idk honestly that little flash back with kakashi inn the last chapter has me wondering and raven i did some reaserch on the rin thing you said rin is dead but we all are missing on thing that hasnt came up yet and thats zetsu didnt zestu make a statment about him being the land or something and obito was crushed under rubble and had zestu ooze on his right side so i am kinda leary come to think of it obito would be 23 at the time the nine tails attacked the villiage still that would not explain the rinnigan so idk on that to be honest its even crazy to me at this point

zaikan 4 years ago

@donzell60, read again what i said...

zaikan 5 days ago

take note guyz: Kakashi called Tobi as Hero of the Sharingan. And take a look again at the latest chapter (flashback of kakashi), kakashi is in the cemetery.. i think he visit Obito's grave = this proves that Tobi is Obito. Kakashi suddenly shut his mouth and thinking how Obito survived at that time.

still insisting with kagami? lolz

raven2k7 4 years ago

zaikan thats the same thing ive been telling them, why would kakashi be saying * it cant be * . kakashi knows from the remark that he made * its too late for regrets * , that its obito. so kakashi is in shock now. Its gotta be obito, theres too much evidence. donzell60 start putting together some cash for that beer , am getting thirsty lol

zaikan 4 years ago

heheh ^_^

kage of seven paths 4 years ago

have u all read when kakashi asked tobi where did u get the sharingan...and tobi replied...the place where obito died...obito would be small if he was tobi back then fighting against the fourth...but instead tobi or the masked man was about the same size as the fourth...in reality...tobi couldn't be obito...he's quite small back then during the era of the fourth...but if he was able to implant himself into another body after giving kakashi the sharingan...that would be another case...

kage of seven paths 4 years ago

and dont forget tobi once said that he gave nagato the rinnegan...that is way backward from the era of the fourth...how could he be obito if he was there during the era of the legendary sanin...and the sanin was still young at the time...remember when nagato obtain the rinnegan...he was a small child....probably at the same age of kakashi and obito...

donzell60 4 years ago

idk i still want to think its kagami

raven2k7 4 years ago

* kage of seven paths * . u guys still dont understand whats going on. tobi lied to sasuke and other members of his team. tobi never game nagato the rinnegan , it was the real madara that did that. the real madara gave him the eyes before he died.

raven2k7 4 years ago

game= gave*

Lucky Lotus 4 years ago

Obito? I hope not.

Sasuke's father? I don't think so. Itachi killed Papa Uchiha.

Madara? Madara is dead and now he's back as edo Madara there for Tobi can't be Madara.

I fear only Kishi knows the true identity of Tobi.

donzell60 4 years ago

i still want to say its kagami or an uknown uchiha if its obito then kishi has A LOT of explaining to do on that cause it would make entirly no sense and i just was reaserching and reading but the 4th hokage was a fkn beast he beat tobi one on one saved naruto and was fighting the 9 tailed fox at the same time yet its taking the nine tails guy kakshi and naruto plus bee to take on tobi everyone got to admit the 4th hokage is pretty bad ass

kage of seven paths 4 years ago

how come the real madara gave nagato the rinnegan...he's already dead during the era of small nagato...by reading the manga there's truth in what tobi said about giving nagato the rinnegan...only the illustrator himself knew for sure...lets wait for the next issue...if tobi doesn't activate his rinnegan the moment rasengan hit his face...the real tobi will appear...next week...hehe

raven2k7 4 years ago

he doesnt have alot of explaining to do , u guys just dont understand the story line. obito didnt have to be living all those years just to know past history , also obito lived during the area of minato , so everything is in line.

kage of seven paths 4 years ago

they don't call yondaime hokage the green flash for nothing you know...his teleportation and sealing jutsu are second to none...lol

kage of seven paths 4 years ago

my mistake...yellow flash...hehe

i'd like to believe its obito...but you'll never know

donzell60 4 years ago

actually raven it does have to do with time and age for him to know where the 1st hokages clone was sealed at and that statue thing as well so yes it does have to do with time you cant take that out everyone has been arguing on that for a reason he can know history sure but locations and such you have to be in that time period to be precise about that and he does have explaining to do cause if its obito then that rinnigan needs to be explaned like kage of the seven paths said also he needs to explain how obito lived why he wants to rule the world how come the mask there is only ONE thing tobi has said that would make me think its obito and that is this i quote " i am not afriad of a borrowed kumia ill show you the power of the real one now" that would be the only thing said so far that would lead me to beileve it might be obito

raven2k7 4 years ago

as i said again * obito met with the real madara! * thats how he knows all that he knows cmon .

donzell60 4 years ago

madara was died shortly after he gave nagoto that and at that time obito would be what 2 or 3 years old think about that for a min and tell me your theory again

Ray 4 years ago

Uchiha Fugaku Being Tobi - Possible. It makes sense and gives the person behind Tobi the perfect motive for doing everything to dominate all things. But there is no solid proof. At least, there is none yet. Tobi being Uchiha Fugaku is just a belief or theory.

Uchiha Izuna Being Tobi - Possible. Uchiha Izuna also lost both his eyes as replacement for the eyes of Uchiha Madara. The Tobi we know got the Rinnegan from Nagato (Whether He Got It Back Or He Obtained It) and the Sharingan probably from Uchiha Obito as what the latest manga revealed.

Uchiha Obito Being Tobi - Possible? I am not sure. Uchiha Obito died at a young age during the Third Great Ninja War. Tobi existed as an adult persona during that time. The time of the Third Great Ninja War and the Birth of Naruto is not that far. You cannot have a youngster Uchiha Obito being Tobi in almost the same era.

Other Uchiha Being Tobi - Possible. But I am not convinced. What is their motive then? This includes Uchiha Shisui and the rest of the Uchiha Clan Members.

We cannot have another twist for the identity of Tobi especially now that Naruto Shippuden is in its climax. Putting another story of another prospect persona behind Tobi would make everything complicated.

I am convinced that the one behind the identity of Tobi is someone we already knew, but not sure of since it is not revealed yet.

raven2k7 4 years ago

by the way u guys didnt relize something. tobi said * am not afraid of some borrowed power * . think about it . obviously hes saying that his power isnt borrowed like kakashi's own. and the ownly way for that to be possible is for him to be the original owner of the eyes. duh!

Johnny 4 years ago


1) Lets go back during the Hokage sumit when Sasuke was looking for Danzo. In this scene Tobi was poisoned by one of Danzos hench men in which Tobi then cut off his arm as if it was nothing. When he cut off his arm there was no blood at all, to me it looked as though that side of his body was fake. Yet in the Manga he seemed to have a new arm (whenhe came to pick up Sasuke from fighting Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura the reunion). If I am correct that side of his body in which he cut off his arm was the side where Obitos body was crushed. The samething when he fought Konan his body was damaged, yet now he has new body parts.... The only way I can explain this is that his body is artifical.

2) Lets go back agian to the Hokage Sumit, Tobi talks about his moon eye plan in which he wants to have peace in the ninja world. This seems alot what Obito wanted to do when he told Kakashi "those who dont help their friends are worse then scum, i'll change that aspect of the ninja world" (paraphrasing it along those lines, if you all remember). I find that to Ironic.

3) Tobis sharingan is the thing that tops it all off. Not many people can fit this together or even really payed attention to it. However it made sense in the last chapted of the Naruto manga and it hit me. Lets go back to when Kakashi fought Diadara when they went to save Gara. He used his MS, Kakashi's MS is a portal type technique in which it sends others ot a diffrent dimenson and in his MS he has that circular twirl vortex that sucks people in. I find it strikingly similar to Tobis technique in how he uses his sharingan to vortex people into another dimenson as well as killing them with it. Take a look at Kakashi's and Tobis technique the style is the same, the only difference is Tobi's more complete version of it.

There is one thing I can not explain and thats Tobi's teleportation and making himself like a ghost. As we saw in the Manga when the 4th fought Madara, Madara kept making himself like a ghost in which all the attacks would go through him then harden him self up. The thing that is troubeling me is that Tobi can do the same thing. The reason why I say Tobi, is that even Zetsu calls him Tobi and not Madara. So therefor the only person who knows Tobi's true identity is Zetsu... So what is my explaintion for Madaras techniques and the same techniques of sharingan used by Kakashi and Tobi..

Simple answer : Obitos grandfather is none other then Madara, why not go and act like it yor Madara. So how do we explain the man who fought the 4th was it Obito no... Is Obito's father... why do I say this? Is simple lets look at some interesting coincidance

Kakashi's age in the beigning of the Naruto story is 26 years old. Kakashi's age now would be about 31 given the fact that team 7 was together for a year before they broke up, then the 2 1/2 - 3 years of Naruto training with Jiraiya. 12years before Naruto's story, was a young Kakashi at the age of 14. The point is, "Madaras attack" (as Minato said, a "Man in a Mask" attacked therefore there was no indication Madara was that man) came very shortly after Obito died very very shortly. Is that coincidence I think not. I believe Obito's father attacked the 4th and Konoha as a revenge for not being able to be there for his son. It was never said that Minato killed the man in the mask but it was hinted that he did. All of a sudden out of no were 12 years later the man in the mask reappears as if nothing ever happened to him.

So here comes my second theory, as I said before Tobi is Obito. When Obito was getting crushed, I believe Zetsu saved him, I believe zetsu is a close friend to Obito's father and Madara, I believe Zetsu helped restore Obitos Body, and before Obito's father attacked Konoha he implanted his eye to his sons. Hense the mask to cover half of the face and keeping one eye. I bet you if anything Zetsu told the whole history of the Uchiha and everything has gone on for all these years and the corrupted ninja world. What better way then to stick to your ninja moto and change the way the ninja world is by continuing the legacy of the Uchiha.

This is why Tobi is so much infatuated with Sasuke, becuase Obito to in his own right is an avenger. A man who seeks revenge for his grandfather, his father, for all the Uchihas who have died and above all to create the world he invisoned, the perfect world.

Tobi is Obito, always has been. This why when the time does come and the mask is removed, everything will make sense especially to Kakashi. To many of us Obito is by far one of the most beloved charachters in all of Naruto, and the most shrouded in secreacy and least of all info. It is the same with Tobi, the name is so strikingly familar it makes you wonder since the begining of when the name was mentioned if it really was Obito. We will soon see the man underneath the mask.. And dont be surprised when I say "I told you so"

kage of seven paths 4 years ago

hope we dont get caught by the tsuki no mae before the reveal of tobi's identity...lol

donzell60 4 years ago

TOTAL BULLSHIT let me right my list of people i can say i told you so idc who it is but if its not obito ima rub it in you guys face and you better get back on this page so i can lets type it down

- raven


-any one else who thinks its obito

raven2k7 4 years ago

mr Johnny . theres a few things i would like to know. first how did u know that kakashi was 26 years old ? where did u see that? second how do u know that the masked man attacked the village a little right after obitos death ? i can agree with u with the things that we have proof , but if u dont have proof for those things then u cant say they are true. we dont know how old they really were , and 2 we dont know what the time different were from when certain events happened. u cant put a story together with * i think so * facts , because it would be greating a whole other story. i agree that its obito but i dont agree with ur facts that arent related to the manga or story line

rikudou 4 years ago

Don't u people read the manga?!! Tobi is NOT obito. When kakashi asked tobi where he got that sharingan then he said he got it from the kannabi bridge implying that he stole it. Besides, u have got a glimpse of tobi , he is OLD. I think its possible that obito's other eye had not got crushed when he died.

raven2k7 4 years ago

rikudou , ur not reading the manga . he said * where u say ? * in other words hes implying to kakashi where he obtained the eye. because if u were paying attention u would relize that he also mentioned the fight that led to him activating his sharigan. so yes , it is tobi . he relized that obito survived someone. and yes. there is a possibility that zatsu has something to do with obito still being alive also.

donzell60 4 years ago


tobi is not obito


i said so

hotrod10011 4 years ago

its not obito or anyone else.....its the village elder

raven2k7 4 years ago

if its not obito then why does kakashi have a borrowed sharigan and he doesnt? we have 100% proof that its obitos sharigan, without a shout of a doubt. and why does he always sacrifice the other eye he has and never the one on the right? all of u will be disapointed when u find out that its obito in the next chapter. just dont come here crying about how it doesnt make any sense and that kishi has alot of explaining to do bla bla. because u guys are the ones misunderstanding the story line.

rikudou 4 years ago

@ raven2k7- First of all what ur saying is agreeing with what im saying. And Tobi never even hinted that he *awakened* the sharingan, he hinted that he *got*(stole) it. Check this out. http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/597/12

If obito survived somehow and tobi is him then how does he have such an old face? There are no parts of zetsu on his face.

U said why kakashi has a borrowed sharingan and he doesn't. MAYBE it's because kakashi is not an uchiha and tobi is an uchiha (also likely that he is the older son of the rikudou). Sasuke took itachi's eyes yet he is able to deactivate the sharingan; its because he is an uchiha. The reason he sacrifices his other sharingan is because that sharingan was an ordinary one and obito's eye possesses the ability to use a space-time technique that surpasses the second and the fourth hokages' . So i think in reality it's u who is misunderstanding.

Do reply.

raven2k7 4 years ago

hmm no i still its u. i read that manga already. so why do u think kakashi keeps saying * its cant be ? * . and why u think tobi made a statement like * its too late for regret? * . whether u are an uchica or not it would still be borrowing cmon. ur saying if a chinese gets borrows a bike from a chinese its different than him borrowing it from an american lol. its still something borrowed. tobi is the original user of the eyes. the guys face was smashed by a rocks , u think his face would look the same ? cmon. his body is not the body of an old person its the body of someone that went through alot of experiments. the new manga will come out on wednesday . then we will see !!! u better not hide ! or il come looking for u lol . and still am saying that * ITS OBITO!

zaikan 4 years ago

Guys, i believe its Obito but i dont think this is real Q & A about Kishi.

Found this on another site. Not sure if its legit but an interesting read nonetheless..

While visiting Japan for business,me(Victor Sleever) and Mike Birnton, from Viz Media, decided to spare some of our time and go to Comic Market 78, the biggest manga festival in Japan, something that happens only twice a year. The festival lasts for 3 days, from 23 august to 25 august.

After some time wandering around the Tokyo Big Sight convention center, we met Masashi Kishimoto, me and Mike are big fans of Naruto, so it was a really pleasant surprise to be able to talk with him.

He didn't have much time to talk because he was holding a conference in about 30 minutes since we met, we asked if he could reveal some of the things he will talk about at the conference, and surprisingly he said yes.

Mike asked all the questions while I wrote them.

Q:So, what exactly is the conference about?

A:After the identity of Tobi was revealed by one of my assistants, I realized that the next few chapters will leave the fans confused. I had to clear up some misunderstandings, thus, Comic Market was the best place to do it.

Q:Then the rumors are true? Is Toby really Izuna? I thought he died in battle after Madara took his eyes, is that a lie?

A:Well, the truth about his survival is much different, I can't tell you how he survived, you will have to read the next chapters to find out, but yes, Izuna is Tobi.

Q:How come he has eyes now? I thought he was blind.

A:He will reveal that together with his identity, let's just say that the Uchiha clan is much larger than you know.

Q:In an earlier interview you talked about Madara not having any weaknesses, what about Tobi? Is he going to be killed by Naruto after his identity is revealed?

A:Not really, after the way he survived is revealed and what he tries to truly achieve, everyone will change, the truth will hurt a lot of them, it will actually change the history that they know.

Q:What do you mean by that? How will it hurt them?

A:The truth is dark and bloody. Madara is related to why Tobi was supposed to die, you could say that what he wants is revenge, but his brother isn't the only who wanted to kill Tobi, one of the Hokage played a big part in the attempt on his life.

Q:What else?What is going to happen in this fight?

A:You know, Tobi always had this forbidden technique prepared, I wanted him to use it only after his identity is revealed. If you thought that Kabuto's technique for reincarnating people is dangerous, you should see what Tobi prepared.

Q:Why did Izuna hide his identity?

A:Because some of the Akatsuki already know what Madara did to Izuna, they know because someone told them, and they wouldn't be willing to help Izuna. I'm afraid I can't answer any more of your questions, but I'm hoping you will be patient, in the next weeks everything will be revealed.

A short interview that revealed a huge amount of spoilers, what is the truth behind Izuna's past? I guess we are going to find out in the next chapters.

What do u think guys?

pupung 4 years ago

Enough with the speculations. Let's just wait for the story to be finished. The story is not finished yet so changes can still be made. The true identity of Tobi is a mystery which only the author knows. :) Just enjoy watching and reading naruto.

raven2k7 4 years ago

zaikan nice story. but i dont believe that crap. they made up that story about meeting kishi and all that foolishness. as pupung said , lets just watch and see what happens with the manga. the story that is the truth

Argem 4 years ago


Manga just came out and his true identity has been revealed.

It is in fact Obito.

raven2k7 4 years ago

told ya soooooooooooooooooooooooo , hahahahhahaah , so all u idiots out there who were saying that its not obito , ya!!! go crying now , i told u that ur the ones not understanding the story line , hahahahahhah . rikudou , donzell60 and all of u , go crying now !!!

raven2k7 4 years ago

i keep telling u guys that his face isnt old ! i told u that its from surgery being done. and by they way . seems like he has half of the face of the first hokage just like donzo . either oru did it for him or ren . but we will see. o man , this is a great day. donzell60 get that beer ready :) dont forget the deal .

Naruto freak 17 4 years ago

Well I know for a fact that it is obito because if read the most resont chapter that came out 8/28/2012 that it shows you who he is because naruto breaks his mask and it turns out he is ..............OBITO!!!!!

rikudou 4 years ago

My apologies to all those who said it was obito and i criticised them; i feel awful.

Anyway now that we know tobi is obito i wonder how kishi will explain his fight with the yondaime. Its gonna be kinda cool now that it's obito! And i can't stop looking at the last page of this chapter! SERIOUSLY!

tobi 4 years ago

i told you ;)

raven2k7 4 years ago

i was trying to tell u guys that u dont know the time difference between obito dying and minato becoming hokage. so u couldnt say that it wasnt him. minatio didnt become hokage right after that , that was a long time after. thats why u guys were confused. but if u look carefully it seems like he has part of the 1st hokages face on him.

chris345 4 years ago

obito uchiha is tobi!!! its already known in the manga

jnigga 4 years ago

told u bitches i always knew it was obito thats tobi and he doesnt have the first hokage face dumass this is wat happen when he was about to die the real madara saved and trained him to be super strong. and the person that was fighting minato during the nine tails attack was the real madara becuz he was the first mask man then when he found obito he trained him told him about a plan to revive him and obito took over as the second ask man thats how u explain the masked man fighting minato and im telling u thats what really happen

donzell60 4 years ago


raven2k7 4 years ago

jnigga your the only dumb A in this room. yes it is obito and i was saying that all along . now we just need to wait and hear the story behind it. and jnigga u need to be more relaxed its just a japanese anime. obviously u dont have a life or a woman. dumb idiot ( u smell also ) lol.

zaikan 4 years ago

we won raven2k7!! its obito! hahah.. donzell60 still crying -_-

donzell60 4 years ago

lol i not crying i just confused and i confess i never thought it would be obito i didnt think it would be who i thought but still obito and maybe this will be good its gonna give fkn fillers thou not and before it tells us how he lived how everything played out thats what sucks

nooblogic 4 years ago


he is obito

raven2k7 4 years ago

yea u bet we won!. i told u guys that people change. u never know what someone has become after u leave them. nagato was also a good boy. always remember that. i think soon we will see the past where he met with the real madara and he told him everything. and yes i am still sticking with my belief that obito got some cells from the first hokage implated on half of his body.

anon 4 years ago

Wow whaddya know... IT WAS OBITO!! Dumasses... Excuse me if that offends you but seriously it wasnt that hard to figure out and imo this whole trying to figure out who wad stupid... Again no offense... If you are really that into it just buy the Japanese manga raw once it comes at and wait for in the mail like me. (just got it)

raven2k7 4 years ago

anon no need for bad language. its just that it was hard for alot of people to believe. but yes it was obvious that it was him, like i was telling everyone when obito said * borrowed sharigan * and * too late for regrets * . obito was the only person that could fit in this scenary. and by the way , like i said before, even itachi was lied to. sasuke figured that out when he found out that the edo madara was still around. and another thing. madara gave obito his eyes to give to nagato. just in case u guys are still confused about that part. obito worked with madara to continue his legacy. it was all part of the plan

MundaneMondays 4 years ago

LMAO obito is tobi, but let me say this how can you buy a manga chapter they come out weekly ? you have to wait for a volume, that guy ANON is an Idiot LOL you got it in the mail ...funnniest comment

raven2k7 4 years ago

lol i agree with u mundanemondays . people come here speaking the craziest things, for example. the guy who talked about izuna walking around with no eyes stealing sharingans lol .

raven2k7 4 years ago

lol i agree with u mundanemondays . people come here speaking the craziest things, for example. the guy who talked about izuna walking around with no eyes stealing sharingans lol .

yellow flash 4 years ago

knew it !

rikudou 4 years ago

@raven2k7- you're wrong about the time line. On the day of the nine tails attack Kakashi's age was 14 that means obito was the same age. which means it wasn't obito. There are two masked men. It's highly likely that the other one's Izuna. How their technique's are same i cant' explain but there are two masked men. Its possible that the second masked man gave obito all the knowledge he has about the ninja world.

raven2k7 4 years ago

@rikudou . give me the episode where it says he was 15 years old . if u cant do that , then be quiet. and in the video i want it to state the ages of them. lol now ur saying that there are 2 masks men ? hahahah . u are so lost.

onlinemangareader 4 years ago

he actually is

their names are similar

and it was revealed in the manga

rikudou 4 years ago

Kakashi's present age is 30. if u dont believe it then check out


We know that the nine tails attack occured 16 years ago so by using basic mathematics we get 30-16=14. There you go.

Obito 4 years ago

My plan shall be successful. You'll soon see the power of the second Sage of the Six Paths!

raven2k7 4 years ago

@rikudou , dud that wikia. people put those things together themselves. also his age was never mentioned in any of the videos. thats why u havent given me a episode yet that says his age , so just be quiet. what u need to do is watch the latest manga and see how the story is coming together when i said * madara saved obito * and madara gave obito the guys to give to nagato . thats all there is to it.

raven2k7 4 years ago

gave the * eyes * . sorry

raven2k7 4 years ago

by the way, am actually surprized that Guy actually remembered someones face lol.

rikudou 4 years ago

raven2k7- the info this wiki got is from wikipedia and its not necessary that all the info that is not there in the episodes or manga is not true because its not like they are going to announce everyone's age and height before the release of the episode. Stuff like that is a given. it's common sense dude.

raven2k7 4 years ago

@ rikudou .common sense? if the videos / manga doesnt announce thier ages then obviously any other information other than that is a lie. and ur just living lies, thats why u always believed that he wasnt obito, so u feel sorry and sad inside that u were living a lie. common sense is that if it aint in the manga or video then it isnt true. people edit wikipedia and other stuff online , u should have the common sense to know that dude. and by the way Tobi is OBITO!!!!!! in your face hahahahaha. and u wanna know why ? cause kakashi let rin die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P

rikudou 4 years ago

@raven2k7- Ohh now i get it! thank you raven, you opened up my eyes! i get your point of view. You're trying to say that kakashi could be of any age i.e 50, 60 or even a 100!!!! Since rin's age wasn't announced she could be like ten or maybe even 20 years older than kakashi! That's foolish.

Do u realise what kind of argument u are making?

And Tobi is obito???!!!! mannnn u spoiled that for me!!

- _ -

zaikan 4 years ago

@rikudou - it seems like your not reading the latest chapter ng manga.. right?

or you just cant accept the truth that its obito? or still insisting with your bet Elder son of Rikudou? i know youre still crying for now bcoz u lost your bet.. lolz

rikudou 4 years ago

@zaikan- who said i can't accept that tobi is obito? And when did i bet that tobi is the elder son of the rikudou. You better look up the meaning of the word 'theory'. I think the only problem is that u don't understand English or sarcasm, so your best bet is to stay out of this.

raven2k7 4 years ago

@rikudou. thats exactly what am saying. since its a cartoon and they can go all kinds of magic and u obviously dont know thier true ages. then yea . they can be any age :) anythings possible in a cartoon. even tobi being obito. wow! looks like tobi is obito !!!! hahahahha u just need to accept the truth man tobi is OBITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rikudou 4 years ago

@raven2k7- i said it already! i accepted tobi being obito why should i have a problem? its not like i hate obito or anything.

Brain_Freeze 4 years ago

Naruto 599 & 600 was released.. Hes really Obito Uchiha..

raven2k7 4 years ago

obito left rin with kakashi so he could marry her , have sex , have children , and he let her die ! yes kakashi not every man would give u a virgin for a gift !!!! u ruined it! obito was so nice. wish someone did this for me in my life lol.

rikudou 4 years ago

hahaha! lol raven!

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

WOW, I left for a while and the next thing I know this article has 34675602752357 comments (j/k). Well, my point is, I can't keep up with the comments anymore, they're too many, you guys are great Naruto fans!!

ANYWAY, *SPOILER* it has been revealed on the latest 2 chapters that Tobi is indeed UCHIHA OBITO!!

raven2k7 4 years ago

haha its amazing how this room was made to convince people that the mask man wasnt obito, and it turns out that he is lol

zaikan 4 years ago

nice 601 episode... RIP tsunade.. lolz

Shichii 4 years ago

If TOBI is really OBITO... I really have this utmost feeling that there is some kind of twist in the story...

I have never read of something throughout the Naruto manga that Kishimoto gave off a plot so easily. :)

raven2k7 4 years ago

haha i told u guys that the real madara saved obito. and that he gave obito the eyes to give to nagato.

Frank 4 years ago

i wonder, if the real tobi is OBITO UCHIHA, then who masked man that fight 4th hokage in episode 502, that time Kakashi and Obito was still in young age and that time kakashi has both normal eyes, meaning obito is still a academy's student. WHO THE HELL IS 4TH HOGAKE ENEMY THAT TIME?

rikudou 4 years ago

@Frank- Kakashi didn't have both normal eyes that time and its not possible for obito to be in the academy because if the 4th hokage is dead then who saved kakashi and rin at the battle of the kannabi bridge?

Inquisitor 4 years ago

The only question is, who is that old man? Is it Uchiha Izuna?

raven2k7 4 years ago

first of all the fight between the mask man and minato was years after the incident at the brige, minato already had a wife and a child. The all had already grew up. it is possible that it was obito.

zaikan 4 years ago

@Inquisitor, the old man was uchiha madara, he's not actually dead when he fought the 1st Hokage. After he save Obito from that rocks, he trained Obito to be that powerful.. then that's the time Madara say's to Obito to continue his legacy and Madara dies at old age.

Thats why Kabuto revived Madara at his prime, meaning he revived madara at his strongest form. Kabuto also said that his edo tensei was special.

rikudou 4 years ago

@raven2k7- You say that it was years after the incident at the bridge because minato already had a wife and child. Minato and Kushina were lovers since they were very young so that means they must have been married already by the time the incident occurred, and, to have child, how long does it take? 9 months, i guess. So it was possibly 1 0r 2 years max. after the kannabi incident. Try watching the episode once again u'll see that Kakashi, guy , kurenai, anko and the others were all very young.

raven2k7 4 years ago

@rikudou. ur guessing too much , and saying * must be * too much. just watch the following manga this week and u will see. i told u that tobi was obito and now he is, u never believe me until u see with ur own eyes :)

rikudou 4 years ago

@raven2k7- What else do u expect me to do but guess? I'm not masashi kishimoto!

And what do u want me to see? i have read the manga and there's nothing about obito being all grown up at the time of the nine tails attack.

u told me it was obito all along. Big Deal! I remember for a long time u were so against the obito theory. You talk as if u knew everything all along. Scroll up and see your comments. Have u noticed how fickle minded u are?

raven2k7 4 years ago

so the new mangas out and i was correct. and i was correct of course. half of obitos body is from the first hokage :)

raven2k7 4 years ago

by the way rikudou . the story isnt complete yet. wait until the manga completes the story with madara and obito , then make ur judgement

MyNameMei 4 years ago

The twisted things is who is that old man proclaim himself as Uchiha Madara on chapter 602?? If so then who's Itachi talked with (masked man same mask as Obito wear but hair looks alike madara) on chapter 590 inside Nakano Sanctuary.. He is not Obito aka Tobi for sure. So it will be either he is Uchiha Madara himself or Uchiha Izuna (Madara brother) BUT Izuna already dead. Since this is just comic, all the magic can be happen to bring izuna suddenly back to life aite..hmm... If he is Madara which his hair already looks alike, it make sense also because when he talked with Itachi, he said that he hold a grudge toward both Konoha and Uchiha clan. Back then before the fight between Harashima Senju with Uchiha Madara, the uchiha turned their back on Madara because they believing he/Madara only desired to rekindle the flames of war. That is why makes Madara hold a grudge with his own clan and been abandoned by his clan Madara left the village. We can assume that that man is not Uchiha Izuna because Izuna got no grudge against his clan, So...who's could it will be that old man..? I think he is Uchiha Izuna, Madara brother. And his right sharingan was took by/gave to Madara. But why he proclaim himself as Madara? And are they twins? This is just my thought only..haha..we'll see. I also think that Jiraiya still alive .... "

raven2k7 4 years ago

@MyNameMei. that mask man is obito. itachi never met with the real madara , neither did kasami. Dont forget that obito had been givin a mission from madara , and am sure that one part of that mission was to pretend to be him since some people knew that madara didnt die. so they suspected that obito was him. my belief is that madara give obito his other eye. to make obito complete. then madara died. madara said that u need both eyes to be complete. I can guarentee u that the mask man that minato faught was obito , and the same person that kasami and itachi met up with. because by that time madara had already been long dead. obitos plan was to look like madara and make nagato fufill madaras plan. thats why konan and nagato called obito * madara * . u guys will see what i mean after they complete with the story of the past

raven2k7 4 years ago

that also tells why obito always wore a mask.

MyNameMei 4 years ago

@raven2k7. Elder madara said to obito that he LEFT his REAL EYES to someone else. Someone that he appeciate much. To whom it be? Obito's left eye rinnegan took from Nagato and his right eye was his own. Either u also dont forget madara real eyes already gone because he overused it. Then izuna gave his eyes willingly to madara. If izuna already dead as we seen his body lying in coffin, then can u expected why he wasn't ressurected by kabuto? Looks kinda fishy here. Be ware, Masashi Kishimoto had made some plot ready for izuna uchiha.

rikudou 4 years ago

@raven2k7- who the hell is kasami?? Never heard of him.

rikudou 4 years ago

@MyNameMei- Interesting insight as to why madara was resurrected and izuna wasn't. Maybe izuna isn't dead(just specualting). Maybe he's the masked man because as u said his hair length is not like obito or madara it's like izuna's exactly but izuna was old then so his hair should have been white like madara but it's actually brown. whatever.

raven2k7 4 years ago

sorry i ment * Kisame Hoshigaki * .

raven2k7 4 years ago

@rikudou. i guess u were wrong . from the last manga it proves that it was obito. his hair has grew.

raven2k7 4 years ago

its funny how everyone is so quiet these days lol haha.,

rikudou 4 years ago

nothing has been proven yet.

raven2k7 4 years ago

it hasnt been proven or u havent accepted ?

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

Everyone needs to remember that Naruto is full of surprises.

zaikan 4 years ago

until now rikudou still crying. lolz

donzell60 4 years ago

its been a while sense everyone has heard from the great donzell but i am gonna put out another theory and im sure raven would most likely agree if he still comes here but sense it is obito i believe he will end up helping kill madara cause after reading this last chapter i get the feeling madara is responsible for kakashi killing rin i mean why the fuck was there a clone even watching rin and kakashi soon as obito was laying in that bed and talked about kakashi and rin the white zetsu headed out then came back with info on them lol

rikudou 4 years ago

@raven2k7- Both.

@zaikan -_-

@donzell-its possible.

raven2k7 4 years ago

@donzell60. hey i agree with u maybe there is some possiblity that madara did something to make obito believe his message. but it does seem like it will be obito that fights minato during the nine tails attack.

donzell60 4 years ago

and btw i give ya props i swear i thought it was kagami but hey i was wrong and everything i wanted explained got explained so im happy :)

donzell60 4 years ago

Twelve years before the start of the series, Tobi discovered that Kushina Uzumaki, the Nine-Tails' jinchūriki and Minato's wife, would be giving birth, causing the seal keeping the Kurama contained within her to weaken. Intending to use the Nine-Tails, Tobi tracked her down and took the newborn Naruto Uzumaki hostage to keep Minato from interfering.[19]

Tobi and Minato clash.

Once he extracted the beast, Tobi placed the tailed beast under his control and ordered it to destroy Konoha.[20] Using his space–time technique to keep Minato from going to the village's defence, keeping his true identity a secret, Tobi engaged Minato before being hit by a Rasengan and branded with Minato's Flying Thunder God Technique. Wounded with Minato's Contract Seal removing the Nine-Tails from his control, Tobi fled while vowing to regain the Nine-Tails and that he still had other plans.[21]

donzell60 4 years ago

there that proves tobi did fight 4th hokage no need to wait for the manga to tell us now huh :) damn im good

raven2k7 4 years ago

ok naruto is on break. time to watch some of my favorite episodes from * hunter x hunter * :) still one of the best series out there

rikudou 4 years ago

nobody comes here anymore, i guess.

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nufoundglory 3 years ago from Asia Author

People still come here, they're just a bit more silent now..... -.-

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