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The Amityville Horror House

The Amityville Horror House
The Amityville Horror House

Was The Amityville Horror Story True Or Made Up B.S.

The Amityville Horror is one of the best known ghost stories in the world. It was made into a movie which gave more than a few people a lot of sleepless nights. The story behind the house is quite scary also. It began on November 13 1974. That night Butch, Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed six members of his family including his Mother , Father , two brothers and two sisters while they slept with a high powered rifle. All of the family members were found as if they were shot sleeping and their was nothing else out of place. Police have always wondered how he shot six people with out any of them waking up and attempting to get away. It is interesting to note that neighbors were questioned but none heard a gun shot that night. How was this possible. Butch Ronald Defeo was convicted and sentenced to prison for the crime. He has always maintained that he did not shoot anyone and if he did he does not remember doing it.

The story gets creeper after that if that's possible. The next year George and Cathty Lutze bought the house and moved in. 28 days later ghosts or demons or a combination of them drove the Lutze from the house and all of us know the story of " The Amityville Horror House " If you've never watched it get the movie and watch it.It is one of the best known and spookiest ghost stories you will ever watch. If you're into the paranormal you will love this film. Just be sure its the original movie.Below is a video of the Amityville Horror House today. The house has been changed some and it has a new address to try to hide it from the curious but its still there.

The Amityville Horror House

Alcatraz Prison Is Said To Be One Of America's Most Haunted Places.

Alcatraz Prison Is Said To Be One Of America's Most Haunted Places.
Alcatraz Prison Is Said To Be One Of America's Most Haunted Places.

Alcatraz Prison Is Said To Be One Of The Most Haunted Places In America.

Alcatraz Prison which sets on an island in San Francisco Bay is supposedly one of the most haunted spots in America. Today Alcatraz Prison is a tourist attraction visited by hundreds of people daily but for many years it was one of America's most notorious prisons. The isolation and dungeons drove many men mad over the years and there were many deaths on and around the island. Many men were shot and killed as they tried to escape the prison and their was even a shoot out at one time between guards and prisoners. And all the spirits of the dead are said to be forever trapped in the prison. Forever doomed to spend eternity haunting the same hallways and cells where they served their time while alive. Below you will find a video with some great ghost photos from Alcatraz Prison.

Alcatraz Ghost Photos

The Bell Home 1894

The Bell Home 1894
The Bell Home 1894

The Bell Witch Haunting

Adams Tennessee is home to the Bell Witch Haunting. Supposedly the first appearance of something strange happened one evening when John Bell Sr. encountered a strange animal in a cornfield. He claimed it had the body of a dog and the head of a rabbit. He said it was the strangest thing he ever saw and when he shot at it the creature what ever it was simply vanished. That incident was followed shortly by strange beating and gnawing noises both outside and inside the Bell Home. Betsy Bell the families youngest daughter claimed she was beaten up and thrown to the ground inside the house by someone she could feel but not see. John Bell Sr. later died and when his funeral was going on people said the Bell Witch could be heard laughing and making fun of the preacher. The Bell House is now gone but people say you can still hear and see strange things on the property even until today.

Andrew Jackson is said to even have had a encounter with the Bell Witch. Watch the video about the event below.

President Andrew Jackson encounter with the Bell Witch

I Believe In Ghosts. How About You?

And those are three of the most famous ghost stories in the United States. I myself was an unbeliever for many years until I encountered the ghost of my Grandmother and later went on to hunt for ghosts all over the southeastern USA. I have seen many things which I can not explain. Shortly after my Grandmothers death in 1984 I saw her in our family home dressed in the pink dress she had been buried in earlier that week. Over time my mother saw her as did my niece. She never bothered anyone in our family but my father. He had been her son in law and they had never really got along that well when she was alive. As a ghost she tormented my father until he completely moved out of the house. I saw her off and on for about six months in the house and then I never saw her again. I have always wondered why. Did she move onto the other side or did she lose her ability to make herself visible. Of that I am not sure. I never heard her speak. I don't know if she could. My father claimed she would wake him up calling his name and then be standing there in the room with him. Have you ever had a ghost encounter. Why not tell us about it in the comments section below.

Listen To My Mothers Ghost Story

My Mother has one of the best Ghost Stories ever and you can click the link and listen to her story.  

Click Here To Check Out And Here Her Story 

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I Believe In Ghosts. How About You? Why Not Post A Comment Now. 5 comments

Deborah Sexton 6 years ago

Years ago I worked with a lady who said she lived down the road from this house. She laughed about it being haunted.

She said "Ronnie" (she knew him) used it as a defense.

I guess with the experiences of the second family, people started to believe it.

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 7 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Thanks very much for your comment. Would love to hear about your ghosts.

Georgiakevin profile image

Georgiakevin 7 years ago from Central Georgia

Great stories. I very much believe.We believe we have 4 living in our home right now. So am very much interested in your accounts. Well written, well researced, well putt together, well done!

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 7 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Be sure you watch my Mothers Ghost Story. It is one of the best ever. Below is another link to it.


Cris A profile image

Cris A 7 years ago from Manila, Philippines

your stories are creepy! specially the videos - the one on Amityville freaked me out! great job! :D

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