Unlocking the Truth Bio: Who are the members of the heavy metal band Unlocking the Truth

Unlocking the Truth Band Coachella

Unlocking the Truth plays at Coachella 2014
Unlocking the Truth plays at Coachella 2014

8th Grade heavy metal band signs major record deal!

The internet has been a buzz the last few days with news that an 8th grade heavy metal band has signed a record deal with Sony music.

group members Jarad Dawkins, Alec Atkins, and Malcom Brickhouse are not even in high school yet, and they are already signed with a major label.

Fans and critics alike want to know just how these tween rockers were able to find success, not only at such an early age, but only have to being on the music circuit for a handful of years.

Unlocking the Truth Coachella

Who are the members of Unlocking the Truth

The members of Unlocking the Truth are:

  • Malcom Brickhouse
  • Alec Atkins
  • Jarad Dawkins

Unlocking the Truth is managed by Alan Sacks, a former co-creator of the TV Show "Welcome Back Kotter". They also have the attention of Steve Jordan, a Grammy award winning drummer, who is also helping guide the young heavy metalists.

How the band Unlocking the Truth was formed?

Founding members, Malcolm Brickhouse and Jarad Dawkins have been friends since preschool. At the ripe old age of four, they formed their band now know as "Unlocking the Truth."

The boys began writing songs about their life, which centered around things that happened at school, first loves, and friendship/relationships as they were going through them.

Even at four, the pair had big dreams.

"We have our fake tours at home, Madison Square Garden, Irving Plaza. We imagine ever performing at those places when we are performing in our basement." Jarad Dawkins interview courtesy of lybio.net.

In 2013, the duo decided to add a bass player to their band. They again enlisted a life-long friend, Alec Atkins to be their new bass player.

The surprising thing is, Alec had never played bass before. Jarad and Malcolm taught Alec how to play the bass. And so the two became three.

Tears of Blood / Unlocking the Truth at The Apollo

Unlocking the Truth early success as Tears of Blood

How did Unlocking the Truth become famous? The band Unlocking the Truth experienced their first taste of fame on Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater in March of 2012. Then they performed as the band Tears of Blood.

They continued through the competition all the way to the Show-Off Round.

Though they did not win Amateur Night at the Apollo, from then on they were able to book continuous small gigs throughout the New York City area.

Unlocking the Truth Pic 2014

From practicing in their basement to playing in Times Square.
From practicing in their basement to playing in Times Square. | Source

Unlocking the Truth meteoric rise to fame

The next chapter of fame for the trio of Unlocking the Truth came when they won the first round of the AfroPunk Battle of the Bands. Even though they did not win the competition they had created such a buzz that the creators of the AfroPunk Festival asked them to perform there again.

Perhaps, the biggest leap to stardom came after they were asked to perform at the world renown Coachella Music & Arts Festival in 2014. The Coachella Festival is known for great music and a favorite of the celebrities.

It was there, that the band went from fairly popular in the hometown to one of the hottest social media buzzes around the world.

Malcolm Brickhouse Jarad Dawkins Alec Atkins Pic

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Jarad Dawkins drummer for Unlocking the TruthMalcom Brickhouse jamming at CoachellaAlec Atkins the bass player for Unlocking the Truth
Jarad Dawkins drummer for Unlocking the Truth
Jarad Dawkins drummer for Unlocking the Truth | Source
Malcom Brickhouse jamming at Coachella
Malcom Brickhouse jamming at Coachella | Source
Alec Atkins the bass player for Unlocking the Truth
Alec Atkins the bass player for Unlocking the Truth | Source

Unlocking the Truth on fighting stereotypes

For as many fans as the three boys have made overnight, there have been just as many critics. Just reading some of the terrible comments that have been made is enough to make any person appalled.

Especially knowing that many of the hateful and hurtful comments are being made by adults towards 12 and 13 year old children that are simply trying to follow their dream.

One of the most ignorant comments posted online has been the "stick to rap" themed stereotype.

But Unlocking the Truth is showing major poise and maturity beyond their years and are silencing the critics and standing up to bullies. They even have the support of some major heavy metal hitters in the industry.

Derrick Green from Sepultura was quoted in SPIN magazine as saying:

"When I was growing up, there weren't a lot of black kids listening to metal music or hardcore music. I would get harassed by other black people and questioned about it all the time about why I liked this style of music and why was I trying to be white. I was told that black people didn't listen to this style of music. Even back then, it sounded just as ignorant as it does now."

Unlocking the Truth Interview

"Since I wear nail polish, which is not normal, people bother me about it. At times it offends me, at times it doesn't. So I just write songs about it." (Malcolm Brickhouse)

The boys do get bullied in school for their choice in music, the way they dress (skinny jeans/black ail polish), and for their new found stardom but they don't let it keep them from moving forward. They let the negativity inspire them.

"You can hate all you want, but at least you're talking about me." (Malcom Brickhouse interview with The Village Voice.)

How did Unlocking the Truth first get into heavy metal?

Many people are wondering how the three boys came to be infatuated with heavy metal music.

It all began when they were little tykes and Malcom's dad would take them to WWE wrestling events. Most of the intro music for the wrestlers was heavy metal music and that is where they had their first exposure to it.

"It's just fun. It's exciting, and if I listen to the lyrics in metal, they just touch me. I don't like hip-hop because they don't talk about anything important." Malcolm Brickhouse ABC News interview

About the boys of Unlocking the Truth

Malcolm Brickhouse
Alec Atkins
Jarad Dawkins
What do you guys think of rap?
"I don't like it at all"
"Rap is meaningless"
"I don't listen to much of it anymore"
Who are your biggest influences?
Slipknot, Escape the Fate, Motionless in White
Metallica, Escape the Fate, Motionless in White
Motionless in White, Chelsea Grin
Do you have any onstage rituals?
Sweep pick and talk to myself
Play "Seven Nation Army to get my arm in shape
Paradiddles - a drum strategy
What's your favorite food?
Chinese Food
No answer
Favorite candy?
Don't really eat it
Mint M&M's
Don't really eat it, maybe skittles
Favorite classes besides music
Sciene, Social Studies
ELA, Social Studies
How do you balance school and music?
Try to finish homework in school
Barely get homework
Homework comes first
Questions and answers courtesy of interview with noisy.voice.com

What's next for Unlocking the Truth?

The boys of Unlocking the Truth are still hitting the circuit opening for various heavy metal bands and playing for festivals around the nation. For more information on when/where the band will be playing see tour dates below.

Malcolm, Jarad, and Alec are also busy working on their debut album, having just signed a major recording deal with Sony, for a reported $1.7M.

Although the official details of the deal are being kept private, it has been reported that the deal was structured to be:

  • Guaranteed two album deal with Sony
  • $60,000 to record the first album
  • Up to $325,000 for the second album
  • Possible option for three additional albums at $400,000 for the third, $450,000 for the fourth, and $550,000 for the fifth

This could be a huge step up in pay for the band, since playing the streets of New York for up to $1,600 a day. However, the money from the 2nd through 5th albums all depends on whether their first album sells more than 250,000 copies.

Unlocking the Truth Tour Dates / Meet and Greets 2014

July 18
Marina Jeep Arena
Rochester, NY
July 20
Skyline Stage @ The Mann Center
Philadelphia, PA
August 9
Parc Jean-Drapeau
Montreal, ON, Canada
August 23
Commodore Bary Park
Brooklyn, NY
September 18
The Opera House
Toronto, ON, Canada

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