Usher And Mya, Couple Or Not?

Usher and Mya arriving at the 52nd Grammy Awards
Usher and Mya arriving at the 52nd Grammy Awards

Are They A Couple??

Usher Raymond and Mya were spotted at the 52nd Grammy Awards arriving together and looking good I must add. Now don't get me wrong, they could be just good friends escorting one another but they sure would make a great couple. Usher has signed those papers and is ready to mingle. I do not blame him. The talented Mya would be a very good catch and match for the R & B crooner who is newly divorced with two kids.

Usher (31) and Mya (30) are both unbelievable dancers and singers in the music industry. They are both Libras with their birthdays being four days apart, Usher - Oct 14th and Mya - Oct. 10th. How ironic??? I think if they are trying this out, they would make a terrific couple and have a very talented offspring. Just a little writing humor. :) Good luck to them whether they are just good friends or lovers, it all works for me.

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yenajeon profile image

yenajeon 6 years ago from California

I love Mya! She's so hot. If they did get together, their kids would have like the hottest dance moves!

Loved the hub

stacies29 profile image

stacies29 6 years ago from Washington DC Author

thanks Yenajeon. I agree.

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