Valencia Guitars : A Great Value For The Money

Valencia CL-160 CVT RDS Guitar
Valencia CL-160 CVT RDS Guitar
Me with my new guitar.
Me with my new guitar.

I recently purchased a Valencia guitar off EBay. I had been wanting a guitar that gave me the option of playing plugged or unplugged.

I have a small home recording studio and wanted to get a decent guitar sound without having to mic my acoustic and in the process pick up background noises like the air conditioner running or sirens blaring on the back street.

I also knew that I didn't have a lot of money to spend. So when I found an electric-acoustic classical guitar on the site for under a hundred bucks (the actual cost of the guitar was $86.00 including shipping), it made me take a closer look.

The name brand, Valencia, was one with which I had some famiiarity, having owned one of their classical guitars previously. Add to that the fact that the guitar was red, which is my color, and my mind was made up. A few days later, the guitar arrived promptly and I have been happy with it ever since.

I highly recommend this name brand to those of you on a budget or who just want a decent instrument to bang on around the house. As I stated, this is the second Valencia I have owned. So far with me, they are two for two.

I would also encourage beginning guitar students to consider this name brand. Valencias may not compare favorably with a Ramirez or some of the other high end and more expensive name brands. For parents that may not want to spend a lot of money on a guitar until they are sure that the child will stick with it, this brand is definitely one to consider.

One selling point is that on one site under customer reviews, a guitar teacher wrote a very positive review on these guitars. That in itself should lend some credibility to the Valencia brand name.

This is what that teacher had to say about Valencia guitars:

"I've been using and recommending Valencia guitars for about five years now. They are amazing guitars for a beginner or as a second guitar you don't mind getting bumped a bit. I'm a professional musician and teacher and as such I've had a chance to see quite a few of these guitars as many of my students have purchased them and I have not come across a dud yet. They hold tuning well, are easy to play and have a lovely sound - I have played many more expensive guitars that do not sound as good as these Valencias. I've played 1/2 size, 3/4 size and full size and all are eminently playable. I am particularly fussy about sound and tuning and these guitars measure up and then some. Highly recommended."

The first Valencia I owned was a classical guitar. The tone was beautiful and evenly balanced. In addition the guitar was well constructed and a beauty to behold. I paid about sixty bucks for it, but I have seen guitars costing two or three times as much that couldn't hold a candle to it.

I am happy now to be the proud owner of a Valencia once again. I hope those of you shopping for guitars will check them out. You won't be disappointed I promise.

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Simmy George profile image

Simmy George 4 years ago from India

an affordable guitar I must say

HugeHye 3 years ago

hi i was thinking of buying this guitar. Is the back of the neck flat or round ? does it come in different colors? does it have a high gloss finish?

MaestroECMcCloud profile image

MaestroECMcCloud 3 years ago from Lexington, South Carolina Author

Back of neck is curved. Classical guitars have wider necks though. I think that that particular model only comesnin red. I recently bought the cutaway acoustic. I highly recommend it. It is a beautiful instrument and has a lovely tone. I'm not sure what you mean by high gloss. The one you are talking about though is a really nice looking guitar as well.

HugeHye 3 years ago

can i get your opinion on the Washburn C5CE acoustic/electric?

MaestroECMcCloud profile image

MaestroECMcCloud 3 years ago from Lexington, South Carolina Author

I have never played or owned one. Sorry I can't help you on that one. I play classical guitars almost exclusively now.

MaestroECMcCloud profile image

MaestroECMcCloud 3 years ago from Lexington, South Carolina Author

I have never owned one, but I have owned three Washburns. I think they make great guitars. I think the best way to choose a guitar of course, is by going to the music store and playing it. These days more and more though, people make such purchases online without actually having a chance to try out such an item, thus running the risk of getting a bad deal. Customer reviews do help minimize these bad deals though, but if you can, nothing beats trying out the guitar by playing it at the store. No reputable music store would deny you such an opportunity as long as they know you are serious about making a purchase.

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