Vampire Kidnaps Susan Walsh

Have You Seen Susan Walsh

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Susan Walsh has been missing since July 16 1996 from Nutley New Jersey.Susan is listed as endangered missing by the Nutley Police Department. Her childhood nickname was Suzie. She has a scar on her right wrist. Susan may be an alcoholic and abuser of the prescription drug Xanax. She smokes cigarettes and has a New Jersey accent. If you have any information you can contact the Nutley New Jersey Police at 973 284 4940 or the New Jersey Stte Police at 800 709 7090
Susan Walsh has been missing since July 16 1996 from Nutley New Jersey.
Susan Walsh has been missing since July 16 1996 from Nutley New Jersey.
Susan is listed as endangered missing by the Nutley Police Department.
Susan is listed as endangered missing by the Nutley Police Department.
Her childhood nickname was Suzie. She has a scar on her right wrist.
Her childhood nickname was Suzie. She has a scar on her right wrist.
Susan may be an alcoholic and abuser of the prescription drug Xanax. She smokes cigarettes and has a New Jersey accent.
Susan may be an alcoholic and abuser of the prescription drug Xanax. She smokes cigarettes and has a New Jersey accent.
If you have any information you can contact the Nutley New Jersey Police at 973 284 4940 or the New Jersey Stte Police at 800 709 7090
If you have any information you can contact the Nutley New Jersey Police at 973 284 4940 or the New Jersey Stte Police at 800 709 7090

Did A Vampire Kidnap Susan Walsh

Susan left her 12 year old son with her ex husband Mark Walsh on the morning of July 16 1996 and she was never seen again. She and her husband both lived in the same apartment complex. There are reports that she was simply going down the street to use a pay phone. She left her personal belongings in her apartment including her pager and her billfold with her ID and money. No one has ever come forward saying they saw Susan go anywhere or get into any vehicle.

You could say that the disappearance of Susan Walsh is a real life X File. You see Susan Walsh was many things. Among them she was a stripper , and a journalist working for the New York Village Voice. She was doing a piece on the vampire sub culture clubs in New York City. She claimed to have met a man who was a real vampire and told friends that she was dating him. Many of Susans friends claim she was abducted by the unknown man Susan was dating that claimed to be a real live vampire. Most of her family and friends say she would have never left her son because she loved him very much. She has never been seen again since that July 16th morning in 1996.  

Real Vampires - Part 1

Vampire Information

So What Is A Vampire

In today's world there are several different kinds of vampires.

Vampirism is a condition where the vampire needs energy from its victims in order to sustain themselves and remain healthy. There are also emotional vampires or empaths who feed on peoples emotions. Sanquine Vampires must take a small amount of blood from their victims in order to remain healthy. And then there are some people who claim there are actually immortal vampires much like what Ann Rice wrote about that must feed on humans in order to survive. They are said to be nocturnal beings that shun the sunlight and live somewhere where they can completely secure themselves during the day light hours while they sleep. Do beings such as this really exist. I'm not 100 percent sure either way. I think there is a small possibility that they do. 

Real Vampires - Part 2

Vampires are not undead guys or gals that can turn into a bat and fly away. No a real vampire may be living next door to you and unless he or she chose to let you know you would most likely never have a clue that a vampire is with in a hundered mules of you.


They can not only hold crosses but they can also kiss them and do other weird things with them. And garlic won't work to scare them away. None of the stuff you saw on the late night movie or read in an Ann Rice book won't work. A real live vampire may be much closer than you think.


Know that there are real vampires who need to feed on human blood to maintain heath , sanity and life. And there really is something about the night that vampires simply love. Most real live vampires sleep during the days and rise from their slumber with the setting of the sun. Do you know anyone like that? You just might know a real live vampire.But then again you might not.

Real Vampires - Part 3

Use Caution And Common Sense Around Vampires

Susan Walsh would probally be alive and well raising her son if she had used more caution when trying to contact Vampires. She should have met people she didn't know only in a well lighted public place like for instance the public library. Be extremly careful how you meet people especially people you have met over the internet. There are some really weird people out there. So always use extreme care. Who knows there may very well be a real live vampire out there some where and if there is you don't want to meet them in a dark alley. Always remember saftey. If your ever in doubt take along a friend. And insist on meeting only in well lighted public places.   


Real Vampires - Part 4

Even if there are no real vampires you could easily play into the hands of a serial killer. And as we all know there really are serial killers out there. So if your messing around with role play and vampires always play safe. Take a friend along and insist first meetings be in well lighted public areas. After all you don't want to discover that vampires are real in a dark alley. Think saftey always and you will most probally remain safe.  

Real Vampires - Part 5

Most people say that vampires are only real in Books or Movies however there are many people especially in the vampire sub culture in New York City who will argue with you that vampires are real. Some even believe that they are very simular to the vampires that Ann Rice wrote about.


If you watch the above vampire videos you just may find yourself checking your doors and windows to make sure they are locked tonight. Do real vampires walk the dark streets looking to prey on humans. According to the above vampire videos yes there are vampires who have to have real human blood to drink on a daily basis.


I don't think they turn into bats and fly away but I think there very well may be vampires who prey on humans and possibly even kill humans. What do you think about vampires. Why not post your comments below now.

So What Do You Think About Vampires. Post Your Comment Below.

So What Do You Think About Vampires. Post Your Comment Below.
So What Do You Think About Vampires. Post Your Comment Below.

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So What Do You Think About Vampires? 55 comments

VaMpIrE 4 years ago

if you believe in god you have to believe in ghost....and the devil + demons ........ then if you do belive in them believe in vampires but if you don't it dosnt matter because it's your opinon

elfenlied1457 4 years ago

C.v.h please contact me i really need some questions answered.. please..

Fernando 4 years ago

At c.v.h i have a lot of questions and i would like help?? Please contact me..

Jane 4 years ago

I think that everything , or much, it real. If i let myself think that there is no Good or devil or anything, I don't have a sense (=sinn;; i'm german) in my live. A world without anythink like that can't be real , for me. This is a really interresting website by the way. And as here was alredy told , in history are Many points you could hold on to , to find Vampires, i search for something like Proofs ( beweise? ) for anythink like Vampires or angels whatever. I searched in all of the old Cultures and in each of them are some (ok my English is really bad.. ) Demons or things or Animals , i don't know what it is called in english, what nearly or exactly gets (passen) on the Vampire-picture (?).

My favorite Story is the One of Lilith. That Good himself made the Vampires, there are much interpretations of her, also she is described as a Deamon. But where ever you could be.. I am really fazinated (?) of that things and I really want that to be true. But some of that creatures i am scared of and others like Vampires shure scared but also impressed (=beeindukend, i am sorry for my english).

If they are real I want to meet one of them and understand them just to have something to hold on to. And to see the glorious rase ( rasse? ) of the Vampires.

Charliy 4 years ago

I am not shure wether there are real Vampires , but that there are People thinking they are some it shure. The Vampire Sub culture is big and i think they won't any Journalist see something they don't want them to. Also you can find in History some 'Vampires' , blood drinking People, People who have no rules and just drik or bath in the Blood of young Girls. What ever you understand in Vampirism drinkin more than a hundert liter of Blood and bath in it, isn't that Vampirism ?

Also there are Some People calling themselves Psycical Vampires, they say that they take the 'Energy' of others. They say that they Touch ,or something, others and just get their Energy. To be ohnest , maybe there are some , but that what you understand if you hear the word Vampirism is 100%ly out there, the Blood drinking beast. Shure, but i think not every Person who 'needs' or just want to drink blood is calling him or herself a Vampire. The guys calling himself Vampire are Persons , thinking that they can take the Live-Energy of others and live longer or maybe even forever, there is the Big difference.

All in all, maybe, maybe not , but i never, not even in my dreams want to meet (if they exist) anybody like them , because just to imagine how gruel and beastly they could be is my greatest nightmare.

thegirlnextdoor 5 years ago

Very interesting website, i also think vampires are real, along with much more of the unknown, i would love to meet one and get to kno and understand there way of living. I wonder of any live around binghamton ny or the surrounding towns??

Lotusbud101 profile image

Lotusbud101 5 years ago from Somewhere pa

I feel that there are a lot of things that are in existence today that we may not see or able to explain but the stories had to have come from somewhere?????

silhouttedsara 5 years ago

this is interesting,I've been wanting to find this for years.what do you think happened to Susan Walsh?

Mia 5 years ago

I think the media causes a big influence to us. But maybe they are real..who know.

Danielle 5 years ago

Vampires, may, or maybe not real. If they are, why would they tell us? If they didn't, how would some many different ancient cultures have so many stories of the same origin? So, as you can see, this article is a waist of time. Just because a drug-addict/alcohol user "says" shes dating a vampire, doesn't accurately mean so. She never said "I'm going to go on a date with my vampire boyfriend" as soon as she left. She was going to use the pay phone. THE PAY PHONE. That doesn't automatically make her kidnapper a vampire, does it? Use what you've learned in school, in books filled with history. Its your opinion, That's what's so great about history! Its all an educated guess!

Faith 5 years ago

I like so many people above have a facination with the supernatural. For as long as I can remember it has appealed to me, whether it is due in part to my overactive imagination as my parents so often told me or just because the myths, the legends, the stories all talk of creatures that are strong, powerful and immortal - I have always struggled with my health, I am always weak and drained it has been that way my entire life (all 27yrs of it) and so perhaps those stories offer me a chance to dream of the possibilty of not being as weak. Despite my facination and desire for the stories to hold some truth, I can't help but be brought back to the cautionary story of Ms Walsh - vampires may not be real but there certainly are enough people in this world with dark desires who won't think twice before taking the life of an innocent person. To thirst for knowledge and understanding is one thing, but as always we need to be careful of what we wish for.

Itcouldhappen2U-P2 5 years ago

One last thing I forgot to mention from my story is that I also wake up with bite marks in my neck, fang like bite marks. The curious thing is that I don't remember how that happened, like I said before I was in a sort of trance. I just when on a date once and wasn't looking for anything supernatural. Until this day, I refuse to think that it could be a vampire, as I am a very rational person and don't believe in any of it.

At the same time it's weird that I still feel traces of IT and things that I didn't like or care before, now I do like, dreams are more real, seen things that it's not humanly possible... since then is like IT opened a door I cannot close. How can I shake up what ever traces transferred to me... any suggestions are welcome!

I don't think they are all the same (if they are real), but I do believe some of them are rouge. My only question is "why"? Even now IT memory haunts me and I fear, it will not be the end of it and will come back claiming the price. Like I said, any suggestions are welcome!

Anonymous 9 5 years ago

Meeting one of my kin is, as some say, "overrated". I assure you we are no different than anyone else, save for one slight difference. We carry on with our lives and find comfort in each other, for those of us fortunate enough to have found others in their area. None of us harm indiscriminately but accept from consenting donors of legal age.

As for Ms. Walsh, my sympathies to her family. I was only a child when she'd disappeared and her tale is something of a cautionary one for those who venture into places not meant for them.

Stephanie 5 years ago

I believe they are real - ghosts, deomons and angels exists so why not vampires?

And as for Lilith_Succubus I believe what she says - I myself have been helped by a vampire but the events around it were very...i'd say sketchy but that's not really the right word to use. I don't remember much of that dark time; but I do know I was pulled out of it by a force that was not human - and i believe to be - vampire. Maybe it wasn't? Maybe it was? Or maybe I only assume it was a vampire to give me something to thank.

Curious American 5 years ago

Does anyone who has commented on this article actually speak English? I have read every comment on here and find that not a single comment has been grammatically correct. Are all people who are interested in vampires uneducated morons or just non-native English speakers? Pray tell.

Anonymous 5 years ago

part 2,

vampire hunters aren't just hunters, they are genokens means spy-alike. they're strongest than any regular spy.

Anonymous 5 years ago

I've spoted real ones in airport, they looks differents on cameras like without shape or witish powder or darkish, they cannot be photographed or recorded with cameras. They told me those are vampire hunters. They eliminate people (vampires and humans) if they do expose vampires.

About susan, i believe she's dead by exposing them.

Mostly vampires removes eyes from victim vampire or human. Leaving emptied blood and holes on body. About aliens, aliens have never been landed on our planet. It was vampires those did on cattles, deers and cows.

I gave up because i didn't want to work with them neither to be associated with them.

Scarlett 5 years ago

Hi Brenden,

You sound interesting ;)


brenden 6 years ago

i am a real vampire i crave blood but i usuaily go for animals never humans. although humans are so fragile compaired to us vampires its still wrong to hunt a human because they are the closest thing to us. my skin is cold and my eyes change color i sawed my fangs down some so people wont notice but they are growing back anyway.i am also a christian and i question where my soul is im not sure if im immortal but i have a theory that i am or at least can last longer once i got hit by a car over 50mph and didn't break any bones in fact i was able to walk right up and walk home. i have high pain tollerence and im stronger and faster with my legs i can life 3/4ths of a ton my top speed is 35mph. i can pick up an average human male with one hand if angered just saying i remember being bitten but i also was kinda born the way i am too at the same time any questions??

jennifer stewart 6 years ago

i think vampires are inhuman being's that prey on the weak and stupid those who seek them out are the one's who alway's end up dead along the roadside so in essence don't look for something you can't define or understand in order too be top of the food chain you must first imply control and understanding i dated a guy who was so obessive about me being a werewolf so one night i brought up too him with my birth certificate human you moron then he told me i don't declare were wolf on a human document i told him ok then goodbye weirdo idiot's their not hunman and nor will they ever be but hey if you think so good for you

Itcouldhappen2U 6 years ago

Real or not there are strange people out there. I met one here in NY on a date, little that I knew it would become a nightmare. If anyone is out there reading this, please be careful when meeting someone. I will not give names and only provide a short version of my experience, as IT (that's how I call it) might still be around. I went out and was branded for life without my consent. I didn't meet a blood sucker Vampyre (at least I don't remember it was), but instead I believe it was Psychic Vampyre maybe a combination of both (you be the judge), as I was waiting for IT to finish getting ready for dinner, IT requested my hand as a "non intended harm" to feel my energy. I gave it to IT (BIG mistake), as IT start telling me about how can two people exchange energy, blah, blah, blah... I fell into what I can only describe "idiotic trance", it felt great and I thought I was at the top of the world at the beginning. After that we went for dinner and IT didn't eat anything, (btw IT was PALE as a ghost) which I found weird; and went separate ways, thinking everything was good. We accord to meet again, though it never happen... thank GOD! Next day, preparing to go to work I was (NOT kidding this is 100% true) feeling without energy. I went to work and a co-worker who is very spiritual noticed a change in me. She said: "OMG! You were branded!" To end the story, one single night marked me forever and up until this day I have not been the same and doubt I will ever be again. IT branded me and I can still feel the presence at night. Like I said before, this is only a summary of my real story as many other things happened. Who was IT? I am not sure, the only thing I can say IT wasn't normal. Please everyone be careful when you are meeting someone for the first time, you really don't know what will you encounter out there.

bladesofgrass profile image

bladesofgrass 6 years ago from The Fields of Iowa

Very interesting Hub. I can honestly say, I have never thought about the possibility of vampires being real. I do believe people follow the teachings and becomings of a vampire. I, however, find it hard to grasp like many others, that they have the ability to turn into bats or other worldly creatures...but not so hard to accept that they believe they need human/animal blood to survive. Interesting points to ponder, nonetheless. Thanks for sharing. :)

6 years ago

vampire...they are interesting creature to talk about for me personally vampire is a bit or maybe huge mystery for us human to know.Theres a lot of thing being said about vampire but how dowe know if any of them real or maybe they are real just they haven't be found yet but some people claim they are vampire when i personally think is why should a vampire addmit to people they are vampire if they wanted to hide and just blend in with how human life are.No vampire will try to say they are vampire without knowing the risk they will have to face from what they call as vampire slayer plus how many human they try to fake being a vampire and claim they are real vampire when they dont have much prove of how or what turn them first i just think theres are a lot of wanna be vampire in this world but we tend to forget what vampire really are....are they friendly type of creature or are they just waiting for the time where they could show what they really are.Its really hard to know what vampire are.But we must need to remember legend and myth doesn't come out from around the world without any prove of it exsit maybe it happen before in olden days but as human became more cleaver and knows more they start to think myth and legend are just the ways of olden days people to scare lil children off but we do need to remember that myth and legend only being told cos of those thing have happen before and we shouldn't forget about it no matter how lil of those fact about those myth and legend are now a days.Just like vampire legend and myth how many fact have been told about vampire that any1 will actually really believe that theres a vampire living among us.seriously i wont really mind meeting a vampire but i highly doubt any human could actually see a vampire.Like me i believe in ghost too...cos i do have personal encounters with ghosts(few times actually) and some people might think its nuts but they are exsit some people can feel present meaning some people can sense ghost around and etc.i know some people might think why i start to talk about ghost when im on vampire subject what im trying to say is that anything that might be a paranormal thing might be exsit its just depends on each person and for me vampire is a paranormal creature.Oh,if some1 really think they are vampire just make sure they dont just making it up since theres a lot of vampire wanna be outside there and please be careful of serial killer cos they will pretend to be anything a person who talk to them want know so either way its depends on each person to protect their life.So either way vampire is still a huge mystery for us human to know.Oh for a person who call itself as C.V.H thanks for those warning about vampire.although i still think that vampire still a mystery to be told.

darkshadowvalley 6 years ago

maybe, it will only be in demonic stuff

a real vampire 6 years ago

i would like to meet a real vampire i believe that it would be interesting

carey 6 years ago

How come every vampire-wannabe is always dressed in black, greasy looking and overall pathetic? Is it really a requirement to have 30 facial piercings?? Everyone's got to have their niche, but vampires? please...

Lillith 7 years ago

Oooops! I should have watched the rest of the videos before commenting.

Here is a wiki article on "Ct. Malabar."

He is no Vampire; just a sexual pervert.

Lillith 7 years ago

I am curious. In the first video above about the Florida hitch hiker what happened to the "Vampire?" They obviously got the address. Hmmmmmm. What's the rest of the story?

mzposh 7 years ago

its freaky

CharlieKinyo 7 years ago

this was a very interesting read. i saw a documentaryon this the other day. it talked a lot about Susan Walsh and the Vampire Sub Culture.

S.D.R.121891 7 years ago

Raven i think it's interesting that you said you get strong "Vibs" when something bad happens because i have had the same thing happen to me. i know it sounds or probably sounds like i'm lying but i'm not. me and one of my closest friends have the same feeling sometimes. but it mostly only happens when we BOTH have the "Vib". but it has happened with out her having the "vib"

Raven 7 years ago

Vampyre are real. I believe though that if a vampire does die, they are born again,but not knowing what happened to them the life before. Me, for instence, I drink blood, mine or my lovers blood, but I do not do it every single day, and when I do drink its only for a few minutes. I only drink when my throat and head start hurting to where the point I can't eat or drink "human food". Am I a vampire? I don't know, but I do have frequent bad nightmares when I "sleep", and I also get very stong "vibs"when something bad is about to happen, or I myself am in danger. Those"vibs" end up happeneing with in 10-20 minutes where ever I am.


Anonymous 7 years ago

Vampires aren't human being or creature of human-like appearance or genetic make-up needs blood to survive. It is nothing but a state of mind that people allow themselves to go into and believe they are apart of something supernatural. People that think they are vampires are just weak-minded and want attention, whether they unconsciously know it or not. They are just trying to create their own reality to make real life seem easier.

S.D.R.121891 7 years ago

i do believe in vamp's. i have ofter wondered what it feels like and, as clarissa said, i've had the desire to be one. but to actually be one has to be some what depressing at one point or another. if you think about it, it is like living a 'normal' life if there is such thing. you do the same routines day in and day out, the only difference is the WAY you live it.

Lilith_Succubus 7 years ago

I do very much believe in the existence of the true Vampyre, because of personal experiences of which I have had. Vampyres are very real.

Lady Marlene 7 years ago

I have had a fascination for Vampires since I was alittle girl watching Vampire movies with my parents! As a teenager I read everything I could find on Vampires... my fave holiday is Halloween & of course I dress up as a Vamp!!! Do I think they exist? I say why not... I have seen & heard many strange things in this world!Everyone is entitled to their opinion! For me personally I think it is the sexuality,mind control, the mystery of the vampire that attracts me! As for drinking blood... not for me! I hae taste blood, my own of course, when I'ved pricked my finger! LOL! Who hasn't done that?! If I were a Vampire I would probably be an Empathic... instead of blood they 'drink' anothers emotions! I would love to go to one of those Vamp clubs & experience the 'Vampire Culture' for just one nite... ah maybe some night!

clarissa 7 years ago

i love vampires so much that i want to become 1.

7 years ago

what's more dangerous an emotional vampire or a vampire???

Lucey Knight profile image

Lucey Knight 7 years ago from North Richland Hills, Texas

C.V.H...I would LOVE to talk to you......

Andy 7 years ago

How do you know if your a vampire???

CVH 7 years ago

I am a vampire hunter. I spend my time studying the lore of vampires and then naturally killing that which is already dead. For those of you who do not believe in vampires I have this to say to you: your naivity will not save your life when they come for you. To those who believe they are out there I have this to say: your belief does nothing if you do not fight them and the other forces of darkness. Necromancers, demons, vampires they all live and we are their prey. They struck first blood, we must not grant them anymore. I will not leave my real name or a way for anyone to contact me because I have come to far to let them get me. But I will regularily chack the boards for anyone who wants to help. I will contact you first, for safety reasons, with a false e mail address. Then when your purpose is clear, I will allow you to know more.

That is all for now.



Lucey Knight profile image

Lucey Knight 7 years ago from North Richland Hills, Texas

In this crazy world we live in, I believe anything is possible. I find them facinating and always have since I saw my first vampire movie at the drive in theater with my parents. Vampires are captivating. And I do agree that anyone going in search of finding them should be very, very careful. You could find a real one or a nut who is just roleplaying.

Scatha Gunn 7 years ago

The practice of vampirism is very real and has been form thousands of years. Whether or not its practice behests a medicial condition which, in turn, supports longevity in the practictioner has yet to be fully and/or properly documented [I speak from a scientific standpoint here].

Like many, I too am a fond of most things nocturnal! However, as a creature of day, especially living in one of the largest cities on the planet, a bit a skeptisism remains a very healthy sign of tolerence and objectivity.

Long story short, - if vampires in the traditional, immortal sense do indeed exist, it is important to remember that, in and of itself, it is simply a medical - physiological condition with a fairly DESIRABLE side effect, nothing more. Its existence, however apparent is no pre-set indication of "goodness", "civility" or lack thereof.

- SG

sim 7 years ago

i don't because how come no one ever found a real vampire n. any way all i'm saying is i will noy believe untile i see it for meself

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 8 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Very good comment Candy and yes I believe there a lot more paranormal things out there than most people believe in.

Candy 8 years ago

Well to be unnest, I believe a little bit of everything. It's a big world full of things and you never know what different thingss or species excist, and have not been discover. I've seen a lot of paranormal things and I'm so into it that It dont really scare me no more or surprice's me. I actually would like to learn more about them it's a very interesting topic.

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 8 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Do vampires kill people and drain them dry? No! Incompetent as they may be portrayed on TV, cops in the real world are smart. They can track blood traces that go back three years! A vampire is not going to ruin their lives with random murder for blood. Also, you have to remember that vampires grow up in human families, with normal friends, and normal lives. Vampires live in and of society and will have the same morals instilled in them as any other. Yes, it is possible that some might not be as moral as others - after all, "normal" humans can be serial killers - but, for the vast majority, no vampire is going to actively harm someone they feed from.

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 8 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

So what makes vampires so special? I don't know actually...I think they're just normal people with an abnormal need. Do they drink blood? Yes. (unless you're a Soul Sucker, or "psy vamp" or "psi vamp" as I hear them called of late.

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 8 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Just what is a vampire? Whew, this is a hard one...and one that can't be summed up in 50 words or less!

Well, vampires are not all beautiful, undead creatures that roam the night, killing any human they cross...Actually, they're the guy next door. They're the Smiths and the Jones of the world. They blend in and they play by the rules. They pay bills. They have car payments. They have jobs and they have worries. They live normal, living, breathing lives and do normal "human" things.

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 8 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Candace Morgan thanks for your words and comment. It is appreciated.

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 8 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Lady Guinevere thanks for your words. Yes I think there are a lot of things on this earth that we really know very little about. Just think about how little of the Oceans we have explored. I really believe their could be a lot of species we have not yet discovered here on planet earth.

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 8 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

goldentoad True Blood is a great series. I really enjoy it.

I never believed in Ghosts or UFO's for years but then I saw with my own eyes those two so I know they exist. Its hard for a lot of people to accept that ghosts and UFO's exist. I myself am not sure if real vampires exist but I think its a distinct possibility.

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 8 years ago from Free and running....

I got hooked on the True Blood series and they make for great fiction but being real? I don't think so.

Candace Morgan profile image

Candace Morgan 8 years ago from New York

Interesting and very timely.

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 8 years ago from West By God

I am not sure about thevampires here, but I have heard of the ones that prey on cattle and such--not the small bats, but the Aliens and such. I am an avid fan of the show Dark Shadows about a Vampire by the name of Barnabas Collins. He didnt' chose to be a Vampire but was made one from a Vampiress who wanted revenge on him for something.

I have seen videos about human Vampires, but my jury is still out on if I believe them or not. There is such a diverse kingdom of life here on this Planet and we think we know all of them, but I believe we only know about 1/10th of what is here.

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