Van Buren Boys

Who are the Van Buren Boys?

This is everything you're allowed to know about the Van Buren Boys. Great sacrifice has been made to get this information to you. Should you decide to act on it or explore further, do so at your own risk.

Van Buren Boys

History of the Van Buren Boys

The Van Buren Boys have always been elusive, but after the airing of this episode, they went more underground than usual, causing some to cast rumors that they have disbanded. However, it is widely believed the gang has risen steadily in numbers for well over a century, perhaps numbering in the hundreds of thousands. If true, no other street gang in history has been able to maintain such popularity and still avoid major public or legal backlash for so long a period. (Note that Fight Club is a relatively new gang whose escapades peak and valley very dramatically and publicly).

To the chagrin of the intelligence gathering community, very little is known about the group. Sporadic reports of numbers, rituals, locations and leaders are eventually reduced to urban legends and conspiracy theories. One such theory is that the hand sign 8 was concocted and that this episode of Seinfeld was written by a member or members of VBB to throw off the general public. Theorists believe it could be a verbal code, perhaps "Little Magician reads the Kinderhook" which was once left painted on a vandalized property. Another outlandish theory dating back to the 1800s is that with laundered state bonds that were supposed to go to the construction of the Erie Canal, Van Buren left the country and formed a secret army who revolutionized machine politics and was eventually responsible for William Tweed's conviction and imprisonment. Most investigators don't accept such theories, but theories are all we have. Prosecutors are cold on all trails. We asked Los Angeles Lead Investigator Lt Coleman if there are any reliable witnesses to pending investigations, to which he replied "Just the trees Johnny."

kramer secret gang sign van buren boys
kramer secret gang sign van buren boys
george costanza van buren boys no longer banging
george costanza van buren boys no longer banging

Notable Youtube comments on video


"As a lover of both Seinfeld and US history, the gang would have been more aptly named the Jackson Boys. President Andrew Jackson loved to drink and fight, and he was always willing to defend his honor. Van Buren, however, always looked for diplomatic solutions rather than violence."


"That's what makes it so great. The Jackson Boys would make too much sense for something Kramer or the Seinfeld universe in general to deal with. The patent absurdity of a late 20th-century street gang idolizing someone like Martin Van Buren alone makes this one of my all-time favorites."

VBB tshirts

Zazzle VIII
Zazzle VIII
Cafepress VIII
Cafepress VIII
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Teetower van buren american flag eight

Van Buren Boys t-shirts

Wear the magic, I say. I don't like the first two designs personally so I designed my own. My Van Buren Boys t-shirt is at If you want the design customized with text or put on a different product like a sweatshirt or a jacket check out Spreadshirt customizing simplified.

Seinfeld Season 8 DVDs, or the whole enchilada

Seinfeld: Season 8
Seinfeld: Season 8

The season containing the infamous Van Buren Boys. Other classic episodes contain Elaine's Little Kicks dancing, Little Jerry Seinfeld the cockfighting rooster, Muffin Tops and the ungrateful homeless, Kenny Roger's Chicken with Mr. Marbles, Peterman Reality Bus Tours, and much more.

Seinfeld: The Complete Series
Seinfeld: The Complete Series

Better yet, get the entire Seinfeld collection instead. This is every single episode including deleted scenes, bloopers, additional commentary from the actors, writers, directors, producers, and all of the other magicians.


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Van Buren Boy episode quick facts

  • Season 8 Episode 14
    Directed by Andy Ackerman
    Written by Darin Henry
    Original air date February 6, 1997
  • The young student who wants to win the scholarship is named Steve Koren, which is actually the name of one of the Seinfeld writers. Steve Koren is an American screenwriter who also wrote for the movies Bruce Almighty, Evan Almighty, Click, Superstar, and A Night at the Roxbury, and T.V. shows Saturday Night Live and of course Seinfeld. So yeah, the guy is cool.

Cool Seinfeld stuff

My poem "George Costanza" by Joe Pardi

Biff T-Bone O'Brien
along with other names
You've even outneiled Neil,
Arthur Vandalay

You eat from the trash
Slip mickeys at bars
You fake handicaps
and drive John Voight's car

Buy cheap invitations
Marisa Tomei
Poor Lilly. Can't stand ya.
Outstanding toupee

You once saved a whale
and led out of a fire
You also won a contest
Curbing your desires

Won high score at Frogger
brought chair for the guard
You red flagged a book
Where's my Christmas card?

You try to sell bras
Give a cashmere sweater
Spend time with the old
Reveal cabin letters

Go put on your sweats
at Monk's we will meet
I love you. I'm hungry.
Let's get something to eat

Big salads, calzones
Bosco and Twix
Ring Dings and Pepsi
but not double dipped

You have gotten hand
because you're the bad seed
Now that you need out
It's not you. It's me.

So you hate George Costanza
and his puffy coat too?
Well the Jerk Store just called
they're running out of you

Also, here's the Mandelbaum & Sons t-shirt above. You can get almost a dozen of them with the $182 your uncle sent you. Thanks for reading.

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