Vanessa Hudgens: Pretty and Cute Is Now Sexy and Hot!

If you have ever wondered what you would get if you mixed of Irish, Native American,Chinese, Filipino and Spanish ancestors together, your answer happily would be Vanessa Hudgens. So much culture in one young lady and the bounties of beauty and talent as well! No wonder this fine actress is getting more popular each day that passes us by!

Vanessa Hudgens is not only a beautiful and gifted actress but also is generous with gracing us with opportunities to see her in a bikini and sexy dresses. She perhaps had a little bit of scandal when she was younger because of some racy pictures that were made on the Internet of her in an almost shameful state of undress, but this has not seemed to hurt her career greatly.

And what is shameful about her body anyway? Well, it was perhaps because she was considered too immature to be posing in such a provocative manner at her young age. But perhaps the real shame is upon those much older who were so willing to look. But fortunately for us, those times are past and the young girl is now a young woman and what was inappropriate is now simply enticing, exciting and a natural urge to seek beauty.

Because she gained much popularity in Disney's High School Musical, perhaps many people thought it inappropriate that Vanessa embrace her sexuality. But as many may see when her upcoming film Sucker Punch is released, this young woman is simply too hot to keep "under wraps". LOL! She is sure to be much in demand as the sexy lead star and will likely shine in the film though her co-stars are all sexy and beautiful as well!

Before her film breakthrough in High School Musical, Vanessa was mainly known to television audiences and was also in minor roles in some Hollywood films. But now she is more in the spotlight with new movies including Sucker Punch and also Beastly and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Certainly Vanessa will have plenty of work in the coming years as her star quickly rises.

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What do you see in Vanessa Hudgens future?

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Sneha Sunny profile image

Sneha Sunny 5 years ago from India

she is cute.....

JERMAINE 5 years ago


JOHN 5 years ago


johnny 20 months ago

i whould love to merry her

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