Various States of Confusion.




Idaho the Italian bimbo
got very drunk on some
Minnesota and gin.
she got sOhio that
she made an Illinois
and threw up all
over her New Jersey
Another lady named Virginia
was concerned and told
the bartender
to see if Idaho
was all right
being one of the
Boise nodded
and replied "Alaska!"
but when he said "Hawaii??"
she made a Louisville
right into the
ladies rest room
Maryland a Bar Harbor waitress
who once set a record for
drinking Canada dry
followed her and kindly
gave her a New York
peppermint patty to
clean her breath
while she was struggling at
Washington's of gunk
off her soiled blouse.
Idaho looked up
and mumbled "thanks!"
and then said, "Juneau,
Iowa lot of money
to you all for my drinks."
but Maryland smiled and said
"Don't you worry,
we'll just put it
on your Billings ."
when Idaho was through
Macon herself presentable
she walked back
to the Maine
doors and went out
without a word
then Dover self Nome
across Rhode Island
to a New Haven where she
lit up a Salem
then took some
St. Joseph's aspirin
and found some rest
on her Davenport


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