Velvet Revolution Movie Review

The movie starts with a couple of men having a chat in a diner. They obviously just met and are talking about some DEAL. One is probably a foreigner due to his strange accent. The other one is an American and played by Michael Madsen. I was surprised to see Michael Madsen in this film. Madsen is most well known playing characters in Quentin Tarantino movies such as Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and the Kill Bill series.

After this initial scene, the movie then jumps from one place to another with a myriad of scenes that are very difficult to understand how they are related to each other. Someone is beating up a guy with a golf club. A couple of men talking business in the company of crocodiles or probably alligators. Shootout in a stadium. Bed-ridden lady who is a user of prohibited substances. I tried connecting the dots. I wasn't able to do so.

Velvet Revolution has some great moments. Especially funny ones. My favorite of which is when one of the main leads makes a speech to a bunch of goons about ice creams and enzymes. One of the goons points a gun at him. The lead just sticks an ice cream cone to the gun, says "vanilla silencer" and leaves.

There are other funny scenes but they don't come that very often.

As to Michael Madsen, besides his scenes on the first few minutes, he's not to be seen for the rest of the movie.

I'm writing this review and I can't even remember how the film ended. That says a lot on how hard it is to understand what the movie is about and what it's trying to say or portray.

When it comes to the action scenes, they are pretty decent. Not that great but they are good. I think Velvet Revolution is one of those movies that you will love if you are into its brand of humor and style. It has this style that while watching the film, I felt like I've seen a scene like this before and that Velvet Revolution is borrowing it or probably paying tribute to it.

Anyway, as I said, this is a film you might actually like. As for me, I didn't find the film engaging at all.

Still want to watch this movie? Just choose a Velvet Revolution DVD. Who knows? You might find it appropriate to your movie taste.

Velvet Revolution Trailer

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