In the Future, You Can Witness Terror In the Making

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A Movie Idea I Had


In the not-so-distant future, America is introduced to a new form of technology that will end all television programing as we know. Vicarious, lets you live the life you always wanted. Whether it be your favorite movie star, sports figure or just a regular person, people now can pay to be someone else. With a Vicarious virtual reality program system , audiences will be able to feel, see and smell through special sensors when programed into Vicarious. It allows people to enjoy the life they have always wanted. But with all good things, it only takes one individual to use Vicarious for their own personal amusement and allow people to witness terror from a first person view.

When a terrorist starts logging into the Vicarious program, people from all over the United States plug in to see what terror he will bring to the city of Chicago. Now using the Vicarious program to give the Chicago Police Department clues of what he is going to do next, Logan Blackburn must race against time to save innocent hostages, disarm a bomb he has no idea where it is hidden, and save his partner, Amanda Garret from becoming the terrorist's next victim. Now using the visual clues that the terrorist is giving to Blackburn and the rest of the world, it is only a matter of time before Blackburn can put together pieces to a mad mans puzzle. And with millions of eyes witnessing, failure is not an option, but a possibility.

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