Violet and Daisy Soundtrack

Violet and Daisy Movie Soundtrack

The soundtrack for Violet and Daisy features music by Paul Cantelon. Born in Glendale, California, Cantelon started his career in the music business as a pianist. It was only during the early 2000s that he began composing scores for films. He has scored several films starting with 2002's Issaquena. The other titles he scored were Kill Your Darlings, The Swimmers, Everything Is Illuminated, Year of the Fish, Superheroes, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The Other Boleyn Girl, W., Conviction, New York I Love You, and The Music Never Stopped.

Violet and Daisy also features songs and music from artists beside Cantelon. Parker Mott, writing for the website The Final Take described the soundtrack for the film as “first rate”. He mentioned a remix of the song Angels of the Morning by Juice Newton used in the movie as “particularly memorable”. Let's just hope that a soundtrack album containing the songs in the movie will be released soon. The film has been shown in a few film festivals already and although the reviews on the movie as a whole are mixed, most of the reviews agree on the good quality of the soundtrack. If you love good music, Violet and Daisy is probably a good watch for the music alone.

Violet and Daisy Minimalist Poster

As a pianist, Cantelon has released several solo classical recordings. These are In the Morning Early, Point No Point, Paul Cantelon Solo Piano, Nightwood 24 Preludes for Solo Piano and A Modern Day Mozart. Cantelon is also a member of an alternative band called Wild Colonials. The band has released a few albums – Fruit of Life, This Can't Be Life, Reel Life Volume 1, and Life As We Know It. Cantelon played for the band as a violinist, pianist and accordionist. Besides playing for Wild Colonials, Cantelon has performed with other bands and artists as well. These include Yo Yo Ma, The Kinks, George Clinton, Everclear, Joe Cocker, Red Hot Chili Peppers, King Crimson and Ry Cooder.

List of Songs Featured in Violet and Daisy

  1. Angels of the Morning by Juice Newton
  2. Figure 8 from Schoolhouse Rock

Other Films Scored by Paul Cantelon

  1. The Music Never Stopped
  2. New York, I Love You
  3. Conviction
  4. The Other Boleyn Girl
  5. The Diving Bell & The Butterfly

Violet and Daisy Official Trailer

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