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These are my personal opinions to the service that I have received from Virgin, having been a customer since the start of their take over, and precviously a customer of Telewest before they sold up.

Cable TV has improved lots since the take over from Virgin Media from Telewest. The Virgin Media package includes TV, Broadband and Telephone. I have been a with Cable for the last 5 years, so have been lucky enough to see all the changes in service and packages that have happened over this period. Virgin media have some excellent services. The plus service allows me to record shows, in the same way that SKY plus offers, but I have the advantage of TV on Demand which allows me to go back and watch shows and series' without even recording them.

The Broadband is second to none. It is very quick, very reliable and great value for money. There is a number of options for the security of your internet and the wireless system is very good indeed. We have had no trouble with our internet whatsoever. We have 4 computers connected to the wireless connection every day at home, and all receive very good download speeds. I have only experienced one occasion when the internet and phonline were down for a couple of hours and this affected the whole area and was caused by bad weather.

The TV services are improving all the time. It is generally cheaper than SKY and in my personal opinion better quality. The satellite doesn't get lost as it does on SKY and again is a very reliable service that has improved since the takeover from Telewest. There is lots of different packages to choose from, and pretty much something for everyone. Virgin are good with securing new channels. We had Setanta for free before it went bust and now we also have ESPN so can watch all the sports that are not screened on SKY Sports and other terrestrial channels.

There has been one occasion when we had some troubles with our Media Box. We were very impressed by the service given to us by Virgin, and they were round the house within a few days and replaced the box free of charge. There is no messing about with Virgin, no extra charges, just good old fashioned customer service.

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