Virgin Media Free Repairs

 Virgin Media have taken to the television platform by storm. I have been a customer of Cable television for about 7 years now. Previously it was telewest who provided an OK service but I think it definately lacked in the wow factor. Virgin media took over from Telewest a couple of years ago and in since doing so they have provided customers with better deals, better television, more channels, extra tv services and better customer service.

3 Months ago I had problems viewing my TV on Demand pages. It would load so far but then would stop and a message would appear saying that TV on Demand was currently not available. I knew this wasn't just an update on the system because it was beginning to happen more and more. So i decided to phone up Virgin Media to explain my problem. I gave them the problem code that appeared on the screen and I was very pleased with the customer service that I received.

Within 2 days i had a Virgin engineer round who was also very pleasent and cheerful. He worked on my box for a while and then came to the conclusion that I needed a new box. ( I  started thinking to myself - How much is this going to cost me!). Up he jumped, went out to the van and brought me back a sparkling new set up box. He set it up for me within 10 minutes and then told me he would be on his way and I shouldn't have any further problems. The new box that he had given me was 100% free. I had no repair bills to pay and no questions were asked. For this I vote Virgin no1 for customer service.


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