Virgin Media, Sky Digital, and BT Triple Packages - Online Review and Free Comparison.

These days the TV is the heart of the living room. This is where the family socializes now, and the TV plays a bigger part than it ever has done in the past. Through This Hub we will take a look to see whats going on in the World of TV. Who we like and who offers what?!
As we all know a few years ago Virgin media came onto the scene, swooping in on a dieing Telewest. Since they have done, SKY have seen some serious competition forcing them to be more competitive with their television packages. And now just to top it off we have BT competing hard with their Triple package deal for £15.12 for the first 3 months. We can clearly see that more developments have been made recently in attempts to win over the viewers. Just recently we have seen the introduction of SKY and Virgin PLUS services, which allow us to record our programs and then play them back at a later date. Virgin has produced TV on Demand which allows you to watch certain shows for a week after the TV showing without even having to record it. Then there is the killer blow that means SKY has been losing more and more of its customer. This is the repair charge that is 100% Free with Virgin Media, but customers do not have this priveledge as they are forced to pay for any repairs and it's not cheap. However when we then take a look in close detail It appears that BT have really caught SKY and Virgin offguard as they bring out this new fantastic package that is the best value for money available. Surely a good option during recession for those that need to save some cash but do not want to lose all of their TV? The BT wonder deal incudes BT Total Broadband - BT Vision TV on Demand - BT Phonline and Calls. BT Total Broadband boasts impressive speeds of up to 20MB, which matches Virgin broadband - currently the best on the market - SKY fall behind quite badly here.
BT also offers fanastic new film releases before they reach any SKY movie channels. Perhaps this time BT really have been "Bringing it all together".

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