Virgin Media - Reviewed Packages & Value For Money

When we talk about value for money, what do we actually mean by this? My interpretation would be that want a good service that meets our needs and demands, and delivers our expectation. So does Virgin Media do this?

Virgin Media offers is customers excellent value with TV packages. Virgin Media currently offer TV packages that are cheaper than the SKY digital comparison and the basic channels seem to have more channels - for example ESPN sports channel, which recently took over from Setanta in the UK. There are also plenty of additional extras with Virgin TV. You have the option to record and pause live TV - thanks to the New Virgin Plus Package. If you are to unfortnately miss a program you have the option of recording a show or a whole series, but if by mistake you forgot, then you can always check On Demand to see if the program is available to watch from there. The On Demand option allows users to watch TV anytime, and hold thousands of programmes in a database that can be viewed any time. The Virgin Media Broadband is second to none and is recognised as the fastest internet (at 20mb) currently available in the UK. There are very rarely any loss of signals, and internet speeds are positively fast for at least 99% of time. There are different packages with regards to phone lines, but these are also very competitive when compared why BT and SKY anytime packages.

Overall: Virgin offer a very good all rounded service. The service surely meets many people's expectations and is positively moving towards improving all the time. Definately value for money.

Why would a company want to take over from Telewest when they were making such big losses? Virgin took over because they knew that they could take technology a step further and that therefore all the investment originally put in by Telewest would be well worth while.

Since Virgin Media have taken over we have seen some fantastic packages, deals, offers and overall service that SKY have truly struggled to compete with. Examples on Virgin Media Vs Sky TV - Review, Prices, Value for Mo With Virgin you never get the "No Satellite" message that you quite often find when you come to watch your SKY.

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