Virgin Media Vs SKY Digital - The Battle!

The Sky & Virgin battle has only just begun. Who is the best? Who offers what? Which is best value for money?!  At the top of the page there is a link for Sky and a link for Virgin, both are the best offers they do, so feel to have a look once you have read this page,

A few years ago Virgin media came onto the scene, swooping in on a dieing Telewest. Since they have done, SKY have seen some serious competition forcing them to be more competitive with their teleivsion packages. You can clearly see that more developments have been made recently in attempts to win over the viewers. Just recently we have seen the introduction of SKY and Virgin PLUS services, which allow us to record our programs and then play them back at a later date. Virgin has produced TV on Demand which allows you to watch certain shows for a week after the TV showing without even having to record it. What is going to be next?! It can only be good for us as these too major competitors battle it out to be no1.  

Just recently we have had SKY men and women knocking on our doors seeing if they can steel our custom which shows they still want to be very dominant within the market. Virgin on the other hand make use of huge advertising to attract people's attention.

Sky and Virgin could not orginally come to an agreement with the channel SKY1, so Virgin came up with its own version called Virgin1. Now both providers show each others "1" channel.

The newest talk on the town is with regards to the NEW ESPN channel that has been broadcasting sport and some very popular football games. Virgin seem to offer it all in with some packages where as the deal seems different with SKY.

I'm sure there will be many more battles to come between these 2 gigantic competitors and hopefully we might see a benefit in price for it.

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