Virgin Media Vs Sky TV - Review, Prices, Value for Money

This webpage is titled Virgin vs Sky. The reason i write the word virgin first is because that is what i am currently using in my household. I will give you my personal views and experiences and what i believe is best when it comes to Virgin and Sky TV. At the top of the page there is a link for Sky and a link for Virgin, both are the best offers they do, so feel to have a look once you have read this page,

Many of you will know that previously Telewest used to be the main competitor for Sky in the UK, but then Virgin took over as it wasn't a profitable business for telewest in the end.

Virgin came in at the right time. Richard Branson, super entrapenuer ertainly didn't miss out on this one. For many years Telewest has been continuing to invent into the market, and into improving the service that they offered. It was Telewest that did the research, came up with the new innovative ideas - and it is Virgin that have put them into action.

We have been with Virgin for 6 years now and we are very happy with the service it prpvodes most of the time. Without a doubt i think that it is fair to say that you get more for your money with Virgin, when buying a package. We recently had Sky people round who said that they would like to try and beat the price we are paying for Virgin. This sounded good so we arranged for the sales man to come round one evening. He sat and talked with us for about half an hour but then admitted he could not beat what we was currently paying for our All in package, including telephone, internet and television.

It would have worked out around £15 extra per month to go with SKY - amounting to over £170 a year.

There are up and downsides to virgin. I will start with the positives...

The TV and Music on Demand features are really superb. You have a variety of TV or Music that you can watch whenever you like. There are endless lists of series's, comedy's and much more. There is also the Catch up TV feature from which you can watch and programs you might have missed any tim you like over the next week without having to record it. (only on selected channels). The internet speed is also much better with telewest - I think about 6 times faster. If your box breaks you will not have to pay for a new one, whereas with sky you will. With Virgin you also have No DISH slapped on the front back or side of your house!

Negatives - We have had incidents where the TV on Demand is not working or freezes as you try to load. Also lately the BBC Channels have gone funny a couple of times (but this could have also happened on SKY for all i know. Not all areas have Virgin cables installed.

Before purchasing either Virgin or Sky i would strongly recommend looking at all the packages that are available because one company might offer a better service suited to you as an individual. I personally will be sticking with Virgin. Please leave your opinion on the online free comparison - voting poll below.


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