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What You Should Know About Visionmax Projector HD-2K!

State of the Art Home Theater Experience!

With Visionmax's HD-2K projector's exceptional low price and sleek, high-tech industrial design, this projector has more advantages in comparison to most projectors. For less than $30,000 the Visionmax HD-2K projector delivers a new stage of visual image quality that brings out the most accurate colors. In terms of price and quality, the HD-2K projector outperforms more than most home theater projectors in the 1080P competition. For only $6,999, you can enjoy the amazing picture quality on this Visionmax HD-2K projector, which is unbeatable in its class! Like other high end projectors , the HD-2K can easily be hooked up to most entertainment systems. The HD-2K'sHDMI input works perfectly to not let the amplitude down, therefor this projector will NOT lose most resolution quality unlike other high end projectors.

Here is a review from one of Visionmax's customers.."The HD-2K was very easy to install as it only took me less than 5 minutes as all settings were preset, so all I had to do was to take the projector out of the box and connect the plugs. Truthfully, Its overall value is definitely worth more than $6999, as I never expected to receive such unbelievable high quality picture and sound quality. In addition, I've really got to give props to the HDMI inputs on the HD-2K projector as it was so easy to connect to my other HDMI devices and most importantly it works perfectly fine. I really love the fact that this home theater system created by Visionmax is so user friendly and have high quality images because it is a steal at a price of $6999. Overall, purchasing the Visionmax HD-2K Projector was one of the best decision I've ever made for my home entertainment system."

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David 6 years ago

SCAM - Vision max my ass! Technical specs are non existant - WHITE VAN MAN SCAM

Not a Sucker 6 years ago

This garbage is showing up on kijiji and craigslist selling for 'way below' the suggested ripp-off price marked on the 'unopened, never used package'. Along with won in a contest, bought 2 but only needed one, got as a birthday present but already have one, need money to go back to school, just lost my job, etc.

peter 6 years ago

this is a big scam... i wonder how people can still buy this junk from a guy driving a van... "hey, you want to buy a TV?".

Everyone who buys these have been scammed. Everything with the name "visionmax" are worthless pieces of junk.

Teddy 6 years ago

I bought one for my works great. Don't know what all the fuss is about...

mike 6 years ago

I bought 4 of the visionmax hd 2k projectors for my adult book store. Paid 2000 a piece. Best deal ever made. Don't know what all these other idiots are talking about.

G w bush 6 years ago

I have one and works perfect

illinois 6 years ago

I have one also and it works fine right now...not sure what all this scam talk is about. No one is even saying what the scam really is.

Possum 6 years ago

They are about a 200 dollar projector. They mark 5995 on the box, so when you pay 2000 you think you are getting a deal. One sold on ebay this morning for 215 and free shipping.

Look at there website, no phone number you can call, just a fax number. No ID markings on the building, could be anything.

No specs on the projectors. Most likely 800 x 600 that accepts hd signals, you are buying junk.... anything over 200 bucks and you got took. Can't find any listings for bulbs.

HomeTheatreBuyer 6 years ago

Honestly, I bought one of the VM HD-2k projectors, last week(Yes..from the guys in the white van lol). Ive bought other stuff like that before, such as the dreaded, 'AudioFile' speakers(which have worked well for almost 8 years now), and various other things. Some of the stuff I bought did, indeed turn out to be junk. Some didn't. Anyways,the projector is what it is, and I knew it when I was buying it.

If you pay any more than $400, for the projector AND screen, for what is essentially disposable electronics, then yes, you got scammed. The MSRP is a ruse, just like any other product, legit or otherwise. I knew what this stuff was, and knew that there was NO way I could get a comparable projector AND screen, NEW, for anywhere NEAR $400(talked the guy down from $3000.00(lol)to $600, to $400) Which is probably a little more than retail double what it cost them. That's fine with me. The brightness specs are probably a little off. I'd say its closer to 3500-4000 lumens MAX, rather than the 5000 claimed. The resolution specs seem fairly true. But again, unless you're running a Blu-ray dvd player directly into it via HDMI, you wont get any better than 720 or 1080i, not the 1080p, advertised. Video game consoles seem to work decently on it. 15,000:1 contrast ratio, ehh... I'd say it's probably closer to 10,000:1. Still looks pretty good though, unless you're planning on opening up your own underground, black market movie theatre, and screening 'Avatar', every night.

The bulb, heat sinks, and fan unit are not very good. And you can forget about a replacement bulb. You cant get them, period. I would definitely recommend using an extra cooling fan/unit, if you can. You wont get anywhere close to 8000hrs use from it, if you don't. Also, portability- It doesn't have it. If you're gonna be dragging this projector around from presentation to presentation, not keeping it in a padded flight case during transport, or just banging it around in general, expect it to last about 6 months/2000 hrs MAX. They have to be babied, much more than other standard, name brand projectors.

That's the rub on VisionMax, among other things. They just arent made very solidly. But for $400, what do you expect? The '3D optimized light engine', lol, essentially means nothing, as ul never be able to utilize any 3d-type projection, until they start manufacturing 3d component dvd/multimedia players specifically designed for projectors such as these, which will probably never happen.

So all in all, if you're gonna mount this thing permanently in a conference room or house, really watch its operating temperature, possibly using an additional external cooling unit, and you don't smack it around, you could get about 5000hrs out of it, if you're lucky. When it burns out or dies, just throw it out. There is no service department/part replacement division for this company. Im reasonably happy with mine. And I sure as hell wasn't gonna pay about $2000-$3000, for essentially the same thing, with better quality control and replacement bulbs available. If it burns out within the next 6 months, then I'd say I was on the sucker side of the deal. But if I can get a year out of it, I'll consider myself on the plus side of the deal. Well, that's MY experience with my VisionMax. Hope it was helpful to somebody out there.

gurmukh 6 years ago

i just spent 20 mins cursing the person who sold me this because it wasn't working then i picked it up again and threw it on the floor plugged it back in and it was working very crappy quality but atleast it works that's all i expected for $200

Jeff 6 years ago

Got one white van style, works fine.... Def not what I thought but does anyone know If I can hook it up with my normal cable tv somehow?

Patz 6 years ago

I got one from the same white van. What a surprise when I came back home and saw the real price. I haven't installed yet but I hope the quality will be good. If anyone would be approach by people with white van, be carefully.

ww929 6 years ago

Why is no phone number does anyone have a phone number for tech support.

Austin 6 years ago

to kook ur tv up to the projector you need an rd de-modulator.

james 5 years ago

never u dear buy anything with the name visionmax it is the worst scam you would get in your life. Nothing is more painfull than buy something with the name visionmax.

Robert 5 years ago

I cant get mine to change input :(

Visionmax is garbage 5 years ago

SCAM! Visionmax is garbage sold out the back of a van. You will never find their products in stores because it is absolute junk. Same goes for Sutherland Technologies or Brendel speakers by the way. Avoid and save your money.

lilah 5 years ago

my projector works fine! We put our on our den and have family night's on the weekends. My kidz love to watch disney movies.

Yunio 5 years ago

It was me the one who had the visionmax projector for sale in kijiji it was the only one in there i deleted the advertice because i decide to kip it and to be hones since i buy it i never use my tvs againg is the best thing inculd ever by it is real hd and i conect it to my stereo and it feels like i am at the cinemax i always here people talking bad things about it. It is true that there is no way to contact the people that make it but me personal i have a good experience with it. Plus i only pay 300 dollars for my if u wana by a projector with this cuality go to best by and it going to cost about 1500 and do not get even close to the cuality on this one

qwdw 5 years ago


Leory Theadore 5 years ago

I bought this projector for $2,800 down from $6,999. That's a discount of over 50%! How can you go wrong? I completely understand that the projector is garbage and doesn't work well (resolution is actual 640*420, not even 800x600) but hey, 50%off, that is what I'm talking about. Its a great feeling knowing I spent so little when the Manufaturing intended a sale of nearly $7000! Whether the projector works or not, is secondary to me basking in the glory of saving 50%+. Now I just need a nice set of speakers to go with my projector. I heard Dinvici's are pretty good (they must be, they have an MSRP of $6000!) I bet I can talk'em down a bit...

david 5 years ago

cant find bulb any clues would help thanx in advance

dude from white van. 5 years ago

ha ha ha ..... i took all your money!!! you are sooooo dumb. ha ha ha

Frank 4 years ago

I need a remote for a visionmax HD 2K projector and I can't find one......there seems to be no way to contact this company.

JImmie_james_44 4 years ago

I got one for sale....

paula 4 years ago

does anyone know how to get the light on

Dave james 4 years ago

It last about 5 mins should of not buy from a victim

brian 4 years ago

i Need your broken visionmax hd 2k projector. Ill give you cash in exchange. Email

subject: crap projector parts

Asolomi 4 years ago

Total white van scam if ever there was one. I want my $200 back, not worth even a nickel. P.O.S. Website designed by third graders. No specs at all. Not reviewed in the trade press. No retail out lets. A white van scam if ever there was one.

eric 4 years ago

My buddy traded some junk military stuff for the hd-2k unit. I traded a really nice lg plasma tv set and 500 in cash for that and a broken screen(they didn't put the locking mechanism in during manufacturing and the screen won't stay down). The projector works. Its all I can say. I had it for 2 years now and used it pretty heavy. The lamp doesn't start all the time so you have to switch it off and on. The next issue that I've seen ppl have is the tuner freeze as I call it. Sometimes you power it on and its stuck on white snow analog tv mode and you must do a memory recall in the menu and select english for language again as it defaults to chinese. Another big issue I absolutly hate is the non standard resolutions it has (jiggy screen to lines to horrible quality as the unit has to downscale resolutions from the hdmi input). Another problem is dust on the insides of the lenses and on the lcd screen inside. No single lcd based projector could ever produce high resolution as the dot pitch 3 color array isn't that good at the moment(the only lcd units that have superior quality is the 3lcd units that have 3 lcds for the 3 primary light colors rbg) this projector also has a serious issue with focal points(the lcd array is mounted on this clumbsy mechanism that uses a loose gear that adjusts the angle of the panel to keep the trapezoid effect to a minumum) that makes the image blurry at the top or bottom depending on how you adjust the wheel on the side of the unit. There are problems with this low end unit. That's why you should never pay over 200 for the projector and screen. The screen retails for 75 to 150 for cheap to decent quality screens and the projector is maybe worth 150 alone. It may be worth a bit more because it does support hdmi hd and does play blurays over hdmi because it has hdcp installed which my lg plasma 1080p tv did not(hate you for that lg). Despite how you aquire the unit, it isn't as bad of a product as people claim but a mere entry level cheap projector worth maybe 250 to 300 for the hdmi/hdcp bluray connection. Btw, bluray and high def movies play just fine on this unit and look damn good for 300 dollar optics. You also need to make sure to set the color to soft in the menu as vivid, game, movie, etc modes suck and wash out the colors(some have complained about washed out colors and setting it to soft to me is the best color rendering setting).

oz 3 years ago

i have a bulb but my unit has no power it lasted about 6 months

walkerwilliam91 2 years ago

I need to get new glasses. I lost my other pair. I feel that when I buy another set I will find the other pair.

black 22 months ago

Hi.can I know how much the price now for the visionmax hd-2k..?

mike 18 months ago

where and how much does the lamp or bulb for visionmax hd-2k cost and where can i purchase same

profile image

mickael231 18 months ago

where can i find the lamp for visionmax hd-2k projector

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