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Facebook and Warner Bros Pictures Team Up

Facebook, the biggest social networking site on the planet has more than half a billion registered users. Now Warner Bros Pictures has come up with an idea that allows these users to watch movies right on Facebook. It is still on a testing phase and they only have one title in offer, the movie Batman:The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan.

To watch the movie, all you have to do is go to the movie’s official Facebook page then click on a “Watch” button. You have to pay 30 Facebook credits which is the equivalent of US $3 to watch it. Facebook takes a third of the take.

After purchasing the movie, you are allowed to watch it as many times as you like within a 48 hour period.

This service is currently available only in the United States.

Warner Bros did not elaborate as to how much their movies will cost on Facebook but it has plans of adding more titles in the coming months.


If this experiment by Warner Bros Pictures proves successful, it could totally change the industry of online movie distribution. Companies in this industry should be very worried right now especially Netflix which has been the frontrunner in video streaming rentals for a long time now. The Facebook-Warner Bros Pictures partnership, if it goes well could cost Netflix great profit losses.

"Making our films available through Facebook is a natural extension of our digital distribution efforts," said Thomas Gewecke, the president of Warner Bros. in an article published on USA Today.

This is good news for film buffs most especially if the service is going to be offered globally. Who would’ve thought that a time will come when you can watch movies on Facebook?

It’s pretty hard to imagine what could possibly go wrong with this idea. It offers nothing but an easier and cheaper way to watch movies as well as great potential of it becoming a profit-maker for both Warner Bros Pictures and Facebook.

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