Dance Like No One's Watching

If you're a fan of comedy, I really don't have to say much. This video just speaks for itself. A friend of mine posted this to share some laughs. Who doesn't need a good laugh? Needless to say, I think it's just the combination of the whole set up of the monotonous dancing in the background (compared to these two guys) along with the "happy go lucky" rhythm music that brings so much more focus on our dancing genius wearing the white pants. LOL!

What a great moment to catch on video! It's funny and entertaining mostly, I think to those who'e been very close to one of these moments yet escaped being caught on camera. This is for all of you who could use a good laugh for a rainy day, miserable monday, or just because! (Check out his move at 1:12....gotta love it!!)

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@MagicBoy profile image

@MagicBoy 6 years ago from Qatar

Hey Cheryl, hope you are doing good..I am sorry, but did not find any link or video attached to the hub..Am I missing something??


_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 6 years ago from California Author

Hi @MagicBoy, that's weird because I just checked and the video play fine for me. Hmmm, not sure what's going on with that. Thanks for letting me know. =)

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