We play Debussy's Clarinet Rhapsody for you

Happy Holidays Hubbers

I uploaded this track of my son Connor and I playing Debussy's Clarinet Rhapsody a couple of years ago. It's far from perfect -- we were both a little rusty. Hope you like it! For a single click experience Download here from zshare and put up with the porn ads for the free bandwidth.  If you'd rather just have the raw .wav file download from my server.  If you chose zshare please be aware that it takes a few minutes to download and you don't have to click anything.   

Oh Blah. HP doesn't like hubs this short. I will rant away that this is an audio, not a text hub, and in fact it has several megabytes of content, as you will find if you download it. Hubpages really ought to get with the program and allow us to do 100% podcast hubs, why not? Connor apologizes for the slight squeak on page 5, and I apologize for the hand toss technique missing the mark a few times on page 12. If you know this piece well you'll hear 'em. If not, oh well. We didn't throw in as much schlocky rubato as some artists do. I'm not a big fan of over rubato-ing things. We followed the composer's markings, and Debussy made plenty.

Anyway, happy holidays everybody, and lets hope for a blessed 2009!

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Aya Katz profile image

Aya Katz 7 years ago from The Ozarks

Hot Dorkage, I clicked on the wav file, but it wouldn't download. I may be missing a plug-in.

Have you considered turning the music into a YouTube video? You could use the sheet music as the visual and indicate where you are on the page as the music is playing. This could then be used in a hub about how to play classical music.

Just a thought!

hot dorkage profile image

hot dorkage 7 years ago from Oregon, USA Author

Thanks Aya Katz for the headsup. You can also download the raw wav directly from my server. http://tixrus.us/rhap.wav I thought this would be easier, as it includes a play wrapper, I thought a lot of folks might not know what to do with a raw .wav file.

I think it would be a violation of copyright to use the sheet music the way you describe. Debussy is 20th century, so his stuff is not public domain. Even when the music is public domain, publishers copyright their editions. I'm skating on thin ice as is, using this low res JPG, but my little ethics bleeper tells me this is fair use, as (a) it's only one page, and no one could render the work from this jpg.

I intend to make it into a youtube but I intend to put stills that the music suggests. I hope you can listen to it and enjoy it soon!

And OMG a hub on how to play classical music that's kind of a big one!

Lgali profile image

Lgali 7 years ago

another good hub

Aya Katz profile image

Aya Katz 7 years ago from The Ozarks

Hot Dorkage, thanks for the wav file. That was much simpler. Difficult music, though!

As for the copyright, it used to go into public domain 50 years after author's decease. I think they recently changed that to a longer period, but I don't know that the extension works retroactively for someone who died in 1918.

hot dorkage profile image

hot dorkage 7 years ago from Oregon, USA Author

Yeah it's difficult music but the pros would make even this sound easy. Very few high schoolers even attempt this piece. It was all Connor's idea, no one put him up to it or suggested it for him. If I wanted to go into Sibelius and set up my own edition of this music I could use it. It's the editions that are copyright nowdays. Believe me that would be about a solid week of work! No thanks.

My current musical endeavor is Brahms cello sonata in Em, mvt 1 with my youngest daughter, age 16. Here is Rostropovich doing it so you know what we're up against. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BM-6B8_Jj-o

tonymac04 profile image

tonymac04 7 years ago from South Africa

Thanks for sharing your music making - and such a wonderful piece so well played!

Will go on to the Brahms soon!

Love and peace


hot dorkage profile image

hot dorkage 7 years ago from Oregon, USA Author

Glad you enjoyed it Tonymac. We just performed the Brahms for the first time in public last Saturday. It wasn't recorded, there were a few near train wrecks but Ellie covered them well. It's not that good musicians never make mistakes, it's how well they keep their cool and pretend like that was what they meant to do all along. It's amazing what you can get away with as long as you keep the rhythm steady and and play whatever errors you play solidly in tune! What's death is to stop and look confused and frightened. Most of the people listening had no idea she lost the thread for a bar or two, let alone how close she was to losing it completely. I hope we can get our own recording of Brahms up soon. Ellie isn't Rostropovich yet but she plays well enough that it's fun to make music with her.

abibakar profile image

abibakar 7 years ago

Thanks for the nice hub

hot dorkage profile image

hot dorkage 7 years ago from Oregon, USA Author

Always glad to hear when somebody enjoyed our music!

good 6 years ago

so cool :D

Beat Making Software 6 years ago


I make a very different kind of music - but I recently used the melodies of this clarinet rhapsody in one of my hiphop songs. I am afraid you're not particularly fond of that ;-) But can't argue about taste, and this one is beautiful.

Kind regards,


hot dorkage profile image

hot dorkage 6 years ago from Oregon, USA Author

Hiphop music I judge on an individual basis. I'm not fond of the singsongy tracks delivered in a deadpan voice with lyrics that neither illuminate nor inspire. It would put me to sleep if they didn't crank up the bass so loud. But there are also a few geniuses in the genre: anyone who even thinks to blend Debussy licks with hiphop gets points for imagination. How about a link to a sample of your work?

hot dorkage profile image

hot dorkage 4 years ago from Oregon, USA Author

The link to the music file is officially broken. If anyone wants it to be back, ask me and I'll fix it.

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