Wells Cathedral Stained Glass Windows

Welcome to my hub on stained glass windows installed in Wells Cathedral.

Well's Cathedral is situated in Somerset.

The construction of the Cathedral started in1180

The images on this Hub are purely stained glass windows, I will be creating a further Hub on the exteria masonary figurettes doted arount the top of the Cathedral.

Please enjoy the images and leave a comment

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Lamme profile image

Lamme 6 years ago

Mike, these pictures are beautiful!

mike1242 profile image

mike1242 6 years ago from London Author

thankyou for the comment Lamme

Alex119 profile image

Alex119 6 years ago from UK

Thank you so much for this profound journey into soul and beauty blended with creation and art offered through your great pictures in Wells Cathedral.

mike1242 profile image

mike1242 6 years ago from London Author

Thankyou Alex119 for your lovely comment.

Alex911 6 years ago

Thanks Mike,

These pictures are really pretty!!" (:

mike1242 profile image

mike1242 6 years ago from London Author

thanks alex :}

Double Glazing Worcester 5 years ago

The pictures really are amazing. The stained glass gives me goosebumps as each really are marvelously created with soul.

mike1242 profile image

mike1242 5 years ago from London Author

thanks for the comment, the sizes of these windows are amazing likewise the glass....

Lucy1512 5 years ago

This is amazing help thankyou. I have been learning abut this stuff at school

Lucy1512 5 years ago

pls may you put some more info up on ur page about them

Interested 4 years ago

just wondered if you know whether Dennis King completed any restoration work on these beautiful windows

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