What are the top kid movies for children under five years old?

The Best Full Length Movies For Kids Under Five Years Old

Disney movies are your best bet for movies for kids under five years old, although there are many movies done by other people that are great for kids under five years old. Here's the top 10 from my own experience of having three children; two boys and a girl.

1. The Little Mermaid - classic story put to music. Lovable sea creatures for friends of Ariel.

2. Finding Nemo (great for boys and girls) - The movie appeals to every age so parents won't get tired of watching it as quickly as some others. Little fish is subject to over-protective father and ends up getting fishnapped. Both endure a series of adventures in order to be reunited.

3. Cars - Not just for little boys, my daughter also loved this movie with it's great music and exciting action. Also teaches a little about the history behind Route 66.

4. Lilo and Stitch - Aliens, Islands, and two sisters mourning the loss of their parents while adjusting to a different sort of family. Great music and animation as well as characters that can be related to .

5. Robin Hood - The classic story set to a forest theme with bears, foxes and tigers (Oh My!) One of the older movies recommended here but still very sweet with fun singable songs.

6. Aladdin - Any animated movie with Robin Williams has to be funny. This movie is Disney's take on the Aladdin and the Lamp story. Great characters, excellent music and a valuable story line about being yourself and how the value of a person is not determined by the amount of money in their pocket.

7. Monster's Inc. - A Valuable movie for showing children that monsters aren't anything to be afraid of. Also very funny and speaks of the value of friendship and bravery.

8. Happy Feet - Another great be-yourself movie for kids under five. Also incorporates good music. A little bit lovey-dovey but my daughter was so entranced by the peguins that she actually sat through the whole movie. It is a really cute film with funny and endearing characters. Robin Williams does a couple of the voices for this movie too.

9. Flushed Away - Funny in a way kids under five years old will appreciate. A bit different from the other movies mentioned in the plot and character development but worth checking out if you have young children (or older children too)

10. The Rescuers - Girls and Boys alike enjoy this movie. A good plot and great characters give the child a sense of being along on the adventure.

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dafla 9 years ago

You forgot the Lion King! Alltime favorite movie of my kids. They are grown, and they still love it.

jenncarpenter profile image

jenncarpenter 9 years ago from Warwick Author

I know. I love the Lion King too but when my nephew watched it at the age of six, he got very upset about the father dying so I decided to leave it off for that reason.

Legion 9 years ago

I would add stuff from Ghibli Studios, specially "My Neighbor Totoro", "The Cat Returns", "Spirited Away" and "Howl's Moving Castle"

yako 7 years ago

I don't think that horrible vilains like the witch in the Little Mermaid or in Aladdin, or themes like death or loss of a parent, as seen on The Lion King or Nemo, are suitable at all for children under five.

As to Ghibli studios, only Totoro could be suggested to children of that age, the other ones cited are definitely 12+ according to me. Be careful also with Cars (too dizzy and fast!) Monsters, Inc. (some of the monsters could scare your children).

Cartoons are not "just" cartoons. They also should be carefully chosen according the viewers' ages and sensitivity.

Griffdad 6 years ago

My 3 year absolutely loves nearly every Gibhli movie. We just watched Cat Returns tonight actually, and he was more than happy to discuss the events in the movie. And he nearly begs to watch Howl some days - he seems quite capable of understanding some of the deeper aspects of the story. So far, only Pom Poko disturbed him for some reason (we obviously never showed him Grave of the Fireflies or other purely adult cartoons of course). Every child is different and can handle a certain level. My son knows that people at Disneyland are in costumes and has told us outright that movies are just pretend, so "scary things aren't real". I do know, though, that other kids aren't the same and a movie like Monsters Inc would be too scary...

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