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TV commercials! Love them or hate them, they are what pays the bills so that you can watch your favorite programs. Personally, rarely, do I watch them. I have to admit in the past, there has been some funny TV commercials. For starters, I remember the Wendy's commercial-"WHERE'S THE BEEF?"

Who can forget the three elderly ladies looking at an huge burger with plenty of bread with little meat? Then one of them yells out the famous slogan. This slogan caught on and was used throughout social circles. This, my friends, is what I call effective advertising. It is what makes TV commercials fun!

E.F. Hutton.

Then, there's the famous E F Hutton commercial. It was about an investment company. Their commercial, although, not funny was effective. Every time a person mentioned the name "E F HUTTON," there was silence. Why? Because people wanted to hear something profitable, something worthwhile to invest! E F Hutton was trying to make a point. They wanted to be known as the maximum authority in investments.

Founded in 1904, it was a successful business until the crash of 1987. Merging with other companies, E F HUTTON fizzled out until the remains of it merged with Citigroup. Looking back in time, I think this was a great commercial. It drove the point home-INVEST IN US AND GET AHEAD!

Little Ceasar's conga line.

This was a funny one. At the beginning, you hear a drum sound and then, what seems to be a samba beat, comes into the scene. In a perfect line, people are getting in step with the music. The first to come out is a short guy. Marching to an almost perfect unison, the people seems to be having fun. In one scene, you see a tall blonde lady dancing with a little child bumping into her behind. In the next scene, you see a grandfatherly type with his granddaughter holding on to the back of his pants. Then at the end, you see a tall french poodle dancing to the samba beat-Priceless and funny!

Little Ceasars

Federal Express.

Who can forget John Moschitta speaking at about 100 miles per hour? In one ad scene, you see him talking on the phone and finishes negotiating! Then, he talks to a guy who can, barely, get his head above the desk and finishes negotiating with him! Then off to a board meeting! Negotiating at a fast pace!

Then, off to a dinner business meeting, still talking at 100 miles per hour! Then, there is another person waiting to do some negotiating at his office. He tells his secretary to tell him to wait, while he is on the phone talking! He seems to be in a trance. You wonder how many cups of coffee he had! Federal Express,effectively, used this ad to make a point. In this fast paced world of business, we get your deliveries on time!

Fed Ex Fast talker!

Yo quiero Taco Bell.

Ok-Spanish 101! Yo quiero Taco Bell!(I want Taco bell) Who can forget that little, lovable chihuahua dog! In one commercial, a female chihuahua makes eyes at the Taco Bell dog. He escapes and you would think he gets the girl! One happy ending. right? Wrong! He passed by the girl dog and goes to a guy who is eating a taco. Speaking in Spanish with subtitles in English, he says-Yo QUIERO TACO BELL! A Classic!

Finally, who can forget the famous Geico commercial with Don LaFontaine? The client would narrate his misfortune with dramatic music. Don LaFontaine would provide the voice that you would hear in a movie trailer. What I like about this commercial is that it had a happy ending! Another classic.

I am sure that we can talk on and on about favorite TV commercials. A word to the TV ad writers-A funny commercial goes a long way. In this day and time, everyone likes a good laugh. How about you,friend, what is your favorite TV commercial? Inquiring minds want to know! I have provided some links to take you back in time-Enjoy!

Taco Bell

Where's the beef?

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onthegrind profile image

onthegrind 5 years ago from Florida, United States

Haha, the first commercial I thought of was "Where's the beef?". The Little Caesars one was classic. Oh, and "The Make 7..Up Yours" commercials were pretty good too.

gail641 profile image

gail641 5 years ago from Mason City

I like the commercial with "Where's the beef?", too. There has been a lot of great commercials through the years. Some of them are pretty funny. I like the little gecko on the Geico commercials. I like the way the gecko talks.

Flu-Bird 4 years ago

Do you remember the TV ad for SUBARU with PAUL HOGAN where their driving around this jungle and soon they come across these giant bird footprint and this huge orange feather Hogan says THEIR KIND OF CUTE WERE THEIR LITTLE

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