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Harry Knowles of aintitcool.com. Not me!!!

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Jenny L. 25 hours ago

@ bndirk - The movie you're looking for is Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise. Good movie.

Bndirk 32 hours ago

Looking for the name of an action movie where a guy is at a bar when a sluty girl starts flirting with him. He makes some rude comments like "I can't afford you" which she respond "I'm not a hooker!" Her "brothers" come over and ask the guy to join them out side. The guy kicks all their ass no problem. Later on he sees the trick off one of the guys from the bar at a pays parts store. He finds the girl that tried to flirt with him and discovers that they were hired to beat him up. He takes the truck to the house of the guys and there is an old women on the front porch appeared to be passed out from drugs. He goes inside a fights some more people.

BritishChap 34 hours ago

Hi, I'm reposting an earlier request, because it has dropped off the front page, and the "see earlier comments" function doesn't work well.

Film I saw in 2003 in Ireland. I think it was either set in France, or perhaps was in French with s/titles?

A man arrives in town alone, and books into a hotel. I think he is a criminal and is part of a bankrobbing team, preparing for a job. He might be the getaway driver? He talks with the landlady, and she envies his "exciting" lifestyle and wishes she could have adventures, like she imagines he has. But the man, by contrast, envies her quiet life and wishes he had her lifestyle. That's all I remember about the plot. I can't recall what else happens. I think the title of the film is quite simple, eg "The black car", or "The long road", or "Start and Stop", something like that. I'm not sure why I think it's French, or based in France, I could be wrong there, it's just an impression I have. (I seem to recall French shutters on the windows, and narrow side-streets). I think it was a new release when I saw it (2003). It had a slightly avant-garde, "film-noir" feel about it, and I don't think it was a major box-office success.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Virginia cottet 39 hours ago

This is Virginia again. I know I just posted, but I'm dying to know what this movie is. I have been trying on my own to find this movie title and having no luck whatsoever. If only I can remember an actor or actress. I just remember it had a group of friends they hung around and the Chinese girl who fell in love with a white man he was a lumberjack. The Chinese girl would bring him lunch at his job in the woods. Sorry to be like this. It's driving me crazy. Thanks everyone out there. Vc

Virginia cottet 40 hours ago

Hey everyone still waiting on a title of the movie. I do remember one more thing about the movie is that the young Chinese girl was always wearing black. She was obsessed about death and black. It seems she the Chinese girl looked to be 8 or 9 years old in the movie. The man she fell in love with was a lumber Jack. Thanks Virginia

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

Bob 2 days ago

it is an animated movie. it takes place in a city of the future. where they have robots doing all the physical labor. there are different levels of the city and a boy disappears. this detective goes to find him and there is also a girl robot that is the key to the computer running everything. it was probably a Japanese animae.

George Smilely 5 days ago

Early 70s adult comedy where in one scene a couple is strolled in because they are sexually stuck together and has an ending of a man flying on an airplane but is seated outside the plane and says, "the only way to fly."

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 8 days ago from Illinois

@Traci ~ Lovely, Still (2008) starring Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1150947/

What a wonderful film this is, so touching!

traci 8 days ago

a movie on Amazon Prime where this older man doesn't remember his past. He lives across the street from his wife. They start dating and he thinks he is falling in love for the first time in his life. He was the owner of a grocery store...he don't remember anything. HELP! I need to watch it again!

dtm14 9 days ago

@Gigi elizabeth I believe you're talking about the John Waters film Cry Baby

Andrea 10 days ago

Hi. I'm trying to remember the name of this movie I've seen. It might be the woman's name. In the movie, a bunch of people are trying to follow and kill a young woman, who I think was alone at a college campus during holiday. They communicate with their phones, and are after her because they think she has a certain name. They kill young women in many states with that name and post videos of their chasings online. Eventually she decides to go after them, and tricks and kills them. ..Thank you.

Gigi elizabeth 10 days ago

I was watching a movie in a hotel lobby this morning, trying to figure out what it was. Parody? Cheesy old movie? Before I could figure it out this woman came in and just changed the channel! How rude!

I decided it wasn't worth saying anything. I wasn't really "watching" it anyway, just trying to figure out what it was. Here's what I saw:

A singing/dancing jailhouse scene then a 50s looking scene where a teen girl packs a suitcase to leave home. The parents introduce her to a Swedish exchange student and say they've made arrangements to send her to Sweden. She gets in the car with a guy to go to this new place called a theme park...

Then the channel got changed.

What is this?!!!!

Overking76 10 days ago

I need help with this movie if you don't mind. I saw this movie but was never able to finish it and it has been bugging me recently. So it starts out with this couple having sex on a beach in a storm and I forget how but they up letting another couple from a house boat stay with them for a night. The man from the boat tries to attack the girl from the house while drunk and she accidently kills him. Tge husband from the house(he may be a lawyer) convinces her that the best course is to cover it up and make it look like he left. The lady from the boat finds out and blackmails them into a large sum of money that comes from the wife. Turns out the whole thing was a setup by the husband at the house and lady from the boat to get money, and the eife discovers this and tells the husband to leave. This is as far as I got. I saw this maybe 5ish years ago and I believe the lady on the boat was asian and the others were white if that helps.

polpol 11 days ago


is it drop dead Fred? Carrie fisher lives on house boat, leading actress is Phoebe Cates. Her imaginary friend Fred sinks the houseboat

MARE 11 days ago

An old black and white movie about a man stranded at a haunted house,fall in love with a girl who is a ghost,and everyone else,are ghost.

MystMoonstruck 11 days ago

@robert quinn ~ You're welcome! I saw this on TCM several months ago, refreshing my memory of it.

dtm14 11 days ago

@ roadtoad2 You write "Still, no one is trying to find my movie. Please try harder, and answer to my email" and "Would someone at least please TRY?"

How do you people haven't tried? With that attitude, I've stopped looking for you.

roadtoad2 11 days ago

Still, no one is finding my movie:

Would someone at least please TRY?

robert quinn 12 days ago

Thanks so much MystMoonstruck. Years looking for this film! Yes that's it!

Anna 12 days ago

It's been a long time since I post this but no luck so I want to repost just in case someone may know this movie :(

Hello everyone I hope someone can help me find the tittle of a movie

The movie is about a guy who wants to commit suicide first he tries to hold his breath but he can not than he tries something with the gas from the oven I think only to find out that he has no electricity so at least he decides to jump from a bridge and just when he is about to jump a man I think a homeless I am not sure I remember well but the point is that he suggests to the guy to borrow money form some dangerous people Mafia or something like that and go live his life to the fullest and than since he has no money to pay the debt he will be killed by those people .So the guy goes and borrows money and starts making his dreams come true doing things he never could afford to do ...

I think he travels somewhere he falls in love with a girl and doesn't want to die anymore but the problem is that he has spent the money and will get killed.... I never saw the ending and is been bugging me for months now Thank you in advance

brghtn 13 days ago

No one has replied in 10 days, so imma repost

I want to find a movie where a guy is rejected by a girl and gets told that "there are plenty fish in the sea" (or something along those lines), but he calculates the actual number of couples suitable for him, starting with "only half are girls" and "only X are around my age" and comes up with that only 2% of people are suitable matches. I think this happens towards the beginning and the movie should be fairly recent.

Virginia cottet 13 days ago

This is Virginia Vcottet please help me find the title to the movie. Thanks

Jeremy 13 days ago


Ok not much for you to go on. Saw this back in the early 80's . Girl turns up at night at older mans house,who lives alone, (house possibly on hill on it's own) she doesn't know him, I think she is distressed, he takes her in, they have sex/relationship etc. She leaves after several months/year and finds someone her own age, the older man tracks her down and they meet I think at a cafe near the end of the film, but she's now enjoying a her new life.

roadtoad2 13 days ago

Still, no one is trying to find my movie.

Please try harder, and answer to my email

Please and thank you

jess c 13 days ago

I'm looking for the name of this movie I seen a couple years ago either on centric or bet. Two friends are gambling and get into some trouble and one guy takes the fall for the other and goes to jail. The guy who didn't go to jail moves on with life gets married and forgets his friend. His friend gets out and finds him. He stays with him and the wife. He basically wants to take over his life he seduces/drugs his friends wife and she has a threesome with him and his girl. He videotapes it and she tries to kill herself when she sees it. In the end the friend who went to jail dies. And the wife ends up pregnant..

Lauren 2 weeks ago

So I was at my grandmothers house when I saw this movie so I only got to see a little bit of it but it was this guy and he visits back home after breaking up with some girl and once he gets there he goes to a bar with this fat guy that's his friend and then he meets this girl and then he talks about how big his exes hands are and things he doesn't like about his ex and then he slowly starts falling for this new girl and they hang out a bunch and then they do it in the library and that's as far as I got

Virginia cottet 2 weeks ago

I'm looking for a title of a movie. The only thing I can remember about the movie is a little Chinese girl falls for older man. She goes to his house and make dinner waiting for him to come home. When he did come home he was shocked and called her mother to come and get her. The mother is a psychiatrist. There are also a group of kids that the Chinese girl is part of. She also eavesdrop on her mother sessions. That's all I can remember. So if someone out there can help me I would appreciated. Thanks

zaq 2 weeks ago


Is it the movie: Dark Holiday?

(Although this movie is set in Turkey.)

google search text: movie about a woman jailed after buying from street vendor

film title: Dark Holiday (1989)

imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097157/

saturday9t 2 weeks ago

I am looking for an 80's American movie. A white American woman travels in South America. She buys an antique from street vendor and is arrested. She is accused stealing national treasure. She is in jail for many years. She almost kills herself by swallowing sleeping pills (didn't success). She almost has a physical fight with another woman inmate. The whole movie is about her long struggle in jail in South America. I don't know which country in South America. I don't know if it is an international movie or tv movie.

perfectlystormiey85 2 weeks ago

Hi everyone.

I seen a movie back in 1994 when I was in the 4th grade and I can't figure out the name of it. The movie is either from the 1980s or 1990s. In the beginning of the movie they take you below down ground to the dead. They show a ton of people chained together and dancing. It then starts concentrating on a young girl. Looks to be between 17 and 19 years of age. She ends up getting unchained and climbs out of the ground.

She ends up at a high school and starts helping out this nobody kid. There are two main scenes that stuck with me the most. The dead girl and the nobody are in the stair well of the high school and end up sleeping together. Then there's a scene of a high school football player that is stuck in the ground with his head only stick out. The dead girl then kicks his head off making a field goal. It was one of the best thrillers I've ever seen. I have tried googling it and nothing comes up. Someone please help me. Thank you!

Stevie 2 weeks ago

Ok. There's this movie where the supporting actress lives on a houseboat, that eventually sinks. The lead actress tries to catch up to her when she is fast walking also. It's driving me crazy...

zaq 2 weeks ago

Description of the movie i seek:

A black man has a car breakdown, and he is on the side of the road, waiting for help. A white man, stops and talks to the black man, offering his help.

At first the black man, explains the situation. Than the black man suddenly gets aggressive, and even pulls a gun! Than the black man, says something like "ah just kidding around".

Moments later they both enter the white man's car. I am not sure if the white man gets forced into (his own car) or that (despite his odd behavior) he is offering the black man a ride.

From that point on (about 20 minutes from start), the movie takes place inside the car entirely.

The drive ends at a Gas Station.

Being in the car, they talk a lot. In the end (the end of the ride) they respect each other.

Release year: not sure but around 2000 i would say. I don't think the actors are very famous.

List of movies that are not the movie i seek:

- Cactus

- The Man

- Collateral

- Short time

- Changing lanes

- Nothing to Loose

- Breakdown

- Wrecked

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 weeks ago from Illinois

@lou ~ My first thought was "Bug" (2006), but I don't think they leave the room at any time. Besides, it's so incredibly weird, you'd probably remember other parts of it instead. "I am the super mother bug!" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0470705/

If any others come to mind, I'll return!

Finesse 2 weeks ago

I'm trying to remember this movie has all black cast.drama/thriller, the husband I think was cheating on his wife and she started poisoning him slowly there is a twist but I forget. I I know the wife ended up killing the husband and girlfriend. Came out maybe in the last 5 years

lou 2 weeks ago

do you know about a film where a couple stay in a motel room and are constantly paranoid as if the FBI etc are after them. The guy keeps leaving the room and returning later. They freak out at the end and start to board up the windows and the door. It turns out they were on drugs and he had been going out to score some more..



MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 weeks ago from Illinois

@Jim ~ A Place in the Sun (1951) starring Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift and Shelley Winters


Anna 2 weeks ago

@MystMoonstruck thank you very much for trying but that is not the one I am looking for . The movie I am looking for is not black and white and it is not that old

Jim 2 weeks ago

Hi I seen this movie on TMC a could months ago and now I can't remember the name. It's a black and white movie and it starts off as a love story between a man and a woman. The man gets a job in a factory (I think) he starts doing well at work and his boss invite him over for a party at his house. At the party he meets the boss's daughter and he falls in love with her. He tries and leaves his girlfriend but she is pregnant (i think) and won't let him leave. So take her out on the boat and kills her and it gets caught... I know that was probably a horrible description but if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it. Thanks

MystMoonstruck 3 weeks ago

@Kathy ~ You're welcome!

Southerngirl 3 weeks ago

What's the name of that movie, I think it was on life time where a girl moves to town, gets interested in a guy and then gets harrassed, stalked and killed by his girlfriend and her friend?

Kathy 3 weeks ago

MystMoonstruck. You were correct. That was the show I was thinking of. Thank you for posting.

3 weeks ago

Trying to find the name of a movie where a mother and child are traveling the car breaks down, someone offers to help. He takes them to hi house and hold them hostage with his family. The people who reside with him is his wife and young child who terrorizes the other young child and mother! I remember a wishing well in one scene and the girl drawing on the little girls face then smacks her!

brghtn 3 weeks ago

I want to find a movie where a guy is rejected by a girl and gets told that "there are plenty fish in the sea" (or something along those lines), but he calculates the actual number of couples suitable for him, starting with "only half are girls" and "only X are around my age" and comes up with that only 2% of people are suitable matches. I think it's a voiceover and it's towards the beginning and the guy is young and is the protagonist... thanks in advance

3 weeks ago

Looking for a movie about a woman who moves to town, gets a man as a boyfriend and soon starts cheating on him with his own son. I swear I thought It was called something to do with rapids or the wild.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 3 weeks ago from Illinois

@robert quinn ~ Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (1951) From Wikipedia: Pandora declares her love for Hendrick, but he is unwilling to have her die for his sake and tries to provoke her into hating him. Pandora is also loved by Juan Montalvo, an arrogant, famous bullfighter... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pandora_and_the_Flyi...

Taina 3 weeks ago

Hello! I am looking for a movie which I'm pretty sure is about the ruthless social climbing of a young man. He marries a rich woman he doesn't like (whilst he lusts after another young woman who I think he does actually sleep with). The end scene is what stayed with me: He goes off onto a lake with either his fiance or his mistress and tries to kill her by drowning her, he thinks he has managed, rows back, goes into her house and then actually she shows up (not drowned) and he's screwed but the movie just ends there... It's a fairly modern film, I think it would have come out in the last ten years. I can't find it anywhere so maybe I've dreamt it up but if not...help me please!! :) x

robert quinn 3 weeks ago

tv movie, from the seventies, black and white, a man who cannot die until he finds a woman willing to give her life for him. There is a love triangle between this man, the woman and a bullfighter

Shawna Gray 3 weeks ago

What's that movie where a good student falls in love with a girl whose boyfriend just died because of some party. I've seen it a few times before, but not in a long time and I've forgotten the title. It's one of my favorite movies. By the way, he has sex with the girl then later kills himself in the bathroom right in front of her with a dagger or knife.

Stacy 3 weeks ago


I think the movie is called My Summer of Love released 2004/2005

Stacy 3 weeks ago


Sounds very much like The Image of Death from the TV show One Step Beyond 1959. Season 1 Episode 18. Check you tube for part or all of the episode.

Stacy 3 weeks ago

@fluffyface there are a couple that could be what you are looking for. In order of most likely first.

The Next Victim (TV episode from the show Thriller Season 6 episode 2 aired 1976) some clips on you tube will help your mum to confirm.

The Kind Lady 1951

Night must fall 1937

Midnight Lace 1960 (like dial m for murder. No wheelchair as far as I know)

Let me know if any are right.

IDarkside 3 weeks ago



Think you're talking about Man Up

amber 3 weeks ago

whats that one movie with the guy who helps a girl try to find something, and they end up going to a bar, and the guy's ex girlfriend is there, and they have set hours to go to that bar. then they all end up having dinner together?

rox 3 weeks ago

@fluffyface dial m for murder try this

FluffyFace 3 weeks ago

My Mom told me about this film, I promised I try to find out what it is, but I am failing with my search so far..

She's not entirely sure if it's black&white or colour, but definitely old. The plot is that a wife and husband are coming home from the hospital as wife had a car accident and she's tied to a wheelchair for a while. Husband takes her home into a large apartment building in a big city and makes sure she's comfy at home as he has to leave for a business trip. Shortly after he leaves, she starts hearing steps on the staircase, phone line cut, elevator doesn't work... like a proper suspense thiller

Sounds quite Hitchcock-like, but couldn't find it in his movie list..

Thank You!! :)

Stacy 3 weeks ago

It's ok I've found it. It's called Faces in the dark from 1960.

Stacy 3 weeks ago

I'm sorry I have so little information to go on. It's an old black and white film. A wife tries to murder her husband. She drives him somewhere with lots of pine trees. I think he might be blind. He says "I can smell the pine" or something along those lines. It's quite a suspenseful movie. The wife was blonde and the husband an older man. I can't remember anything else. Sorry. Hopefully it's enough to jog someone's memory.

Holly 4 weeks ago

I am looking for an 80s American movie. There are a lot of people and cars. All of them get in a motel. A woman and a man go in a room. The woman sits on dresser and plays guitar and pukes and she is abandoned by that man in a motel. Both of that woman & that man are white.That woman says: "Take off that too." "You put it (condom) in your wallet it is becoming moldy." The woman feels uncomfortable and pukes in a bathroom. The man says he will wait for her but gets out to tell everybody to go, and leave that woman in motel alone.

Holly 4 weeks ago

I am looking for an 80s American movie. There are a lot of people and cars. All of them get in a motel. A woman and a man go in aroom. The woman sits on dresser and plays guitar and pukes and she is abandoned by that man in a motel.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 4 weeks ago from Illinois

@Kathy ~ It sounds like the episode "The Image of Death" from "One Step Beyond" (TV anthology series). It aired in 1959.


From IMDb: An inspector is suspicious about the death of the wife of a Marquis, who, in fact, did kill her with his lover Charlotte as his accomplice. The Marquis becomes increasingly haunted by a stain on the wall which seems to be the image of his dead wife's face. He is ultimately tried and executed, but for the murder of Charlotte who has been literally scared to death by the stain.

You can watch the episode on YouTube. Here's a link to Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k94CeN-XZxA

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 4 weeks ago from Illinois

@Oana ~ The Snorkel (1958) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Snorkel

From Wikipedia: In the opening scene, a man seals off windows and doors in a sitting room and attaches rubber hoses to a snorkel. He then lets gas escape through the room's lighting fixtures, allowing the gas to kill a woman lying prone on the couch while he hides under the floorboards, using the snorkel to breath while concealed. The murderer is Paul Decker (Peter van Eyck), who hides under the floor as servants discover the body of his dead wife, Madge. Since the room has been locked and sealed from the inside, it appears to the local Italian police and British Consulate Mr. Wilson to be a suicide. Madge's teenaged daughter Candy (Mandy Miller) has been traveling and arrives on the scene with her dog and traveling companion Jean Edwards. Candy accuses her stepfather of the murder, but he has an alibi...

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 4 weeks ago from Illinois

@Jasmin silva ~ That could be a segment in the film "Twists of Terror" (1997). http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117382/

From IMDb review: The People You Meet: Out on a date, a couple are celebrating their anniversary when their car is run off the road, forcing them to ride with a stranger. When he and a friend take them to a cabin in the woods, they are tortured, but soon they realize that the allegiances of the kidnappers are a little more shaky than they thought.

roadtoad2 4 weeks ago

These travelers come upon a strange country where the head guy gives them each, one of his daughters, for the purpose of making a baby during the winter months.

This is not a porno movie, but, its 20-40 years old.

I used to know the name of it, but I forgot.

I forgot the name of the movie, but it was in English

Also, the travelers ride in on horseback

Janice D 4 weeks ago

Whole family helping me look!. A young couple go live at an old house- of course with an attic. Black woman lives there and may be a house keeper. The young man may be a musician. They eventually feel they need to leave because of the strange going ons and the attic. They then discover they will not be able to leave. The black woman may now leave. There is also a butiler that may go as well.

Kikko 4 weeks ago

I saw this movie on tv st least over ten years ago. This guy gets a handsome roommate? who is abusive to him. For example there is a scene where they shoot some hoops and the abusive guy throws the ball real hard into him. As a revenge, the handsome guy is slowly poisoned, gets sick (but is cared for by the roommate) and is later buried alive. At the end we see that there are cameras in the casket which the abused roommate uses the pics for a successful art exhibit. I've tried to google everything and can't find the title of this movie. Please help thanks!!!!

Caitlyn 4 weeks ago


That wasn't it sadly but thanks anyway!

rox 4 weeks ago

I just wanted to add the movie I was looking for I remembered that the wife is a doctor and the husband is a chef if that helps at all thanks

Soul 4 weeks ago


This probably isn't your movie.

But a movie with a very similar plot to the one you describe

is this 1971 French Film "Don't Deliver Us from Evil (1971)"


Its about 2 girls who go off somewhere for summer vacation.

It has a scene where they're struggling/drowning in the water.

And one of the girls gets taken away near the end of the movie.

I just can't believe it would be shown on TV, is all.

Caitlyn 4 weeks ago

I watched this movie a long time ago on tv and I have no idea what it is. Certain scenes have been stuck in my head for years and I really want to watch it again. All I remember is these two girls find this place and they go there and spend time together and fall in love or something. I can't remember details. They promise to never leave each other but they get caught one day and one of the girls parents is angry and is making her move away. The other girl doesn't like this and says that she betrayed her by leaving and tries to drown her. I don't know if any of this is correct or not but that's what I remember so if anyone knows what I'm talking about it would be a big help. Thanks!

Casey White 73 profile image

Casey White 73 4 weeks ago

@ rox: Thanks!

dtm14 4 weeks ago


It's a short film called Convergence


Peter 4 weeks ago

Doesa anyoen know the name of this film this clip is from, or recognise the actors, so tthat I can track it down. Thanks, Peter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZPtnBhIU8Y

rox 4 weeks ago

Casey white 73 meant three in the attic 1968

rox 4 weeks ago

Casey white 73 the movie is from the 60s called the attic

Casey White 73 profile image

Casey White 73 4 weeks ago

I am looking for the name of a movie from either the 60s or early 70s about a guy who was cheating on 3 different women and they found out about each other and decided to get revenge on the guy by holding him hostage and having sex with him over and over until he died. Anyone have any idea?

rox 4 weeks ago

Phillipfive look into survival island with billy zane

Phillipsfive 4 weeks ago

What's that movie where a husband and wife have a sailboat and they take on a secondhand who I think then has an affair with the wife then there is a fight as the ship sinks?

masrie 5 weeks ago

This is tough im just taking a chance here goes the movie where a couple named laura who btw is a Wicca and her girlfriend named roxanne who is a simple girl they go through crazy stuff tthat's all I really remember

rox 5 weeks ago

Looking for the movie where a couple and a friend move into a new house and the friend gets a girlfriend but she turns out to be crazy and kills the boyfriend because she wants to seduce the husband and take over

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Adamtv 5 weeks ago

@Somebody You Don't Know

You want Unbroken. Directed by Jolie Pitt


Somebody You Don't Know 5 weeks ago

What's that one movie that has that one running guy and he goes to war, bout his plane crashes in the ocean and he and three other guys are floating on a raft. Tnbey are then captured by the Chinese or Japanese or Koreans or something like that and he has too hold up a price of wood while they whip him or shoot at him or something and other stuff.

Robert Van Sile 5 weeks ago

I have found the names of many movies thanks to this site. However, this time I would like to know about a series of COMMERCIALS that aired about two years ago. I thought that since people on this site are quite knowledgeable about movies, maybe they would know something about tv commercials as well. So, I will give it a try. This was a series of commercials (if I could only remember what product they were advertising, I would know what commercials they were--obviously) that were comical in nature. All of these commercials had the same female reporter,and a cameraman who was never seen. The female reporter would always be interviewing various people, and after a few moments, something amusing would always happen to the cameraman; even though he was never seen because he would always be behind the camera. The first commercial I recall was where the female reporter is interviewing a family (a husband, wife, and two kids) who are all standing in front of a minivan. After a few seconds, the family gets into the minivan while the reporter moves off to the side. The cameraman stays in front of the minivan, and after a few moments, the cameraman gets run over by the minivan as it pulls away. The camera stays on and we get a view of the sky as the cameraman lays on the ground. The female reporter comes over and looks down at the camera. She says a few words into the camera to end the interview, and then the commercial ends. There were other commercials about the same product in which something amusing would happen to the cameraman, but this is the only one that I can remember with any kind of detail. Like I said, this commercial aired about two years ago. Does anyone recall what commercial this was? Thanks!

Anna 5 weeks ago

Hello everyone I hope someone can help me find the tittle of a movie

The movie is about a guy who wants to commit suicide first he tries to hold his breath but he can not than he tries something with the gas from the oven I think only to find out that he has no electricity so at least he decides to jump from a bridge and just when he is about to jump a man I think a homeless I am not sure I remember well but the point is that he suggests to the guy to borrow money form some dangerous people Mafia or something like that and go live his life to the fullest and than since he has no money to pay the debt he will be killed by those people .So the guy goes and borrows money and starts making his dreams come true doing things he never could afford to do ...

I think he travels somewhere he falls in love with a girl and doesn't want to die anymore but the problem is that he has spent the money and will get killed.... I never saw the ending and is been bugging me for months now Thank you in advance

Erika 5 weeks ago

There was an old cartoon animated movie about somewhere in Russia, and this little girl was in a wealth family I believe but she met a injured soldier whom she later on fell in love with technically counts him as a pedophile. As the plot of the story she almost gets killed in a shooting where the rest of her family die. She was saved by the soldier and they lived together, but she has amnesia so she didn't remember what happen and that's all I remember.

BritishChap 5 weeks ago

@Stealth Man

I'm still thinking about your request re the sci-fi series (aliens dying, earth scientist is the hero) -

Bit of a long shot, this one, not sure if all the details fit... it's not KINVIG..? (on youtube).

BritishChap 5 weeks ago


Thanks, that seems to be the one. (Had a feeling it wouldn't take long for someone to know that one).

OK, there's a CLIP that I recall from childhood (not necessarily from a movie, it could have been a clip of a TV show?) - I think this clip was broadcast in an episode of the 1970's ITV Schools programme 'Music Box'. It was an outdoor scene, in a garden, at night. There was a small round table, in the middle of which was.... (can't quite remember...) a globe, or circular object, or perhaps just a hole in the middle of the table. Anyway, the camera zooms in on this ? globe/hole? and kind of zooms right inside it (we're just seeing SFX at this point)...down, down, as if the camera is going miles and miles down into the earth - and that's pretty much all there was to it! Just a weird, strange kind of clip of something.

Now here's an odd thing - years later, when I first saw the 1960's Sci-fi series "The Prisoner" (Patrick MacGoohan), when I saw certain scenes of the episode titled "A, B and C", which take place at night in a garden, at first I thought "This is it! This is that clip I remember from Picture Box!" The general scene looked the same as what I remembered. However, there was no funny "hole in table" business, so... I just dunno. Thanks for any ideas.

Brittany bluntt 5 weeks ago

cant even believe I found it right now! It's been so long ! http://youtu.be/FO1O8qlmzVI So I'm guessing these are tales from the crypt, it's just out in a movie form! That's why it's called the horror vault or whatever! That's why everytime someone said tales of the crypt I was like noooooo! Cause i know that skeleton guy :-D but he isn't in this! OMG OMG OMG can't wait to show my fb I've been bugging him for 5 years about this damn move xD we will watch it Easter night! PERFECT ❤️❤️❤️

Brittany Bluntt 5 weeks ago


I used to watch that ! I don't think that's it cause this was a vhs BUT OMG

YOU HELPED ME FIND THIS!!!! A scene from the movie! :-O s this from tales of the crypt? http://youtu.be/Fg6bySjko2o

Soul 5 weeks ago

@Brittany Bluntt

Sounds like some Tales from the Crypt episodes:


Here's one about a killer santa:


Brittany Bluntt 5 weeks ago

So, I only know a little! This has been bugging me for YEARS! And I might cry if someone figures this out! :-D I watched it about 10-12 years ago.

Things I remember are:

the title might have had the word tales or legends in it.

-They were all scary short stories about people getting karma or something?

-There was a part with a Killer Santa that got into the house

-A part where a guy was getting chased by a dog through a maze and the walls closed in on him.

-there was this old man at the end in a cave saying "all in good time" over and over


Mon 5 weeks ago

Hey, all I remember is it is set in a jungle like environment and there is also this hidden cave. The main actor is this pretty blonde girl and she is like a trained fighter and there are all these other fighters. I'm not sure if they were assassins or not. I can briefly remember two scene. One, she has been captured by her old teacher/sensei who taught her or commanded her and they are in a secret lair which looks like a cave. She has been tied up and he like punches her then he tells one of her old friends to do the same. And I know this next scene is at the end of the movie. She is again trapped in this cave but it's a prison and there is this other woman fighter there as well, an old friend and now enemy. They fight for a bit in the prison cell then for some reason they have a few seconds before they are drugged and die from poisoning in the air so they stop frightign and call it a truse and they both die. Please help me figure out what movie this is. Thank you

nm2838 5 weeks ago

Looking for the title of an old movie where a guy (maybe Richard Conte) covers for his brother who's a drug addict. The guy has a bad relationship with his Dad who thinks the brother walks on water.

Jasmin silva 5 weeks ago

I'm looking for a movie , I watched it as a kid and I've never learned the name of it ... ever.. it's about a husband and a wife being kidnapped in the woods and locked in a cabin. It was the husbands plan all along so he can get rid of his wife , but the wife was having an affair or paid the kidnapper double. So in the end the husband dies.

Oana 5 weeks ago

Hello. I remember watching this movie when I was a little girl (in the 80s that is) which gave me a big fear for gas since then. I am trying to find it and watch it but of course I do not remember its name. I do remember the plot though:

I think it was an American movie, about a man wedding a rich woman, mother of a girl, who moves into his wife's villa on the seashore, and who tries to kill her by poisoning her with gas. He also tries to kill his step daughter by drowning her, luckily she was a good swimmer...I do remember that when he was trying to has his wife he used to hide under the floor in the dining room while the gas spread throughout the room. Eventually, he is trapped under there because a piece of furniture is moved right above his hiding place, and his stept daughter then realises he was the murderer,...and lets him suffocate under there. What is the name o f the movie?

jimjun14 5 weeks ago


You mean "Looking for Mr Goodbar"?


BritishChap 5 weeks ago

Another movie I can't remember the title of: I think it's from the 1970's, and it's about a young woman and her search for happiness. Perhaps she is a teacher? It's set in a city, perhaps N.Y.? The only scene (or part of a scene) I recall vividly is either right at the start, or right at the end (can't remember which!) - She is about to go to bed with this man she has just met, and before getting into bed, he leaps and somersaults around the bedroom, putting on a sort of display of proud macho-ness, doing kung-fu moves or something like that, slightly scaring the woman. I think the woman gets murdered at the end of the movie? Or dies from an overdose or something? (I seem to think that the woman's life is going downhill?) The movie has a gritty, 'real life' feel to it, and I think it's a well-known movie, but when you can't remember the title...!

Kathy 5 weeks ago

I am trying to find the name of a move that is from the 40's, I think. A wealthy man who is married has a mistress. His wife is ill and he and his girlfriend decide to tell her about their affair. She passes shortly after this. Then the man starts to notice a spot on the wall behind a painting of his wife. His girlfriend thinks he is crazy until one night she takes a look and it is obviously the face of wife of her boyfriend. She has a heart attract and dies. Anyone have a clue to the name of this movie?

Soul 5 weeks ago


Fairly easy one. The Train (1964)


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