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Harry Knowles of aintitcool.com. Not me!!!

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rox 14 hours ago

Still looking for the movie where the wife is a doctor and the husband is a chef they move into a new house they invite their friend to move in to help with the rent. The friend gets a girlfriend and the girl decides she wants the house and the husband so she kills the boyfriend and then the husband invites her to stay until she stops mourning now she starts seducing the husband doing things to be wife to make her look bad she kills the wife's cat and said she thought it was a rat eventually she she tries to kill the wife cant remember anything else except the girl is crazy oh someone finds out who she really is so the girl kills her and anyone who gets in the way

Amani 38 hours ago

Hi I am looking for a movie I really cannot remember much about it all I know is somewhere in the beginning of the movie a woman was pregnant and I think it was raining she went to some house I think or someone found her and she ended up giving birth and then died the only thing she left her child was a necklace. Her son ended up being in an orphanage and they really didn't treat him good. But it turned out he came from money and only one person there knew it but wouldn't help him. I wish I could give you more it is an old movie I thought it was Oliver twist but it's not thank you for your help.

open ur eyes roadtoad2 39 hours ago

Your question was answered. Before complaining to people who are here to help - maybe read? You could even search for "roadtoad2" if you're too lazy to scroll through the page (like I was:

dtm14 10 days ago

@ roadtoad2 The movie you're looking for is Ishtar

Cousintotes 43 hours ago


Why don't you try posting your inquiry again so it is back at the top of the list? There may be someone new to the board who will know what movie you are looking for.


Cousintotes 43 hours ago


Sounds like you are thinking of "Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead" (2009)



Rphilp2336 2 days ago

A woman leaves her husband and moves to another town where she meets a boyfriend she also gets a job at an insurance company so she can scheme to meet men. Portrayed by a sexy dark haired Italian actress

roadtoad2 2 days ago

I started asking you about my movie over a month ago.

Are you ever going to help me?

Or, have you totally given up on me?

Dav246 3 days ago

This movie is about convicts who escape prison and escape through the woods. They are chased through the woods and some are killed by a deranged serial killer. One guy gets his face chopped off by a sickle rigged in a tree, another guy is burned to death, and a fat old sheriff gets a spear dropped down his throat from a high tree branch. The serial killer boils heads in pots, too. No idea when it was made, probably 2000s. please help me find it.

maraudersfan 4 days ago

thank you for the movie name, to all who answered. ^^

Cousintotes 4 days ago


A possibility:

Autopsy (2008)



sara 5 days ago

@ cousintotes thank you, but no that's not it. I remember it was a feel good after school special type movie. It driving me nuts I just remember that one glimpse of a scene. That's not very useful lol

Jonathan 5 days ago

The movie I'm thinking about is set in a hospital with teenagers trying to get out while there is a man trying to kill them I remember one scene where they poor blood on themselves and pretend to be dead while the guy comes into the room

Brian 5 days ago

Hi, I think it was in the 90's when I watched a subtitled film drama, a bit like Cinema Paradiso, on UK Channel 4 TV. I think it was French or Italian. The opening scene is of a little boy running from a house with high walls and a tall iron gate. Rather than opening the gate he squeezes between the bars to get out. At the end of the film an older female cousin who has been staying with them (he has developed a childhood crush for her) is leaving and he runs out to say goodbye. He tries to squeeze between the bars but he is older and wider so he is unable to get out to wave goodbye. Film ends here. I would be very grateful if someone can put a name to this film. It was a very sweet film, very funny in parts and well acted, I would love to watch it again. Thanks

Kg 5 days ago

Older movie, maybe in the 80s. Abouand two teenage guys friends, smoke in car, talk about hit and runs, character may be named tom?

MrE 6 days ago

@Virginia cottet

Sorry I haven't responded, I was gone for a few days! I'm going to keep looking for your movie, but it might help if you knew how old the movie might be.

Virginia cottet 6 days ago

MrE was the information I gave you on the movie I'm looking for helped you? I hope so. I'm going out of my mind trying to find the title. I'm running out of web sites trying to find it, but I'm going to keep you trying to find it. Thanks for your help I appreciate it.

Breanna 6 days ago

I'm trying to think of this movie title. It's an older movie about a brunette woman who moves to a new city with her husband and theres a blonde single mom who lives right in front of them and the woman falls for her because the husband works all the time.

Virginia cottet 7 days ago

I'm still trying to look for the title of the movie. I said I was going to give up, but I can't. I'll look for it till my dying days. Thanks mrE for helping me look. I know it's out there somewhere. It is about a group of kids. The mother is American and her daughter is Chinese I think. The girl is obsessed with black or death. I think she went to a funeral in the movie. I know for sure she is smitten with an older man her mother was counseling him. He works as a lumberjack I know for sure about that. Mother is a psychiatrist. The girl would eavesdrop on her mother's sessions through a vent downstairs. I know for sure she got into the man's apartment made him a candlelight dinner and was wearing something sexy. When he got home he was shocked she told him she loves him the man called the girls mother to come and get her she was not to happy when she got to the man's apartment. I wish I could remember more but that's all I got I am going to continue to look. Thanks again mrE

Virginia cottet 8 days ago

The girl might not be Chinese. I thought she was I think her mother is American not to sure. I wish I could remember more about this movie. I know it's been a long while since I seen it. Thanks for helping me. I tried to find the title of this movie but I can't find nothing just zip.

Cousintotes 8 days ago


Not exact, but maybe "Catch and Release"? (2006)



Cousintotes 8 days ago

@ Sabrina

Maybe "Kiss the Girls" (1997)



Brighton 9 days ago

@dtm14 that wasn't it, but in the related videos I was able to find out that it was The Last Excorism part II (2013) and in that movie it was a demon Abalam instead of Baphomet. A huge thanks to you and @MrE for your help, it's been bugging me for about 5 months, and now I finally found it! Thanks for the hard searching! :D ill definitely use this page again!

Virginia cottet 9 days ago

This movie is American film. I think it was made before 2000. I could be wrong. I just know the Chinese girl was smitten with this white man which he is a lumberjack. She brought him lunch out in the woods were he works. Somehow the Chinese girl got into the man's apartment she made a candlelight dinner she was wearing a nightie and when he got home he was shocked and called her mother to come and get her. And her mother is a psychiatrist. She eavesdrop on her mother's sessions with the lumberjack. The girl was obsessed with death and black. And I think she hanged out with a group of kids. Maybe she is 11 or 12 years old. That's all I can remember. Thank you for helping me I appreciate it.

Sabrina 9 days ago

What's the movie where a girl gets kidnapped but there are other girls she gets drugged but she escapes and wants to help the other girls and one of the police officers are involved

Heather 9 days ago

It's and older movie... Maybe 80s. The man falls in love with a woman and later finds out she never existed. She died in the house that he thought he was romancing her in. The house was abandoned by her parents after she died. There was a drawing of a box in the empty house and at the end he was older and was looking at younger pics of himself.

wolfster 9 days ago

Hey I have a movie I believe it was from the 90's. All I remember is that its a cop type movie. Where the main characters are cops obviously, the guy is american and his partner is a female asian cop or detectives I dont remember. But at the beginning she is undercover(weaing a chinese dress, I believe) and I think the bust goes wrong for some strange reason. After that the scene cuts to them having sex in her house I think. That's all I remember saddly I dont remember names or anything else. Can you please help?

Fernando 10 days ago

I need help remebering a movie, that was set in the 50s.

It starts a what looks like teenager on his bicycle to reach his town to his paretns house, later in the movie he goes with his friends and while traveling with his friends (a male and female character) his male friend crashes the truck, but his parents dont really care about it and will pay for it. He then goes back to his house and while out in his backyard he notices a woman by the river bottom changing and and taking a swim with her small child. (He later digs a hole to hide in but still gets to see her) Fast forward and she invites the older woman, to dance while her husband is away. fast forward he goes to the womans house and ultimately has sex with her in the barn before almost getting caught by her husband, and the end of the movie she moves away.

dtm14 10 days ago

@Macthefork; Is it "Restraint"?

MissChelle4 11 days ago

A husband visits another city on business or with some friends and he ends up having a child when he dies his wife finds out about the affair he had and then ends up still giving the child money

Please Help 11 days ago

It's a movie about a female lawyer who was engaged to this other lawyer when he cheated on her. She quit her job and she got into a car accident where there was a doctor around who helped her. Believe her name was Abby or Abie

Macthefork 11 days ago


I can't find the name of a slightly scary Australian movie I'm looking for. I missed the start of it but it's based around a young couple that may be on the run. They go to a large house near a small town seeking refuge for the night occupied by one man. They then get wrapped up in a plan to get money from the guy's wife's bank account while the wife is away. This involves several trips and the home owner gets more and more obsessed with dressing up the young girl to look like his wife. There's a tense scene in the bowels of the house where (spoiler alert) the couple find out that the guy has actually killed his wife. There is a chase around the grounds, and a shootout where the girl's boyfriend is killed. The girl I believe is then blackmailed to stay with the guy pretending to be his wife forever. It was an awesome film and I'd love to see it again and share with my friends who are curious too! Thanks!


bubbeline 11 days ago

I know it's nearly impossible but maybe someone..

I "saw" a movie about 12 years ago and I remember only one specific scene:

A girl or woman is walking down the street and badly scratching her hand on the hedges, walls and other fences till she bleeds from that hand.

I had that thought that maybe it was 'Amelie' but I was wrong. Please help me!

dtm14 11 days ago

@ roadtoad2 The movie you're looking for is Ishtar

Herzl 11 days ago


Yes! thank you!

roadtoad2 12 days ago

You've had my info over a month now. You're supposed to be the movie experts. Aren't you ever going to give me an answer?

scottiemanacotti 12 days ago

Movie at least 15 yrs ago....a lower class guy becomes a lawyer and marries into a upper class law family father is a big time judge....they go on vacation or honeymoon in Europe at very exclusive old hotel ....where the guy sees a dark haired woman ( looks like famke jansen ) swimming naked in the pool....they see her again in a disco night club and get drunk and end up having a threesome...the next day ...they get pictures and are blackmailed ...they try meeting up and trying to kill blackmailers...only to end up getting the guy kidnapped...it ends up he is all part of it to get her money....?

Chris 12 days ago

Looking for a movie, I think it is sort of a B type, but there is a scene where a woman goes into an office area with workers, then into some guys office. It has windows and everyone can see in. They are discussing some papers, and the guy reaches up (he is sitting and she is standing beside him) and starts rubbing her through her pants. She looks out at the other people, while enjoying it and then says "I am going to come".... sorry if his is perverted, but I came across it a wile back, and only caught that scene... been stuck in my head ever since! If any one could help, I would appreciate it.

Not sure of the plot or many details.

MrE 12 days ago

Shmulik 12 days ago


Looking for a movie about 2 guys, in some english town. I think they have heavy accents. They are pretty weird. In the film, they go on a cabin; don't remember why, and they are stuck there with no food, as it starts to rain.

I remember the movie having a good soundtrack, including Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Child (Slight Return).

In my mind the movie seemed a bit old, maybe from the 90's.

Thank you for your help.

dtm14 12 days ago


Could it be Lovely Molly?

Archer 12 days ago

Hi! What comedy movie wherein the male protagonist has a daughter and he went to her party to give her a present but then her daughter's stepfather gave her a bigger gift?

Brighton 13 days ago

@MrE sorry that's not it, thanks for trying though. The trailer you gave is somewhat close, but that one features a demon called Lamia, not Baphomet. Can anyone else help? It came out after 2010

Mike McG 13 days ago

"Cousintotes" ... thanks! That's the movie. Now to find the details. Great job. ... Mike

Cousintotes 13 days ago


Here you go!

Faces in the Crowd (2011)



Amy 13 days ago

I'm trying to locate a movie, but can't remember the name.. Hope you can help.

I believe it starts with a woman walking on the bridge in the rain. She then hears a noise, and sees a man killing another woman. She then

starts to run but he catches up with her. They start to fight and she

falls over the bridge.. Next scene I remember; she wakes up in the hospital, but I believe she's blind... Can't remember anything else after that.. Thanks, and hope you can help !

Cousintotes 13 days ago

@Mike McG

After a little digging, I came up with "Night of the Running Man" 1995



Mike McG 13 days ago

I'm new to this site and need help please. Can't locate/figure out the name of the movie where there's a scene in which a bad guy gives the main character a "hot foot". In this scene, the main character is duct taped or tied to a chair with his bare feet sitting in a bowl. Hot water is then poured in the bowl. The bad guy is possibly John Glover who played a similar role in "Payback". Basically some kind of hit man. The movie is based on a guy who ends up with a bag of money. After he escapes from this bad guy, he goes to a hospital and a nurse takes pity on him and helps him further. They end up together. Thx in advance ... Mike

MrE 2 weeks ago




You can watch the full movie here:


MDawg 2 weeks ago

I don't remember the specifics but I will try my best. Its a 1950s thriller-esque movie about a man driving cross country to evade people who are after him. He ends up picking up a woman at a rest stop who is very suspicious and unstable. One of the final scenes involves the man trying to strangle the woman with a phone cord in their motel room due to her blackmail against him.

Sean b 2 weeks ago

What's that comedy movie where there's a scene in somebody's house he's like showing someone around and he has a bunch of naked either pictures of these naked women and someone makes a comment and says oh man I recognize that girl or I recognize that vagina or something vulgar but he has like 10 of these paintings or pictures all in his hallway like his wall of fame or something

MrE 2 weeks ago

Cousintotes 2 weeks ago


Just a thought, but could you be thinking of Flowers in the Attic (1987)?



Cousintotes 2 weeks ago


It looks like you are looking for the movie After Sex (2007)



Cousintotes 2 weeks ago

@Carlos Soto

The movie that you are looking for is called The Heavenly Kid (1985)



Carlos Soto 2 weeks ago

I'm looking for a movie. In the beginning there are two guys who are playing chicken. The first to jump out of the car losses. The other guy gets stuck in the car because his watch wrapped around his steering wheel or something like that. He goes off the cliff and dies. Years later his ghost comes back. After that all I really remember is a part where the ghost is driving around and gets pulled over. the cop is confused because there is no one there and there is a kid with the ghost in this part. I watched this movie around the time when teen wolf was around the one with michael.j Fox

savanna 2 weeks ago

Hi, I'm trying to figure out a movie, I dint remember the name but its like 6 different sets of people having sex that are compleatly different it starts with two best friends that hook up and she admits that she has more feeling than a hook up he Denis that he dies until she gives him a speech about the difference between love and sex, and I don't remember what all she says but it was something like sex is a game that everyone wins a little something, love is like a hard carnival game its really hard to win those prizes but when you do and you get to take home a giant stuffed rhinasurus it feels a lot better than getting ti take home a crappy little key chain, that's the difference between love and sex.. Please help mw figure out this movie

MrE 2 weeks ago


You're welcome! Glad I could help!

Silva 2 weeks ago

Wow! You're too good, thanks!

MrE 2 weeks ago

@Virginia cottet

I have looked for your movie without any luck, but if you could add a few more details, I will try again. Do you know what the genre of the movie might be? How old is it? Is it an American movie and the actress is Chinese or is it a Chinese movie? Any other details might help as well. I will look again if you have anymore info to go on.

Virginia cottet 2 weeks ago


Cabin By The Lake is what your looking for

Virginia cottet 2 weeks ago

mraudsters the title of the movie you are looking for is Cabin By The Lake

Virginia cottet 2 weeks ago

I think I'm going to give up. I just cannot find this movie title. Can someone let me know if your helping me. I'm at my wits end. Maybe it's not worth it. I'm going to look one more time. Please help me someone. Thanks Virginia cottet

dtm14 2 weeks ago

@maraudersfan - I believe it's Cabin by the Lake

sara 2 weeks ago

Hi, the past few weeks a random scene from a movie I saw (I'm assuming late 80's-early 90's) keeps popping in my head. I dont remember anything about this movie except this one scene. Its driving me nuts. .... So here it goes.. Its a group of kids I believe siblings moving into a big old house, they paint the walls with flowers and rainbows or something. I believe there was an older brother in charge n I also remember a young girl... Not much to go on but worth a shot

Brighton 2 weeks ago

This isn't a movie I actually saw, but it must be somewhat known as I saw previews for it multiple times on network TV channels.

It was a horror movie that came out sometime in the past 4 years, and its main problem had something to do with the dark being Baphomet. I can't recall any of the faces of the actors, but in one scene in the preview a girl in her 20's is looking through a book to try and find out what is the source of weird happenings and stops on a page of Baphomet in a sitting position doing the pointing pose with his arms. I also know one of the last scenes of the trailer is several people hiding in a sanctuary of a church, and shadows of mysterious people/creatures begin to appear on the windows of the church. It came out in the past 5 years for sure, and I know for a fact that it is NOT "Baphomet" directed by Matthan Harris from 2015, but instead has a movie title that doesn't mention his name at all.

eh 2 weeks ago

i saw this on the chinese channel and it had subtitles: the novie is about a woman who works in an open air food market. Some business like customer always cones to eat there duck necks i believe. She has to take care of the nephew because the mom wants to go to so e stocks conference. She's fighting to get back her family's house who was lost during the culturak revolution and she's able to recover with the help of some local official. She has a food fight with the kid's mother while the nephew arrives to the place.

test 2 weeks ago


thom 2 weeks ago

I figured it out...a new leaf with walter matthau

maraudersfan 2 weeks ago

i don't remember the movie at ALL but i do remember that there was this guy killing women by drowned them in this lake/ocean thing. then after THAT he would swim down to their bodies and start arranging them like a garden but he would treat their dead bodies soooo gently almost like lovers but he still killed women. confusing plot but there you go. hope you can help. :)

thom 2 weeks ago

Movie starts with rich guy in ofice of his accountant. Wants to know why he is being hounded by creditor. Accountant explains that he hss spent all his principal...broke...formerly rich guy looks and finds clumsy heiress to woo...plans on murder, but falls in love on honeymoon in africa...help?

MrE 2 weeks ago


"Bitter Moon"(1992)


Silva 2 weeks ago

Ok, this is going to be very vague because I remember only bits and pieces from this movie, but I'll give it a shot. Couple years ago I watched a movie, I'm not sure if it was a French drama or American drama, but it's about a man who visits a young girl at school and eventually they start a romance, a very steamy romance and it's all fun in the beginning, but later he starts to get sick of her. I think she may be pregnant and he wants her to have an abortion but she doesn't want to. He ends up treating her like a rag, she cuts her hair loses her beauty, he starts bringing other girls home. And then I THINK one day he becomes ill and now starts to need her. So she gets herself back, starts to somewhat help him but still doesn't like him. Anyway so she becomes his caretaker and the last thing I remember is them being on a ship, and the man is on a wheelchair. She meets a young man and he starts asking her questions and she starts telling him her story, and I think she narrates the whole movie from that boat telling the young man her story. At the end the man in the wheelchair gets jealous or something and shoots her. I think they both die and the young man comes out of the boat. That's all I remember, I wish I could remember more!

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 weeks ago from Illinois

@lilbit ~ Howl's Moving Castle (2004) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howl%27s_Moving_Cast...

Bryan H. 2 weeks ago

Hey guys, so movie plot is about a guy.. 20s maybe early 30s who plays his way through girls for different places to stay and uses them for their cash. Its definitely within the past 10 years. Cant remember too much else. Help!!

lilbit 2 weeks ago

What's the name of the animated movie where the house is ruled by the amber of fire, which is actually someone who was cursed. Anyway the house actually has legs and moves from place to place

Virginia cottet 2 weeks ago

It's me Virginia again still looking for the title of a movie. Please someone help me out. I would greatly appreciate it.

DannyArtherLane 2 weeks ago

@Gigi elizabeth

Incase you haven't found it yet. It's Called Cry Baby and it stars Johnny Depp. Don't watch the Netflix version. It's brutally abridged.

rox 2 weeks ago

@mth255 I believe it is edward Norton in painted veil

MTH255 2 weeks ago

What the movie set in Asia in which a British scientist goes to bring help to a people dying of a disease (cholera) and his British wife doesn't want to go with him, nor does she like him, but eventually falls in love with him?

rox 2 weeks ago

Did anyone find that movie I've been looking for a long time please help

Dean 2 weeks ago

What is the name of the movie (1990's) with the 2 main characters being a narcissistic good looking jock and a very unattractive person (cannot remember if this person is male or female). In this movie these two characters switch looks where the jock is unattractive and the unattractive becomes attractive.

MrE 2 weeks ago




Virginia cottet 2 weeks ago

Hi, it's Virginia Cottet again. Has anyone have any luck on the movie I'm looking for? I am still trying to look on my own, but still zip. Thanks for anyone out there helping me.

cynthi31@aol.com 2 weeks ago

What is the name of the movie where a black man interviews for the job of caring for a wheel chair bound man. Gets hired and takes the man on all sorts of trips and experiences like jumping out of an airplane together regardless of the fact that the man is a paraplegic. He ends up getting the wheel bound fellow together with a woman, they get together and supposedly spend the rest of their lives together. Wonderful film

STAR 2 weeks ago

a high school teenager who does drugs and all he wants is sex he falls in love with this girl and has sex with another girl in the school bathroom at the end of the movie the girl he likes goes to a party and then he wasnt going to go to the party at first but then he changes his mind also and goes. he fights her boyfriend and beats him up and then his friends tell him to go get his girl and he finds her walking and it starts raining and they start kissing the teenager in the movie smokes a lot and also in a scene in the movie you catch him watching porn.

Jenny L. 3 weeks ago

@ bndirk - The movie you're looking for is Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise. Good movie.

Bndirk 3 weeks ago

Looking for the name of an action movie where a guy is at a bar when a sluty girl starts flirting with him. He makes some rude comments like "I can't afford you" which she respond "I'm not a hooker!" Her "brothers" come over and ask the guy to join them out side. The guy kicks all their ass no problem. Later on he sees the trick off one of the guys from the bar at a pays parts store. He finds the girl that tried to flirt with him and discovers that they were hired to beat him up. He takes the truck to the house of the guys and there is an old women on the front porch appeared to be passed out from drugs. He goes inside a fights some more people.

BritishChap 3 weeks ago

Hi, I'm reposting an earlier request, because it has dropped off the front page, and the "see earlier comments" function doesn't work well.

Film I saw in 2003 in Ireland. I think it was either set in France, or perhaps was in French with s/titles?

A man arrives in town alone, and books into a hotel. I think he is a criminal and is part of a bankrobbing team, preparing for a job. He might be the getaway driver? He talks with the landlady, and she envies his "exciting" lifestyle and wishes she could have adventures, like she imagines he has. But the man, by contrast, envies her quiet life and wishes he had her lifestyle. That's all I remember about the plot. I can't recall what else happens. I think the title of the film is quite simple, eg "The black car", or "The long road", or "Start and Stop", something like that. I'm not sure why I think it's French, or based in France, I could be wrong there, it's just an impression I have. (I seem to recall French shutters on the windows, and narrow side-streets). I think it was a new release when I saw it (2003). It had a slightly avant-garde, "film-noir" feel about it, and I don't think it was a major box-office success.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Virginia cottet 3 weeks ago

This is Virginia again. I know I just posted, but I'm dying to know what this movie is. I have been trying on my own to find this movie title and having no luck whatsoever. If only I can remember an actor or actress. I just remember it had a group of friends they hung around and the Chinese girl who fell in love with a white man he was a lumberjack. The Chinese girl would bring him lunch at his job in the woods. Sorry to be like this. It's driving me crazy. Thanks everyone out there. Vc

Virginia cottet 3 weeks ago

Hey everyone still waiting on a title of the movie. I do remember one more thing about the movie is that the young Chinese girl was always wearing black. She was obsessed about death and black. It seems she the Chinese girl looked to be 8 or 9 years old in the movie. The man she fell in love with was a lumber Jack. Thanks Virginia

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 3 weeks ago from Illinois

Bob 3 weeks ago

it is an animated movie. it takes place in a city of the future. where they have robots doing all the physical labor. there are different levels of the city and a boy disappears. this detective goes to find him and there is also a girl robot that is the key to the computer running everything. it was probably a Japanese animae.

George Smilely 3 weeks ago

Early 70s adult comedy where in one scene a couple is strolled in because they are sexually stuck together and has an ending of a man flying on an airplane but is seated outside the plane and says, "the only way to fly."

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 4 weeks ago from Illinois

@Traci ~ Lovely, Still (2008) starring Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1150947/

What a wonderful film this is, so touching!

traci 4 weeks ago

a movie on Amazon Prime where this older man doesn't remember his past. He lives across the street from his wife. They start dating and he thinks he is falling in love for the first time in his life. He was the owner of a grocery store...he don't remember anything. HELP! I need to watch it again!

dtm14 4 weeks ago

@Gigi elizabeth I believe you're talking about the John Waters film Cry Baby

Andrea 4 weeks ago

Hi. I'm trying to remember the name of this movie I've seen. It might be the woman's name. In the movie, a bunch of people are trying to follow and kill a young woman, who I think was alone at a college campus during holiday. They communicate with their phones, and are after her because they think she has a certain name. They kill young women in many states with that name and post videos of their chasings online. Eventually she decides to go after them, and tricks and kills them. ..Thank you.

Gigi elizabeth 4 weeks ago

I was watching a movie in a hotel lobby this morning, trying to figure out what it was. Parody? Cheesy old movie? Before I could figure it out this woman came in and just changed the channel! How rude!

I decided it wasn't worth saying anything. I wasn't really "watching" it anyway, just trying to figure out what it was. Here's what I saw:

A singing/dancing jailhouse scene then a 50s looking scene where a teen girl packs a suitcase to leave home. The parents introduce her to a Swedish exchange student and say they've made arrangements to send her to Sweden. She gets in the car with a guy to go to this new place called a theme park...

Then the channel got changed.

What is this?!!!!

Overking76 4 weeks ago

I need help with this movie if you don't mind. I saw this movie but was never able to finish it and it has been bugging me recently. So it starts out with this couple having sex on a beach in a storm and I forget how but they up letting another couple from a house boat stay with them for a night. The man from the boat tries to attack the girl from the house while drunk and she accidently kills him. Tge husband from the house(he may be a lawyer) convinces her that the best course is to cover it up and make it look like he left. The lady from the boat finds out and blackmails them into a large sum of money that comes from the wife. Turns out the whole thing was a setup by the husband at the house and lady from the boat to get money, and the eife discovers this and tells the husband to leave. This is as far as I got. I saw this maybe 5ish years ago and I believe the lady on the boat was asian and the others were white if that helps.

polpol 4 weeks ago


is it drop dead Fred? Carrie fisher lives on house boat, leading actress is Phoebe Cates. Her imaginary friend Fred sinks the houseboat

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