The Great Unknowns Podcast

Since April, I have produced and published my own podcast. In this podcast, I interview band members and select tracks from their library and put together what is called an "Artist Spotlight". I use this podcast to promote talented unsigned bands and independent music artists. These musicians need and deserve to be heard.

Some of you may have heard of these bands, many of you have not.

To listen, go to The Great Unknowns Podcast. Enjoy!

List of previous shows:

Episode III: Ace Enders Edition

Episode IV: Acoustic Edition

Episode V: Electronia Edition

Episode VI: Rap Edition with C-Kwence tha Kid (won the JACC 2nd place award for best Podcast)

Episode VII: Love, Resonate Edition (Christian Rock)

Episode VIII: So To Speak Edition (An Indie Rock band from Hammonton, NJ)

Episode IX: Shadow Fax Edition (Electronia/Techno Music)

Episode: X: Abeline Edition (A Indie Rock band from Clairmont, CA)

Epidsode XI: The Great Unknowns presents Finest Dearest, a Indie Rock band from San Francisco, CA (Won 1st place for best podcast)

Episode XII: The Great Unknowns presents, The Sophomore Attempt, a rock band from Jacksonville, FL

For future shows and news, follow me on Facebook at: The Great Unknowns Facebook

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pocketaus profile image

pocketaus 6 years ago from Australia

I love the podcast. My favourite without a doubt is Ace Enders, they are so raw and in your face. Looking forward to hearing more.

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