Where Can You Buy Selena Gomez Music CD and Songs Cheap Online

Selena Gomez is one of the hottest new singers around today and many of us is searching the best deals to buy her albums online. Here are few sites I found that offer reasonable prices.

  • You can get the WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN album used from Secondspin.com for $8.99, GoHastings.com offers used for $10.43. If you want it new best place to go is Margrietstore who sells it now for $10.77. BlowItOutaHere.com is priced at $10.87. Walmart.com is very competitive in $11.88
  • A YEAR WITHOUT RAIN is the cheapest used at Independent Records priced $5.97. BlowItOutaHere.com is decent on new, just $7.73!
  • KISS & TELL album is listed only as new and cheapest at Dreamers.com for $8.49
  • ARTIST KARAOKE SERIES can be purchased at Blowitoutahere for $6.36. Buy.com is right there with tag of $6.75
  • WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE songs can be bought at Screamingcd.com for $13.88

You should also always check ebay and Amazon for cheaper deals but these stores should get you rockin' with Selena in no time :)

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manthy profile image

manthy 5 years ago from Alabama,USA

I know everyone else in the world loves Selena but I just can't get into her music, I do appreciate the info though and I am now following your hubs.

kirsib profile image

kirsib 5 years ago Author

thanks Manthy, I have two daughters, 10 and 8 and Selena is their newest idol. She seems very popular among younger teens today. Everyone seen her in Disney anyway

jericho911 profile image

jericho911 3 years ago from Ohio

My 8 yr old likes Selena, but she is growing up and is more into Cher Lloyd, who is a much more talented singer. But, my lil girl watches Wizards of Waverly Place reruns like crazy !

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