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If you're like me, you love music. If you're like me, you love hearing music while you're in the computer. And sometimes, the computer you're on doesn't have the music you want to hear. Or sometimes, you want to hear the whole song before buying it and you can't on iTunes.

I will not tell you how to download for free a song. I'm against illegal downloads.

But there is some ways to hear music online legally.

  1. Youtube. In youtube you can listen to music but you will see the video too. Also it's complicated to make playlists. The advantage is that you can really find anything you're looking foward to hear.
  2. Grooveshark. This site is dedicated to hearing music online. It's simple to make playlists and you can find most of the songs.
  3. We7. This site is also dedicated to hearing music online. It takes a while to start playing the song, but it has a cool background.
  4. Playlist. This site is similar to Groobeshark and We7.

 I recommend the first 2 options, although Playlist seems really good too.

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Cliff Mendrez profile image

Cliff Mendrez 5 years ago from Philippines

Simple but useful hub. Just checked out grooveshark. It's pretty good. Thanks for sharing.

Body 4 years ago

You should try this one http://www.mowline.com. You can also watch videos but creating of playlists is very simple even without registration....

Mode 3 years ago

I like to listen music selected by www.glorija.org

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