Which Headphones are the best pair?

In this world of growing Audiophiles, it is often difficult to choose a headphone model with so many emerging audio equipment makers. One thing is that you need to clearly figure out what you're looking for, because, each and every manufacturer specializes in a particular domain. For people who want to buy professional audio equipment, I would like to give my reviews on these mainstream headphones I've used.

1. Sennheiser

2. Klipsch

3. Etymotic Research

4. Shure


I own a Sennheiser Headphone Set ( HD 428 ) . It was 90$ roughly when I bought it.

Well, coming to the review, let’s work well and clear to generalize a few things :

As far as I have noted, Sennheiser works well with noise isolation. I have tested CX 300 myself. Bass wasn’t penetrating, but what I have noted it’s the exceptionally good Normalization of highs and vibes, which I don’t even find in my Klipsch Image S4i. The headphones I use (HD 428 ) Are very comfortable

And I happily sit for 3-4 hours listening to music with them on. On the other hand, the bass was not striking. You know, sometimes Treble beats Bass because handling it is the most complex task ever. It makes the whole output reverberating and too much of bass interferes with the audibility. I don’t say I didn’t have bass in my headphones, but I find the level I want. I would adore distinguishability of higs, mids and lows I find in every Sennheiser product. Things always have a balance. So if we increase bass, we lose treble. If we need treble, we would lose bass. If we need both, it’s next to impossible.

I would recommend Sennheiser to you if you’re looking for a natural sound, comfort and isolation.


Shure is another breakthrough in the audio equipment industry which always is tantamount with other Tier-1 makers. I didn’t test Shure nor have gone across any Shure product, but I went through loads of reviews. Somewhere in between Bose IE2, Klipsch S4i and Sennheiser CX 400 stands our Shure SE-115. It looks cool. What I have read is that these innovative makers are doing very well with normalization and distinguishability, but still working on optimizing bass. For example, when I said “Some people love plain sound instead of bass, or a few occasional thumps will do fine” I meant they must be opting Shure. There are Shure headphones too. Some of them are very popular. I don’t remember the model names, but can definitely recall and provide you information if you need.


Well, I own a Klipsch Image S4i earphone set. It was priced at 100$. I can tell you I’m very happy with it and I’m glad that I didn’t buy those cheap plastic BOSE IE2 cans. Klipsch s4i are advertised as “Bass Enhancing” and really do that job. I can feel strong thumps on my ears and I sit with them on in the bus everyday. I don’t even hear a single Sound from outside. I give few pauses to the songs when they’re playing and everytime I come with a great surprise. I remove the ear phones only to find the real heck noises of Heavy Traffic. The earphones have an advanced sound engineering for sure and they fit very very comfortably in my ears. You need not push them inside or try to pull them outside when you’re done. The ear phone design took care of all that. Another thing is that the extended degree of distinguishability I found in my Klipsch Image S4i. I hear bass and mids as one channel, lows as another. This is an important feature because it prevents overlapping. However, I loved it. For all iPod and iPhone lovers, I recommend it because you can play, pause, shuffle, rewind forward and lower volume with the same remote that comes with the headset.

Etymotic Research – Isolation Therapy!

Another one I found to be worthy of mentioning is Etymotic Research. The model being ER6i. It is the next generation of Noise isolation at an affordable cost. I have tested it myself and their design itself says they are meant to get you lost. being triple channel, the sounds get filtered enough before they reach your ear-drum. The fit was also very comfortable. I heard some sounds which I was never able to discover while listening to songs in other headphones. They are paramount in Noise Isolation and handle highs very well. There were no artificial stuff I heard and I felt as if I were in the recording studio. Crystal clear trebles and accompanying frequency response make it unique. What I felt could be made better in it was bass. And I give the least rank among it’s family when it comes to bass. The lows and highs were handled in the best possible manner. But again bass shouldn’t disappoint you.

If you prefer giving preference to detail over bass, you can go for it. And we need to remember that it offers best in-class isolation.

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