Which actor is "the special" of Lego minifigures?

Chris Pratt is in minifigure form as both Emmet and Star-Lord, and has at least one more minifigure on the way.
Chris Pratt is in minifigure form as both Emmet and Star-Lord, and has at least one more minifigure on the way. | Source

Chris Pratt's character in "The Lego Movie" was thought to be "The Special," the Master Builder with the ability to stop Lord Business. With a third Lego minifigure available with his new movie "Jurassic World," it may seem like Pratt is "the special" when it comes to actors whose characters have been turned into the tiny plastic toys. But, he's not quite there, yet. (A new movie for Indiana Jones starring him could get him there, though.)

According to "Standing Small: A Celebration of 30 Years of the Lego Minifigure," the first intellectual property to be licensed to Lego Group was Star Wars in 1999. Nine years later, Indiana Jones sets were introduced and Harrison Ford got his second minifigure. But, he wasn't the only one- Alfred Molina, who played Satipo in "Raiders of the Lost Ark," also had previous minifigure with Doc Ock from the "Spider-Man 2" sets in 2004.

When the book was published in 2009, Ford and Molina were the only two actors who had two minifigures, according to the book. Since then, partnerships with DC, Marvel, and Disney have given many others actors this honor.

Four Minifigures

Warwick Davis- Davis got to play not one, but two roles in two of the biggest movie franchises. Both franchises got the Lego treatment, and Davis is the actor with the most minifigures at four. The odd thing is that he had two of these minifigures when "Standing Small" was published, but Ford and Molina were the only ones mentioned as having two minifigures.

Davis' first minifigure was Griphook from the 2002 Gringotts Bank set (4714) from the Harry Potter series. His next one came in 2009 with Wicket from the Star Wars series. Wicket the Ewok has since appeared in three sets. His other Potter character, Professor Flitwick, was included in the Hogwarts Castle set (4842) in 2010. His last minifigure, Wald (the kid who looks like Greedo), was included in the Star Wars' Anakin and Sebula's Podracers set (7962) in 2011.

Three Minifigures

Liam Neeson- Neeson really has 3 and a half minifigures. The Lego Batman 3 video game includes his Ra's Al Ghul from "Batman Begins" as a downloadable character, but the character was never made into a plastic minifigure for a set. He jumped up to the three minifigure status thanks to the two roles he played in "The Lego Movie." Bad Cop/Good Cop is in three sets (70802,70819, 71004), and his other character from the movie, Pa Cop, is one set (70809). His first minfigure is so old, it was first made before Lego started using flesh tones for licensed characters. Qui-Gon Jinn from the Star Wars series first appeared in minifigure form in 1999, and has since appeared in nine sets.

Alfred Molina- His role as Sheik Amar in "Prince of Persia" gave Molina his third minifigure in 2010. The minfigure appears in one set for the movie, The Ostrich Race (7570).

Chris Pratt- Pratt is quickly growing his minifigure collection. He saw himself as a minifigure twice in 2014 as Star-Lord from the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" and Emmet from "The Lego Movie." The Emmet minifigure is available in at least 11 sets for the movie, while Star-Lord is in only two sets (76019, 76021). In February 2015, Pratt revealed his third minifigure, Owen Grady, for the upcoming "Jurassic World" movie. The minifigure is planned to appear in one set, Raptor Rampage (75917).

Harrison Ford's Han Solo
Harrison Ford's Han Solo | Source
Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury
Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury | Source

Two Minifigures

Harrison Ford- Ford still only has the two minifigures, but his Indiana Jones character has been included in every set for the series. Plus, Han Solo is sure to continue to be found in Star Wars sets, especially with him playing a part in the newest trilogy.

Christopher Lee- Continuing on the Star Wars theme, Lee got his first minifigure in 2002 with his Count Dooku character. Lee also played Saruman in The Lord of the Rings series, and got that minifigure in 2013 with the Wizard Battle set (79005).

Samuel L. Jackson- The Star Wars saga also gave Jackson his first minifigure with the Jedi Mace Windu. While the Nick Fury character was included with a Spider-Man set in 2013, the Nick Fury Jackson plays in the movies made it to the SHIELD Helicarrier set (76042) in 2015.

Hugo Weaving- The Marvel Cinematic Universe also gave Weaving one of his two minifigures. His portrayal of Red Skull is used in the 2014 Captain America vs. Hydra set (76017). He, like Lee, was also in the Lord of the Rings series, and his character, Elrond, appears in three sets (79006, 5000202, 79015).

Orlando Bloom- Bloom's inclusion may make some wonder which came first- Lego or Legolas? (The company started about a decade after the books.) Legolas, first appearing as a minifigure in 2012, is in several Lord of the Rings sets. Bloom also appeared as Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and, as a result, got his first minifigure in three sets (4182, 4183, 4184) with that character in 2011.

Johnny Depp- Jack Sparrow, portrayed by Depp, appears as a minifigure in every of the Pirates of the Caribbean sets. Depp also played Tonto in "The Lone Ranger," and was included in six sets in 2013.

Helena Bonham Carter- Carter's character from "The Lone Ranger," Red Harrington, appeared in one set (79108), but most people probably think of her character from the Harry Potter series first. Bellatrix Lestrange, while having a major role in the movies, can only be found as a minifigure in one set, The Burrow (4840).

Gary Oldman- Sirius Black, Bellatrix's cousin, gave Oldman his first minifigure in 2004. Oldman also played Commissioner Gordon in "The Dark Knight Rises," and his portrayal became a minifigure in 2013 with the Bat vs. Bane: Tumbler Chase set (76001).

Ben Kingsley- Kingsley is a tricky one. He played Trevor Slattery, who was pretending to be the Mandarin in "Iron Man 3." One of the sets the minifigure appears in, while labeled as a set from the movie, is not a scene from the movie. It can be assumed these sets were created to hide the reveal in the movie, and that this Mandarin is meant to make the audience think it is Kingsley's portrayal. Kingsley's other minifigure is more clear- his Nizam character from "Prince of Persia" was included in two sets (7573, 7572) in 2010.

Just One Minifigure

There are some actors who may seem to have two minifigures, but really don't.

Mark Hamill- Hamill only has one minifigure for his role of Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars series. Some may think that because he voiced the Joker in DC animated series, that he can claim that minifigure, too. Unfortunately, that minifigure is based on the comics, not Hamill's character.

Ian McKellen- The Shakespearean actor is now more commonly known for his roles in the Lord of the Rings and X-Men movies. However, he only has a minifigure for his role as Gandalf. The X-Men minifigures and sets are based on the comics, not the movies.

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