Who Is Lasse Gjertsen?

Who is Lasse Gjertsen?

Who is Lasse Gjertsen?
Who is Lasse Gjertsen?

Who is Lasse Gjertsen?

Lasse Gjertsen who? Lasse Gjertsen is one of our generation’s so-called YouTube heroes. Lasse Gjertsen, who is most known for his YouTube videos “Hyperactive” and “Amateur” was born in Larvik, Norway on the warm summer day of the 19th of July 1984. His animation skills were honed as he studied animation at Kent Institute of Art & Design in England & the Volda University College, in Norway. Lasse Gjertsen first became active on YouTube on the 8th of May 2006, and his 27 uploaded videos have since (pèr 14/11-2010) received an amazing 39.322.970 views.

His two most popular works “Hyperactive” (6.858.206 views) and “Amateur” (12.489.531 views) having received a staggering 19.347.737 views amongst them; one of the reasons “Amateur” has the most views, is that it was featured both on YouTube and in the online edition of the Wall Street Journal (12th of December 2006).

Who is Lasse Gjertsen?
Who is Lasse Gjertsen?

His two most popular videos uses a technique known as Stop-Motion, where snippets of video clips are linked together in a creative fashion, coming together to create an amazing full-scale product/musical composition. (See video example “Hyperactive” or “Amateur”, for an in your face demonstration)

This is however, not the only tool Lasse Gjertsen has in his creativity toolbox and his portfolio displays a fantastic array of innovative masterpieces; a great example of this being his (pèr 14/11-2010) latest chef-d'oeuvre entitled “Consoul”. Which Lasse Gjertsen states is his best work;

“…and I can finally upload the film that I might consider my best work yet, and definitely my most personal film. It is my first real professional short, and was produced by Alligator AS in Bergen, Norway.”

“It is basically my first attempt of videographic shamanism. It is a story about a persons life and death told in 8-bits video game graphics. “

“I made it in about half a year together with my best friend Trygve Knudsen, who made the 3D-sequences. I made all the 8-bit-shit.”

The video is quite a treat if you are into animation, especially of the old console kind (we are talking oldschool 8-bit Nintendo here people, the real deal!) The video is 12 minutes in duration and can be watch in its full brilliance here:

Who is Lasse Gjertsen?
Who is Lasse Gjertsen?

Lasse Gjertsen is a YouTube hero well worth looking into, and the Norwegian animator/musician/videographer, like mentioned previously, has a wide creative specter of videos which is definitely worth browsing through.

Fact: Lasse Gjertsen has been approached by several multimillion dollar businesses, such as Chevrolet and MTV, for business opportunities. However, as Lasse Gjertsen states on his personal website;

“A long time ago I promised myself never to do commercials. That's because I don't think it's right to push, usually unnecessary, products on fellow human beings. I'm not very fond of advertisement because I think it's fucking annoying, and in my eyes a cruel and irresponsible way of marketing.”

He goes on, saying that advertisement can be broken down into two main flaws;

“1) It keeps the fat monster called consumerism alive. A man made invisible entity that's slowly eating the souls of human beings, making them greedy, unfair, ignorant and dumb, that in the longer run leads to poverty and hate, that again leads to suffering, violence, death and war. It also leads to excessive exploitation of the natural resources, WHICH BY THE WAY WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO OWN, that again leads to unnecessary pollution, all of which will eventually have one outcome: The fall of mankind.“

“2) Making some people unnecessarily rich.

So, if you have just a tiny little portion of dignity in your heart, stop making this world even shittier than it already is, and do something useful and helpful instead!”

He goes even further in describing his personal beliefs, in some rather strong language, which probably is not suitable for this article, but if you want, you can read his full statement to advertisement companies via his YouTube channel description.

Personally, I think he has his full right to utter these statements and personal beliefs, and it gives us distinct clue of what this artist’s soul runs on… Norwegian bio-ecological innovativity. Keep up the fantastic work Lasse, we look forward to seeing your next work of genius.


Name: Lasse Gjertsen

Age: 26

Hometown: Larvik, Norway

YouTube Channel: Lassegg

Homepage: http://www.lassegjertsen.com



Rutkoff, Aaron (2006-12-12). "An Unrefined Musician Uses Stop-Motion Video To Play a Catchy Tune". Wall Street Journal. http://online.wsj.com/public/article/SB116581381680846327-u6NlXOnRBxZ6qCKc4WoFeWQ_wgo_20071212.html


Rosie2010 profile image

Rosie2010 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Hiya my friend Resolver, what an awesome hub. I've never heard of Lasse Gjertsen before, but now at least I think know of him.

Have a nice day!


Raven King profile image

Raven King 5 years ago from Cabin Fever

Thanks for this fun and excellent hub!

I never heard of Lasse, but he is very talented! Amateur is done in split screens and the effect is fun. The sound is extremely good and I can't believe a DAW was not used it making it!! Wow! I will check his webpage.

Have an excellent week! :)

saiv profile image

saiv 5 years ago from Rajamahendravaram

dear friend, very nice to read your article on Lasse. He is fantastic. Can see him closely thru your words. Thanks for introducing such a talented, such a nice guy with big heart.

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