Who Is Really the Foxiest Knoxy: Amanda Knox or Her Sister Deanna?

In October 2011, the world waited with bated breath as the Amanda Knox / Raffaele Sollecito re-trial wound down in Italy and was handed over to the jury for deliberations. I do not believe I know anyone who thought Ms. Knox was guilty though I am sure there are those, even here in America, who think exactly that. In fact, I have heard Nancy Grace feels she should not be freed, but most of us normal, reasonable, clear-thinking individuals cannot see how she was possibly imprisoned in the first place.

Now the Italian Supreme Court has overturned her acquittal and sent the case back to the lower court for reconsideration. I cannot give you any further insight into whether or not Amanda is guilty of the murder of which she was accused. I do not believe so, but I base that mainly on what I have heard in the news, both here in the United States and abroad in foreign countries. Italy seems to be the only place where a majority of the public believes she is guilty, but even there I spoke with many people over the past couple of years who believe she is completely innocent of this heinous crime.

What I can address is this image she has of being an attractive woman and most importantly, being known as Foxy Knoxy. You see, while I agree that Amanda Knox is a very lovely girl, when it comes right down to the nitty gritty, she cannot hold a candle to her sister, Deanna. Let us take a look and I will illustrate my point...

Who is Foxy Knoxy? Amanda...

It is fairly easy to find photographs of Amanda as she was probably the most photographed personality in Italy during her trial and will probably once again be the subject of many pictures as the overturning of her acquittal forces her back into the spotlight. In many of these images we can see her beauty shining through despite the harsh conditions in which she found herself at the time. She is lovely with gently sweeping brown hair and eyes that seem to draw you in. When she smiles, it is a ready smile that seems to yearn for a time less complicated.

Indeed, some of those who still believe she is guilty say we all have simply been taken in by her clean-cut, innocent look and it is easy to see where that could happen. But even acknowledging this, I still have little doubt that Amanda is innocent as there was never any physical evidence presented against her. While she is attractive, she is not the gorgeous seductress that some would like to make her out to be. She is simply a lovely all-American girl.

And also, though under harsh interrogation Amanda falsely identified another man as the killer, she never identified the one man who has been convicted of being involved in the murder about which there is little doubt. Why would she make up a killer to turn over when she had one that she could have given up if she is truly the evil murderer the prosecution attempted to make her out to be?

...or her sister, Deanna?

Amanda's sister Deanna, however, is another story. She is sort of like an amped up version of Amanda. Her hair is just a tad lighter and and hangs more gently in the breeze. Her eyes are a shade softer and all the more alluring for it. She has spent most of the time around teh trial in near tears, yet whenever a smile briefly dances across her lips, it is a smile that dazzles the cameras.

Whereas Amanda is an all-American type stunner, Deanna edges her way into the international beauty realm. She has a classic beauty that smolders while at the same time is obvious and bright every time you see her. After she is gone, you wonder to yourself, was she truly as lovely as I remember? But when you see her again, you realize that yes, she is.

So in the overall scheme of things does it matter if Amanda is not the hotter sister? Probably not, but it seems only fair that the lovely Deanna get the recognition she deserves. Her family has been thrust into a spotlight that many feel was undeserved and many in the media have portrayed Amanda as something of a she-devil. Perhaps the saddest part is that the family of murder victim Meredith Kercher still do not have closure. So while we can take a moment to ponder the beauty of these two young siblings, we should never forget that the tragedy that brought them to our attention is by far the important thing,

Who is the hotter Knox sister?

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  • Deanna
  • It's a tie!
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Leon 5 years ago

It is good to see someone asking the important questions!

Dav Tahmud 4 years ago

I remember seeing Amanda Knox on the news but never realized her sister was so lovely as well. I do believe Ms. Knox was innocent and I am glad she finally won her freedom. I still feel sorrow for the family of the murdered girl, however.

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