Who Is The Most Hated Person In America

No big surprise here but the dubious honor of America's most hated person goes to Casey Anthony. Who as I'm sure you already know was recently acquitted of the murder of her adorable little two year daughter Caylee in 2005.

Anthony who basically was acquitted due to a lack of evidence, which in no means that she's innocent, it just means that there was not enough evidence to prove conclusively that she is guilty. Shows every sign of being a sociopath.

The defination of a sociopath is a charming and fun to be around person who has little to no regard for the feelings of others. A sociopath also has a strong sense of entitlement and will do most anything to get their own way. They have an incapacity for love and because of their shallow emotions cannot relate to the emotions of others. If any of these traits sound familiar to you that's because sociopaths are unfortunately all to common. But luckily most are not murderers.

who is the most hated person in america.
who is the most hated person in america.

2nd Most Hated Person In America

The 2nd most hated person is Spencer Pratt from the reality show The Hills. Spencer who as you may recall is one of those annoying reality stars who seem to be famous for doing nothing at all. I don't watch a lot of reality shows but have to say that next to his wife Spencer seems to one of the most stupid and annoying people that I've ever seen.

3rd Most Hated Person

Nadya Suleman also dubbed the octomom is famous for believe it or not giving birth to 8 children all at the sametime. A feat which most people myself included believed to impossible for any woman to do.

Most people believe that Nadya who looks strangely enough a lot like Angela Joli had the children in order to cash in on her own reality show. The unemployed single mom already had six children before the birth of the octuplets.

4th Most Hated Person

O.J Simpson who not surprisingly has made the list of most hated people in America since he was aquitted of the brutal murder of his ex-wife Nicole and friend Ronald Goldman in 1994. In a later civil trial Simpson was found liable for the wrongful death of Ronald Goldman and the battery of Nicole Brown Simpson.

5th Most Hated Person

Number five is surprise surprise Jon Gosselin formerly of the reality show Jon and Kate Plus Eight. This one surprised me just a little because I thought that Kate might make the list before her ex. This just goes to show that people really don't care for cheating husbands and deadbeat dads.

Who is your choice for most hated?

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emdi profile image

emdi 5 years ago

Nice hub. Media is encouraging us all to hate more. Why do people hate others? Why do people judge others? we all make mistakes, small and big. Sometimes we makes the same mistakes that we contempt.

I like this

"Forgive others and pray for those who persecute you".

I wish the media will stop spreading hatred but spread love,peace and harmony.

Karen N profile image

Karen N 5 years ago from United States Author

You do have some good points emdi, the media is very good at stirring up hatred. And I can't say that I actually hate any of these people as I really don't know any of them personally. Some like Spenser Pratt for instance are more annoying than anything else.

carolyn a. ridge profile image

carolyn a. ridge 5 years ago

Hate is a strong word, and since I know none of these people personally, that may not be the best word. In the Bible, we are taught to love everybody! So, I don't necessarily hate OJ, I hate what he did, and how he lied.

Great article (funny, too).

funmontrealgirl profile image

funmontrealgirl 5 years ago from Montreal

For me it was a toss up between Spenser and Jon. But after voting, it would have to be the woman who murdered her child which is obviously more evil than being super arrogant or a cheater. She's Australian?

Karen N profile image

Karen N 5 years ago from United States Author

Hi Montrealgirl,

I believe that Casey Anthony is actually from Florida.

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