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As we draw closer to finding out the identity of the killer of our stick-like Eastenders character, Lucy Beale, I have the rich delight of bowling some questions at another journalistic soap expert,namely, the lovely, Kayleigh Dray, who is Deputy Online Editor of Closer Magazine. Hot on the heels of my recent interrogation of Mirror writer, Katy Brent, I am exhilarated to gain the insight of another big league wordsmith.

Here's a quick guide to next week's BBC Eastenders schedule, with indication to the live parts, and then it's on with the questions

Live Programme Schedules for the Lucy Beale Week

  • MONDAY 16th FEBRUARY at 10.45pm : The Graham Norton Show EastEnders special with special guests : June Brown, Pam St Clement, Adam Woodyatt, Letitia Dean, Kellie Bright, John Altman, Richard Blackwood, Jessie Wallace, Shane Richie and Danny Dyer
  • TUESDAY 17th FEBRUARY at 7.30pm: EastEnders (30’) with live inserts
  • WEDNESDAY 18th FEBRUARY at 8pm: EastEnders (30’) with live inserts
  • THURSDAY 19th FEBRUARY at 7.30pm: EastEnders (60’) with live inserts
  • THURSDAY at 9.30pm Flashback episode (30’) with live inserts
  • FRIDAY 20th FEBRUARY at 8pm: EastEnders fully live episode (30’)
  • FRIDAY at 8.30pm EastEnders: Backstage Live with Zoe Ball, Ore Oduba and Joe Swash at 2030 (with a live switchover to BBC Three at 9pm)

Interview with Kayleigh Dray


Interview with Kayleigh Dray

1) As we move tantalisingly closer to the reveal during the part-live and full-live Eastenders shows next week, do you feel that you, personally, are nearer to guessing the identity of Lucy's killer?

I'd like to think so – but I keep talking myself out of my original theory! So many clues and red herrings have thrown me off track in quite a big way… but I think I might quietly go and make a bet on the person I originally fingered as the killer. Just in case.

2) Have you enjoyed the long-running story-line and do you feel that the writers have done a fine job, especially with all the convoluted red herrings they have been flinging at us?

I have absolutely LOVED it; it's been such a hook – and it really has people invested in the show and the characters. We're all watching a lot more closely, we're all taking notice of all the subtle hints and clues the writers have been throwing at us, and, maybe most importantly, it's so much more realistic. Murders don't get solved just like that. And the raw human grief we saw from Lucy's family at the time of her death, to them slowly coming to terms with it and finding some semblance of normality… it's been pretty inspiring stuff.

3) Would you be disappointed if the killer turned out to be a lesser character who maybe hasn't been on the scene much lately, like Terry Spraggan or David Wicks, for example?

If they could give us a satisfying explanation, it could work, I suppose – although I would be heartbroken if it was my beloved David! But I am hoping it will be someone a lot closer to home, someone that has been under our noses this whole time, and, above all, someone who makes sense. Not just a random curveball thrown in for the shock factor.

4) So, we've been led to believe that Lauren has recognised a phone number, or some kind of code, on that little scrap of yellow paper that she married up to that big piece of yellow paper! Have you any musings on what she may have discovered?

It definitely looks like a phone number, doesn't it? For a house line phone, too. It seems like it starts the same as all the phone numbers in Walford though, so that hasn't been too helpful. I couldn't help but wonder if a phone call was placed at the Beale house at the time of Lucy's death – maybe the killer rang someone they trusted, to ask them for help covering their mess.
Then again, everyone has mobile phones nowadays, so that would be a pretty dumb move on their behalf!


5) It does seem to be an extremely tangled web right now. Could there be more than ONE killer spider lurking in the middle of it?

I'm not so sure I buy the whole 'two killers working in tandem' theory – but I do think that the murderer might have had help from someone who loved them when it came to covering up their crime. Which makes me think that there must be a familial tie of some kind; like a Peter and Jane combo, or (the public's favourites!) Abi and Max.

6) Are there any specific characters you would not like to see as killer?

I wouldn't like it to be Ian Beale – it just wouldn't sit right with me. I think he's a flawed man, sure, but I don't think he's the kind of person who'd murder his daughter and not own up to what he did. The one thing we know about him is that he loves his kids.

7) In the poll on my blog, Abi has been top suspect since 'day 1' in July last year. She leads the pack with a 16% vote. She's also right up there, neck and neck, with Ben on most in most of the bookies' odds. Is that it then? A two-horse race with nothing the writers can do to spin more twists?

I don't think so, no – the writers have been very clever in giving us evidence we can interpret to fit our own personal theories. And, while Abi and Ben are both prime suspects, there are plenty of others out there with a motive to kill… and the means, too.

8) What do you make of the clue that the jewellery-box was the last thing that Lucy heard? Do you think it could be the murder weapon?

Hmm – tough one. I wondered if maybe, as Lucy stored her drugs in there, she was confronted with the stash on the night of her death, leading to an argument and her untimely demise… but I'm not sure it would be heavy enough to kill her.

9) Some believe it was suicide! Do you entertain the notion that Lucy Killed Lucy?

No way. How could she move her own body to Walford Common?

10) Forgetting clues and just by going for a 'gut-feeling' who would you plump for right now, if you got a free £100 bet?

I'm torn between Peter and Jane, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary – can I split the money between them and make a sneaky bet on both?

Finally...two fantastic links

Here are the links to both Kayleigh's and Katy's latest columns in which they have reached mutual conclusion to the identity of the killer. Some of their reasons are the same, as can be expected given the amount of clues and/or red herrings that the writers have delivered to our flat-screen TVs, and some of their reasons stand isolated on their own columns. Magnificent investigative intuition or, if you prefer, excellent journalistic instinct. Whatever, both columns work majestically, for me!

They may well have sussed out the killer's identity. It certainly looks that way, so PLEASE don't read these two columns if you don't want to know who it (probably) is

Interview with Katy Brent

Interview with Katy Brent

Today I have the much-envied privilege of interviewing one of the most revered soap journalists of our time, an Eastenders specialist through and through, Katy Brent, from Mirror Online. Katy has taken a ball of chalk down the frog and toad to my gaff and is casting her mince pies over my little questions regarding the Lucy Beale saga, as it races to a parson's nose.
Katy is a regular writer for the Mirror and a freelance journalist in her own right and she also runs the hugely viewed and massively popular online TV Room for Eastenders on the Beamly TV Site

Without further ado:

  1. As the Lucy storyline trundles towards the finish-line, do you feel confident enough to guess who the killer will be?

Er... No! I keep changing my mind about who did it. At first I was convinced it was Aleks, because of the blood and earring found at the flat. He was always flashing money about, and we didn't know a lot about him so I suspected he might be her dealer. He always seemed to be a bit too well dressed for a market inspector! Then I thought it was Abi. My theory was that Ben and Jay THOUGHT they had killed Lucy after they mugged her (hence them ending up with her purse and phone). I thought that maybe they had ran off and left her for dead. But then Abi (who was following Jay as he had been acting suspiciously) came across Lucy who was threatening to go to the police. As both the boys have already been in trouble for Hev's murder, Abi knew this would mean jail for Jay, so she finished Lucy off herself. So Ben and Jay THINK they did it, but it was actually Abi. But now that Abs is the bookies favourite, I think that it's too obvious. I have ruled out Ian, Ben and Jay and Denise because when Emma was talking to the killer, they were doing other things. Ian was preparing the wedding reception. Denise was with Patrick and Ben and Jay were looking for Phil's missing money. I'm leaning towards Jane now, but I don't know what her motive would be. Lucy was like a daughter to her.

2. The producers have said there is going to be a power-shift in Walford and that Walford will change forever as the Lucy saga unfolds. What do you think they mean by that? Could it be that the Carter family are going to usurp the Mitchell clan?

That's intriguing isn't it? To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what this means! The Mitchells have come apart a bit because of the whole Nick Cotton thing anyway. I don't think Phil is going to forgive Roxy for thinking he was guilty, right away. And of course none of us know what's going to happen to Ronnie. Also the Carters are a very different family. They're not into guns and gangsters like the Mitchells. Remember how horrified Linda was when she found Sharon's gun? So no, sorry no idea!!

3. If someone gave you £100 and told you to put it on a bet to name the killer, who would you place the bet on?

At the moment, I would put it on Jane. I just have a feeling that she was more involved than she's letting on. I thought it was really odd the way she just piped up with an alibi for Lauren. Some people have suggested that she did this out of loyalty to Tanya, but I don't buy it. By giving Lauren an alibi, she was also giving herself one. But I don't know why Jane would want to kill Lucy. I just can't make it all add up. I wish I had Emma's file. Whitney is another one I'm not convinced about. She was pretty dark with that note at the funeral and wiping all the social media stuff. Jane or Whitney.

4. Would you feel cheated if the killer turned out to be a lesser character, someone like Les Coker, maybe just written in to take the killer's role?

Yeah I would be really narked if it turned out to be the Cokers, who are really little more than just glorified extras at the moment. I'd probably march to Elstree and DEMAND a satisfying ending!

5. It probably won't be a lesser character, which means we could be waving goodbye to a major player, as they head for a long incarceration in Wormwood Scrubs. What are your feelings on losing a major character? Who would you NOT want to go?

I wouldn't want Lee Carter to go and I know a lot of people are saying it was him because of the message in the crossword. I think that the Carters have just lost Johnny and have enough going on right now without Lee being a murderer. Also, I'm just starting to really warm to his character. I didn't like him when he first came to the Square and was this ladies' man figure, but he has shown a really caring side with Whit. And also when he was trying to help the Moons out with their boiler. I wouldn't be fussed if it was Jane or Whitney though. I've lost track of Jane's comings and goings in all honesty

6. One hunch I have is that the killer will be revealed to the viewers but another character will be wrongly convicted, paving the way for a Free The Innocent campaign. Do you think that would be a great twist or would that be dragging the story on for too long?

Oh God no! I think we have been promised a conclusion on Feb 19th and that's what it needs to be. It's gone on long enough as it is. I don't think they'll do this as it's too close to what Corrie did with the Tina murder. Whether the murderer actually gets caught is another matter though. It's only been said that the killer will be revealed on the anniversary show. Nothing about the rest of the Square finding out

7. There have been a lot of slayings in that there Square. Which are the most memorable 5 killings, in your view?

There really has been! I don't know why anyone would move there! For me the top five have to be Archie Mitchell - because he deserved it. Heather Trott - that was just so sad because she was such an innocent. Plus it meant Ben was off our screens. Although I really like Harry Reid as Ben, I wasn't a fan of the Joshua Pascoe era Ben. Dennis Rickman - that had me in tears. Dirty Den - his comeback was really weird, so I'm glad we actually saw his body this time! And Saskia's murder. That was a classic.

8. So, what is Shabnam's dark secret? Is it related to Lucy's death?

I don't think it has anything to do with Lucy at all, but I DO think it has something to do with a man. I don't think that Shabs is the goody two-shoes she is making herself out to be...I wonder if she has married someone. Or perhaps she had a secret child while she was in Pakistan.

9. does Max Branning pull so many women?

Haha! It's one of the mysteries of the world isn't it? How were the Pyramids built and how does Max Branning get all the women?

Thanks for answering my questions Katy. I look forward to the reveal and I have exhausted all possibilities really, in my own choice for killer, because, it has to be said, the writers have made it such an engrossing storyline and they have dished up so many plausible possibilities with the pie and mash and the West Ham scarves. I still wouldn't know who to bet on. Oh, and don't forget, it's okay to drink wine whilst watching the soaps, but trying to negotiate the apples and pears when you are a bit scotch mist could be a problem x


Latest Thoughts

So, Lucy Beale has been pushing up the Bellis Perennis for 9 months now and we're still no nearer to finding out, conclusively, the identity of her killer. 9 Months. That's long enough to bring a new life into the world, and, in fact, associate resident of Walford Square, Ronnie, did just that, and she might well be feeding the Earthworms herself in days to come. It's a tough life in Walford. Emma, the ex-cop, has already fallen off the perch and crashed amongst the good old East End Cuttlefish, so, all in all, it's been pretty grim down South for the Easties.

Lucy's Lot

...which were incidentally growing in the allotment

Ronnie's potential lot

...almost looking like that opening logo/image for EastEnders

Emma's Lot

So, where are we at? In recent episodes the finger of answerability has been waggled conspicuously at that little twisted fireball of bitterness, Abi, as so expertly outlined in this article from the Deputy Editor from Closer Online magazine.

It all looks so damning for little Abi now with all those clues and with that bucket of evidence, but, could it be that we are being fed a banquet of red herrings to make us think the race is over and to deflect us from the real consequence? Would the writers and the producers really let us think we have buttoned down the whodunit a full month before they are due to roll out the reveal? There are some pretty incriminating details , sure, as far as Abi is concerned. Let's have a look at the salient points:

  • The iciness of her cold 'Things Die' remark when she had ran over and trafficated her pet pooch. Was that a back-handed reference to Lucy's death? (gotta say here that we should NOT let youngsters talk about death on soaps, but if we DO excuse it, then that little Barlow girl done it best on Corrie, saying she saw dead people}

  • The really weird hush-hush situation with her and her Dad, (Max) with him saying 'What happened on Good Friday stays between us'
  • The fact that she was (rather oddly) stalking her big sis, Lauren, with the horrible messed-up-of-head conclusion that saw her try to drown her sibling in some kind of violent mood-swing. Not right, even by Branning standards
  • The accusatory comments from post-death Emma with implications that Max knew a whole lot more about the situation than he is letting on.
  • The notion that she would have been livid at Lucy for 'breaking up the happy home' by trysting with Max when all family life was otherwise normal (yeah, right)

My Own Thoughts

After all this, I am not convinced, at all, that Abi is the killer. She is certainly being painted as #1 suspect but, it's too early to have a suspect so blatant at such an integral stage. Are we to believe, now, for a whole month, that she is the killer? It would throw a huge damp blanket over the whole proceedings. I'd bet my house on it not being Abi. In fact, my mortgage number is 0304 78239 22109 7 and the house is yours if it turns out to be Abi.

The writers have done so well to keep so many other people in the frame. The writing has been incredible and the red herrings have been fantastic.

Crazy Undertaking


The second most popular choice as killer, so it seems, is Les Coker, or his wife. Pam Coker, or both. The claims are that they are killing in order to drum business up for their funeral and undertaking service. There's a feeling that they have killed before which seems so very far-fetched and fantastic, but, then again, so does it seem bizarre that they were so translucently involved in the fake death and mock funeral of that incurable rogue, Nick Cotton. What was that about? Would the writers really bring in a relatively new character, such as Les Coker, to be the killer in a plot which has carried the boast that it will 'change Walford forever' I'd hardly think that it would 'change Walford forever' if it was shown that Les and/or his missus were shown to be the slaughter-bunnies. For me, it would have to be a major player like Phil or Ian, or possibly even Billy, to have such an impact, because they are all part of a hugely significant family on the Square and if the talk of a power-shift (as proposed by the Eastenders PR Machine) is to be considered then it has to be a huge family-driven outcome. The talk of a 'power-shift' also suggests to me that it spells the end of the Mitchell Dynasty which might mean that Phil is due to be incarcerated or culled. There are, of course, going to be some new twists and turns before the reveal in the live episodes of next month and the climax will surely (obviously) be there in the 30th anniversary episode, which brings me to this: How awesome would it be to have Nick Cotton revealed as a killer in the episode that marks the 30-year anniversary, making him the killer in the final scenes to add to him being the killer in the opening scenes of the very first episode 30 years previous? Just saying!

Also, just saying, Abi has been the hot favourite in the 'Who Do You Think Killed Lucy' poll on this page, right from the start. Funny that!

Speak soon x


If you've not read this blog please read it from here, but if you just want to read the new, added, clues, please go to the latest posts at the bottom. This is to explain that I have made an update on 8th September to reveal the reason why he killed her. Cheers. Share the blog if you like it and if you don't mind :)


The Murder Ballad of Lucy Beale has also been added to the end of this blog. You heard it here first

Since the killing of Lucy Beale speculation has been rife with suspects galore being dashed into the mixing pot, with the usual lush amount of red herrings. Mmmm, red herrings. My favourite. In true soap death style, none of the characters can be ruled out (except, I s'pose, for Stacey Slater who was banged up in prison at the time of the slaying) Some suspects are stronger than others in the killer-prospect stakes. I mean, you wouldn't expect Dot Cotton to have wielded the murder weapon over our poor unfortunate, and very skinny, friend. Would you?

Hot suspects include:

  • Ian Beale who had discovered some of his 'bag of bones' daughter's secrets just before her demise
  • Abby Branning who had found out that Lucy was humping her father
  • Jake Stone who had fallen in love with her and who was noticeably rattled when he saw that she was trysting with Lee
  • Lee Carter who had a fling with Lucy, which really upset his girlfriend, Whitney
  • Whitney Dean who was visibly livid at the discovery of Lee's fling with Unjuicy Lucy
  • Lucy Beale who might have committed suicide (I jest)
  • Peter Beale who hated the fact that his dad favoured LucyLastic so much
  • Lauren Branning who's just a bloody nutjob anyway
  • Max Branning who had an affair with her before she dumped him (how does Max get all the women?)
  • Denise Fox who was sick and tired of Ian putting the stick-thin Lucy on a dizzying pedestal
  • Cindy Williams who grassed her up to her dad regarding her stash of coke cos she was sick of Ian favouring Lucy too
  • Billy Mitchell who is the village victim in all cases,and who is always up for the role of suspect. Oh, and Lucy snubbed his business offer just before she carked it


So who do you think killed Lucy? Don't phone your answers through to me on my mobile. This is just an excuse to post a photo of my phone from 1992, to show you that I am reluctant to let go of the past, which is a hugely relevant clue to the identity of the killer

So, yes, did I tell you that I now know who the killer is?

Well, I do

Who do YOU think killed Lucy?

Who put her lights out? Who? Who? Who?

See results without voting


On 17th July 2014 Eastenders final scene depicted the burial of Lucy's purse and Lucy's phone. The viewers saw the hole being dug and the items being lobbed in before the earth was flung back into the hole. Forget the fact that it's unlikely that the killer would still be in possession of her stuff after two months. Chuckle at the incident in the pub shortly before the evidence-burial when Ian laughably accused Billy of having her phone and purse, and asked him to turn out his pockets (like he'd be walking around with them in his pockets)

Some people are making a lot of who was in the pub at the time, believing that Ian's ludicrous accusation prompted the killer to shoot off and conceal the items, under a foot of Earth in Walford's busiest allotment

I watched the final scene in high-resolution and I blew it up and twisted it around until I could finally get a discernable image of the killer in the screen of the buried phone

Some are saying they probably just asked whichever actor was available on set at the time, to do the burying. If that's the case, why didn't they just ask a prop man or a stagehand or whatevs? I could definitely see who it was, and it was a cast member, one of the characters.

I refused to name the character on my FaceBook thread which I immediately put out, because I didn't want to spoil it for anyone, but I have revealed the identity in private messages, to anyone who has PM'd me. The majority of the people I have told have re-visted the final scene and they agree with me

Also, when you know who the reflection was of, it becomes clear that it is the killer. Certain damning pieces of evidence soon fall into place

If you want to know who the killer is, before it is revealed in February 2015, just PM me on FaceBook and I'll spill the beans, which Lucy clearly should have eaten

Oh, and BTW, it was announced at the time of her death that this story would run right through Christmas and the killer would be revealed in February. I am pretty certain that they will bring the reveal forward now, and all because they made a fatal error in the filming of the evidence-burial

Talk about digging a hole for themselves

The Facebook Thread

Thanks for reading this, everyone. Expect to get a faster conclusion to this story now.

Thanks to the Eastenders team for putting out a fantastic show :)




Since the publication of this hub just over a week ago, the BBC has removed the relevant episode from their BBC player amid much speculation of the possibilities of a re-write.

The FaceBook page for Andre Vocase has been inundated with literally hundreds of requests for the identity of the person in the reflection on the phone. Andre has answered every question personally

Any more questions are welcome either in the comments section of this blog or to Andre's FaceBook page.

Closer Online Magazine have also run a couple of features on the issue

LoveSoaps Online have also ran an interview with Andre

*** NEW CLUES***

Having just viewed, again, the original advert put out by the BBC, the one that said 'There's A Killer Amongst Them' (or something like that) I have been hit with some new clues and realisations. Let me explain, well, watch the video first

You There Yet?

So, the clip shows a panoramic shot of the hallowed Square de la Walford for a minuscule 3 seconds and then it proceeds to trot out the 'red herrings' which is fine and dandy, it's the job of the writers to do such a thing. So we see:

  • Denise 'The Vixen' Fox tampering with something with a claw-hammer
  • Max 'Shades of Mary Bale' Branning dragging a bulging bin-bag out of the house and stuffing it into the wheelie-bin
  • Lauren 'The Menstrual Cycle' Branning washing her blood-drenched personal attire in the Laundry-Ette (sic)
  • Peter 'Adonis' Beale burying the remains of his short acting career
  • Jane 'More Comebacks Than Adam Ant' Beale sucking glass out of a family car. Just why?
  • Ian 'Victim' Beale pouring way too much sugar in a cup. He'd never waste that much sugar

Yeah? What of it?

Well, those are the clues/red herrings that are shoved right under your nose, clear as a bell, HD charged, crystal clear etc.

Skip back to the opening shot, the 3 seconds of lead-in. That's where the REAL clues are:


See the four people? The two in the Gardens are pretty noticeable, even if only for 3 seconds, but the other two are not so easy to spot, not in such a short space of time. The writers and plotters have been extremely clever here, cos they can refer to this when the killer is revealed and they will tie up all the loose ends, not with the HD 'in your face' red herrings, but with the surreptitiously almost-but-not-quite concealed clues. It's a genius move.

So, there are the two in the Gardens. Who could that be? One's a blonde, that's for sure, and the other is a guy holding his arms out to the blonde.(I know exactly who I think it is) Those are characters A & B

In the foreground we see character C, watching A & B from where the Butcher's house would be. Character D can be seen walking away beside the rear of a car outside the Beale's house.

Is it Jake watching Lee and Lucy with Ian scurrying off in the background? Is it Lee watching Jay and Lola as Jake sails by, awaiting his chance to get Lucy on her own? Is it Mick watching Billy and Sharon as Phil hurtles past, looking for 'faaamily'?

I know what I think!

How about you?





This is really quite a new development. It's been pretty much established, in my mind, that Ben is the killer. I've said before that it was all due to the fact that Lucy let Ben down by not paying for a drug deal that he had set up with one of his prison cronies. There was always something niggling me though. Would you really kill someone for that? Yeah, some people, hardened gangsters, don't want to 'lose face' and they might well exact their revenge on such matters, but Ben was hardly a cemented criminal. So, what else can inspire you to kill? When someone hurts your family? When your life is in danger? Raged retaliation in a close-combat fight? All of those, I guess, but Ben had suffered the hugest indignity of all. He had been dumped by the one he loved. Lucy had been writing to Ben whilst he was in the incarcerating arms of Queen Elizabeth 2nd, and he became besotted. They made plans to move away from the square when he got out of prison. They both needed a break. He was fearful that he would always be seen as a killer. She was keen to get away and have a clean break from the drugs. She promised Ben that they would move away and that she would find a place through the letting agency that she had set up with alcoholic tramp-girl, Lauren. As Ben's parole drew near, she got cold feet. To be honest, her feet were never really warm. She was stringing him along. She dumped him, basically. He asked if she would meet him for one last time, so he could say goodbye before he moved away himself, forever. She refused, but he told her that he would tell everyone about her coke habit if she didn't meet him. She met him, and he despatched her to the cemetery.

The Murder Ballad of Lucy Beale

Here's a song written through the perspective of Ben Mitchell

The Murder Ballad of Lucy Beale


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Chelsea Williams 2 years ago

I dmd you! Will be in others :)

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ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

No probs, will have a look soon :)

lisa cairns 2 years ago

Who is it my Money was on peter or Lola but not sure now

ufk profile image

ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

I will message you a bit later, Lisa :)

Becky 2 years ago

Maybe it was Bella Young - Sadie and Jakes daughter! she walked in on lauren in her parents bedroom getting dressed after sleeping with jake - she freaked out and lauren swore to her she would never talk or even look at jake ever again... Later after Lucy's murder it turned out the mystery email asking to meet up was from jake - but the message was aimed for lauren. Maybe bella saw the emails her dad sent and wanted revenge on lauren as it looked like they were carrying on their affair? There was definitely something weird about the way she watched lauren leave from out the window the day she caught them cheating... Plus lauren tried to kill her dad (ironically) for doing the same to her mum when she was younger, so it wouldn't be unheard of in eastenders terms... Maybe bella wanted to get back at lauren but mistook lucy for her because they had been wearing matching outfits? Maybe jake found out and wanted to cover up for his daughter after everything he had put her through (breaking up family, alcoholism etc), explaining how Lucy's blood got into his apartment. Apparently the killer has a shady history/ past crimes etc - remember jake and sadie revealed how they ran a girl over before they moved to Albert square? Also one last clue - it was 'a little girl' who found Lucy's body the next day.... could that have been

Bella at the scene of the crime?

ufk profile image

ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

Wow, what a great comment. Thank you Becky. It's filled with excellent points and observations and it really made me think long and hard about it. It seems unlikely, on the face of it, but who knows? My reservations are cos she is just a little kid, could she actually kill someone? Would she have the strength? I do love the idea though, and you've raised some brilliant points, linking some great stuff in the process. I shall have a rethink and study some of your finer points :)

Becky 2 years ago

I do think it's highly unlikely but it's always fun to speculate! The makers said it would be more upsetting than shocking. I wonder if it could be someone with a history of mental disorders like Ian, Jean, Ronnie, Stacey or even Sharon now. With Lucy's previous head injury it may have not taken much more to cause her death. I like the idea of it being someone no one has considered but expect it will end up being one of the central suspects in the end!

ufk profile image

ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

You have your head screwed on well, lol. I think it'll be a central character, but not one of the biggies like Ian, Phil, Max etc. Maybe someone like Jake who's kind of 'on the periphery' as regards of length of servitude. I'm getting messages to say that the i-player episode has been removed now, so people can't check it any more. Maybe they will be doing some re-writing :)

Becky 2 years ago

Well even the cast don't know who the killer is, so getting them to bury the bag/ purse would be a bit obvious to everyone in the studio! I'm not sure the the killer would even be in possession of her things... Also I know some people have said she had two phones, but if not her phone was ringing when they first filmed the body (with Ian apologising on her voicemail) so whoever got hold of it again would have to be able to get into the police evidence - maybe Max as he's having a relationship with the DI woman? They've thrown in so many red herrings I think it's unlikely to found out until the day!

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ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

Yes, the 'two-phones' issue is a convenient get-out clause. Yes, you're right, all the camera crew and sound people and stuff would know, if they used the 'killer' to bury the items. There's no point in using the right actor, if they don't intend on showing him UNLESS they WANTED someone to spot it so we could all speculate it was that person, and it transpires that he was burying it for someone else. Also, obviously, they say they haven't decided who the killer is yet, anyway. Here's what I think now: The person I saw in the reflection (who is definitely one of the cast/suspects) was on set when they filmed the scene. Maybe they were all stood around deciding who would do it, as it was just a matter of chucking a few items into a hole, and the actor said 'Come 'ere, I'll bloody do it' or something like that. Then they just filmed it, and didn't realise the reflection was there. So, there ya go. Hey, by the way, do you have blogs on here, Becky? (or should I call them hubs?) :)

Becky 2 years ago

Well my gut instinct says it wasn't a meditated murder as no one has a concrete motive - rather there was some kind of altercation/ accident with someone connected either with the beales (or the brannings assuming the matching outfit theory holds). In this case it could be literally anyone as everyone's somehow related in easties. So it's best to work backwards from the creators aims and work out the killer's motive later. For shock value it could be someone from the outside like:

* poppy - she found out about fatboy and Denise's kiss, he ended their relationship and on leaving she left a letter for Ian which Lucy intercepted

* Terry - his son TJ got cindy pregnant to which Ian responded in typical beale fashion by booting her out the house - not to mention lucy discussed the whole abortion option with her. There was also a scene when Morgan looked out his window and asked bianca if 'the bad man was gone' - the camera went outside and it was Terry staring at the house.

* Jean - has a history of mental problems which got worse after Ian bullied her at work and she helped start a fire at the restaurant.

Those are some 'shock' characters that could be to blame just for sheer obscurantism and I'm sure there are plenty more.

If the creators want to switch things up and 'change Walford forever' then either there will be more deaths connected to the case or they will reintroduce an old character who has previously killed, like Nick Cotton (involved in drugs - related to Lucy's cocaine use? Obviously not really dead), Janine (because Lucy & Danny took some of her money) or Ben Mitchell who is returning soon, though I think they're unlikely.

Someone like Billy, Lola or Shirley (who phill was blackmailing) may have done it to get some money - but why would they bury the purse and phone...

I think you're right about it being a peripheral character - someone we know is is a suspect but whose motives are as yet unknown. Even if they didn't necessarily like Lucy I don't think they would plan to kill her outright.

On a political note I don't think it will be Lee or Aleks as I doubt the BBC will want to demonise military personnel or immigrants ;)

And no I don't have any blogs on here, I'm just procrastinating from my dissertation by amateur sleuthing!

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ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

Well, you are certainly a great thinker. One part of me feels that you work for the BBC and your task here is to remind me of all the options and possibilities in order to throw me off the scent and to keep me quiet. I'm sure the BBC see it like the criminals on Scooby Doo see 'those pesky kids' However, I'm pretty certain that's not the case. Big companies like the BBC usually operate way above the level of the plebian society so I'm sure this has gone unnoticed to them.

Great call on the ruling out of Lee and Aleks (and for the reasons...especially in Lee's case)

I don't get the Poppy idea. She saw the kiss, yeah, but why woulod that lead on to her wanting to kill Lucy? Not that you said that was a very strong idea. The Terry idea is very strong, I think. I like the Nick Cotton idea too, and there's definitely something going on there, even if it's nothing to do with this story-line. Hmmm, it could definitely be linked, actually. Thos writers are bloody clever, to be fair.

Becky 2 years ago

Well Lucy found the letter Poppy wrote about the Fatboy/ Denise kiss - and opened it even though it was addressed to Ian... Maybe there was something written inside it about Lucy's drug use or some other secret as she never told/ showed it to Ian. Or thinking about the lauren/ lucy outfit thing - Poppy lost her job due to Lauren and Jake's affair so perhaps she was looking for her? Poppy was in a bad state when she left and the actor who plays Peter has placed a bet on it being her!

But being rational, I'd say again: think of what response the creators want to get from the fans/ what direction they want Walford to go, consider which characters would be instrumental to this effect and then work out the scenario/ motives from there...

Haha and yes I'm part of a BBC conspiracy to throw you off the scent in case the truth comes out! I wish ;)

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ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

Yeah, the reason I asked if you were a BBC cuckoo planted into my beautiful starlings nest, is based on the fact that you are eloquent and detailed and you are throwing a sheet of light across a vast array of options, oh, and cos you don't have any hubs (blogs) on here. Even fellow hubbers don't take much time to comment. However, that aside, I like the Lucy with the letter point. I tend to watch my soaps (Eastenders and Coronation Street) either when I am ironing shirt for work in the morning, or when I am home at night, and multi-tasking, so I occasionally miss out on some of the less salient nuances. The fact that the actor who plays Peter has placed a bet on Poppy is intriguing. Or maybe his bosses have told him to say that. I'm sure there have been some other red herrings dropped into interviews and articles about the actors. I'm actually very certain that the 'same outfit' issue will play a part, though that would change a lot of things, cos we'd need to be looking at people with motives to kill Lauren (which I know you have been doing already, Becky) Phew...head's like a merry-go-round, ha ha

Becky 2 years ago

I didn't start watching eastenders until about a year ago and usually miss episodes, but I love a good murder mystery! Haha my o/h is always getting annoyed at me for guessing the storylines but I can't seem to work this one out! I did some browsing online and came across your blog which is the most plausible so thought I would post about it - and here we are conspiring about it still :) I'm tempted to place a bet on an ambiguous character - if it pays off we should go into business together speculating on soap yarns when the odds are good!

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ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

Ha ha, yes. Great idea. The reality is that they are probably still deciding who they are going to have as the killer, in the end, and if you are betting on the identity of the killer you are actually betting on who you think the writers will eventually end up choosing. All good clean fun though. I might put a bet on Terry

wholly 2 years ago

Who was it then

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ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

Ian only say if PM'd on facebook cos I don't want to blurt name out and ruin it for those who don't want to know.

darkrosexxx 2 years ago

Get Columbo on the case we wouldn't have to wait til Feb 2015 lol ;-)

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ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

Alas, Peter Falk died 3 years ago so I can't be calling on his services any time soon, unless you have a time-machine locked in your garage, darkrose :)

LS 2 years ago

I really want to know who it is

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ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

If you had a profile on here, I would message you and let you know. Other than that, I'll tell anyone who messages me on facebook

lizzie 2 years ago

What's your Facebook name? And profile pic? I can't find you to send a pm

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ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

Andre Vocase

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ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

Alexis 2 years ago

Great blog x

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Jordy j 2 years ago

Hey can you please tell me whos reflection you saw on the phone :o

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ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

I can only say if you PM me on Facebook, the link is a few posts up, or on the blog. I am wary about putting name in public cos I don't want to anger the BBC. They are already annoyed

Ethan 2 years ago



Abi in back left wearing red coat

Market inspector


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ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

Well, for a long time I thought it was Abi, and, funnily enough, Abi was the most voted for on the poll on my blog. I went with the rather mundane motive that she, having found out about Max and Lucy, didn't want to see her family ripped apart again. In the back of my mind though, it didn't quite sit right. I did think that Jay was covering for Abi, by burying the phone and purse, and that he wanted to frame Billy, cos he hasn't forgiven him for his dad's death. I believed that Jay lost his bottle and Phil took over the burial of phone and purse, which is why he was in the reflection. I had to then ask myself why Phil would help cover, especially at the expense of trying to frame Billy. It led me to think, now, that it is Ben who killed Lucy, cos Phil would definitely help cover up for his son, especially as he has done one stretch for murder. The cctv thing on the bus is a red herring and Jay was on the bus on his way to meet Ben, nothing to do with Lucy. Coincidence. Ben, of course, kills Lucy and postpones his meet with Jay, and confesses to jay. Next step, concealing phone and purse, and burying them at a later date. This is why Jay is getting jumpy with Abi, after seeing himself on the cctv footage. He's assuming he'll get recognised and subsequently blamed for the murder. There's a huge twist for Christmas and I think it will be Jay killing Phil as Phil tries to convince/bully him into not grassing on Ben. This would explain the 'power shift' that the producers have alluded to, and also it works with the statement that this will 'change Walford forever' ie, the death of the cock of the walk that is Phil. Having said all this. They can change things at any time, of course, and they must have some wicked twists to keep us waiting until February. I hate to go for the hackneyed choice of Ben, but there ya go x

If you don't mind sharing my blog I would be grateful Thanks

Rosie 2 years ago

I think it could be someone u don't expect like Stacey with Archie Mitchell but then could the head injury on Lucy been from when she hit her head on Max's table in his office

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ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

Hi Rosie

It is possible, yes, that it could be someone who we don't expect, though I guess it could be anybody anyway so we'll have to keep guessing until they do the reveal. I'm sure there will be a fair few twists along the way, seeing that they are keeping us waiting until February. I don't think it will be anything to do with the incident at the car lot when she hit her head because I am sure that it would be seen as a huge let-down if we are kept waiting all that time and then there's not even a killer, as such. I think the viewers would have a right to feel cheated if that's the case

asehly 2 years ago

asehoy ewew ewewefw ewfewfewoefw efwfuwfew eowf fewoef jay bne

G22 2 years ago

I have a theory that it could be ronnie....the night that stacey hands herself into the police ( in the vic) she gives lauren a key ,She then says keep this safe for me, But it the key was given to her by archie years ago, Ronnie stood behind lauren in the scene.Ronnie has a history of being nuts and that would be her motive(getting lucy and lauren mixed up of course)

natalie 2 years ago

I believe it's Ben. It was for revenge against Ian for going against him when Ian found out Ben killed heather. So he went for the most prized object to Ian, his daughter.

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ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

Hi Asehly (which I presume is meant to be Ashley) Um, I am having trouble deciphering your comments, lol

G22: Yes, Ronnie is an odd possibility. There are things to implicate lots of people really, which is testament to the great writing from the EE team. You may well be right, and she has definitely been away with the fairies for quite a time, yeah.

Natalie: Yes, another reason why it could be Ben. I agree. It's all very intriguing and I'm loving the convoluted little sub-plots that are going on. It'll be interesting to see how they tie everything up in February cos there are so many loose ends

Kazz 2 years ago

Although I've also thought for a while that Ben is our man I don't believe Eastenders would even be that sick... Ben is Ians half brother, Lucy is (through her grandmothers blood line) bens niece, eastenders sinks a bit low sometimes but full on incest? I don't think so

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ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

Worse things have happened, on all the soaps, Kazz. I take your point, but they are always trying to push boundaries. Also, you only have to read the papers to appreciate/acknowledge that sick things DO go on in life. Why shouldn't the soaps reflect that? Thanks for the comment

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colincurly 2 years ago

i did think the person burying the purse and phone was the same as andre told me, but I have gone over it so many times stopping and starting trying to see if theres anything ive missed (after all some of these characters are 100 to 1 with the bookies) I now have changed my mind the shape of the face is similar but the ears are smaller the nose is more narrow and I can see a slight partin of the hair on the left side (there right?) Ive narrowed it down to 2 maybe 3 probable characters.

its on you tube titled eastenders who buried the evidence its 40 seconds long and you can see a reflection at about 34 seconds in don't forget to zoom in to 400%(once doing this its obviously not the moon)

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ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

Cheers for the comments, and very interesting they are too. I still think it's Phil on the reflection. It's very hard to pick out a discernable image but that's understandable. Who do you think it is then, Colin? Or who have you narrowed it down to?

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colincurly 2 years ago

i hope your right andre as ive put a fair wack of Wonga on phil. the shape of the face really does suggest phil bigger head forehead narrower chin but the bigger forehead could actually be swept back hair(ponytail) with light shining of it that with smaller ears and slender nose has convinced me it's a girl also a yellow top

the biggest problem is the light my ponder is could the light in a dark place reflecting of hair make it look really light if so whitney and lauren are still in the running(recent old episodes show whitney in a yellow top) if not then there are 2 other possible candidates lola and nancy both sweep there hair back on occasions both small ears both slender nose as has Ronnie but she weren't around

Danniella 2 years ago

I am convinced it's Abi as she's been acting strange lately. Also she all of a sudden wanted to leave. Plus she sent that email to Max. I don't think Abi meant to kill Lucy I think maybe she just hit her and with the blow to the head Lucy got when with Max that killed her. Abi might not of wanted Lauren to find out about Lucy and Max as it might of made Lauren start drinking again so maybe went to see Lucy to tell her to back off but things just got out of hand.

ufk profile image

ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

That all sounds very plausible, Danniella. I like your theories, especially that Abi would be concerned about Lauren sliding back into drinking again. Yes, it all makes sense, though I'm sure there are lots of avenues we could go down and stitch together an agreeable backstory. That's the beauty of this story and the skill of the writing. You could be right though, sounds good :)

AEDAN KELLY 2 years ago

people this may not be the important thing at the moment but guess what this is so true honestly no lie I found a part I the newspaper on the soaps bit it was like ages ago but anyway the writer said "that they heard about the director telling 3 writers with 3 different endings and they found out the suspects for the murder who actually did it and the writer said "jay brown,ben Mitchell,max branning,peter beale,lola pearce and lee carter it's one of those actors and actress to play the part in February no one even knows about playing the part on of those characters are about to find out I January who killed lucy beale trust me it is amongst them 6.

ufk profile image

ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

Ah, okay, and thanks for the comment. We shall see then. I guess there are a few more twists to come before February, when the killer is revealed. I'll check back and see if you are right, Aedan :)

Aoife O Grady 2 years ago

I reckon it could well be Abi who killed Lucy in revenge for the affair that her dad had with her she has all the motives aplenty for wanting Lucy dead anyway she had access to Lauren's laptop Lucy's network page interfered in the police investigation perverted the course of justice lied to the police twice took over from Cameron Bryant in stalking Lauren Abi hated Lucy anyway for taking her dad away from her and tearing her family apart I know it is Abi

Shraine Tumber 2 years ago

Hiya, I kind of agree with becky, but i think its the other way round. I have been telling myself for months, its sadie young, and she wants revenge, also jake was expecting her to come round the flat, as he cooked for her. Could that explain the blood in the flat. 100/1 is a very good price.

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ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

Thanks for the comments. You both make some great and interesting points. The writers have, of course, thrown out many red herrings and given a wide range of possibilities. Oh well, just a few months to wait now, ha ha

stuart 2 years ago

My killer is ben i just don't trust that little weed hes rotten to the core had a taste of murder and hes done it again. I may be wrong and if i am i will eat my hat if i ever get one xx

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Ken79 2 years ago

One thing I noted, Lauren borrowed some of Lucy's prior to her death.....wasn't one found at Jake's?

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ufk 2 years ago from Maidstone England Author

And now we are on the final hurdle. Exciting stuff

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