Who is Ani Difranco?


Singer. Guitarist. Poet. None of these words can encompass the contemporary folk music icon Ani Difranco. With over 20 albums and countless loyal followers, Ani Difranco has proven time and time again that music can be more than exactly that. It can be spiritual, thought provoking, mind blowing and even life changing.

Like a true folk artist Ani has been on tour for most of the past twenty years, stopping briefly to record albums. In 1989 Ani decided to form her own record label, Righteous Records in order to have complete freedom with her music and finalized the deal in 1994 after renaming it to Righteous Babe Records. She is widely known for taking a great interest in her hometown of Buffalo, New York. Ani takes pride in her hometown and has proactively tried to save many buildings from being torn down. Currently, Righteous Babe Records or "Babeville" is located in a beautiful church that Ani saved from demolition.

If you equate folk music to politics then you're right on track with Ani Difranco. It was evident early on that no topic would be too much for her to eloquently transform into a song or poem. Controversial issues such as abortion, bisexuality, poverty, war, racism, and even domestic violence are only the beginning to the long list of issues she's discussed in verse. Specifically songs such as "In or Out," "Two Little Girls," "Your Next Bold Move," and "Self Evident" stand out to prove she's much more than a musician. Additionally, Ani supported Congressman Dennis Kucinich in the 2008 election and after he conceded she ultimately supported Obama stating in her song "November 4 2008," that she is now proud to show her passport when she travels, instead of hiding it.

The logo for Ani Difranco's record label, Righteous Babe Records.
The logo for Ani Difranco's record label, Righteous Babe Records. | Source

If you're looking to expand your music collection I would highly recommend Ani Difranco or any artist that is currently a part of Righteous Babe Records. With over twenty albums, you're guaranteed to find something you like!

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literatelibran profile image

literatelibran 4 years ago from Williamsburg, Virginia

Her shows are some of the best out there. Thanks for posting!

hpedneau profile image

hpedneau 4 years ago from Princeton, West Virginia Author

I agree, I was surprised there were hardly any hubs relating to Ani!

spartucusjones profile image

spartucusjones 4 years ago from Parts Unknown

Thanks for the great hub! Huge Ani fan. I have a lot of respect for her.

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