Who is the greatest rock legend of all time and why

There are many great rock legends that have entertained us through the years. Each legend having their own style and skill, would make it impossible to say that there is one who stands out as the best. From early Chuck Berry to the amazing rockers like John Petrucci of today, each has their place in rock history.

There are many different rock genres that all have their greats. With each new generation, there are legends in the making. Individuals and even bands have come a long way since the beginning of rock. Each deserves credit for their contribution to the industry.

Legends such as Queen, Black Sabbath, and Rush are among the top of my charts. In fact, I do believe Jimmy Hendrix and Ozzy Osbourne get most of the honor for bringing attention to the rock and roll world. Artisits like EVH, Satriani and Steve Vai are also legends. These are modern guitarists that, in my opinion, are greater than the earlier rock stars. Bruce Dickenson, Geddy Lee, and Anthony Keidis are among the top vocalists in rock. Even Bass players such as Billy Sheehan, Stu Hamm, Geezer Butler, and John Myeong are great! Neil Pert and Mike Portnoy are two of the greatest drummers to ever grace the rock industry.

There will always be great musicians and they are always bringing different skills and new talent to the stage. I am grateful to all of these artists for sharing their music and would never say one is above the other. We should not look to see whose best, but rather enjoy the variety of rock that has been provided by so many wonderful musicians!

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goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

So you have to pick one! I would say Elvis for the fact he was so big, but it terms of talent, that's a good question... I would then say Chuck Berry, because it all started with him and he had the voice, and the skills. His music has still held up over time too.

lipshooter profile image

lipshooter 7 years ago Author

I personally love the music performed by Stevie Ray Vaughn. His fierceness and talent stole the show every time. For me, Elvis was more of a heartthrob to women than a great musician. Chuck Berry did start it all and he had it all! So, if I had to choose just one, I would have to say Jimmy Hendrix. I apologise for my article not being specific. I just have so much respect for the legends.

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

Stevie Ray's a good one, everytime I enter a smokey bar with a jukebox, I'm sure to hear some raw blues guitar from Stevie.

the eye profile image

the eye 7 years ago

I would like to point that Bono the lead singer of the U2, it also great. But I have to grant that Chuck Berry have a much great trajectory.


The Dude 7 years ago

Not one mention of Keith Richards. Whats wrong with everyone. He is Mr. RocknRol.


weirdo 7 years ago

you didnt even mention kiss whats wrong with you

Jonty 6 years ago

No mention of Jimmy Page of LED ZEPPELIN???WTF!!

Altome 6 years ago

Kurt Cobain of NIrvana

Christopher 6 years ago

PINK FLOYD guys!!!!!!!!!!

jose 5 years ago

Queen's Freddie Mercury!!!!

Louise 5 years ago

Hell yea Freddie Mercury is the and will be the GREATEST Legend of ALL TIME!!! His music with Queen crossed into all genre and Freddie himself broke into Ballet as well as Opera with the #1 Diva of that time. And did it all with a grin. Others can only wish to ever be so damn talented.

dude 4 years ago

queen, freddie mercury i listened to rock all my life never understood why everybody loved the guy most overrated rockstar ever nothing raw about him, im not a metal fan but motorheads lemmy is the most underrated, just see his documantary, played in 60s bands was a roadie for hendrix (did acid with him) played in the 70s band hawkwind before starting motorhead, still drinks a bottle of jack a day and snorts speed fucking legend.

blabla 4 years ago

Lemmy.....end of discussion

david beck 4 years ago

freddie mercury end of discussion

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