Who's Staying and Who's Leaving Glee? Ryan Murphy Spills the Beans!

Rumors - Not Just a Fleetwood Mac Album

There have been rumors flying around like crazy about who is leaving Glee and who is staying on for season 4. At one point, many fans believed that it would be Amber Riley (Mercedes) that was leaving. The rumors started because of a comment she made on Twitter referring to closing a chapter in her life. She returned to Twitter to debunk this rumor, stating that she would definitely be returning.

Not much later, Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) made a few comments in an interview with E! Online that caused people to believe Dianna Argon (Quinn) was leaving. Lynch talked about filming her last scene with Argon and how sad it was to say goodbye to her. LeakyNews debunked this rumor, reporting that some higher-ups at Fox confirmed that it was false.

Who Made the Cut?

According to an interview with Ryan Murphy, everyone made the cut! That's right, every cast member will be returning to Glee's fourth season. Murphy told Vulture.com:

"We had a meeting, and you know we've become like a family, and I said to them, 'Anybody who wants to stay on the show will stay on the show,'" he said. To be clear, that includes McKinley staff played by Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch, and Jayma Mays. "They're all coming back," Murphy continued. "Anyone who is a regular is coming back. Everyone said yes."

This news may satisfy many fans, but it doesn't mean the returning cast members will be regulars. Some of them will be showing up frequently and others may only have short cameos here and there.


I'm happy to hear that the cast members will be returning, but what does this mean for the show? Some fans I've heard from are concerned that it will take away from the main storyline and the writers won't be able to give the new cast the attention they deserve.

It has already been stated that season 4 is going to be set in both Lima and New York so we can follow Kurt, Rachel and Finn while also keeping up with the new glee club. Now we know that there are going to be a lot of other storylines included in the fourth season. How much is too much? Will they be able to find a good balance? Only time will tell.

It's also worth noting that nothing is truly set in stone. Anything could happen before they start filming the fourth season, so don't count your chickens before they hatch!

What do you think? Is this the final nail in Glee's coffin or will they be able to juggle it all? 2 comments

Erin 4 years ago

Glee is one of mine favorite shows on the fox channel i really want to see The Original cast back for the season 4 I really Want Finn and Puck Back at William McKinley High School so they can stay in the glee club forever

I so look forward every week to see Finn and Puck William McKinley High School and I really want to see more of Finn and Puck in 22 episodes in season 4

bethcaunce profile image

bethcaunce 4 years ago from Lancashire, England

Whilst I've loved Glee from the start and think its a great programme not only for entertainment but also for the important messages and values it promotes, I found season 3 disappointing and not as good as either of the first two seasons

I think the cast are really good but some have run their course and should be scrapped so that new talent can enter Glee and we can fall in love with them like we did with the current cast. The cameos from the contestants from the Glee Project were short but sweet, and I think some (particularly Alex Newell as Unique and Sam Larson as Joe) should be given more screen time to develop their characters

Thanks for the article explaining the plans for Glee, I thought only a few current characters were staying on, but it would be nice for characters like Rachel, Kurt, Finn etc to get some screen time, but hopefully not too much that they detract from the focus of the show which should be the Glee club

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