Why Do People Love Lady Gaga?

I hear this question a lot. Why do you love Lady Gaga? On the surface, it’s a universal question. When you think about it, why does anyone love anything?

More to the point, I have often hit the nail on the head by saying “I love Lady Gaga for all the reasons you hate her.” But let’s look at Lady Gaga’s appeal on a point by point basis.

1. The Music

Regardless of everything else about Lady Gaga, it all comes back to the music. If you like dance/pop music, you can’t fail to notice that Lady Gaga’s music is catchy, smart, interesting, and more than a little bit weird.

Dance/pop music can seem a little monotonous at times, both from a musical and a lyrical perspective. Oh wow, another song about a guy who broke your heart? Another song about how hot that girl is? SHOCKER.

Contrast this with, say, “Bad Romance.” This song is about passion, the ways that love can sometimes steer you wrong, and the way that a bad break up can fill you with a rage that would cheerfully set the world on fire just to watch it burn. Now that’s something!

Musically, the song starts with a classic touch of Lady Gaga Bizarre: “Ra ra ah ah ah, roma, romama.” I mean, what the heck is that? It gets your attention, that’s for sure. And it sounds a little menacing, which fits perfectly with the overall theme of the song.

Some of Lady Gaga’s earlier songs were all catchy and no interesting. “Just Dance” is a perfectly capable dance/pop song, but it’s nothing to set the world afire. (Although lyrics like “I love this record baby, but I can’t see straight anymore” do a nice job of invoking the heedless delirium of a truly epic night out on the town.)

One thing that makes Lady Gaga stand out from the crowd is the way she belts out her songs. Listen to someone else covering one of her songs, and you can see the contrast. When she gets to the emotional core of her songs – like the chorus of “Bad Romance,” she belts it out with every ounce of her being.

2. The Theatricality

My first experience of Lady Gaga was hearing “Poker Face” for the first time, and looking up the video out of curiosity. It blew me away! The ridiculous outfits, the over-the-top sexuality, the brazen placement of ads, the random use of harlequin Great Danes… I was hooked!

Lady Gaga has an acutely specific flair for the dramatic. She has managed to develop a trademark style which is completely unpredictable, and yet perfectly HER. From the over-saturated colors and bizarrely sourceless lighting of her music videos, to her wacky Muppet dresses, Lady Gaga’s motto is clearly “Go big or go home.” Nothing she does could ever be overlooked.

Lady Gaga dresses the way she sings – all out! It’s hard not to admire her sheer brazenness, especially in a world which is so ultra-critical of every little thing a person says and does.

3. The Humor

There is a lot of theatricality and bombast in pop music today. What differentiates Lady Gaga from all the rest is her sense of humor. Unlike certain other pop stars, Lady Gaga never takes herself too seriously. Everything she does is tongue-in-cheek, just a bit of light-hearted fun.

From lines like “bluffin’ with my muffin” to outfits like that chandelier she wears on her head in the “Bad Romance” video, nothing Lady Gaga does is meant to be taken seriously. And what’s more fun than… well, things that are fun?

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Gwen Phillips 6 years ago

Thank you so much. I'm on the internet quite a bit reading thing about Lady Gaga and some people are so down right mean and nasty. I think one reason her fans love her is because she loves her fans and that energy comes through.

Tony P 6 years ago

She is a multifaceted, shrewd, talented celebrity and musical artist who has total control of the image she wants to portray. I believe one day she'll branch out into cinema and revitalize this mode of conveying art with her own unique trademark. LGG is magic!

GAGAish moi 5 years ago

Gaga is a legend she writes songs relating to her life and she is just different that makes we love her to bits!!! Kudos Mama Monster!

chelsea 5 years ago

Because, she is so amazing. she cares about all her fans. She is a super star. she gives me confidence to be myself and express myself. She is amazing and i love her

steven 4 years ago

I watched Lady Ga-Ga perform at the Academy of Music Awards. Her 'Born This Way' just blew me away! Micheal Jackson is 6 feet under, but now there's a Queen of Pop-Lady Ga-Ga. Ga-Ga...lol

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