Why I Watch Morning Joe

Every morning I start my day with watching the most fun-filled talk show I have ever seen.  The show is refreshing to watch because the people on the show seem to be having such a good time. 

Joe Scarborough is a former Republican Congressman who now has this talk show.  His cohost is Mika Brysinski (not sure about the spelling).  I love the way they intereract with each other.  They remind me of my friends and I when we get into a really interesting debate about something.

I even had my 20 year old watching the show when she was at home from college. I started watching the show during the political campaign because it was refreshing to get both the liberal and conservative views on the candidate without so much obvious bias.  Joe really speaks his mind, even when he disagrees with the Republicans.  I was so proud of him this morning when he spoke out regarding Glenn Beck and said that Mr Beck was hurting the Republican Party.  He also was right on point in saying that Republican Congressmen were making a mistake by not denouncing what Glenn Beck says about President Obama. 

We really need more people on the television like the members of the Morning Joe Show.


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