Why do Indians use water in the toilet instead of toilet tissues - Water Vs Toilet Tissue - The secret unrevealed.

Most of my non Indian friends, who are a bit close to me have asked me this question at least once, “why do you Indians use water to clean, instead of toilet tissue?”. I always have burst into laugh every time and wondered why this question troubles their mind. I have mostly managed with a readymade reply “We Indians are all brought up in such a way. We are used to it somehow and not feeling comfort to change it suddenly”. Anyways, once they all got a chance to learn the secret behind, by their own experiences why we Indians use water. Here is the flashback story…

We (both my husband and myself) have few non Indian friends. Once we decided to give them all a nice dinner, as they always talked about how they want to taste a real authentic Indian home made food items. So, we planned to have a great get-together party. We invited nearly 8 people. One thing they all said in common was “We want to taste Traditional Indian foods. So don‘t buy something from the same restaurants where we eat every now and then here in this city. We know Indian foods are known for being hot and spicy. Please, don‘t compromise in that taste, we want the real authentic Indian food”.

So, we decided to prepare authentic Indian spicy dishes at home. Since the friends whom we invited consisted of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, we decided to prepare both. My husband is good in cooking Non-Vegetarian food items, where as I am good in Vegetarian cooking. Hence we decided to divide the work among us and started doing the preparations.

Though our friends asked us not to compromise on the hot and spice nature of the Indian food, we had a bit doubt on that point, as we were so sure that they have no idea how spicy it would be and not sure whether they will have the power to tolerate it, as none of them might have got a chance in their life time to taste the real home made Indian spicy foods. So, we decided to do two versions of each dishes. One with mild spices and another, with the real South Indian authentic taste dishes. I prepared the authentic vegetarian Indian foods like Roti, Vegetable Rice, Paneer Butter Masala, Dal, Rasam, Tomato Rice, Tamarind Spicy curry. My husband rocked with his favorite items like prawns, chicken and fish items. Everything came out very well.

Right at 7pm, all our guests reached our home. We had a nice start with cup of juices (and men with a sip of some hot drinks, which I really don’t know what that is). We had a good chat and all started saying “The smell of the food makes us hungry. So, let us move”. We showed them the two versions and advised them to avoid the too hot and spicy food, if they are not sure about their health. Our friends tasted both and said, though the spicy food is too extreme for their tongue, the love the taste.

Man, you should have seen our friends eating that prawns and fish with tears in their eyes, but surprisingly, they didn’t give up. All our first version (without much spice) were left untouched. Marvel drank water for every bite of food in her mouth. I felt pity for her and advised her to switch to the spice less food and she replied “Mythili, that’s why water is here. I don’t want to miss this spicy one. Water saves me. Never mind”. I got really amazed with my friends.

Finally I served them Curd Rice. Oh wow, should have seen them how they liked it, and that one is with no spice and so gave a soothing effect to all their tongue and stomach. Later after dinner, once again we guys had a nice chat and everyone thanked us for the nice dinner.

Mathew, one witty friend of us got up and read a poem (nearly sung it), he wrote for us (he made it quickly within few minutes, borrowing pen and paper from us). At the end he said, “Man, now I understood why Indians use water in the toilet, instead of tissue. I had loaded my stomach with lots of spicy food. I loved the taste, but not sure whether my stomach loves it. I am planning to sit in a bath tub full of ice cubes to avoid burning effects”.

So, now whoever has the question to ask me “why Indians use water in the toilet?” are getting redirected to Mathew, to get the practical answer.

P.S. Thankfully nobody got sick the next day and now all of them got used to our spicy food, as we have party every now and then. They also tried their hands on in preparing Indian dishes by getting the recipes from me :-)

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AliciaC profile image

AliciaC 6 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

How kind of you to make two versions of every dish. What a lot of time and effort that meal must have required.

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

AliciaC, it won't take much time to make 2 versions in Indian dishes. For example, while making chicken, we do all the preparations without adding much hot spices. Take half of that and keep separately. Then add enough more spices to the rest and get cooked for few more mins.

stars439 profile image

stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

Very nice hub. Enjoyed it very much. Thank You.

KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

KoffeeKlatch Gals 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

What a wonderful story. I enjoyed reading it very much. It was a very nice thing you did- making the less spicy version also. Great hub.

xxmissamandaxx profile image

xxmissamandaxx 5 years ago

I always like to learn about other cultures especially ones with rich heritage, I found the hub to be a joy to read and a good learn with a laugh!

lilypadwriter22 profile image

lilypadwriter22 4 years ago from Atlanta, Ga.

I very much enjoyed reading about your dishes! They all sound amazing.I cannot wait to try them all.

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