Why are we so celebrity obsessed?

Celebrity obsession---Why are we interested?

From magazines to television news shows, celebrities are everywhere. Paparazzi follow their every move and magazines and news reporters tell us about their every move. Who has had a baby, who is sleeping with who, what are they wearing, the list goes on and on. Gone are the days of wondering what your favorite celebrity has been doing lately. Just go Google their name online and you can find out what they have been up to probably down to the last few minutes. WHY The Obsession? Are celebrities not normal people like us? I'm sure they get up each morning, have their coffee and read the paper like "normal" people do. So why must we know what is going on in their lives every second of the day? Is it because we feel they are more important than us and deserve our undivided attention? Is it because we feel our everyday lives are unexciting and theirs must be so much more enjoyable?

I have yet to understand this obsession but have found myself easily sucked in by the television or magazine covers. With so many celebrities with their own reality show now or the many shows they are a part of its hard not to get drawn in. Reality TV has taken over the Television and it seems that more celebrities are jumping on the band wagon. So many things are not "Taboo" anymore. I remember when famous celebrities did not do commercials under any circumstances. Now you see famous people doing chicken ads and camera ads, so apparently the buck is worth more than the quality of the work.

With the paparazzi becoming more bold it seems nothing is sacred anymore. Celebrities can really hide nothing from the public. With Internet access so prevalent these days , if a celebrity makes one mistake it never really goes away. Anyone can bring it back up with just a click of the mouse. To me it seems the fame and fortune may not be worth the prying eyes of the public.

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weblog profile image

weblog 8 years ago from 1India

Paparazzi is a sin. Celebs are also humans. They need their own privacy, they deserve. Nice hub with nice thoughts :)

premsingh profile image

premsingh 8 years ago

Mistake is not on the part of celebrities but on TV Channels. These channels have no shame. Best example to show this may be quoted from the marriage ceremony of the son of a celebrity in India. These channels were not even invited and coverage rights of the marriage were sold to a private company. Even then these channels posted their staff outside the house of celebrity and showing people coming out from the house and going inside that too on 24 x 7 basis as it was their duty to do it.

Abhinaya 8 years ago

You have written a very thought provoking article Sadonna.This obsession is not new...and we have no business peeping into their private lives.It makes me sick to the bone when people try to expose their privacy.Great hub!

iholland95 profile image

iholland95 4 years ago from USA

Cool article

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