Why women envy Anushka Shetty....

We Indian ladies love to wear saree, obviously coz saree is our traditional attire. Saree is also an attire which really ignites your beauty. Even though most of our ladies wear saree we cannot say that it is something which fits for all. For example it wont be good looking for very short ladies and very fat ladies. Ladies who are too thin (I mean really thin...) also finds saree not a very good looking dress in their body. To wear a saree and to look menacing there are some factors which are a mandatory requirement such as.....

  • Adequate front and rear projections / curves
  • A little plumby tummy (only a little)
  • A cute navel (the bigger the better)

Interestingly, as a movie freak I use to analyse our gorgeous heroines in the silver screen when they wear the saree. But I was sort of disappointed with the Bollywood beauties as I couldn't find anyone who passed the 3 benchmarks (most of them failed in the first 2 points...) Then one of my friend from Hyderabad during one of our discussions told me about Anushka Shetty's physique and how she looks nice in saree. Initially I didn't give much importance to her comments.

But one sunday while browsing the internet her name came to my mind and I searched for Anushka Shetty's saree pictures in Google......to my astonishment I just found the perfect women with the perfect physique wearing the saree...!!! I was really taken aback by her grace and looks in the saree.....for once I felt jealous to a women for the first time in my life.... so I though of just sharing my experience in the net...that's why I am here....see some stunning pictures of the 'Saree queen' Anushka Shetty.....


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rafeeq ahmed 5 years ago

anushka is very hot and sixy I like this girl 

sam 5 years ago

can't get enough of her

ANAND 5 years ago

chance less.... world beauty....

Deepthi Arora profile image

Deepthi Arora 5 years ago from Delhi & Kochi, India Author

Rafeeq / Sam / Anand,

Thanks for popping in and for your comments...

raj 5 years ago

I m falling in .......

Deepthi Arora profile image

Deepthi Arora 5 years ago from Delhi & Kochi, India Author


you sure will do... :)

deadlyking 5 years ago

Hai nice hub, i love anusHHHHHHHHHHHHH so much!!!!!!

Katharella profile image

Katharella 5 years ago from Lost in America

It's nice to see a woman who isn't rail thin and still knows she is beautiful. (and I love your bracelets as well) :)

Deepthi Arora profile image

Deepthi Arora 5 years ago from Delhi & Kochi, India Author


Do agree with u...thanks for popping in.... :)

lond 3 years ago

mast choochi

gyytyt 2 years ago


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