Does George and Izzie Die?

Grey's Anatomy - George and Izzie - Will they live or die?
Grey's Anatomy - George and Izzie - Will they live or die?

Oh My God! Seriously?

I was watching the Grey's Anatomy season finale last night and it had twists that I just didn't see coming, which leaves me with the question will George and Izzie both die?  Will any of them survive?  We won't find out until next season which I'm not sure I'll be able to wait for.  I want to know NOW.

Izzie Stephens
Izzie Stephens

Will Izzie Survive?

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  • No - She will die
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Let's Start With Izzie

Ok, so the rumours about Katherine Heigl have been around for some time that she is leaving Grey's Anatomy and her illness has been building for a while now, so this wasn't a complete shock.

However several special circumstances deserve some attention.

First we all thought that Izzie Stephens was going to die from her brain tumor because last week Derek Shephard said that he couldn't reach it, yet in the final episode realised that he could get it after all.

Her friend who also had/has cancer ended up in a coma after she collapsed which made Izzie decide that she would have the surgery but wanted to sign a DNR (do not resusitate) because she didn't want to be a vegetable like her friend.

Her memory was temporarily compromised after the surgery but she seemed to be getting better until she collapsed suddenly. Because of the DNR the doctors couldn't operate even though Alex was trying to resusitate her.

Then the Chief enters and says (and I think this line is important), stuff the DNR, let's get her back (or something like that).

George O'Malley
George O'Malley

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Now Onto George

I had also heard the rumors that TR Knight wanted to leave Grey's Anatomy because he wasn't getting very good story lines (which is true - if George survives, please give him better storylines).

I had also heard that he was to leave by joining the army so the play between whether Hunt was returning to the army or not didn't fool me, I knew it would be George O Malley that was signing up.

Now what I didn't pick and was completely shocked by that the John Doe patient that was hit by a bus was GEORGE! Holy Moley Goley!

I knew there was something more to that storyline because they were paying way too much attention to the John Doe patient but I didn't pick that it might be George.

And the story about how he was smiling at the girl at the bus stop but she was looking around for someone hotter, and then he saved her and put his own life in danger - is such a George thing to do.

Oh George, Poor George.

The episode ended with both characters trying to be revived and saved.  While we see Izzie dressed in her prom dress going into the elevator to see who we assume at first will be Denny but the doors opens and George is standing there.

Izzie has been saying all season, that when she hallucinates she see's dead people, so is George dead?  But then Shephard got all of the tumor so she shouldn't be hallucinating anymore, so is Izzie dead?

All I know is that no-one called 'time of death' for either characters and with contract negotiations going on right now, it's anyone's guess.

Personally I hope they both survive and remain on Grey's Anatomy because I love the show.

What do you think?


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alekhouse profile image

alekhouse 7 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

Traceye said: "All I know is that no-one called 'time of death' for either characters and with contract negotiations going on right now, it's anyone's guess."

I think this is significant. If they want either of them to stay, this is a way back. But I've been reading that Katherine Heigel wants to leave and concentrate on movies and that TR Knight also wants to leave because he's on the back burner so much of the time. We'll see. Right?

By the way, nice hub. enjoyed it. Interesting perspective. It's amazing how many different kinds of workable topics are out there.

samantha 7 years ago

I would not like to see them die but if they do theres nothing to do besides keep watching but if they die i dont think i will watch anymore and also Izzie said when she thinks of death she instantly thinks of denny and she didnt see Denny so I think George is gone but Izzie may survive but who knows and also if you look at her face when she sees George she is obvioulsy shocked to see him so he is probably dead.

asaah 7 years ago

i think the elevator is a clue, Izzy is in it, George is waiting for it and believe me, 1 of them have to go, so i guess - I repeat, I guess there will be this scene resembling the scene Meredith came to life and her mom dead... so either George let Izzy DONT take that elevator or the other way round... The clue is the elevator, but one has got to go!!

Fata 7 years ago

I totally agree with asaah, on my perspective i also think the elevator is the key to the whole Izzie-George situation and that only one of them lives (sadly). This in conjunction with ABC´s confirmation of T.R. Knight's departure, let us think the obvious (Izzie lives, George dies) but, i honestly have no clue on what to expect, i was shocked by the final episode! :S Can´t wait for the new season!! :D

greysfan 7 years ago

Sorry guys, but this article will answer all your questions:

NOYB 7 years ago

I no what happens...they figure out that the guy is not george because the guy was too tall to be george and they revive izzy. Izzy said she had a dream (the last seen of the season finale) and said that they needed to get george out of the army cuz she had a dream that he died in not sure what happens about the whole george thing but it was definately not him getting brought into the hospital.

Chris Crow profile image

Chris Crow 6 years ago

Hopefully they don't. I'm not a huge fan of the show, but I do remember watching quite a bit of the first season and thinking that the chemistry of the cast was really cool.

That's changed.

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