Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers

Wiz Khalifa - Rolling Papers

Wiz Khalifa, chronic stoner and rhyme flow-er brings forth Rolling Papers his third studio album. Yet, he fails to capture the contact high for the listener he once achieved in projects like Kush & OJ. Atlantic records who have been noted to take control of an artist's creativity in order for a quick buck such as with Lupe Fiasco's Lasers; have tried to capitalize on Wiz's hook making ability by promoting an ever so apparent top 40 sound that strays from Khalifa's roots.

On My Level

Rolling Papers

Change in target audience aside Rolling Papers isn't a BAD ALBUM. It sold 200,000 in the first week alone! Songs like No Sleep, Wake Up and Roll Up showcase the best of both worlds. Traditional Khalifa lyrics with the teenage girl pleasing pop chorus combination that is found throughout the album. But it doesn't always work well, most notably on disaster of track Hopes & Dreams . The highlights of this album are when Wiz returns to the sound that created one of this year's most buzzed about rappers. For instance, when he teams up with fellow stoner Curren$y on the track Rooftops (as well as On My Level ), Khalifa seems most at ease. Chanting "You trying to copy what's been done I'm trying to innovate" almost as if he is taking subliminal shots at a label determined to create a typical pop hit to make profit instead of making a rap album popular. The Star of the Show revels Khalifa's star studded talent best in track that was perfectly Taylored for Wiz. While this album lack the swagger that created this web phenomenon that is Wiz Khalifa, it stays true to his "Everyday is a Holiday" mantra.

Rolling Papers

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mattdigiulio profile image

mattdigiulio 5 years ago

Nice review Drew. I haven't gotten the chance to hear too much Wizzy, but this sounds good. Best, Matt

Drew Breezzy profile image

Drew Breezzy 5 years ago from somewhere in my mind Author

Yeah, the album is more mainstream than his mixtapes. But still provides some good tunes throughout.

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