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Wonder Woman is an integral part to the DC Universe and many would view her as a part of the DC's great Trinity of heroes alongside Superman and Batman. With Superman and Batman having their time on the big screen, it will be important at some point for them to have Wonder Woman stand on her own. After all, she has plenty of story to tell as she is an Amazonian which figures into Greek mythology. Gods such as Ares and Artemis figure heavily into it which cinematically, clearly can work considering the success of Thor which obviously borrows heavily from Norse mythology. There is plenty of ways they can go in her solo film and it all depends on where they'd want to take the character and how it would tie into the grand picture. In the film, I am sure a good portion of it would feature Themyscira her home land that houses other Amazonian warriors like herself. On Themyscira, she can become shine as the hero we know her to be on her own as she protects everyone from threats such as Ares and even Hades. However, if they want to keep her more grounded they may keep her on Earth living in the shadow of great heroes like Superman and Batman while being very much a fist out of water. She does not know how to blend in with mankind but then a villain from her past, Ares, comes to reign terror on Earth. Seeing how it is a personal battle that she must take care of herself, she alone takes him down, endearing herself to mankind.

The only thing that is confirmed about a perspective Wonder Woman film is the fact that Gal Gadot is signed on in the role. It would also mark the third time she will play the part as she has a small part in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and then Justice League. Many people were not fond of the casting choice, but it is unfair to say how she will do when we really have nothing to judge her on for the part or in her acting resume. After all, Henry Cavill was widely an unknown before Superman, but he knocked it out of the park with his performance. He may have even been the best Superman we have ever seen on film to date. It is a risk that DC is making creating this expansive universe with other roles and films planned when nothing will be known about it until Dawn of Justice as that is the true spring board to greater things. If that film fails it is hard to see WB being okay with more films with bigger budgets while still competeing against the incredibly successful Marvel. I am optimistic, I think Dawn of Justice will be successful and as for Gadot in the role I think she will be the best Wonder Woman we have seen on the big screen. Then again, she doesn't have any competition.

It is a strange thing as like many other DC characters that are coming to the big screen, we really have no idea where they will go with their individual stories. Characters like Batman and Superman, we have come to know what to expect from them on the big screen. Batman is a bit darker and easier to relate with while Superman is the penultimate symbol of hope. Tonally, the characters are much different from another which can help them stand alone better for their solo films, but again, it is entirely pure speculation as to where the films could go. My personal opinion, for a solo film it would work best for Wonder Woman to stay on Themyscira to build upon her backstory and it also helps make her individualized as Batman has Gotham, Superman has Metropolis and now Wonder Woman would have Themyscira. On Themyscira she could battle against the likes of Ares, Hades and other villains. More so, introducing Themyscira and the establishing it as well as the other Amazonians would help build a bigger and much more expansive cinematic universe.

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dailytop10 profile image

dailytop10 2 years ago from Davao City

Wonderwoman is my least favorite DC hero. Nothing personal but I simply don't like the rope and invisible ship.hehe. I completely see her as the plain and less powerful female counterpart of superman. Well I'm still hopeful that they'll come up with a good movie out of this material. But why not do hawkgirl first? She has a much interesting story to begin with. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

Nickalooch profile image

Nickalooch 2 years ago from Columbia, MD Author

I think they will do Hawkgirl later, after Hawkman. As for Wonder Woman, I think they will easily skip over things like the rope and the invisible ship.

There is a rumor even that the Amazonians are actually descendants of Krypton who came in the ship that Clark visited in Man of Steel, notice how when he went through it that there were open sleeping pods. I personally think that would cheapen what Wonder Woman is and the same goes for the Amazonians.

She is undoubtedly a tough character to attack cinematically, but that is a common problem among a lot of the DC heroes as we have never seen them on screen yet. You have to take liberties and discard certain things here and there to make the character resonate with an audience and I am sure they will do that. Her and Green Lantern I believe are the two toughest characters to pull off on the big screen. Originally, I'd include Aquaman on that list, but I think with Jason Momoa on board I think they are making him out to be more of an outcast to the group much like the newer cartoons of the JLA.

limpet profile image

limpet 22 months ago from London England

I think the Hollywood studios are missing out in not continuing the Wonder Woman genre. Just who are the likely candidates to be cast in the role of W.W? The alluring Halle Berry comes to mind or the sultry Salma Hayek could fit the bill. With a special guest appearance by Lynda Carter of course.

Nickalooch profile image

Nickalooch 22 months ago from Columbia, MD Author

They already cast the part a while back in Gal Gadot.

limpet profile image

limpet 19 months ago from London England

Wonder Woman was my first lady super hero. There were others to follow but don't seemed to have endured like W.W.

limpet profile image

limpet 17 months ago from London England

Oh! I was referring to a new Wonder Woman in her own right type of movie.

Lantokey 17 months ago

I think Wonder Woman has evolved from the crime fighting sleuth/secret agent of the post world war into an absolutely fabulous super heroine.

Lantokey 17 months ago

Rather disappointed to say the least, that for some unknown reason Wonder Woman appeared to be excluded from the recent 'comics convention held in San Diego. With a new secret agent/ super sleuth making her debut now, it is essential to keep the W.W. genre alive.

limpet profile image

limpet 17 months ago from London England

Yes! Wonder Woman has been on the scene since 1941, about the same time as Superman and Batman. Pity about the 'comics convention' not promoting Wonder Woman or giving the other superhero's more prominence. At our last exhibition here, the event was dedicated exclusively to female action hero's. Gals 2 Guys 1.

Lantokey 17 months ago from Olde London Towne

I saw that exhibition also and have retained the program for a souvenier. The front page features the iconic publicity shot of Lynda Carter in her Wonder Woman outfit, circa 1970's. Likewise Cathy Lee Cosby also got coverage for her role in a Wonder Woman movie. Not much known on this but i'm sure it is round about the same era. The event also featured other female action heroines such as Modesty Blaise, Thundra, Red Sonia and Gwendolyn plus many more

limpet profile image

limpet 17 months ago from London England

And that secret agent/ super sleuth is none other than Peggy Carter or to be more precise Margaret Carter, Peggy being a contraction of Margaret meaning 'Pearl' I understand agent Carter is mentioned in hubs already. I'm convinced the Wonder Woman legend will endure though!

limpet profile image

limpet 15 months ago from London England

I actually find Wonder Woman to be the most absolutely fascinating superheroine of all time. Every era of the W.W. genre is interesting in it's own right. We can see how our way of life has changed with the times in costumery, plot lines, who our actual enemies / protaganists are.

limpet profile image

limpet 10 months ago from London England

Peggy Carter finally premiered on London T.V channel at last ! Awaiting the critic's reviews now.

Nickalooch profile image

Nickalooch 10 months ago from Columbia, MD Author

Agent Carter is a show i have yet to get into. From the looks of the sneak peak into WW, i think they are doing a good job. Im excited for it.

limpet profile image

limpet 8 months ago from London England

Six decades on, from Wonder Woman's first appearance it would be pretty safe to say her character has come a long way since inception. Evolved may be a good description. Always empowered and triumphant over adversity, we have recently seen Superman's Lois Lane now using karate to subdue her adversaries. That is not to say Lois was ever helpless but she did have a tendency to get into trouble so that Superman could come to her rescue. In any case this article is on a dedicated Wonder Woman site so i am very pleased that this amazing Lady is still wowing her adherants.

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